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    PEx Fan Pages

    TeamPEx has decided to put your fan threads to the next level!

    Introducing the PEx Fan Pages, a customized webpage for you and your idol. This webpage includes all of things you would love to share to everyone like photos, videos, and your unique community through your members and threads. This is all packaged in a webpage which your group can customize through a fanpage administrator which you will choose among your group.

    Another great feature about the PEx Fan Pages is a customized URL. Yes, you will be receiving your very own website which you can easily share to everybody else. Should you sign up for a PEx Fan Page, your Fan Page can be accessed by going to www.PinoyExchange.com/fanpages/<your group's name>/

    Your PEx Fan Page is also complete with sharing buttons so you can easily Tweet your new idol's new photos or share your new thread in Facebook.

    Now without further ado, below is a sample PEx Fan Page:


    Feel free to explore the features of the PEx Fan Pages and imagine how your idol will be proud of your fan group for having one!

    All the best,

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    PEx Fan Page Features:

    A Home Page for your Home Thread:

    1) Greet your visitors with a welcome title and a welcome note! Fonts and font colors can be customized as well as the background of the page.

    2) Include a cover photo of your thread's favorite celebrity to introduce your fan club!

    3) The current thread of your fan club will always be accessible through your Fan Page.

    4) The PEx Fan Pages also allows you to do more for your idol! Aside from that, you can also display your fan club's logo!

    You can also reply to your thread through the Fan Pages. The latest posts of your thread will also be displayed in your Fan Page.

    All your pics and vids in one page:

    Embed your idol's favorite photos and videos in the media page! You can always refer people to this page to embed the photos to a thread or just appreciate your idol.

    All your members at a glance:

    You can list down all of the members of your fan club. You can also attach titles to the members so that everyone will know who can start a thread, as well as add quirky titles to notable fan club members.

    The PEx Fan Pages also lists down the birthdays of your members!

    A complete list of threads:

    You can now show all discussions made by your group by displaying your threads in the Thread page. People can easily access and back read all of the posts your group made about your idol.

    Write all about him/her:

    The info page is a free-for-all page. Attached with a photo of your favorite celebrity, you can write anything from his/her biography to listing down all of his/her projects. You can even do both!

    NEW FEATURE: Custom Info Pages

    With the Custom Info Pages, you can include extra pages for your artist! Do they have a Twitter page? Share a screenshot of their biggest tweet and include a link. What about a different part of your idol's personality? You can create another info page that tackles that too!

    Each fan page can have upto three custom info pages

    See the sample PEx Fan Page yourself at www.pinoyexchange.com/fanpages/nakurasters/

    Application process for PEx Fan Pages can be found below.

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    Requirements for Application

    Please see the requirements below to see if your fan club is ready to have a PEx Fan Page:

    - Fan Club must be generally in good standing (does not receive complaints from other members through the Contact Us page or not currently at war with another Fan Club).

    - Fan Club must have at least 25,000 posts in PinoyExchange shown in 5 closed threads without spamming.

    - Club must have at least two fan page administrators with a maximum of 3. Fan Page Administrators should be in good standing and should be known in the fan club.

    - Fan Page Administrators in the list must be a member for at least 6 months

    What are Fan Page Administrators ?

    Fan Page Administrators are the members of your group who will be able to access the Fan Page dashboard. This dashboard will be used to change the look of the Fan Page as well as add content, members, threads, and the like. The Fan Page Administrator is ideally the most trusted members or leaders of your fan club.

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    Below is the overview of the application process:

    1) Submit application form

    2) Approval of application form and acceptance of Terms of Use

    3) Verification of Fan Page Administrators

    4) Activation of PEx Fan Page

    How to Apply:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please submit only one application per fan group. It is essential to iron out all of the details in the application form and the potential Fan Page Administrators are final and noted by all members of your group before submitting your application.

    1 ) An application form should be filled up by a representative of a fan club. The application form should be sent in .pdf form. This will be replaced by a generic form in the future.

    2) Application form should be sent to [email protected] to be evaluated by TeamPEx.

    3) Upon evaluation, TeamPEx will contact the listed Fan Page Administrators and explain how the Fan Club works as well as the terms and conditions if the application is approved.

    4) If the application is rejected, an e-mail will be sent to the listed fan page administrators along with the reason why the application was rejected.

    5) Further instructions will be discussed by the would-be Fan Page Administrator and TeamPEx.


    Application Form:

    Name of Fan Group:

    Links to five closed threads with 5,000 posts each:


    Why do you want to have a Fan Page?

    Have you implemented an activity for your idol as a group?

    Are you planning on having activities as a group?

    Have you read and understood the Terms and Conditions?

    Fan Page Administrators (either two or three)


    List of member usernames:


    You can also download the PEx Fan Page Application form through this post.

    To convert your Fan Page Application form to .pdf, try using this converter (click here).

    By the way, the PEx Fan Pages isn't limited to celebrities alone!

    You can also apply for a fan page of an athlete, a love team, a k-pop group, a rock band, a diva, or any other public figure !

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    List of PEx Fan Pages

    Fan Pages:

    Pending Fan Pages:

    • DongYanatics

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