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    Hello, you two!

    Well for me, Liam and Zayn ang may pinakamagandang boses. Hindi nagbabago kahit live or recording. Si Harry lumalalim na lalo yung boses tapos minsan parang nawawala siya sa tono (base sa youtube vids lang )

    Pero si Niall ang bet ko. I just like his personality, laging nakatawa lang at hindi siya nagpupumilit maging funny unlike Louis. And yes, I don't really like Louis, but whatever.

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    Yeheees! Page 2 na tayo.

    Niall likes this.

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    ^hi imang_kuba I'm so happy na dumadami na tayo dito!
    Oo nga si Louis medyo OA na pero I still like him.. natatawa parin ako sa kanya! Cute din yang si Niall... I LOVE THEM ALL!

    But I love Zayn more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikomouse View Post
    Anong pangalan nung isa?
    sino dun?

    In order:

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    Nvm, Louis pala. Parang boring lang nya.

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    ^ siya actually yung may pinaka jolly na personality sa kanila

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    10% off merchandise! Hot sales! 3.5mm the iPod Headphone Splitter (0.2m) $ 1.80 Free Shipping!

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    Lumelevel up ang thread, inaatake na tayo ng spambot. Hahaha.

    Nice pics you got there, miko.

    Zayn and Niall during their performance on The Today Show.

    Mag invite kayo ng kakilala niyong PExers na Directioners dito sa thread!

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    In other news, Niall has more Twitter followers now than Liam and Louis. He used to have the least number of followers but then a recent surge took place when they hit the US a few weeks ago.

    Mukhang mabenta si bb Niall sa Americans.

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    That was sweet of Katy Perry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikomouse View Post
    ^ Oh okay!

    Quote Originally Posted by imang_kuba View Post

    That was sweet of Katy Perry.
    I remember isa si Katy sa mga judge nung nagaudition si Niall and siya ang nagpapasok sa kanya sa XFactor... Katy must be really proud of him right now

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    @imang_kuba pareho tayo ng type! Niall FTW!

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    angsarap matulog kapag ganto ang katabi mo

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    One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ set to top Billboard 200

    Still need more proof that boy bands are back?

    According to Billboard, One Direction are on track to top the Billboard 200 with their debut album Up All Night — if they pull it off, they’ll be the first British band in history to hit No. 1 with their first album.

    WHO MAD?!?!

    According to industry projections, Up All Night is on par to sell between 160,000 and 180,000 copies in its first week, with Adele‘s 21 trailing close behind at around 150-160k.

    Adele girl, I know you’ve cockblocked a lot of *****es from reaching the top spot, but please don’t ruin One Erection’s ( ) shot at making Billboard history. I beg of you!

    Anyway, rumor has it that those dirty brutes from The Wanted were hospitalized and treated for severe anxiety and panic attacks after learning about One Direction’s first-week sales. They’re now trying to get advice from Spencer Pratt and Audrina Patridge on how to best extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

    And yeah, One Direction are like, taking over the planet.


    btw, "I Wish" ang favorite ko sa album nila.

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