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    congratulations to the Altas!

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    . . hey friends =) THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE ALTAS TEAM. . I know this time we can make it to the final four. .Continue to support them for them to be inspired
    KEEP IT UP. .go lang ng go ALTAS. . FUEGO!

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    Congrats Perps! That was one hell of a ballgame! As a Bedan and Red Lions supporter, the loss was pretty disappointing for me, but as a basketball fan, the game was deliriously exciting to watch!

    We'll be back next round!

    Animo San Beda!

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    Idol talaga ni Jet Vidal si James yap clutch keep it up ALTAS.

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    Congrats to Perpetual for a great game. Career games for Jett Vidal and Earl Thompson. Both scored a combined 52 points for the backcourt of the Altas.

    Mayroon pa ba kayong nakatago dyan sa Team B nyo?

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    congrats nga pala Altas!

    Akala ko nung 4th quarter saka OT eh matatalo kayo kasi nung nag start kayo magcelebrate bigla naman nag init ang RL. Pero astig ng game, walang sumusuko hanggang sa last seconds.

    congrats ulit!

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    classic ang larong ito.

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    again please do support the UPHSD ALTAS on Thursday july 19, 2012 against St. Benilde @ 6pm. .live @sanjuan arena and it will also be aired live on AKTV. . Fuego altas!
    KEEP IT UP BRO'S. . God Bless US all. . Thanks

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    congrats perps!

    mukhang babalik na Chester Tolomia/Gilbert Malabanan days nyo

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    Dugong Perpetual Pusong Perpetual...

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    watch their game live on aktv @6pm UPHSD against CSB
    you may also watch it live and cheer for them @san juan arena

    God Bless Us All. . FUEGO ALTAS

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    Earl Thompson: 16 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists, 5 steals

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    ^ 1 assist shy

    nice game Altas! 4-1 na... tuloy tuloy lang

    Fuego Perpetual!

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    Seryoso, ito ang first thread ng Perpetual?!

    Paano nangyaring walang thread noon ang Perps?

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    namumuro na ang perps...lalo na at my foriegn players kayo...pag nag champion yan yari kayo sa mga talangka ng liga.


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    Congrats sa Altas! You deserve this win! Tumirik pa pala shuttle niyo after ng victory niyo against the Red Lions tapos tumirik uli after ng dinner celebration niyo!

    Sa CSB, hindi tumitirik ang shuttle pero mga players tumirik na lang at inalat ng tuluyan nung 3rd quarter!

    Sinumpa pa tayo ng commentator with "Charm of Chard" na yan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda View Post
    Seryoso, ito ang first thread ng Perpetual?!

    Paano nangyaring walang thread noon ang Perps?
    talagang hinanap ko muna yung thread bago gawin ito..wala talaga ehh..

    anyway congrats perps.. 4-1 na!!

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