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    Pagkaing pampaliit ng tiyan o bilbil

    Anu nga ba? papost naman. ang manok ba and fish totong nakakapaganda ng tiyan?

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    fiber rich food like fruits, oatmeal, wheat bread/ wheat products

    stay away from oily/ fried food & softdrinks/ other drinks with lots of sugar.

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    Wala. Ang pinakamaganda mong gagawin eh kumain ng tama at mag-exercise. Yang fiber enriched foods eh pampabilis lang ng metabolism.

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    celery? gulay at tubig. bawas dapat sa kanin, tsaka magexercise ng magexercise. Wala daw bawal na pagkain, tamang proportion lang ang kailangang bantayan.

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    You need to exercise, too.

    --sent from my Windows

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    celery is negative calories. eat healthy too and don't eat a lot of carbs but the best is to combine dieting with exercise

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    if you want to trim down on your tummy size or belly, or overall lose weight,

    its best that you look at food with shows the calorie content on the packaging, or look at the internet to see which diet or meal can be helpful in losing weight.

    dieting and exercising on the first few weeks, would just be a disaster, kasi gutom ka na, nageexercise ka pa, tendency nyan, kakain ka lang ng madami, and eventually ma fu frustrate ka, ititigil mo na din ang pag eexrcise mo dahil iisipin mo nagpapagod ka lang, when you step on the bath scale and your hardly lost a pound.

    First, try to know which food to stay away from, meaning, these are food na in small amount mo lang kakainin, grabe sa over na ang calories, and ito din kasi ang mga food, na di mo naman din makakain ng konti, so the result is, overflowing calories sa konting amount of food na kinain mo.

    like instant pansit canton, which is 400 calories, imagine that small pack, ganun kadami ang calories. dalawahin mo yan like what most guys I see, dalawa ang linuluto, that's 800 calories.

    softdrinks and ice cream are also food to keep away from, a glass of coke is 150 calories, while a cup of ice cream is around 200. syempre malamang like most guys or malakas kumain na babae, nakaka tatlong baso ng coke yan. so 450 na, on top of your 2 pansit canton, that's 1,250 calories.

    hamburgers, single layer patty is around 300 already, plus small fries mo pa na 200 plus coke na 250, that's 750 na, double the amount you need in a meal.

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    Rice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits are food which are recommended for a healthy diet, you are just losing weight not destroying your health, so stick to these food, but only in moderate amount. Do not skip a meal as well. Eat 3x pa din.

    One cup of rice, one piece of chicken (leg or wing), one small cup of juice, water and half of a fruit (banana or apple) are 400 calories only. You need a fruit to fill you up, without adding excess calories that another cup of rice or piece of meat will do.

    However with 3 meals a day of this, you're only going to maintain your weight not lose.

    since your goal is lose while maintaining a healthy diet, what you need is to cut down on one meal out of the three (breakfast, lunch or dinner), to cut your calorie supply for the day,

    you will just choose either, breakfast or dinner, which is best for you to cut that portion to lose weight.

    this is where, those granola bars, protein bars and drink will come in.

    they only have 100 calories in a pack plus a 1/3 glass of juice, that's only 150 calories in a meal,

    with that you subtracted from the overall daily calories you take in a day without punishing yourself to starvation. those protein bars are effective, cos they keep you fill up upto 4 hours, till the next meal or when you're going to sleep.

    so ang mangyayari, since 1,200 ang ideal calories supply for a healthy diet without gaining or losing weight,

    if you choose a meal of only 150 calories,

    breakfast (150), lunch (400), dinner (400)= 950 calories, you'll start to lose weight,

    good luck.

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    You know that exercise will be the best way to eliminate flabs right? Hehe. But foods rich in fiber like oats, cereals, and fruits will help a lot. Avoid fatty foods (aka fried foods), sugary sweets, and too much carbohydrates. And keep off the lechon! Lol

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    exercise and proper diet. un lang for the mean time, try yeo's juice drink. made from natural fruits!

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    Try kamote. Paborito ng mga mahilig magdiyeta.

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    Pineapple lang ang katapat nyan.May enzyme ang pinya na nakakapanlinis ng stomach.Yung sariwang pinya at hindi yung nasa delata na may sugar.

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    While there are many effective ways, all of these are actually using the same equation:

    Calorie Input-Calorie Output=Net gain (or Loss)

    nikkilove is right:
    The best way to lose weight is to lessen your input and increase output. So a good low calorie, high fiber diet plus exercise of at least 30 minutes of medium to high intensity will give results in as fast as 2 weeks

    Oh, and never skip meals. You body adjusts to that by storing fat for every meal you skip. What you do is your 3 basic meals, split it to 5, but the servings are smaller. The body then almost always uses it immediately for energy instead of storing it for fat

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    Spinach is another negative calorie food.

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