PEx Rising Stars Singing Challenge

How to Join:

1) You must have a PinoyExchange and Rising Stars Account.

- Register here at

2) Include the word "PExer" in your profile.


1) A “Rising Stars Videoke Room” Thread will be created in the promo forum

2) A theme will be posted by TeamPEx in the Rising Stars thread

3) Members can post a thread where their performance can be watched by other members.

4) Members should make sure that they post a link back to their Rising Stars profile.

5) Participants should also have the word “PExer” in their Rising Stars profile to join.

6) PExers can also comment and discuss the various performances of the other PExers. To comment, the PExer should quote the performance of a PExer

7) A new theme will be posted regularly

8) All verified participants who posted their performances will receive a PEx Pin.

9) The first 10 member who posted their performances will win a prize (movie item)

10) Every member who posted their own performances will get a Rising Star pin.

11) Every member who posts at least 3 significant comments to different performances will get a Star Critic pin.


- Rising Star Pin
- Star Critic Pin
- Movie items

How to Post a Performance Video:

1) Copy the URL of the song

Copy this

2) Paste the URL inside [ sing ] and [ /sing ]

Click here to go to the Rising Stars Videoke Room