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    bago matulog next page and up up

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    up up up nite nite ate rose

    Credit as tagged.
    Tags: kim soo hyun, Kim Soo Hyun Official Weibo

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    AUGUST 15 Episode of Moon Embracing The Sun GMA7



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    HAN GA IN - unicef campaign

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    Exclamation hello mga kapatid daan

    Ha Ji Won brings sexy back at the airport
    BY CERIDWEN – AUGUST 16, 2012

    Actress Ha Ji Won‘s airport fashion drew the eyes of the fans and the fashion enthusiasts.

    Ha Ji Won headed to China through Incheon International airport in the morning of August 17th in order to attend the ’2012 Beijing Toto’s Workroom’.

    Ha Ji Won looked elegant in a black maxi dress. The actress looked as though she was ready to step on the red carpet in the ankle length dress.

    The back of Ha Ji Won’s dress was breathtaking. The design of the dress allowed for the actress to show off her beautifully tanned and firm shoulders. Ha Ji Won looked simply stunning.

    Ha Ji Won completed her airport fashion with a wine color shoulder bag and her hair in a casual pony tail for a playful twist.

    Ha Ji Won is expected to attend CJ CGV’s cultural exchange program ‘Toto’s Workroom’ to take place on August 17th and 18th. This is the second year for the event.

    Source: Newsen via Nate

    cr. as tagged

    Ha ji won @Beijing International Airport 8.17.2012

    cr to ACF

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    A Lovely picture with Kim Soo Hyun and puppy @ Beyond
    August 17, 2012 /joyous

    From Beyond Facebook. Credit as tagged.

    Tags: BEYOND, kim soo hyun, KSH Baidu

    Oh! so manly Kim Soo Hyun @ Petitzel CF
    August 17, 2012 unicaunnisansu

    Tags: angiepotz, DC Gall, kim soo hyun, KSH 2012 CF, Petitzel CF

    Kim Soo Hyun. Pigeon CF BTS

    Published on Aug 16, 2012 by Wphong095

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    Question bye for now :) & good bro. hobinwook OL ka ba

    Secret Garden
    (Ha Ji Won) - InStyle Magazine Appendix coverage for the September Issue

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    Smile yes sis Lian daan lang and up our thread

    cr as tagged

    Philippine Theme Song of 한가인(Han Ga-In, ハン・ガイン)'s MOON EMBRACING THE SUN

    Published on Aug 16, 2012 by callmearem
    Frencheska Farr - Inside My Heart [Moon Embracing The Sun]
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    Thumbs up up uli ang thread , sa atin tmets fanatic tulad namin nina ate rosario,jade,lian

    Filipino version naman

    August 17 Episode of MOON EMBRACING THE SUN -philippines-

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

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    Actor Kim Soo Hyun Updated his Official Weibo Account with Funny Photo Today!!!
    August 18, 2012 unicaunnisansu

    겨울 야외 촬영 전 준비 운동 은 필수!

    English Translation: “ Winter, outdoor shooting, warm-up exercise is a must”

    Tags: 2012 Weibo Update, Aug 18, kim soo hyun, kim soo hyun official photo, Kim Soo Hyun Official Weibo, Moon Embracing The Sun BTS, TMETS BTS From Weibo

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    sis rosario liked ko ur new ava and newest LT mo

    109 days to go: Hyun Bin (현빈) to complete MS
    on Dec 6, 2012.

    Ha ji won : second day activity in Beijing 8.18.2012.
    cr. ACF

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    i will re-watch now, this my LEE-GAK /PARK HA tandem rooftoprince

    miss them

    cr to RTP soompi thread

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    Smile lagay ko lang sa first page

    (Hyun Bin) with microphone

    Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든
    장동건 “현빈, 군대서 전화해 콜린 아빠냐며…"

    This was what Hyun Bin reacted the drama, 'A Man's dignity' according to Jang Dong Gun's interview.
    While the drama was on air, Hyun Bin was on vacation.
    Hyun Bin said, "The TV channel was fixed in our barracks." He said to Jang Don Gun that he enjoyed
    watching the drama to cheer up Jang Dong Gun. One day, Hyun Bin called me in the military if Colin was
    real Kim Do Jin's son in the drama. The collegeus in the barracks were so curious about it and ask Hyun Bin
    Hyun Bin to find out the truth. Jang Dong Gun said to him, "Watch and find it out on TV"

    Ha Ji Won: China Visit (August 17~18th, 2012)
    By Secret Garden Korean Drama

    Ha Ji Won: China Visit (August 17~18th, 2012)
    By Secret Garden Korean Drama

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    happy weekend sis Jade bro HW. and sis lian nite nite kapatid yes, my newest labtim YADECH couple. busy nga ako kapapanood their Lakorn drama kahapon eh mga bata pa sila Yaya born on 1993 and si Nadech born 1991. baka rewach ko rin ang RTP

    Han Ji Min Shows Off Her Summer Hat Collection
    S2Y August 18, 2012 2

    Actress Han Ji Min showed off her endless charm by revealing three photos of herself in various hats for the summer. On August 17, she wrote on her Facebook, “Summer. Enjoy the SUMMER.” Along with the update, she attached the three pictures.

    In the photos, Han Ji Min can be seen smiling while wearing different hats. In the first picture, she is showing off her lively, yet sporty charm with a red baseball cap. She also caught people’s attention by perfectly absorbing all the other items, such as giving off a neat feeling with her choice of a wide-brimmed hat and completing a polished look with a fedora.

    Netizens who saw this commented, “Han Ji Min’s hat collection photos are pretty,” “She is really a goddess,” “You are pretty even when you aren’t doing anything, but then you smile, which makes you prettier!!! The hats suit you so, so well,” “Her three pictures are amazing,” “Looks like she enjoyed her summer,” and “Han Ji Min can perfectly wear any kind of hat.”

    sana may eng.sub ganda nya ano kaya ang sinabi nya kay PYC sa may bandang 3:19

    Published on Aug 18, 2012 by a22434
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    Thumbs up daan lang po and up sa thread

    good morning :
    ate rose parang gusto ko rin ur newava and labtim pa-post naman there photo here bigger version pls. sana ako nalang ang piggyback ni KSH

    Kim Soo Hyun Kept his Promise to “Piggy back ride” the 10th Million Thieves Viewer [Aug 18, 2012]
    August 19, 2012 / unicaunnisansu

    We are Proud of you Actor KIM SOO HYUN, You really Kept your Promise!

    credit as tagged

    Tags: 10th Million Thieves Viewer, DC Gall, kim soo hyun, Piggy back Ride

    Kim Soo Hyun carries a middle school girl on his back to keep his promise
    August 19, 2012 hannacha

    Actors Kim Hae Sook and Kim Soo Hyun of the greatest blockbuster of the year, The Thieves, have kept their promise.

    According to the integrated digital network of the Korean Film Council on August 19, 334,186 moviegoers watched the movie with the accumulated number of 10,834,336 people in the audience.

    On August 18, Kim Hae Sook and Kim Soo Hyun appeared at the Megabox in Gangnam to keep their promise which they made in the hope of 10 million people watch it. They received explosive reactions from the audience.

    There were some people who already watched the movie five times, some from rural areas, and some other holding buckets of flowers.

    Despite her busy schedule with drama, Kim Hae Sook attended at the event and said, “I’m so happy that I had a chance to work on a movie with a good character that attracted 10 million people. I’m also thankful to the audience who made this number possible. Thank you for coming out in this bad weather.”

    Kim Soo Hyun expressed his gratitude by saying, “I made that promise in the hope of 10 million people watch it, and I’m very happy that it came true. Thank you all for making that number come true.”

    A middle school girl who came from a rural area was selected to be carried on Kim’s back. She came to the theatre with her parents, and as soon as Kim called out her number, she expressed her joy in tears. Kim joked and posed friendly with her and carried her on his back to keep his promise. He went around the theater with the girl on his back and responded to every flashlight he received.

    Source: Xportsnews

    Hard Working Kim Soo Hyun TOP 1 CF Model for July 2012

    August 19, 2012 unicaunnisansu
    KIM SOO HYUN TOP 1 CF Model for July 2012

    Tags: kim soo hyun, KSH 2012 CF, TOP CF Model for July 2012

    Source: view.asiae.co.kr
    "" Kim Soo-hyun notebook 'must've seen people who went to buy "
    Date 19/08/2012 08:30

    [Asia Economy hwangjunho reporter] KT LTE warp Ole 'palm' ads have been running the popular go. 'Palm' ad the actor without the ear easily learn the "fast-fast-" the melody and harmony advertising with the highest advertising magazine said. the 19th Korea CM Strategic Studies Institute surveyed in July CM monthly trends, according to KT Ole LTE warp 'palm plotted in Figure 'ad delivery side advertising is most effective with my dad was big. the ad men and women in the country 10 years to 59 years of 35,770,000 people 'because I like the CM' sweating ratio MRP (Mind Rating Point) is 12.24 was the highest. Mr. Joo broadcaster after SNSD appeared aimed at the Olympic Games in London made ​​demands LG Cinema 3D Smart TV ads and have demonstrated the effectiveness of 5.09MRP was examined. Lee has appeared Samsung 's Samsung T9000 jipel ads in 4.72MRP stopped. Cheers for Mr. Park Tae Kim Soo-hyun, Samsung Notebook Series 9 ads were 4.30MRP. Easy ideas to be drawn in the palm of your hand like a galaxy of celebrities better than a big ad that shows the effect semyida. In addition, last July, one month CF model is the most popular high profile MBC drama 'solution embraces months' accounts of the hero, Mr. Kim Soo-hyun said. Kim Tae-hee Kim of the two top ranking rose to fourth, but fell. Lee Seung Gi, ahyiyu, Bin maintain its position and Girls from the previous month, and Cho said the rankings re-entry. TVCF one month in July while the 493 side was broadcast advertising. 45 flights compared to last June, which less than a year ago. 70 percent of the 345 advertising therein to have occurred was examined. In particular, in July 1260 a new CM 165 side of the dual-124 (75%) was analyzed in the ad that there was effective.

    Hwangjunho reporter rephwang @
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    Ha Ji Won's arrival in Korea on Aug 19, 2012
    By Secret Garden Korean Drama
    Taken at Incheon International Airport

    Amazing Couple (hyun bin and ha ji won)

    A story from Baidu XY posted by Yuri
    a JB's shiper from baidu XY gave this Naval rabbit doll to ha ji won yesterday when she was at beijing airport in the way of back home,we can see in this picture,ha ji won holded it ^^
    fan gave this Naval rabbit doll with a letter said "we traveling together" ♥
    as we know Hyun bin is a marine
    and the sweet thing is the Naval rabbit doll is a couple rabbit doll.

    eto na sis Jade may new ava and newst loveteam

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosario95 View Post

    eto na sis Jade may new ava and newst loveteam

    waaaaaaaaaaa ate rose liked ko rin sila , ate paki pm mo naman their information how to read abt. them, ikaw naman ang masipag maghagilap nang mga news abt. them aba aba at talaga atang nagkakataong ako ang huling post on this page 3x in a row . Ate rosario eto ata yun sa interview ni HJM abt. PYC

    JYJ’s Yoochun feels like he’s known ‘Rooftop Prince’ costar Han Ji Min for 10 years

    by elliefilet

    JYJ‘s Yoochun commented on his relationship with ‘Rooftop Prince‘ costar Han Ji Min.

    On the August 18th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, the crew interviewed Han Ji Min on the set of an endorsement shoot. During the ‘Star on Air’ corner of the show, the 10-year-veteran actress was shown a video of responses from the actors who’ve played opposite her.

    When the reporter asked how she thought Yoochun had answered, Han Ji Min responded, “That I eat a lot? Or that I’m like a neighborhood nuna he’s known for 10 years?” The reporter then revealed, “Yoochun said, ‘[She's the best in her field]. [She's the best to get to know]. I only knew her for 4 months, but I feel like she’s a friend I’ve known for 10 years.’”

    Looks like the pair really did get to know each other well. Did you enjoy ‘Rooftop Prince’?

    Source+Image: Osen

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