Hello PExers!

To make it easy for you to see and participate in the many activities in the PinoyExchange community, we made this directory!

Without further ado, below are the activities in PinoyExchange! Just click on one of them to see a list of fun and interesting things to do:

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind every Monday of the week! Post your boldest opinions in the week's hot topics because your opinion matters!

PEx Promos

There are a whole lot of promos in PinoyExchange! Join one or all of them for a chance of winning exclusive stuff or event invites! Most if not all promos are for free with no purchase requirement.

Click on the link above for a list of all the promos in PinoyExchange.

PEx Quiz Night

Can you outsmart your fellow PExers and be the night's Whiz Kid? Join the PEx Quiz Night and win prizes! Do your best to score up in the leader board and show everyone that you're the best !

Click on the link above to check the Quiz Night schedule as well as past Quiz Nights!

PEx Clubs

Gather your fellow PExers and form a club! Recognized PEx Clubs get perks for their activities such as website exposure and other forms of assistance.

You can also join a PEx Club or participate in one of their many activities! Click on the link above to see a list of PEx Clubs or how to create one.

PEx Fan Pages

Take your fan threads to the next level! Create a PEx Fan Page for your idol and have all of your discussions, photos, videos, and members all in one easy to share website!

Click on the link above to view a list of PEx Fan Pages as well as how to apply for one.

PEx Challenges

Can you cook something a PExers asks you to? What about challenging yourself to read 50 books this year?

Click on the link above to know more about organizing a PEx Challenge as well as a list of PEx Challenges you can do.

PEx Role Playing Games

Survive while being stranded on a virtual island or go on a virtual race around the world with PEx Role Playing Games! Your favorite reality TV shows are being played online in PinoyExchange!

Click on the link above to follow the current PEx Role Playing Games