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    Kelly Clarkson: What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger [THREAD 3]

    Singer. Songwriter. Soulful. Versatile. Charming. Funny. Down-to-earth. Idol. Original. The best.

    Name: Kelly Brianne Clarkson
    Date of birth: April 24th, 1982
    Place of birth: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    Hometown: Burleson, Texas, USA
    Current residence: South of Fort Worth, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee
    Parents: Jeanne Rose and Stephen Michael (divorced)
    Siblings: Jason (1973) and Alyssa (1979)
    Schools attended: Pauline G. Hughes Middle School and Burleson High School
    First public appearance: American Idol, Season 1 (winner)
    Albums to date: Thankful (2003), Breakaway (2004), My December (2007), All I Ever Wanted (2009), Stronger (October 2011).
    Famous hit songs: Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Because of You, Never Again, My Life Would Suck Without You, Already Gone

    • In mid-2011, Kelly and backing singers Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier created a trio, “Already Famous” with Kelly as School Supply, Jill as Sea Side and Kate as Snack Pack. They are recording the songs they have already written in the course of their friendship. When asked about Already Famous’ next project, Kelly admitted that she doesn’t know yet since the idea of the creating the trio just came out of boredom and hadn't expected to be picked up by media.
    • Kelly owns a 60-acre ranch in Texas.
    • Has 10 dogs. She travels with the two of them: Security (Maltese) and Joplin (Labradoodle).
    • On Christmas of 2010, she received a goat for a gift and named it Billy Joel.
    • Kelly, with her musician friends, Ashley Arrison, Shane McAnally, JillandKate and Kennedy Noel, headlined a charity concert last December to raise money and awareness for the Houses of Hope orphanages of Zimbabwe and South Africa. She sang an original song, "You Still Don't Know What It's Like" which talks about the children's suffering.
    • Kelly and her family established a non-profit organization called "Eddie's Rescue Ranch", adopting animals from harm. The ranch has currently 50 rescued animals varying from dogs, cats, pigs, and horses.
    • Kelly drives a 911 Porshe Carrera and admits driving over the limit when in Texas.
    • Her first single, "A Moment Like This", set records by jumping from number 52 to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record previously owned by the Beatles. In 2009, she broke her own record by jumping from #98 to #1 with her song, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”
    • Esquire Magazine had named Kelly the "best voice in the history of pop music" in its 75 Greatest Women in History list, ranking with the likes of Michelle Obama, Janis Joplin, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana and more.
    • In January 2004, Kelly participated in the first World Idol. She won the second place, after Norway's Idol, Kurt Nilsen.
    • Said in a Reader's Digest interview that as a toddler, she would often walk around naked and that, to this day, hates wearing clothes. Calls wardrobe fittings "the death of me".
    • Avril Lavigne co-wrote her new single 'Breakaway' which is on the soundtrack for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
    • Random jobs before Idol: worked at a bookstore, a zoo, a Hollywood Theatre in Burleson, Texas, a cocktail waitress.
    • Christina Aguilera co-wrote her hit, "Miss Independent".
    • Ranked #92 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World (2005).
    • Considers her Texas home her "sanctuary" and turns off her cell phone when going home.
    • Originally wanted to be a marine biologist but changed her mind when she saw the movie Jaws (1975).
    • Parents divorced when she was six.
    • She is of Greek, Irish, and Welsh descent.
    • Underwent LASIK eye surgery to correct her vision
    • Kelly stayed up all night before her "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (2002) audition so she wouldn't sleep through the alarm, which she frequently did in high school.
    • In 2008 Kelly co-headlined the "2 World's 2 Voices" Tour with her idol, Reba McEntire.
    • On April 19th, 2008 Kelly who's a Baptist was chosen to sing at the 2008 Papal Youth Rally in Yonkers, NY. At the rally she sang "Walk Away", "Up to the Mountain", and "Since U Been Gone. Towards the end of the rally she came back to the stage and had the privilege of singing "Ave Maria" in front of Pope Benedict the XVI.
    • Kelly guest-starred on "Reba" in 2006 as a weather girl in training. At the end of the episode, the cast did a spoof of American Idol, obviously for Kelly Clarkson.
    • Kelly is mentioned in the Jonas Brothers' song Year 3000.
    • Kelly hates photoshoots. She doesn't like wearing all the fancy clothing. She'd rather just put on some jeans, a cute tank top and a hat and show up at the photoshoop looking like that.
    • Kelly was mentioned in the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, during the scene in which Steve Carrell's character gets his chest waxed and starts screaming curse words.
    • Kelly was once chased by a moose while riding a bike.
    • Kelly (along with the other Top 10 Finalists of "American Idol S1") received a bracelet inscribed with "Own the Power" on it from Paula Abdul.
    • Kelly is a night person.
    • One of Kelly's favorite movies is "The Goonies."
    • Kelly suffered from an eating disorder before she found her fame on American Idol. However, she snapped out of it really quickly unlike many celebs. Kelly said her eating disorder only lasted for six months.
    • Kelly Clarkson and Barbra Streisand were born on the same date: April 24. Kelly in 1982 and Barbra in 1941.
    • Became the first pop artist to have two songs in the top three of Billboard's Pop 100 Airplay chart (Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes)
    • Her first single, A Moment Like This, sold nearly 250,000 copies in its first week.
    • She is the first artist in the Billboard Radio Monitor era to hold the No. 1 spot at Mainstream Top 40 and AC during the same week with two different songs (Breakaway and Since U Been Gone).
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    Want to get the latest from Kelly herself? Want to get adorkable tweets like this:

    Like her on:

    Follow her on:

    And read more about the latest on:

    You might get lucky 'cause she replies back!

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    TBR: October 24, 2011

    “The whole album is very much about strength and empowerment, so ‘Stronger’ felt like the perfect title. Plus that song is just a gold mine — it's a little bit pop, a little bit pop-rock, a little bit urban, a little bit dance, and it ties everything in. And everybody loves that message. ‘What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.’ It's a perfect representation of my life.” Kelly on her 5th album

    1. Mr. Know It All**
    2. What Doesn't Kill You
    3. Dark Side
    4. Honestly
    5. You Love Me
    6. Einstein
    7. Standing In Front Of You
    8. I Forgive You
    9. Hello
    10. The War Is Over
    11. Let Me Down
    12. You Can't Win
    13. Breaking Your Own Heart
    14. Don't You Wanna Stay (w/ Jason Aldean)*
    15. Alone*
    16. Don't Be A Girl About It*
    17. The Sun Will Rise*

    *Deluxe edition only
    **Lead single

    Bonus EP:
    1. Hello (Smoakstack Session)
    2. The War Is Over (Smoakstack Session)
    3. You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)
    4. The Sun Will Rise (Smoakstack Session)
    5. If I Can't Have You (Smoakstack Session)
    6. If I Can't Make You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)

    “Mr Know It All” Reviews

    MTV News
    The song is an obvious Clarkson joint: feisty and straightforward, with a strong melody and a sing-along chorus. The midtempo breakup tune is about a girl letting her guy know that despite thinking he's got it all figured out, he doesn't.

    Entertainment Weekly: Music Mix
    We love it too, Kelly. Especially since we’re not the men involved.

    Free Wired
    It goes without saying that Kelly is truly one of, if not the best vocalist on mainstream radio at the moment. Although she's known for belting quite the high notes, here, she shows restraint that's somehow full of raw emotion. 4.5/5
    "Mr. Know It All" features one of the most impressive female pop vocals of 2011. Kelly Clarkson's technical mastery of pop vocals has few current peers.

    PopCrush 4/5
    ‘Mr. Know It All’ is proof that when we think we know Kelly Clarkson, she throws us for another musical loop, doing things a little differently.
    Kelly Clarkson debuted “Mr. Know It All” today during a live stream on her website and all we have to say is Beyonce better watch out.

    The Village Voice
    Kelly Clarkson returns to save pop music from itself once more.

    MAKING THE VIDEO: "Mr. Know It All" (Out on Sept. 26th)

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    Kelly Clarkson delivered the perfect pop album.

    DATE RELEASED: March 10, 2009


    Regular Edition:
    1. "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Lukasz "Dr Luke" Gottwald, Claude Kelly, Max Martin)
    2. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Katy Perry, Kara DioGuardi, Greg Wells)
    3. "Cry" (Kelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Mark Lee Townsend)
    4. "Don't Let Me Stop You" (Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane, Josef Larossi, Claude Kelly)
    5. "All I Ever Wanted" (Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, Dameon Aranda)
    6. "Already Gone" (Clarkson, Ryan Tedder )
    7. "If I Can't Have You" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    8. "Save You" (Tedder, Aimée Proal)
    9. "Whyyawannabringmedown" (Watters, Biancaniello, Aranda, L. Greene)
    10. "Long Shot" (Perry, Glen Ballard, Matt Thiessen)
    11. "Impossible" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    12. "Ready" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Halbert)
    13. "I Want You" (Clarkson, Joakim Åhlund)
    14. "If No One Will Listen" (Keri Noble)
    Deluxe Edition:
    15. "Tip of My Tongue" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    16. "The Day We Fell Apart" (Dre & Vidal)

    - All I Ever Wanted debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 255,000 copies sold. This is the second time Clarkson topped this particular chart after her debut album, Thankful in 2003.
    - To this date, All I Ever Wanted has sold 913,000 copies in the US and 2 million worldwide. It has been certified Platinum in Australia and Canada, and Gold in Ireland and UK.
    - All I Ever Wanted was nominated for the 2010 Grammy Awards in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.
    - Originally, the album was to be named "Masquerade" but Clarkson changed it because she felt that there were albums with similar themes currently on the charts, such as Pink's "Funhouse" and Britney Spears' Circus.
    - The first single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” set the record for making the biggest leap – from #97 to #1 – on the Billboard Hot 100 history, and spending two weeks at the top. This makes it the second time Clarkson has set this record, after her debut single "A Moment Like This" went from #52 to #1 in 2002.
    - "My Life Would Suck Without You" is also the first song by an Idol alum to top the chart that is not associated with the show.
    - It is also Clarkson's first UK number-one single.
    - "My Life Would Suck Without You" was covered by the characters of Fox network’s musical series, Glee and was included in their soundtrack compilation.
    - Time Magazine named "My Life Would Suck Without You" the #1 song of 2009. Time stated: "Where a lesser singer might have tried to animate the parts with a vocal lightning storm, Kelly Clarkson sings the words with her signature ease, building to an emotional crescendo that's pointless to resist."
    - This is the first album which Clarkson first applied her producing skills. She produced the last track of the album, “If No One Will Listen.”
    - "I Do Not Hook Up" and "Long Shot" were originally recorded by pop star, Katy Perry for her unreleased album, (A) Katy Perry, and "Whyyawannabringmedown" and "All I Ever Wanted" were cover songs from a local band, Aranda.

    Metacritic Score: 70/100 (Generally Favorable Reviews)

    Blender 4/5
    In her third album, Clarkson finds a Third Way: She makes nice with the pop machine and takes back the mall while keeping her integrity and personality intact.

    LA Times 3.5/4
    Clarkson, ever the overachiever, has delivered on all counts. All I Ever Wanted is a masterful rapprochement with the mainstream, full of cheerfully ear-snagging tunes, inventive production, exhilarating vocals and enough inherent Kelly-ness to put aside fears that her label bosses implanted blond electrodes in her brain to make her behave.

    Billboard 8/10
    Clarkson’s always had the best throaty tell in the business. But now she’s becoming a masterful interpreter too.

    New York Times 7/10
    The most immediate parts of “All I Ever Wanted” read a bit like Kelly Clarkson karaoke: back are the Swedish writers and producers and their laser-guided arrangements, with dynamics that are particularly well suited to her voice, broad, nimble and gale-force strong.

    Houston Chronicle 3.5/5
    It’s a testament to Clarkson’s considerable talent that she was able to break out of a dark December and emerge with a renewed pop force.

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    Kelly Clarkson's darker, more personal, riskier third studio album.

    DATE RELEASED: June 26, 2007


    (US only)

    (Australia only)

    (Australia only)

    1. "Never Again" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer )
    2. "One Minute" (Clarkson, Kara DioGuardi, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida)
    3. "Hole" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker)
    4. "Sober" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Calamity McEntire, Jimmy Messer)
    5. "Don't Waste Your Time" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Malcolm Pardon, Fredrik Rinman)
    6. "Judas" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker, David Kahne)
    7. "Haunted" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Jason Halbert)
    8. "Be Still" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks)
    9. "Maybe" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Aben Eubanks)
    10. "How I Feel" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker, David Kahne)
    11. "Yeah" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Malcolm Pardon, Fredrik Rinman)
    12. "Can I Have a Kiss" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker)
    13. "Irvine" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks)
    Hidden track: Chivas
    iTunes Bonus Track: Dirty Little Secret (Clarkson, Messer)
    Japanese release Bonus Track: Fading (Clarkson, Pardon, Rinman, Kahne)

    - My December debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 291,000 copies sold.
    - It was certified both gold and platinum on December 12, 2007, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). My December has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.
    - The album was voted as the 5th best album of 2007 by the readers of the Billboard Magazine.
    - “Never Again” debuted and peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, but unlike her previous singles it encountered radio resistance. Despite its poor radio airplay, the song logged an impressive number of 991,000 digital downloads.
    - The second single, “Sober” was released a mere five weeks after the first single was released to “show the flip side of the record” dismissing the controversy that all tracks of the album are rock-oriented sounds.
    - Despite the failure of the singles to chart well – compared to singles from Breakaway– mainly because of radio airplay resistance of Clarkson’s new album, Slant Magazine listed "Sober" as the 29th best single of the year. Also noting the My December controversy: "we got the lovely, tortured, and understated "Sober," which, sans promotion from a label that — perhaps vindictively — opted to cut its losses, flopped like a drunk falling off the wagon."
    - My December is exclusively written and co-written by Clarkson and the members of her touring band.
    - Legendary bassist Mike Watt played on six songs on My December.
    - The hidden track, “Chivas” – which would play 5 mins and 18 secs after “Irvine” – was written on a bar napkins of a Los Angeles Bar, Molly Malones, after running into an ex she wished to never see again.
    - Clarkson began writing and composing songs for My December during her Breakaway World Tour. In an interview, Clarkson was quoted:
    - Clarkson was quoted describing the last song on My December, "Irvine": "
    - Clarkson was said to be offered $10 million by then RCA head Clive Davis to remove five songs from the album in favor of five more radio friendly songs of Davis' choosing — including "Black Hole" which appeared on Lindsay Lohan's album, A Little More Personal (Raw). To her everlasting credit, Clarkson refused and stated: Also in a different interview, she stated:
    - In the midst of the controversy surrounding the release of My December, Simon Cowell jumped up to Clarkson’s defense, stating:
    - The My December Tour was supposed to start on July 11, 2007 with 37 dates across US and Canada. However, on June 14, 2007, the tour was canceled due to underwhelming ticket sales and Clarkson stating that it was “too much too soon.” It was then rescheduled in the Fall of 2007 and was downsized to play in theaters rather than the previous arenas.
    - Clarkson parted with her management, The Firm, just two weeks before the album release with all the controversy surrounding My December. She would then sign with Starstruck Entertainment, run by Narvel Blackstock — the husband of Reba McEntire — on July 2, 2007.

    Metacritic Score: 64/100 (Generally Favorable Reviews) 4.5/5
    "The album crackles with artistic commitment to the songs at hand. Clarkson has never been in better voice than she is here."

    Entertainment Weekly B+
    "Recent management changes and her canceled tour have furthered the assumption that December must be a train wreck. It's not. There's real artistry blossoming on this, the boldest and best effort ever by an Idol star."

    Slant Magazine 3.5/5
    "Though My December cuts much of the adult contemporary-style balladry that marred her first two releases, the album still finds Clarkson further exploring different facets of her voice, which is capable of much more than just cookie-cutter pop/rock.

    Digital Spy 3/5
    "My December is an ugly, inelegant but ultimately rather compelling bid for creative control. And yet, there are moments of unexpected beauty to counteract its overwhelming musical gruffness."

    Blender Magazine 4/5
    Let’s start with the bad news. The album does not consist exclusively of “Since U Been Gone,” Kelly Clarkson’s sublime 2004 smash, played 14 times in row. The good news? It’s her best album yet. (No available link, but you can read full article here: )

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    Breakaway proves Kelly Clarkson wasn't just a worthy winner, but capable of being a credible artist in her own right.

    DATE RELEASED: November 30, 2004


    1. "Breakaway" (Avril Lavigne, Matthew Gerrard, Bridget Benante)
    2. "Since U Been Gone" (Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin)
    3. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (Kelly Clarkson, Gottwald, Max Martin)
    4. "Because of You" (Clarkson, David Hodges, Ben Moody)
    5. "Gone" (Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks)
    6. "Addicted" (Clarkson, Hodges, Moody)
    7. "Where Is Your Heart" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Chantal Kreviazuk)
    8. "Walk Away" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Kreviazuk, Raine Maida)
    9. "You Found Me" (DioGuardi, Shanks)
    10. "I Hate Myself for Losing You" (DioGuardi, Jimmy Harry, Sheppard Solomon)
    11. "Hear Me" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Clif Magness)
    12. "Beautiful Disaster" (live) (Rebekah Jordan, Matthew Wilder)

    - Breakaway debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 for selling 250,000 copies.
    - The fourth album in history to stay on the Billboard 200 Top 20 for a consecutive year, spending 61 consecutive weeks on the chart.
    - The album spent 103 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200.
    - Breakaway is the most successful Idol album to date selling approximately 13 million copies worldwide.
    - It has been certified 6x platinum in the US selling 6,160,000 copies as of December 2010.
    - Breakaway received two awards at the 2006 Grammys: Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since U Been Gone.
    - ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ was first considered to be the title for this second album, but quickly changed it to Breakaway due to the growing popularity of the single. Other titles considered were ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Hear Me’.
    - The 2004 album spawned four Top 10 hits. It's the only album by an Idol contestant to feature four Top 10 hits.
    - "Breakaway", co-written by Avril Lavigne, served as the original song for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
    - Clarkson wrote the treatment for the music videos of “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, “Because of You” and “Walk Away.”
    - The video for "Behind These Hazel Eyes" broke the record for days at #1 for a female artist with 33 out of 50 days #1 on TRL.
    - The video for "Because of You" won the 2006 MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, her second consecutive win in that category (The first being from "Since U Been Gone").
    - On December 23, 2006, American Top 40 radio show host Ryan Seacrest announced during a countdown of 2006's most popular songs that Clarkson had had a song in the American Top 40 for 111 weeks, making her "the most successful female artist in AT40 history".
    - Billboard Hot 100 peaks: “Breakaway” #6; “Since U Been Gone” #2; “Behind These Hazel Eyes” #6, “Because of You” #7, “Walk Away” #12.
    - "Breakaway" (single) spent a record 20 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. The song also shares the record for the longest run at number one for a female artist — 21 weeks — with Céline Dion's "A New Day Has Come".
    - "Breakaway" (single) is the longest running #1 on the chart from a film soundtrack.
    - "Since U Been Gone" charted at #97 in Blender Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born.
    - “Since U Been Gone” ranked #21 in "The Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s" by Pitchfork Media.
    - In December 2009, “Since U Been Gone” was listed as #18 in the "100 Best Songs of the Decade" by Rolling Stone.
    - The lyrics of Behind These Hazel eyes are based on a true story, and are about an ex-boyfriend of Clarkson's who left her in order to marry his other girlfriend.
    - Clarkson originally wrote the lyrics and melody for "Because of You" when she was sixteen years old to cope with the emotional distress she was experiencing as a result of her parents' divorce.
    - By the summer of 2008, "Because of You" had become the song second most played over all of the last five years on television, radio, the internet, and live venues combined, in the UK.
    - In early 2007, Kelly re-recorded “Because of You” with her personal idol and country singer Reba McEntire as the lead-off single to McEntire's album Duets.
    - The remake of “Because of You” produced Clarkson's very first appearance on the Billboard Hot Country charts, where it reached a peak of #2 and earned her and McEntire a Grammy nomination for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

    All Music Guide 4/5
    Breakaway, is a pivotal moment for her, a chance to prove that she was not a one-hit wonder, a chance to prove that she could have a real, vibrant career. Happily, Breakaway delivers on that promise.

    Slant Magazine 3.5/5
    Clarkson puts the power in the power-hooks and she often elevates the album's vanilla pop/rock productions and hackneyed, by-the-numbers lyrics above mediocrity.

    Rolling Stone
    On Kelly Clarkson's second album, the ex-cocktail waitress turned hitmaker embraces her rock side rather than the pop pageantry that put her on top of the American Idol heap.

    Yahoo! Music 7/10
    It's an album of solid FM winners, built on big choruses and an attitude that's more woman scorned that teen-poppet.

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    Kelly Clarkson’s most anticipated debut album following her American Idol victory.

    DATE RELEASED: April 15, 2003


    1. "The Trouble with Love Is" (Kelly Clarkson, Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken)
    2. "Miss Independent" (Christina Aguilera, Clarkson, Rhett Lawrence, Matt Morris)
    3. "Low" (Jimmy Harry)
    4. "Some Kind of Miracle" (Diane Warren)
    5. "What's Up Lonely" (Rogers, Stephanie Saraco, Sturken)
    6. "Just Missed the Train" (Danielle Brisebois, Scott Cutler)
    7. "Beautiful Disaster" (Rebekah Jordan, Matthew Wilder)
    8. "You Thought Wrong" (featuring Tamyra Gray) (Clarkson, Babyface, Gray, Harvey Mason, Jr., Damon Thomas)
    9. "Thankful" (Clarkson, Edmonds, Mason, Thomas)
    10. "Anytime" (Louis Biancaniello, Sam Watters)
    11. "A Moment Like This" (New Mix) (Jörgen Elofsson, John Reid)
    12. "Before Your Love" (New Mix) (Desmond Child, Cathy Dennis)
    13. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" (Carole King Larkey, Gerald Wexler, Gerry Goffin)

    - Thankful has sold 2,720,000 copies to date in the US and estimated 4 million copies worldwide.
    - The album was initially scheduled for a November 2002 release. Despite its 5-month delay, the album debuted at #1 on the American Billboard 200 selling 297,000 copies in its first week.
    - The first single, “Miss Independent” was certified gold by RIAA and has sold over 1,000,000 copies in all formats in the US.
    - “Miss Independent” managed to peak at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #1 for 6 weeks on Top 40 Mainstream.
    - Kelly earned her first nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Miss Independent” at the 2004 Grammy Awards.
    - "Low", the third single from Thankful, reached number two in Canada, but it was unable to make the Top 40 of the U.S. chart.
    - The final single, "The Trouble with Love Is", was not released in Canada, and it peaked at #101 on the U.S. Charts.

    MetaCritic Score: 62/100 (Generally Favorable)

    Entertainment Weekly B+
    "Her voice, at times raspy, at times beautifully sultry, is a potent reminder of why America embraced her. Clarkson glides through octaves with the masterful control of someone who's been doing this for decades."

    All Music Guide 4/5
    "A sharp, versatile modern pop record, showcasing her voice, to be sure, but being much better than expectatvvvvvvions, much better than the scores of flop diva records that cluttered the pop landscape in late 2002." 6/10
    "She blithely skips through octaves and genres like a seasoned pro..."

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    May 01, 2010.

    While the rest of the country was celebrating Labor's Day, a huge part of concert-goers were excited to see Kelly Clarkson live in Manila for the first time. Fronted by local band, Miguel Escueta, Kelly’s highly energetic set soon followed. Seeing and hearing her live is truly a moment one shouldn’t miss. Her phenomenal voice and bubbly personality shined all throughout the evening.

    The set list:
    1. All I Ever Wanted
    2. Miss Independent
    3. I Do Not Hook Up
    4. Impossible
    5. That I Would Be Good/Use Somebody (Alanis Morissette/Kings of Leon cover)
    6. Breakaway
    7. If I Can't Have You/Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue cover)
    8. Never Again
    9. Lies (The Black Keys cover)
    10. Acoustic Medley
      - Just Missed The Train
      - Low
      - Addicted
      - Gone
    11. Behind These Hazel Eyes (Acoustic)
    12. Cry
    13. Sober
    14. I Want You
    15. Don't Let Me Stop You
    16. Because of You
    17. Walk Away
    18. Since U Been Gone
    19. Already Gone
    20. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)
    21. My Life Would Suck Without You

    The concert received rave reviews:
    Strange Fruit by Chico Garcia
    Suffice it to say, she was INCREDIBLE. From the first note, to the very last, her voice never wavered. She would hit the inhumanly high notes with such ease, as if it were the easiest thing to do.

    Manila Bulletin
    The "All I Ever Wanted" concert was not only about good music, it was about the humility of a great artist whose feet are figuratively and literally (Clarkson was barefoot throughout the show) on the ground.

    Spot.PH "
    Her vocal abilities are phenomenal. She kept it casual and made it all about the music.

    Seeing Kelly Clarkson live is definitely all we ever wanted. We hope to see you next tour, Kelly!

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    Country. Pop. Ballad. Rock. Name it, Kelly can sing it.

    Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Jason Aldean, original song)

    Fast Car (with Chris Daughtry; Tracy Chapman cover)

    Does He Love You (with Martina McBride; Reba McEntire cover)

    The Climb (with JillandKate; Miley Cyrus cover)

    Together We Are One (with AI winners; Delta Goodrem cover)

    Strawberry Wine (with Miranda Lambert )

    Cigarettes (with The Wreckers)

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    From the Dark Side

    Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)

    That I Would Be Good/Use Somebody (Alanis Morissette/Kings of Leon cover)

    Lies (Black Keys cover)

    If (Janet Jackson cover)

    Tonight I Wanna Cry (Keith Urban cover)

    Everybody Got Their Something (Nikki Costa cover)

    Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin cover)

    Why Haven't I Heard From You (Reba McEntire cover)

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    Jul 2009

    Grammy Awards
    - 2010: Nominated - Best Pop Vocal Album (All I Ever Wanted)
    - 2008: Nominated - Best Country Collaboration With Vocals ("Because of You" with Reba McEntire)
    - 2006: Won - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Since U Been Gone")
    - 2006: Won - Best Pop Vocal Album (Breakaway)
    - 2004: Nominated - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Miss Independent")

    Billboard Music Awards
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot 100 Artist of the Year
    - 2005: Won - Hot 100 Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Artist of the Year
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Airplay Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - The Billboard 200 Female Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Song Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Song (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Track Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Digital Track (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Hot Dance Radio Airplay Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Adult Contemporary Song (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Top Soundtrack Single (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2002: Won - Best Selling Single Of The Year (A Moment Like This)

    American Music Awards
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2005: Won - T-Mobile Text-In Award (Artist Of The Year)
    - 2005: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Album
    - 2003: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist

    ASCAP Pop Music Awards
    - 2007: Won - Song of The Year Award ("Because Of You")
    - 2007: Won - Most Performed Songs of The Year Award ("Because of You", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Walk Away")
    - 2004: Won - Song Writer Award (Kelly Clarkson & Rhett Lawrence "Miss Independent")

    ASCAP Country Music Awards
    - 2008: Won - Most Performed Song ("Because of You")

    Women's World Award
    - 2009: Won - World Entertainment Award

    MTV Video Music Awards
    - 2009: Nominated - Best Female Video (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2006: Won - Best Female Video (Because of You)
    - 2006: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Because of You)
    - 2005: Won - Best Female Video (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Best Pop Video (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best New Artist In A Video (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best Pop Video (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Miss Independent)

    ACM Awards (Academy of Country Music)
    -2008: Nominated - Vocal Event of the Year
    -2011: Nominated - Musical Event of the Year (Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean - Don't You Wanna Stay)
    -2011: Nominated - Single of the Year (Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean - Don't You Wanna Stay)

    People's Choice Awards
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Female Performer
    - 2005: Won - Favorite Female Performer

    People Choice Red Carpet Honors
    - 2006: Won - Best Smile

    Radio Music Awards
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Adult Hit Radio (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio (Behind These Hazel Eyes)
    - 2005: Nominated - Artist Of The Year / Adult Hit Radio
    - 2005: Won - Artist Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio
    - 2003: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Top 40 Radio (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best Driving Song

    Teen Choice Awards
    - 2009: Nominated - Choice Music: Single (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2007: Nominated - Choice Music: Payback Track (Never Again)
    - 2006: Nominated - Choice Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Choice Album (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Summer Song (Behind These Hazel Eyes)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Female Artist
    - 2003: Won - Choice Female Music Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Summer Movie (From Justin To Kelly)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Summer Song (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Crossover Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Breakout Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Breakout Movie Star, Female
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Chemistry (From Justin To Kelly)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Love Song (A Moment Like This)

    MTV Video Music Awards Latin America
    - 2005: Nominated - Best International Pop Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Best New International Artist
    - 2006: Nominated - Best International Pop Artist

    BRIT Awards
    - 2006: Nominated - Best Pop Act
    - 2006: Nominated - Best International Female Solo Artist

    MuchMusic Video Award
    - 2009: Nominated-International Video of the Year (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2009: Won - Hangover Award (Best Footwear)
    - 2006: Won - People's Choice Favorite International Artist


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    Ten years. Ten words of wisdom from Kelly:

    1. Music is so powerful and it reaches so much deeper than sometimes normal words just can’t.
    2. Music is powerful: it's a drug that makes your inhibitions go away and leaves your vulnerabilities exposed.
    3. A lot of people's goal is just to be famous. And it's like, anyone can be famous. That shouldn't be the goal if you want to be in music.
    4. My experiences told me that it's those dark clouds that make the blue ones even more beautiful.
    5. I have no desire to be the biggest star in the planet. You can keep it, Madonna.
    6. A sequel is just never as good as the first.
    7. Find what is unique about you. If someone else doesn't like it, don't change it. Someone else will like it eventually.
    8. Fans are the real reason why every artist is here. People forget that sometimes, but it's the one thing I'll never forget.
    9. My thing is I could die tomorrow. Do I want to die on a diet? Am I going to meet God with an empty stomach? Probably not – I'm going to meet him with some steak and taters in my stomach.
    10. I'm never fake and I don't pretend... chew on that.

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    Kelly Clarkson is the coolest pop artist ever in this or any other universe. THE END.

    Ladies and gentlemen, can I say something? I've worked with thousands of artists, hundreds of artists in many years... I love this girl. And I'm not being nice. I just love her attitude! It's awesome!
    -- Wayne Isham
    Director, My Life Would Suck Without You music video

    I can't think of anyone who sings better than Kelly Clarkson. She is the best young singer in the world right now. She is a global superstar. And fans really identify with her, because of her openness. You feel like she is a friend, that you know her. That sets her apart.
    -- Simon Fuller
    Creator, American Idol

    She has powerful lungs. She's like the Lance Armstrong of vocal cords.
    -- Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald

    As good as Whitney, as Mariah, as Christina. She isn't aware of how good she really is.

    Kelly is not a puppet; she does not like to be told what to do. She could have gone the easy route, which is, you go with ["Since U Been Gone" producer] Max Martin — it's a guaranteed success. She made it absolutely clear that she wanted to steer the musical direction on this record. You just gotta say, 'You know what? This girl has given us millions and millions of sales.' You've got to give her that opportunity. If it works out, fantastic. If she then decides she wants to do a pop album, every good writer and producer wants to work with her. Because Kelly will be here for 30 years. She has one of the best pop voices in the world right now. What she sold in the UK, Europe, Asia had nothing to do with American Idol. It had everything to do with the fact that she made a great record and she's got an incredible voice. She's not a girl who got lucky in a talent competition; we got lucky to find her.
    -- Simon Cowell
    Record Executive/TV Personality

    It was the depth of her voice that struck me. She's got this maturity, you know, this fully developed soul voice that I wasn't expecting. It just knocked me out. It was quite riveting to listen to… She's got that quality that demands attention, which is rare.
    -- Jeff Beck
    Legendary Guitarist

    You know, I never looked up to Kelly Clarkson because of her being perfect. I looked up to her because no matter what she went through, she had class and I feel like she stayed talented. She never was arrested or anything like that and you didn't see her in the tabloids for dating a lot of people.
    -- Demi Lovato
    Recording Artist/Actress

    I think Kelly Clarkson is HOT! Anyone can get a break, but talent makes you stay.
    -- Nelly
    Recording Artist

    [Her songs] were just unbelievable, how structured they were and her understanding of music, which is not something you would expect from a pop artist. She had these ideas already in place for songs; all I really had to do was build music around them and develop them. ...going through the process with her...watching her mature into what she is now – an artist in oppose to an 'Idol’. That was the most fun I’ve had on a session. She was so much fun, but very sincere. Her voice is so incredible, it just felt like she was going to give me exactly what I was looking for, no matter what I write!
    --Ben Moody
    Writer, Musican, formerly of Evanescence

    Kelly Clarkson has an amazing an incredible talent. I don't think I have ever heard a voice sounding quite as grown as Kelly's...for being only 21 and singing close to like Whtiney and Celine, that is very cool. I have sat down and talked with Kelly and she is so down-to-earth; she's not pretending to be someone she's not. Kelly is so sweet; I had alot of fun with her; she is so funny!
    --Britney Spears
    Recording Artist

    She's the real deal...I hope at some point people will realize what's real and what's not real, and who's an artist and who's not, and who doesn't deserve to be. She is so unbelievably gorgeous in that video that is all over TV right now. The wet wedding dress and the wet hair and ... come on, man! Who knew? She is so hot. She looks so good in it.
    --Ryan Key
    Yellowcard singer

    To be that girl and not mind being photographed with your hair messed up—that is something. Can you name any other singer who would dare do that? I mean, please.
    -- Clay Aiken

    I knew nothing of Kelly Clarkson before this but can tell you, in my opinion, that she can sing her a** off. Man, she's got pipes and goes for it. She also didn't have any airs or a big posse of sycophants and was just plain up-front people, which to me is very happening 'cause I ain't so used to all the fronting that can go [on] in some scenes.
    -- Mike Watt
    Legendary American Bass Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter

    So what distinguishes the American Idol winner from the rest of them? There's a kind of a amiability, a charisma, a personality that sort of intertwines with that talent that sort of says "star quality" and that's what Kelly Clarkson had.
    -- Billy Garron
    Chief TV Critic, The Hollywood Reporter

    She has an absolutely perfect pop voice. It's very clean and it's very true and honest and pure, and it's inspiring but also kind of it's got some weight behind it. There's no fluff to her.
    -- Lizzie Goodman
    Editor-At-Large, Blender Magazine

    Kelly is an incredibly talented singer. She has an amazing voice. I mean, she's the real deal. I think one bad album, or one poorly selling album rather, isn't going to stop her from continuing to have a career.
    -- Julie Dam
    Senior Editor, People Magazine

    She's the anti-Britney; she's the anti-Mariah. She is a normal, down to earth regular girl next door. She's not anorexic; she doesn't have fake boobs. She looks like a normal person.
    -- Thor Christiensen
    Pop Music Critic, Dallas Morning News

    It wasn't the songs that elevated her performance, but rather Clarkson's delivery; she lived the passion and emotion of every tune she sang.
    -- Dan Aquilante
    Music Critic, New York Post

    …Pop's most sympathetic rebel girl.
    -- Ann Powers
    Music Critic, LA Times

    Clarkson is a masterful vocal interpreter who truly understands that the finest pop songs are vehicles for communicating great stories and emotional truths.
    -- Sarah Liss
    Music Writer, CBC News

    What comes across most of all, watching Clarkson do TV and radio appearances, is a perennially underestimated characteristic: joy. There’s nothing more infectious or attractive than a genuinely happy person.
    -- Dan McLaughlin
    Music Critic, The New Ledger

    The only pyrotechnics Kelly Clarkson needs when she walks on stage? Her own explosive vocals.
    -- Tim Stack
    Entertainment Weekly

    Clarkson could sing the transcript from a Leona Lewis interview and keep you listening.
    -- Nick Levine
    Music Editor, Digital Spy

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    Events Kelly Has Been Spokesperson For:

    - Nascar Day

    - Fight Against Breast Cancer

    - Salvation Army

    - Make A Wish Foundation

    Products Kelly Has Endorsed:

    - Vitamin Water

    Candies Shoes


    - Ford Focus

    Got Milk

    - Acuvue
    - Schick for women
    - Coca Cola


    Sabrina The Teeanage Witch - Extra
    That 80's Show - Extra
    Issues 101 - Extra
    MADTv - Herself

    From Justin To Kelly - Kelly Taylor
    American Dreams - Brenda Lee

    King of the Hill - Herself

    Saturday Night Live - Herself/Musical Guest
    Damage Control - Herself

    Reba - Kelly

    Saturday Night Live - Herself/Musical Guest

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    Let's help promote Kelly! Vote for her songs on:

    Magic 89.9 - The Top [email protected] with Andi and Jessica
    Mondays - Thursdays
    Text line: MAGIC 899 Mr. Know It All + 2 other songs send to 2968
    Landline: 631-0899
    Twitter: @magic899 @andimanzano @_jessicamendoza
    Facebook: Magic89.9 or Top [email protected]

    Monster Radio RX 93.1 - The Daily Survey
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    Text lines:
    1. RX Mr. Know It All + 2 Other Songs send to 2299
    2. Mr. Know It All + 2 Other Songs send to 29761931
    Landline: 631-9393

    Mellow 94.7 10 Strong Countdown
    Landline: 6319470
    Textline: PM Mellow (message) send to 2948
    YM: chrisnchloe

    99.5 RT
    Text line: 995 RT MESSAGE send to 2968
    Landlines: 633-0995 and 706-0940

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