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    Question Pocket Wifi Experience: Globe / Sun / Smart / Others

    I always come to PEx for the latest on the tech gadgets. I recently came back from a long trip outside the country and I'm currently on a mission to see which service pocket wifi provider provides better service.

    I've heard the Pocket Wifi is much faster than 3G and the likes, and won't consume as much battery (correct?) You can also hook up 5 devices to one dongle without sacrificing the speed.

    Well, it all boils down to price, quality, speed and bang for the buck.

    As of October 1, 2011:


    Because you’re a “gadgeteer” looking for a way to connect all your gadgets when you’re on the go, Smart Bro Pocket WiFi is best for you:

    • Create your own WiFi hotspot anywhere, anytime
    • Connect up to 5 of your gadgets at once or share the signal with your friends
    • Surf at speeds of up to 5 Mbps
    • Surf with less interruptions with Smart Bro’s most reliable signal
    • Get 50 hours of surfing for just P495 monthly with Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Plan 495



    • One-time fee: P3,895
    • Usage fee: Pay per use. P10 for every 30 mins. Or avail of any usage package (Unlisurf, Per Minute, Prepaid Lifestyle).
    • Freebies: Preloaded with 1 hour
    • Connection: via WiFi
    • Speed: Up to 5 mbps
    • Lock-in period: None
    • Application requirements: None
    • System requirements: Pentium III or higher, 512 MB of RAM or higher, Ethernet / LAN card, at least 10 GB of Hard Disk Space, USB 2.0, Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac Osx 10.4 (Tiger), Leopard, Snow Leopard


    • Monthly amortization for the device: P150 for 24 months
    • Monthly fee: P495/month for 50 hours. Excess hours P10 for every 30 mins.
    • Inclusive hours: 50 hours
    • Freebies: Free 5 hours every bill paid on time
    • Connection: via WiFi
    • Lock-in period: 24 months
    • Application requirements: Subscriber application form, Proof of identification, Proof of address, Proof of income
    • System requirements: Pentium III or higher, 512 MB of RAM or higher, Ethernet / LAN card, at least 10 GB of Hard Disk Space, USB 2.0, Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac Osx 10.4 (Tiger), Leopard, Snow Leopard



    Be a Hotspot wherever you go with these MyWifi* bundles!

    Plan: Bundle Plan 649**
    Holding Period: 12 months
    One-Time Charge: Php2299
    Holding Period: 24 months
    One-Time Charge: Php549

    Plan: Bundle Plan 649 Loyalty**
    Holding Period: 24 months
    One-Time Charge: FREE

    Plan: Plan 799
    Holding Period: 12 months
    One-Time Charge: Php199
    Holding Period: 24 months
    One-Time Charge: FREE

    Plan: Plan 799 Loyalty
    Holding Period: 18 months
    One-Time Charge: FREE

    *The MyWifi device is a portable device able to connect up to five WiFi devices simultaneously.
    **Must be bundled with a Sun Regular Postpaid Plan

    Couldn't find more info on this. The saleslady I spoke to said that lock is only 3 months if paid in full, but I don't see that anywhere. Can anyone confirm? I seem to be leaning this way because it's cheaper but I'm worried that it won't work most of the time?



    The BIGGEST Tattoo MyFi Prepaid Kit discount is here.

    Get a Tattoo MyFi Stick for only Php 3,995 and save Php 1,000 from previous SRP of Php 4,995!

    Costs unbelievably less, connects you to more devices and friends.

    Only Tattoo gives you the best deals ever.

    Tattoo MyFi emits a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time and surf at speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps*, even while you’re on the go! No need to even connect the device to your computer! Whether you’re on a Prepaid or Postpaid plan, you get access to Tattoo’s best value offers and promos through the Tattoo MyFi.


    • Plan 499 – 50 hours/month surfing for free. Just add Php100/month and the MyFi device is yours for free.
    • Plan 999 – Unlimited surfing per month for free. Just add Php100/month and the MyFi device is yours for free.


    But if you want it on Prepaid, it's yours for a one-time payment of only Php3,995. This offer is also available for existing Tattoo Postpaid subscribers. Just visit the Globe Store nearest you and ask our friendly customer service representatives for a Recontracting Form.

    *Up to 5 mbps for Plan 999. With a minimum GPRS speed of 12-48 Kbps where wireless broadband is not available. Experienced speed will also depend on type of device used, network signal detected, and current subscriber traffic.


    I heard that some providers put caps on their services and stop at a certain number of Gb downloaded. Is this true? Any areas with bad service?

    I really want to purchase one already but being locked in to these providers without proper information is difficult.

    Please do share your experiences if you have any.

    Thank you!!

    I put this thread together because I've searched the forum and couldn't find one like this. Please disregard if this exists and lead me to that thread.

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    the globe tattoo myfi plan 999 might be okay if it is indeed unlimited and the connection is not bad. i don't travel to other parts of the country much but it would be ideal for home when i use my ipad.

    i'm on sun cellular plan via usb and it's horrible.

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    Been looking at all of these options too but settled to buy an "unlocked" portable device instead so that I can switch carriers without worrying about it. But if you are going to get a plan then, it might be worth it.

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    ako gamit ko ngyon sun pocket wifi...

    parehas lang naman *** speed niya sa ordinary broadband stick, naka wifi lang siya, siyempre ganun din depende lang sa lugar kung mabilis *** speed o hindi...

    kung gagamitin mo lang naman siya sa isang lugar, manghiram ka muna sa ibang tao tapos try mo kung mabilis sa lugar na iyon....

    pero kung dadalhin mo siya kung saan saan eh siguro smart na lang kasi sa pagkakaalam ko eh sila *** may widest coverage, tsaka diba isa na lang ngyon *** smart at sun....

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    parehas ba ang sim ng globe tattoo usb stick at ng globe mifi? Pede ko ba ilagay yung sim ng stick ko dun sa glboe myfi then uubra?

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    We're currently using Sun MyWifi at home. I unlocked the device (searched Google) kaya pwede ko na rin gamitin kahit yung Smart sim ko na postpaid. Parepareho lang yata yung device na pinapamigay nila, I think Huawei lahat yung mga device. So depende lang talaga sa signal ng network -- kung ano malakas sa area nyo, yung ang mabilis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manong0517 View Post
    parehas ba ang sim ng globe tattoo usb stick at ng globe mifi? Pede ko ba ilagay yung sim ng stick ko dun sa globe myfi then uubra?
    Yup. Ganyan yung Sun namin. Dati ordinary usb stick lang, tapos nung nagrenew kami ng contract, yung mywifi naman ang binigay samin. same sim lang.

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    meron kc akong company issue na globe tattoo usb and unlimited ang internet and i want to be able to use it for 3 devices like iphone, and 2 laptops. So before i buy a pocket i just want to know kung aandar po ito. Kasi pag sa usb stick lang meron screen na lalabas para i click muna yung "Connect" then tsaka pa lang mag ko connect yung internet. So kung sa pocket wifi ko ito ilalagay automatic na ba siyang mag ka karoon ng internet connection?

    Hope my doubt can be confirmed since i plan to get a huawei pocket wifi.

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    Hindi maganda sa area namin (Valenzuela) tsaka dito sa work area (Paranaque) ang globe tattoo. Ewan. Walang signal/mahina signal. Boo.

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    So far I have no problems with SUN Internet. As I've said their ad is telling the truth when they said that it is Fast and Reliable.

    But let me add this, when it comes to SUN sim, bullcrap!, it's garbage, why?, cause when you are in provincial areas like CALABARZON, you will notice that the bar is only 1, meaning you cannot send a messages, and the tendency of course you will be pissed!.

    Be advised, SUN is not consistent or reliable on SIM, it is sh!t but thei Broadband is fine! 4/5 in any areas even in provinces.

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    hopefully may makapag-feedback :

    Okay ba ang Sun wifi sa Las Pinas area (particularly Pilar Village) kahit umuulan, or worse, bumabagyo?

    I'm asking this kasi I need to have a pocket wifi kaya lang natatakot akong i-give up ang PLDT MyDSL ko baka kasi pag bumabagyo at may kuryente pa naman, e, baka mawalan naman ako ng signal. Kasi subok ko na ang PLDT - kahit bumabagyo, basta't may kuryente, maayos pa rin ang surfing ko.

    Doble kasi gastos pag ireretain ko ang PLDT MyDSL ko pag kukuha ako ng subscription sa Sun (PLan 799). magkaka-cashout pa ako ng P2,888 for the pocket wifi at syempre 1-month MSF of P799.

    hoping for your generous feedbacks, thanks!

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    ^ Get Skybroadband or Bayantel (both wired internet through cables). Magkakaproblema ka lang ng kaunti if you are heavy on online gaming and if you do p2p torrent downloads. Otherwise okay ang Sky.

    With PLDT they prioritize new subscribers. Depende na din kung upgraded na yung cables niyo. Kung legacy subscribers kayo tulad ko, no such luck. I got fed up with PLDT when we had no internet connection for 1 month. To think I was a PLDT mydsl subscriber for 5 years. Pero to be fair, yung mga ibang subscribers okay naman ata experience with PLDT. Hindi lang siguro kami sinwerte.

    Between Sun, Smart and Globe mas okay yung Rocket plug-it and Rocket Wifi ng Smart. It's prepaid unfortunately the rate is P200 for 180 mb. Maganda siya for emergency purposes when you need a really fast connection, but you will spend nearly P6,000 to P12,000 a month if you use it as your main isp dahil doon sa P200/180 mb rate. Kung tutuusin okay din naman Globe but they discourage media downloads and you're better off with Postpaid, hindi maganda prepaid speeds nila.

    I use Sun Broadband as my backup isp , lately mahirap magconnect. Mura ito for 799 a month but honestly I am thinking of having it cut kasi hindi ko naman magamit lately. Dati stable ito, good enough for youtube and browsing.
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    ^ thanks for your feedback i can't afford yung magiging monthly cost ng Rocket Wifi ng Smart. but ichecheck ko pa rin siya sa website ng Smart.

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    Regarding data caps, Smart has a monthly 1.5 gb data cap while Globe has a monthly 800 mb daily data cap ( 24 gb per month ). Okay sa Smart kasi it's okay to consume 1.5 gb in one day. Yun nga lang after you consume that much data your speed will be throttled downward. Sa Globe naman hanggang 800 mb ka lang araw araw tapos babagal na siya. On the bright side it is 800 mb per day so you don't have to wait 1 month to enjoy optimal speeds.

    These caps apply to data speeds on mobile handsets, bundled with call and text allocation. Not sure if this applies when you subscribe to a plan that is data only.

    To be fair, at least both Globe and Smart are upfront with their Fair Use Policy. Nag-aapply ka pa lang sasabihin na nila sa iyo na may ganito silang patakaran. Paki tanong na lang if their Fair use policy applies to data only plans, though I have a hunch that it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mai_1 View Post
    ^ thanks for your feedback i can't afford yung magiging monthly cost ng Rocket Wifi ng Smart. but ichecheck ko pa rin siya sa website ng Smart.
    Good luck. Kung tutuusin okay din kasi it's fast. Because it is prepaid you do have some control of your spending. Yun nga lang you need to be careful kasi you might end up buying a lot of prepaid reload cards if you use it regularly. You will also need to check your area coverage, sa Smart website ata may listahan ng areas covered by their network.

    You can also try Globe pero depende din sa coverage. Sa Yugatech ata may listahan doon ng mga lugar sa Pilipinas and coverage for both Globe and Smart.

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    Lightbulb Recommended Pocket Wifi in Marikina City

    Hi everyone,

    My family and I are moving to Marikina City in 2 months time. We currently reside here in Parañaque and we have been using Globe Telecom as our Internet Provider (nearing 2 months next month). I am now fear that when we move to Manila, things might get crappy with my Globe pocket wifi. My lock-in wiith Globe will expire in two months.

    Can anyone help me and tell your experience/s with Globe pocket wifi use in MARIKINA City. It's either I stay with Globe or get a new contract.

    Thank you

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    Pocket wifi here is just 60 bucks a chips ahoy sized 8 connects

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    Been using globe's myfi device(plan 999)

    I have been averaging 3-5 mbps...

    The plan has no cap

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    What about the SUN pocket wifi?

    I am planning to get the SUN pocket wifi plan but I'm really scared not to get at least 2mbps for the connection speed. Is it recommended for the QC specially for FAIRVIEW, or LAGRO residents?

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    kakabili ko lang ng Smart Bro Pocket Wifi priced at 2,895PHP.

    na try ko sa dalawang location sa makati:

    1. brgy san isidro
    2. BPI Main Branch along ayala ave.

    speedtest results

    ping: 360ms
    download speed: 0.25mbps
    upload speed: 0.06mbps

    test time is 4pm. my god. wtf is this? 0.25mbps in makati?

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