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    I think this is a bad time for the President to make these kinds of statements. Tayo na ang nawalan ng sundalo, nanisi pa.

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    ok. tanggap ko na may kakulangan sa militar sa point na yun. specially yung mga higher officers na nagmanage ng pursuit operation na yun. pero for ***** to react that way.... nakakapanginig ng laman!

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    Oy MILF

    gawin rin ninyo yan kay Kris and her other 3 sisters

    La lang naman pala yan kay Noy, di kayo lalabanan

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    Quote Originally Posted by gs09 View Post
    I think this is a bad time for the President to make these kinds of statements. Tayo na ang nawalan ng sundalo, nanisi pa.
    wala talaga syang kakayahang maging presidente. kitang kita.

    calling sargo, kelangan mo ng mag create ng new threads, buhayin lumang topics tungkol kay gma. tambak na naman ang idol ***** mo dito at kay mingmow2, pwede ka na magbilang kung ilan ang kontra ***** dito

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    Pansin ko lang. Noynoy has this habit of embarrassing his subordinates in front of the press. A good boss won't do that. GMA, correct me if I am wrong, can be very hard to please but you don't normally see her reprimanding 'yung mga tauhan niya in public, at least not when she's speaking to reporters.

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    parang coach sa isang basketball team.

    may flagrant foul ang kalaban, tapos ang sarili pa niyang team ang pinagalitan.

    kumusta naman ang logic na 'yan?

    huwag daw pairalin ang emosyon sa mga pagkakataong ito. right.. kasi noong elections pinairal 'yan. kaya ano.. huwag ko na ituloy.

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    he forgot that he's the commander in chief. Technically he's the leader of the army.....

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    Two Philippine soldiers dead in new guerrilla attack
    AFP News – 6 hours ago

    Two Philippine soldiers were killed Thursday in a fresh Muslim guerrilla attack on a southern island following the killing of 19 soldiers earlier this week, the army said.

    Two army trucks in a convoy were ambushed by suspected Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) men along a road on the island of Mindanao, said an army report to the regional military headquarters.
    Two soldiers were killed and four others were wounded in the ambush near the town of Alicia, and 12 men in the convoy are missing, the report said.

    The attack came two days after MILF forces killed 19 soldiers on the remote southern island of Basilan in one of the worst outbreaks of violence between the two sides in years.

    MILF spokesmen could not be reached for comment late Thursday.
    The fresh fighting has further complicated efforts to end one of Asia's longest insurgencies, with the MILF and the military trading accusations of breaking a ceasefire in place to promote peace talks.
    The 12,000-strong MILF has waged a rebellion since the 1970s for an independent Islamic state or autonomous-rule in the southern third of the mainly Catholic Philippines.

    The rebellion has left about 150,000 people dead, with most of the deaths occurring in the 1970s when an all-out war raged.

    Although the two sides signed a truce in 2003 that paved the way for peace talks, the ceasefire is frequently marred by clashes across the vast southern Mindanao region that Muslims claim as their ancestral homeland.


    Pag-aaralan pa din ba Mr. "the ONE"?

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    when i saw the news last night how our president assess the situation, WTF, parang sya lang ang presidente na in public pinahiya ang military, bababa lalo ang morale ng AFP....

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    Incompetence kills.

    Tingnan niyo lang pag mas maraming sundalo pa ang namatay, bumagsak na ang morale ng AFP and especially pag mas COVERED NA NG PRESS ang situation dun lang magdedecide yan si Noynoy na mag declare ng offensive. Yung decision making kasi niya is either based kung saan mas mag mumukhang pogi ang administration niya or on his and his advisers' emotions. Kulang sa foresight, puro hindsight.

    Good job 15 million voters~ !

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    sana si gibo na lang.

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    6 gov’t troops killed, 8 wounded in separate attacks in Zamboanga Sibugay

    By Julie Alipala
    Inquirer Mindanao
    9:28 am | Friday, October 21st, 2011

    ZAMBOANGA CITY — Six government men were killed, eight others wounded and another one missing in separate attacks by armed men in Zamboanga Sibugay Thursday evening, Brigadier General Santiago Baluyot, the provincial military commander, said Friday.

    The fresh incidents took place barely two days after 19 soldiers were killed in a clash with Moro rebels in Basilan province.

    Baluyot said the first incident took place in Barangay (village)Guintulan in Alicia town around 7:30 p.m. when armed men fired on a military vehicle. Three soldiers died and six others were injured while another soldier remained missing, Baluyot said.

    The second attack, he said, involved policemen in Kabasalan town.

    Three policemen were killed, and two others were wounded in the Kabasalan ambush, which took place near midnight, he said. Agence France-Presse

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    May bago na naman? Gusto ko malaman reaction ni PeNoy dito

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    Quote Originally Posted by •lex• View Post
    May bago na naman? Gusto ko malaman reaction ni PeNoy dito
    mag pa-practice muna ng sasabihin sigurado babasahin muna at mememoryahin ang script para mas maganda pakinggan sa radio and tv.

    hindi pwede on-the-spot si penoy, walang sense ang sinasabi paikot-ikot lang tapos sa bandang huli ang classic line nya "pag-aaralan po natin yan"

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    kudeta na... i wanna see ngoyngoy ousted... sana ang ipadala sa basilan eh yung mga tongressmans, councilors, senatongs, at si presidente....

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    he's quick to voice "his displeasure and disappointment over the military leadership in the area" but never on the perpetrators...

    stooopid, very stooopid...

    he's barking at the!

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    the strange, insensitive reaction of the incompetent, oligarch-puppet (therefore puppet din ng 666 Global Elite), yellow president is revealing what some analyst had forewarned about the 666 Global Elite's plan to sow strife in the country by balkanizing Mindanao:

    The agenda of the global oligarchy is to keep RP and diverse client-states into ‘weak states’ and ‘failed states’, so that eventually they can break up our nation and others into mini-states. Each mini-state will become private property of certain gigantic corporate groups, with their own corporate armies coming to their defense. The same oligarchs have already succeeded in fragmenting former Yugoslavia, and there’s no reason why they won’t proceed to bring such demonic successes to new levels such as to balkanize the Philippines.

    and some mainstream analysts are getting to sense it too:

    Balkanization of Mindanao?
    Nestor Mata

    ‘Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) threatens to go back to armed struggle and Balkanize Mindanao, if it fails to get what it wants – its Utopian dream of a Bangsamoro state.’

    NO ONE else can be faulted for the impending collapse of the peace talks to end the decades-old bloody Mindanao conflict other than President Aquino himself.

    First of all, Aquino committed a diplomatic faux pas when he initiated the "secret talks" with the leader of a rebellious Muslim organization called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Tokyo early last month.

    That was a terrible mistake because when Aquino sat down with the MILF’s Murad Ibrahim, he (Aquino) in effect virtually accorded the rebel leader the status of a head of a "Bangsamoro state," which is their Utopian dream of an independent Islamic state. Then, apparently not thoroughly informed about the Moro problem, Aquino didn’t really understand the MILF’s proposal for the establishment of "sub-state" and its legal and constitutional implications.

    As a matter of fact, as revealed in the cables of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, not only American diplomatic officials but also MILF leaders considered Aquino as "incapable of understanding the too complicated" problem in Mindanao.

    What Aquino failed to grasp was the MILF’s own formula for peace with its three components, namely, a six-and-a-half year time frame, a particular sequence of actions by each side jointly or separately, and three distinct periods – pre-interim, interim and implementation.

    What the MILF seeks is a "transitional council" that would establish a "transition process" for Moro autonomy that the rebel group and the Philippine government should follow.

    The nature of the relationship between the proposed "Bangsamoro" entity and the central government would be either "federative," "associative" or in another form, as explained by Michael Mastura, vice-chairman of the MILF’s peace panel.

    Despite the MILF’s assurance that it won’t seek independence, there are clear signs that all this are preparations for the eventual fulfillment of its Utopian dream of an Islamic state within another state.

    And yet, during the "secret talks" in Tokyo and subsequently in Kuala Lumpur, the MILP peace panel, headed by its chairman Mohagher Iqbal, told its counterpart the Philippine panel about such a "Bangsamoro state" or, at least a "sub-state."

    In stark contrast, the Philippine peace panel’s offer called for an "enhanced Autonomous Region in Mindanao," which was unacceptable to the MILF team. And, as MILHF’s chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal put it in his own words, "We saw their proposal… it’s too weak" and that they would its rejection by the MILF’s Central Committee.

    When the peace talks in KL ended abruptly, sans a mutually acceptable formula, the MILF warned that it might go back to armed struggle and that it could lead to the "Balkanization" of Mindanao.

    Balkanization, by the way, is a geopolitical term that was originally used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with each other.

    This means that once the Islamic or Bangsamoro sub-state is established, it will inevitably blossom into a demand for independence, and eventually the carving of Mindanao into half Christian and half Muslim regions.

    And so, if President Aquino were to make another big mistake, once more, and allow this to happen then he and he alone would surely be held fully accountable for the fragmentation of this country, and this could lead to his impeachment for gross violation of the Constitution!

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    BEST COMMANDER in Chief EVER!!!!!

    Paki transfer na ang Office of the President sa Mindanao

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    policy ata ng ungas na pag binato ka ng bala batuhin mo ng tinapay.

    Ano ba ibig sabihin nya pala na di na daw natuto yung militar. Sabi sa news me existing ceasefire.

    Hay, ika nga ni Nietzsche, a society that has gone soft side with those who harm it.

    Sa kaso namang eto, the leader is unarguably soft so he svcks up to the bullies.

    O ayan, yung bumoto sa ungas na yan. Sana nakakatulog kayo ng mahimbing.

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