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    [MajEo]Maja Salvador ♥ Matteo Guidicelli: "I've Found The One...We're Meant to Be"[2]

    Welcome to the World of Matteo & Maja!! Thread 2 na!!

    Previous Thread:
    [MajEo]Maja Salvador ♥ Matteo Guidicelli:"Just The Way You Are"

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    Fan List!

    Sa mga nagmamahal at umiidolo kina Maja Salvador at Matteo Guidicelli
    pakilagay na lang po ang inyong pangalan sa listahan..


    2.weloveyou- Jacque
    3.katreeny- Kat
    8.nhinz- Nhinz
    9.sydalg_anros- Gladys
    28. xxallybubuxx
    29. nilebor- Ruby
    30. aloh
    31. cinnamon_love
    32. ronalyne
    33. throax
    34. ssecret3
    35. kaPoroyka
    36. bb_fan
    37. new_angel
    38. addictnalurker
    39. iLive2Party
    40. ayella
    41. gail09
    42. u_got_surf
    43. atheeeena
    44. killermoves

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    Maja Salvador

    thread: [CUTIES]*MAJA SALVADOR*~Di Kita Kaya Mawala Dito, Sa Puso Ko~[Part 57]
    star magic page: Star Magic Artists - Maja Salvador
    fansites: Multiply | MSalvadorZone
    tumblr: CutiesLovesMaja | DancingMaja
    facebook: Maja Salvador [CUTIES]
    twitter: @dprincessmaja





    Maja Ross Andres Salvador or Maja Salvador (born October 5, 1988 in Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines) is a Filipina actress and commercial model. She is currently under contract with ABS-CBN. She is one of the most promising stars of the elite circle, Star Magic. She is known as the "Dance Princess" of the generation. She came from a family of actors and actresses. Show business is obviously in Maja's blood. She is the daughter of a former actor, Ross Rival (Rosauro Salvador in real life) and Thelma Andres; niece to Jobelle Salvador (one of the casts of the Bagets movie) and Phillip Salvador, a Filipino famous drama and action star; grandniece to Leroy Salvador, who was a famous versatile actor; and a great-grandchild to the late Lou Salvador, a famous Filipino basketball player during the prewar era who has played for the Philippine national basketball team, later became an actor, and became the first showbiz personality who ran for the vice presidency of the Philippines in the 1948 Philippine elections. Unlike other celebrities who were discovered on talent search and through commercials and endorsements in television, Maja was accidentally seen by the executives of ABS-CBN Channel 2, on nationwide television show The Buzz where she was reunited with her long-lost father, Ross Rival. The moment of reconciliation between the father and daughter was actually then the primary step for the lady to go on or pursue the showbiz world. Not all people know that Maja, was at first a ramp model at her young age together with a found friend Farah Ramos, who is the daughter of Chit Ramos, a movie-columnist and talent manager. Maja then confided with Chit regarding her longingness to see her father she didn’t see for years. Little did she know that Chit immediately worked out for the reconciliation of Maja and her dad. With the help of her extended family, she was brought up to the house of one of his uncles, Ramon Salvador where she finally met her father. The said reunion was aired on The Buzz. That time, one of the heads of ABS-CBN was watching her closely. Charo Santos-Concio asked her staff to look for Maja after watching that touching moment which actually made a mark on her. Thus did Maja Salvador sign up with the ABS-CBN Network and was then introduced in her first soap opera, It Might Be You. Maja has been recognized many times from her acting abilities and won several awards from it. She starred in the ABS-CBN afternoon soap Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Impostor where she was paired with Sam Milby. In 2010 she had the opportunity to work with the King of Comedy himself, Dolphy, in the MMFF entry Father Jejemon. She is a regular in ASAP Rocks where she showcases her incredible dance moves; Maja can also hold a tune and sing - a triple threat indeed. This past season we saw Maja demonstrate her versatility once again as former NPA rebel Kaye “Krista” Villanueva in the ABS-CBN primetime teleserye, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. Her first independent film (which she co-produced), Thelma, was a critical success and received an A rating. It's set to screen at the Hawaii International Film Festival this October. Maja's latest guesting on television is on BFF Kim Chiu's teleserye, My Binondo Girl, where she plays Amber Dionisio. With another movie in the works - Basted, under Star Cinema’s indie company Skylight Films - and talks to star in Love Will Lead You Back opposite leading man Coco Martin and superstar Judy Ann Santos, Maja’s star is only beginning to shine.

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    Matteo Guidicelli

    thread: ★MATTEORIFFICS★MATTEO GUIDICELLI~Sweet and Hunk Leading Man of the Year!~ [Thread 1]
    star magic page: Star Magic Artists - Matteo Guidicelli
    fansites: MatteoGuidicelli Official Website
    facebook: Matteo Guidicelli (Matteoriffics)
    twitter: @mateoguidicelli





    Gianmatteo Vittorio Fernan "Matteo" Guidicelli (born March 26, 1990) is a Filipino-Italian actor, model, racer and singer. His claim to fame started with his career with kart racing. He was a three time Philippine Karter of the year along with winning other multiple awards. He started karting at the age of 11 in his hometown of Cebu in the Philippines. He then moved to the city of Manila when he was 14 to further pursue and expand on his racing career. Matteo's success with his kart racing career (which garnered him over 100 awards) allowed him to pursue other interests in different fields such as being a model, actor, and singer in the Philippines. He first became a clothing brand endorser for Penshoppe clothing at an early age of 14. This was followed by endorsement deals in the Philippines with brands such as Swatch, Smart Communications, and Pepsi. He graduated high school in Brent International School, Manila, and attended Columbia College in Chicago to pursue a B.A. on performing arts in the musical theater field. He returned to the Philippines where he had his breakthrough role as Ronnie in the hit ABS-CBN teleserye, Agua Bendita. After the success of Agua Bendita, which had earned him recognition as a newcomer by many award-giving bodies, Matteo continued to guest on a slew of ABS-CBN shows, including Your Song and Maalaala Mo Kaya. His first single, "Someone Like You", was released digitally by Star Records. In 2011, he became part of the new noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey!, and he was cast in his first movie with none other than the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Andersonn. Matteo's recent return to primetime is in the Kim Chiu-starrer My Binondo Girl, where he plays "bad boy" Trevor Wu. His hard work, charitability (he is a Habitat for Humanity ambassador), and happy-go-lucky attitude, show that he can overcome any obstacle showbiz may put in his way. With the continued success of MBG and his upcoming independent film with Maja Salvador, Basted, Matteo Guidicelli is truly proving himself in this industry.

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    First Project: Inday sa Balitaw

    Wansapanataym Presents: "Inday, Inday sa Balitaw"

    Week1: Sept. 25, 2010 | Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

    Week2: Oct. 2, 2010 | Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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    Like a Fairy Tale... Star Magic Ball 2010

    Maja Salvador to Matteo Guidicelli: 'Friendly date lang ito ha!' (9/11/10)


    One Year Later... Star Magic Ball 2011

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    Falling For You... ASAP Baguio 2010

    When Maja went with the ASAP Cast to Baguio last November, all we were expecting was some great dance numbers... But we were in for a surprise when pictures surfaced of Maja and Matteo together, hanging out with Kim Chiu, Jason Abalos, and members of a local charity later in the trip. The pictures are now even more kilig because of the one Matteo revealed recently on KrisTV!

    Pictures under the cut!

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    Birthday moments

    After denying any relationship rumors post-Star Magic Ball, Matteo turned out to be a special guest at Maja's 22nd birthday dinner. Rumor has it he flew in straight from Cebu to be at her dinner

    The next March, Matteo got to celebrate his birthday with family and Maja when ASAP Rocks went to Cebu, and later Maja took things a step further by throwing Matteo a surprise birthday bash.

    When Matteo's birthday was celebrated on ASAP, mafriend Kimmy didn't hesitate to tease the two

    Matteo's Bday 2010: ASAP Song + Spiel
    Matteo's Bday 2010: HYY Surprise Party talk
    Maja's Bday 2011: ASAP Matteo's Bday Greeting
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    A Beautiful Couple... Metro Mag Pictorial

    From the editor's note:
    "Here at Metro, we kick off this sexy season with the beautiful Maja Salvador and the equally enamoring Matteo Guidicelli, clad in no less than Louis Vuitton's new collection. We bring the rumored lovebirds aboard a yacht and watch as they play out a summer love affair, with all-too-real sideway glances and coy smiles directed to each other. It's refreshing to witness young celebrities who are not only dedicated and passionate about their craft, but who also remain well-grounded despite their celebrity."

    Pictures under the cut!
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    Maja & Matteo have been spotted many times at friends' parties/dinners and at concerts

    Pics under the cut

    Elive: MajEo Spotted at the Bruno Mars Concert
    MajEo Spotted at the Bruno Mars Concert (via TastyDestination)
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    When they're not spotted at friends' parties, they're usually seen out at the mall together - as confirmed by Twitter!

    Fun pics

    Super cute pics


    Matteo has said that one of the things they like to do when they go out is go to the movies. Of course, when the press would tease them at movie premieres, they played coy


    Maja & Matteo got to host the Star Magic Games last July- their first joint gig! They were spotted watching each other's games and sitting together in the audience with mafriend Kimmy and Enchong.

    Video: Push.com Exclusive- Matteo vs. Piolo playing badminton (look who passes by the camera)
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    Filming Together

    Not only have they gotten to spend more quality time together via their upcoming movie Basted, but they've also had time to visit each other's separate project tapings...


    ASAP Rocks moments w/ MajEo

    ASAP Rocks: Billy's Teasing
    ASAP Rocks: Star Magic Anniversary
    ASAP Rocks: Generation F + Dreamboys
    ASAP Rocks Cebu: MajEo Spiel
    ASAP Prod: "Lagi"
    ASAP Rocks: Grenade Dance Prod
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    Two Kind Souls

    Matteo and Maja definitely seem to be two very kind & generous people; it only makes sense that they help others together. Here they are hosting a Habitat for Humanity concert, and a Star Magic Gift-Giving Event for National Youth Commission.

    MajEo Spiel @ Habitat for Humanity Concert
    MajEo Singing "You Belong With Me" @ Habitat for Humanity Concert
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    Twitter moments

    Oh, Twitter....

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    The M&M Love Story: "Meant to Be"

    Amidst the controversy that surrounded the admission of their relationship, Maja was right there with Matteo to show her support during his interview for The Buzz. During the interview, he made some startling (and suuuuper kilig) confessions about how they got together.

    The Buzz Tell-All Interview Part 1
    The Buzz Tell-All Interview Part 2

    click for the transcript c/o ms. darla sauler:

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    The Post-Its

    Matteo revealed in the interview that when he & Maja had a big fight, he recreated the post-it scene from My Amnesia Girl to try to win her over. He worked with Maja's mom and cousin and filled Maja's room with post-its saying what he loved about her. Needless to say, it worked!

    VIDEO | SNN: Matteo, nag-ala My Amnesia Girl


    transcript c/o ms. darla sauler:
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    MajEo with their Fans/Fan Greetings

    MajEo Video Greetings:
    Matteo saying hi to the MajEos

    Matteo & Maja with Fans

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