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    Ms KC Concepcion: A woman reborn. Brave, vivacious, fierce & fearless-Kachoochays #2

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    Maria Kristina Cassandra “KC” Concepcion was born on April 7, 1985. KC is the daughter of Filipina actress Sharon Cuneta and Filipino actor Gabby Concepcion which made her an instant celebrity even before she was born. Her name "Kristina" came from her mom, and "Cassandra" from her dad who loved the movie Cassandra Crossing. She has two half-sisters named Simone Francesca Emanuelle (Frankie) and Mariel Daniella Sophia (Miel) from her mother's second and current husband, Philippine Senator "Kiko" Francis Pangilinan. She is now however, legally adopted by Senator Pangilinan.

    In 2003, she graduated from the International School Manila, and in 2007, graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts from the American University of Paris.

    KC made several guest appearances in her mother's concerts and television shows. In 2003 became a product endorser both on television and in print ads. She also became an MTV Asia VJ.

    In 2008, KC was appointed by the United Nations World Food Program as National Ambassador Against Hunger, won the Nickelodeon Philippines Kids' Choice Awards for Pinoy Wannabe, and made her acting debut in Maalaala Mo Kaya entitled "Mansyon". She made her first movie via Star Cinema movie For the First Time. The movie grossed PHP 78,982,290 on its first week making it the highest grossing opening weekend of a Filipino movie for the year 2008, the film ended up as the years third highest grossing movie with PHP 133,916,349

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    KC Concepcion has been serving as National Ambassador Against Hunger of the UN's World Food Programme since 2008. She continues to use her stellar status to bring attention and seek support for this worthy cause.

    She is an accomplished theatre actress:

    In 2003, she starred as Princess Sapphire in the Trumpets' The Little Mermaid
    In 2005, she played the role of Belle in Atlantis' production of Beauty and the Beast
    And in 2008, she took on the role of Katy dela Cruz in Katy the Musical Concert under Celeste Legaspi's production.

    Her presence in the Philippine TV throughout the years:

    MTV Philippines


    From Paris to Pinas

    I am KC
    MMK: Mansyon

    May Bukas Pa
    Lovers in Paris

    Simply KC
    Star Circle Quest for the Next Kiddie Superstar Season 4

    MMK: Piyesa
    Bb Pilipinas
    MMK: Liham
    Wansapanataym: Christmas Caroline

    The Buzz


    X-FACTOR Philippines

    On the silver screen, we have seen her give life to the following characters:

    In August 2008, she played Pia/Sophia Carmina Sandoval in 'For the First Time' for Star Cinema under the direction of Joyce Bernal.

    We fell in love with the character of Jenny in 'When I Met You' in April of 2009 with Joel Lamangan as her director and under the banner of GMA films and Regal films.

    We all cried and cheered on Maximina dela Cerna in 'I'll Be There' in June of 2010. Director Maryo J. delos Reyes handled the helm of this picture for Star Cinema.

    She gave life to the unforgettable and much loved character of Raffy last June 2011 in Star Cinema's 'Forever and a Day' under Cathy Garcia Molina's direction.

    She is a gifted musician. She has recorded 2 albums:
    a.k.a. Cassandra (released in 2008)
    KC (released in 2010; she was able to use her talent as a songwriter via 'Worth the Wait', 'Magandang Umaga' and 'Takipsilim


    As Film Actress:
    October 2008 - She Supreme Awardee & Collaboration of the Year - for 'For the First Time' by 1st Supreme to the Extreme Awards
    March 2009 - Princess of Philippine Movies & Most Promising Female Star of Movies and TV - for 'For the First Time' by 40th Box Office Entertainment Awards
    April 2009 - Breakthrough Performance by an Actress by 6th EnPress Golden Screen Awards
    May 2009 - New Movie Actress of the Year by the 25th PMPC Star Awards for Movies
    February 2010 - Best Film Debut Performer by the 3rd Gawad Genio Awards

    As a role model:
    1st Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards' Pinoy Wannabe 2008
    11th Gawad PaSaDo Awards'Pasadong Kabataan Awardee

    As A Musician:
    March 2009 - New Female Recording Artist of the Year - 40th Box Office Entertainment Awards
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    KC Concepcion's online auction to help feed school children in Mindanao through the United Nations World Food Programme

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    Welcome, page 2. Thanks Kachooch.

    God Bless Us!

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    Good morning!

    Pink, the super nanay! Dito na kita sagutin sa tanong mo from page 1.

    No date tomorrow. As usual kakain siguro sa labas with my officemates.

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    ...and that can be on the record because I don't give a damn!!! - KC Concepcion

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    Our Vision

    We envision The Global Kachoochays as a group of individuals connecting and engaging from all places, of all ages, and occupations in support of KC Concepcion. It is by our common admiration for KC that we hope our group will grow and build life long relationships/friendships. A part of our vision is for The Global Kachoochays to set the standards of what true supporters must embody and that is to always act with decency and respect for all individuals.

    Our Mission

    The purpose of the The Global Kachoochays is to create a solid fan group that supports all efforts for the promotion of KC Concepcion both as a celebrity and humanitarian within an environment that values integrity and ethical conduct, promotes respect for all individuals.

    Our Values

    We will always be guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct.

    The Global Kachoochays is built on long-lasting friendship founded on trust and love for KC. Our word is our bond; we stand by our promises. We treat other people and fan groups with fairness, honesty and respect, just as we would want them to treat us.

    We act with Enthusiasm in all we do….
    We are very passionate in supporting all the endeavors of KC Concepcion may it be her movies, albums, shows, charities, etc.

    We act with utmost of Professionalism in all we do…
    We, the members of the The Global Kachoochays are committed to act, in a professional manner, as an organization in supporting ALL efforts for the promotion of KC Concepcion both as a celebrity and humanitarian.

    We act with Integrity & Honesty in all we do…
    We are personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all of our relationships. We fulfill our commitments as responsible supporters and members. We will consistently treat all individuals with the respect they deserve.

    We will always demonstrate a positive outlook….
    We will promote love, joy & peace among its members & will keep the positive vibes with other fan groups as well. We will work together with her other fan groups to give our full support to KC's movie & TV projects whether individual or with other partners. We accept that we all have our own preferences but will settle any differences in a respectful manner all for the love of KC.

    We act with a strong sense Social Responsibility in all we do….
    We are committed, as a group and as individuals, to obey the laws, and have a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of the people.

    We seek Excellence in all we do….
    We strive not just to meet the expectations of other people, but also to exceed them as much as we can.

    We believe in the Strength of our Group….
    We believe that the strength of our group lies in the attitude of our members. Our diverse background gives an enduring strength to our group. We also believe that the diversity of opinions among our members reflect the great strength of our group as well as the respect we have for each other.

    We believe in Humility….
    We strive to stay humble and avoid complacency and arrogance at all expense.

    Our Goals and Objectives

    1. To create a solid fan group that supports all efforts for the promotion of KC Concepcion both as a celebrity and humanitarian within an environment that values integrity and ethical conduct, promotes respect for all individuals

    2. To make the supporters and followers of KC Concepcion increase in numbers

    3. To have fun along with providing a forum for KC fans to exchange ideas and opportunities in supporting her projects within an environment that values integrity and ethical conduct, promotes respect for all individuals.

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    Official Global KaChoochays Members List as of February 12, 2012

    1. cybershot0027 - Jhun (Toronto, Canada / October 18)
    2. chanel08 - Aimee (New York, USA / December 8)
    3. mochalatte - Pinky (Chicago, IL, USA / December 18)
    4. simianne - Nina (London, UK / August 11)
    5. MsMCRR - MAY (Arlington, TX, USA / September 17)
    6. marvelz - Mari (Excelsior, Minnessota, USA / June 5)
    7. Gaka_Girl - Maricon (CDO, Phils / August 12)
    8. v4605 - Josie (Quebec, Canada / April 3)
    9. iwabyoukc - Bel (Canada / March 5)
    10.fireandice - Gio (Chicago, USA / June 25)
    11. sunset12 formerly [email protected] - lhen (Saudi Arabia / January 9)
    12. Huckleberry09 - Libby (San Francisco, CA, USA / February 24)
    13. pobear - Charie (Negros Occidental, Phils/November 27)
    14. ForeverKace - Ella (Manila, Phils/LA/Florida / August 25)
    15. emiebri07 - Emie (Australia / April 26)
    16. sommermartyne - Eunice (Melbourne, Australia / January 16)
    17. welshgem - Ruby (Wales, UK / September 27)
    18. simpletruth - Tess (Florida, USA / May 11)
    19. sinnersaint2011 - Reese (Shanghai, China/ December 5)
    20.Rosemary33 - Rosemary (Albury, Australia / August 17)
    21. KChuchay - Joeelle (Dubai, January 30)
    22. OZ4KC_12 - ???
    23. sijingle - Jingle (Florida, USA / November 8)
    24. susanjdp - Susan (San Jose, CA, USA / July 21)
    25. Observer123 - ???
    26. lmf5 - Lucie (Pampanga, Phils / February 11)
    27. ramwelle - Ena (Phils / June 21)
    28. AnnLikesPink - Ann ( Laguna, Phils/ august 10)
    29. janeabucay - Mary Jane (Montreal, Canada / August 23)
    30. krayzee4kc2 - Liz (Maryland, USA / August 28)
    31. namralyssa - Sally (Grand Cayman/Rizal, Phils / October 24)
    32. indigo1927 - Indy (Long Island, NY, USA / May 23)
    33. MsHoneyPie - Bevs (Cagayan de Oro City, Phils / May 10)
    34. hannah618 - Ann (Vienna, Austria / January 6)
    35. shumeg - Meg (Canada / July 29)
    36. iluvkooki/quartzf - Mel (Hongkong/ July28)
    37. cpatric - claudette (Tampa, Florida /January 21 )
    38. catseyes720 - Gigi (Bay Area,CA,USA / July 20)
    39. yahlee - Erlie (Dubai, UAE / February 24)
    40. solidmegaKC - Lulu (CA, USA / February 28)
    41. colgen - Coleen (LA, CA, USA / May 25)
    42. KOOKIPINK - Kooki ( Long Beach, California, USA/ ???)
    43.tuesdays child - Glad (Edmonton, Canada / October 30)
    44.almond09 - Alice (London, England / May 2)
    45.taratara - Pam (Manila, Phils / February 5)
    46.sight-n-sound - Virna (???*)
    47.coolme333 - Ging (Bristol, England/ December 24)
    48.HRH KC - Annie (San Francisco, California/ March 25)
    49.1972rrd - Rei (Salinas, California/ March26)
    50. Pixie-dust - Pixie (New Jersey, USA /June 24)
    51.Mikameraniangel - Danamerm (Northern California/ January 28)
    52.Emblueskies - Ems (Washington State, USA/ December 26)
    53.raffaella - Aileen (Cainta, Rizal, Philippines / March 9)
    54.CKJP - Ivan (Canada/ August 1)
    55.Can - Camille (NY, USA / October 1)
    56.lip4ever77 - Jenny (Pampanga, Phils / July7)
    57.all4kc - Maria (Sydney, Australia / July 10)
    58.twitfun143 - Era (Cebu City, Phils / October 4)
    59.atreyu - Leng (Texas, USA /September 10)
    60.iloveSD - Juliet (San Diego, USA / October 3)
    61.BossAniethsky - Anita (Hong Kong / May 31)
    62.Lilly12 - Rubylyn (Paris, France / May 11)
    63.maliv1520 - Maria (Monroe, New Jersey USA / June 11)
    64.reci - RC (Calif, USA / Nov 17)
    65.marowena – Rowena (Las Pinas City, Phils / December 4)
    66.Queenkilig - Auntie Eva (Maryland, USA / June 24)
    67.Floramel - Tita Mel (Virginia, USA / January 7)
    68.rosekc – Rose (San Diego, Calif, USA / January 5)
    69.sawadee – Sawadee (Bangkok, Thailand / October 3)
    70. friendly 966 – Belinda (Kuwait / February 6)
    71.jet0120 – Jet (Manila, Philippines / January 20)
    72.catherinian – anna catherinian (Vancouver, Canada / February 22)
    73.Mavic156 – Mavic (Australia / February 6)
    74.marlyn0300 – Marlyn (Texas, USA / July 30)
    75.colocai - Lynn (Melbourne, Australia / May 25)
    76.aftermath12 - Alex (Singapore / November 4)
    77.winnipegris - Rissa (Winnipeg, Canada /August 19)
    78.MrsHappyHeart - Nancy (Ontario, Canada / March 23)
    79.MsJanjanBae - Janjan (Vancouver, Canada / April 6)
    80.Shajafan - Dhen (Japan / January 19)
    81.Philtaz - Maricon (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA / April 25)
    82.FairPrincess - Vera (???* / ???*)
    83.Trueluv - Jenny (Singapore / May 8)
    84.MCBC1976 - ???* (???* / ???*)
    85.Kaaaaria - Karia (Surigao, Philippines / January 6)
    86.Grinchgal21 - Vane (Ontario, Canada / ???*)
    87.GFWKace - Miranda (Texas, USA / November 13)
    88.Sofie68 - Sofie (Yonkers, NY, USA / September 30)
    89.Sensibleme - Lani (Manila, Philippines / October 11)
    90.Cheekylane - Arlene (Birmingham, UK / December 13)
    91.Iamgigic - Gigi (East Bay, CA, USA / August 12)
    92.Scoobypooh - Migzy (Seattle, WA, USA / ???*)
    93.Insightful - Eden (Quezon City, Philippines / November 5)
    94.MSV68 - Marilyn (Cebu, Philippines / September 1)
    95.milethski - Mileth (Caloocan / Bulacan, Philippines / August 8)
    96.PrincessKC - Pearl (LA, California, USA / July 4)
    97.sijoyito - Joy (Negros, Philippines / November 29)
    98.Tootie_frutti - Tootie (???* / ???*)
    99.ruru25 - Ruthie (Reno, Nevada / February 25)
    100. veredrose25 - Rosalie (Ohio, USA / ???

    May we request the following kachoochays to please post or PM your name, bday without the year, location in order to complete your membership registration? kindly refer to the above list to see which info is missing from your registration.
    OZ4KC12, Bro (Observer123), ate virnachooch (sight-n-sound), fair princess, mcbc1976, Grinchgal21 (Vane), Scoobypooh (Migzy), Tootie_frutti (Tootie)
    Happy posting and may our tribe increase! GO FIGHT WIN!


    please follow us in twitter

    Like us on Facebook:


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    KACHOOCHAY’S BIRTHDAY LIST (As of February 12, 2012)

    January 5 - rosekc (Rose)
    January 6 – hannah618 (Ann), kaaaaria (Karia)
    January 7 - floramel (Tita Mel)
    January 9 – sunrise12 (Lhen)
    January 16 – sommermartyne (Eunice)
    January 19 - shajafan (Dhen)
    January 20 - jet0120 (Jet)
    January 21 – cpatric (Claudette )
    January 28 – mikameraniangel (Danamer)
    January 30 – KChuchay (Joeelle)

    February 5 – taratara (Pam)
    February 6 - friendly966 (Belinda), mavic156 (Mavic)
    February 11 – lmf5 (Lucie)
    February 22 - catherinian (Anna Catherinian)
    February 24 – Huckleberry09 (Libby), Yahlee (Erlie)
    February 25 - Ruru25 (Ruthie)
    February 28 – solidmegaKC (Lulu), Veredrose25 (Rose)

    March 6 – iwabyoukc (Bel)
    March 9 - Raffaella (Aileen)
    March 23 - MrsHappyHeart (Nancy)
    March 25 – HRH KC (Annie)
    March 26 – 1972rrd (Rei)

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    We would like to thank Mel (Iluvkooki) for the beautiful fanarts used on this thread.

    If you want to include your designs and work of art for KC (photos, videos, etc), please email them to [email protected].
    We will showcase your hidden talents on our next thread

    Special thanks to gigi (catseyes720) for our Mission Statement and the stunning photos from Rogue Magazine
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    WOW!! New House!!!!

    Thankz Kachooch!!! mwah mwah mwah

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    this is overwhelming!!! hugs and kisses KACHOOCH!!!

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    thanks po, Admin Kachooch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chanel08 View Post
    this is overwhelming!!! hugs and kisses KACHOOCH!!!
    How about me??

    Thanks Kachooch for giving the choochays another house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chanel08 View Post
    this is overwhelming!!! hugs and kisses KACHOOCH!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Observer123 View Post
    How about me??

    Thanks Kachooch for giving the choochays another house.

    kelan ba EB nyo?

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