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    Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982. She is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actress. Kelly made her debut under RCA Records after she won the first season of the television series American Idol in 2002.

    Kelly has released four albums to date: her debut album Thankful (2003), her multi-platinum second album Breakaway (2004) - won two Grammy Awards, My December (2007), and her latest album All I Ever Wanted (2009). Her four albums have sold over 10.4 million copies in the United States and over 23 million worldwide.

    Eleven of Kelly's singles became Top Twenty hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Her single, "My Life Would Suck Without You", advanced from No. 97 to No. 1 on the Hot 100 in its first week of release, breaking the record for the largest leap to the top position in chart history.

    Kelly was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and grew up in the small town of Burleson. She is the third and youngest child of Jeanne Rose, a first grade teacher, and Stephen Michael Clarkson. She has an older brother, Jason and older sister, Alyssa. When Kelly was six years old, her parents divorced after seventeen years of marriage. The family settled in Burleson, where her mother married her second husband, Jimmy Taylor.

    Kelly's family struggled financially, and after her parents divorced, music became her refuge. She attended Pauline G Hughes Middle School and Burleson High School. Kelly wanted to become a marine biologist but changed her mind after seeing the movie Jaws. In seventh grade, a teacher, Mrs. Cynthia Glenn, overheard her singing in a hallway and asked her to audition for the school choir; Kelly told the teacher that she had never received professional vocal training.

    In high school, Clarkson performed in musicals such as Annie Get Your Gun, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Brigadoon. She sang at her high school talent show, after which an audience member shared some inspiring words with her: "God has given you this gift. You've got to sing. You're destined to sing." Kelly continued singing and soon started classical training, hoping that music would be her ticket to a college scholarship.

    Upon graduation from high school, Kelly was offered full scholarships to The University of Texas at Austin, University of North Texas, and Berklee, but decided against college because she had "already written so much music and wanted to try it on her own," and she figured "you're never too old to go to college."

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    • Kelly's celebrity crushes are on Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.
    • Kelly has nine tattoos: A cross, outline of Texas, snowflake, sunflower, heart, moon, four leaf clover, the saying "Love Them More", and a Japanese konji character meaning "blessed".
    • Kelly is a huge fan of the "Twilight" series.
    • Kelly's favorite beverage is water.
    • Kelly has admitted to a number of unusual habits which include peeing in the shower and checking her tissues after using them, to gauge how sick she is.
    • Kelly is of Greek, German and Irish descent.
    • Kelly Clarkson's name has been mentioned in two songs: The Jonas Brothers' remake of Busted's "Year 3000," and the bonus track of "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)" by Bowling For Soup.
    • One of Kelly's favorite snacks happens to be frozen grapes.
    • Kelly's favorite thing to eat on the road is a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.
    • Kelly hates photoshoots. She doesn't like wearing all the fancy clothing. She'd rather just put on some jeans, a cute tank top and a hat and show up at the photoshoop looking like that.
    • Kelly was mentioned in the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin. Her name was apparently used as a 'swear' word.
    • Kelly says she thinks it is strange that she has a lot of singing talent when no one in her family had any singing talent at all.
    • Kelly is in the process of writing her own Broadway musical.
    • Kelly was once chased by a moose while riding a bike.
    • Kelly loves Orange Flurries from Sonic!
    • Kelly's favorite actor on the TV show Friends is Matthew Perry.
    • Kelly sang at many of her high school talent shows. She sang covers of everything from Mariah Carey to Sheryl Crow to Aretha Franklin.
    • Kelly has ten dogs (among them are Simon, Marvin and Emma), ten horses, and one cat.
    • Kelly doesn't smoke and hates to be around people who are smoking.
    • Kelly Clarkson auditioned for Popstars on the WB.
    • Kelly's stepfather Jimmy Taylor is a building contractor.
    • Kelly once dressed up as a cow for a Halloween costume contest and won!
    • Kelly is "obsessed" with even numbers. Everything has to be even for her.
    • Kelly usually asks for water, cottage cheese, and cantaloupe when she's on tour.
    • Kelly Clarkson loves the football team, The Dallas Cowboys!
    • Kelly has a nephew named Noah and a niece named Isabella
    • Every year for Kelly's birthday she has a red velvet cake! And, Kelly's favorite desert is a red velvet cake!
    • Kelly likes to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Thrift Stores and random boutiques.
    • Kelly's Dad, Steve, is a car salesman.
    • Kelly carries the Bible with her everywhere she goes.
    • Kelly was Burleson High School's student body treasurer.
    • Kelly had a hard time spotting her mom in the audience during the "American Idol" finale, and when she finally made eye contact with her during her final song, she couldn't help but cry!
    • Kelly is a Music Junkie. She can sing along to any song that comes on the radio.
    • In addition to being a talented and accomplished vocalist, Kelly also writes screenplays! While auditioning for American Idol, she had a couple of scripts floating around Hollywood.
    • Kelly's all time favorite TV show is "Designing Women". Kelly mostly likes Dixie Carter on the show. Her mom would even call her 'Little Dixie' because of her temper.
    • Kelly is in the process of starting a charity toward education.
    • Kelly's most remembered catch phrases on American Idol are "Cool Beans", "Woohoo!", and "Ducka Ducka Ducka".
    • Kelly's pet peeve is when people dress their animals in clothing.
    • Kelly and her friends say "Ducka Ducka Ducka" whenever they don't know what to say. They got it from the movie Austin Powers.
    • Kelly and her friends like to go the lake, camping and on road trips.
    • Kelly played volleyball, basketball and soccer in school.
    • Kelly buys and drinks 2% milk.
    • Kelly got bruised while shooting the music video for "Behind These Hazel Eyes."
    • Kelly used to drive a 1998 Burnt Orange Ford Explorer.
    • Kelly's favorite brand of hair products is "Bed Head".
    • Kelly usually doesn't wear shoes during her tour performances.
    • Kelly's favorite hair accessories are bobbypins.
    • Kelly has a Jeep Wrangler with KC lights.
    • Kelly is extremely ticklish.
    • Kelly has 9 siblings. She has 1 blood brother in Alaska, 1 blood sister in North Carolina, 2 half brothers in California, and 5 step brothers and sisters. Out of her full-blood siblings, Kelly is the youngest.
    • One of Kelly's nicknames is "Smelly Kelly."
    • Kelly would describe herself as spontaneous, outspoken and loves variety.
    • The top that Kelly wore to her Dallas American Idol audition was once a pair of jeans.
    • Kelly was given the key to the city of Burleson, Texas by Mayor Byron Black; a proclamation for Kelly Clarkson Day; certificate of congratulations from the Governor Rick Perry; a certificate of character from Pastor Mike Chappell and the Burleson Ministerial Alliance; honorary membership in the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce and the Junior Chamber Ambassadors; and the presentation of a $2,500 check for the Kelly Clarkson Scholarship at Burleson High School, courtesy of the Burleson Star/Star Group of newspapers. BISD Supt. Mark Jackson also presented Kelly with a framed American Idol photograph after inducting her into the BISD Hall of Fame.
    • If Kelly could whisper one thing to all her fans it would be 'thank you'.
    • Kelly and her friends would record songs in "Kelly's Recording Studio" aka her closet.
    • Besides being a hygiene freak, Kelly is also a self-proclaimed hat freak. Being a hygeine freak, Kelly will not use porta potties.
    • Kelly's favorite Holiday cartoon is "Scrooge".
    • Fun Fact: Kelly is a night person.
    • Kelly's favorite pig-out food is Chili's chips & salsa with ranch dressing.
    • Kelly's favorite way to relax is by taking a bubble bath and listening to Jimi Hendrix.
    • Kelly's first time being onstage was when dancing to "When Doves Cry" by Prince.
    • Kelly lives by the motto, God will never give you more than you can handle. She says she does her best not to get overwhelmed by her hectic schedule by just taking one day at a time because she doesn't like to stress herself out.
    • Kelly's favorite thing to do when not performing is to watch movies, play boardgames, and pig out
    • One of Kelly's favorite movies is "The Goonies."
    • Kelly's must-have beauty item is M.A.C. lipgloss.
    • Kelly Clarkson has a sweet tooth! She loves anything that is chocolate with a cream filling, like Hostess Ding Dongs or Drake's Ring Dings. Kelly also loves Cookie Dough. She believes that it is good to indulge in treats that make you feel like a kid.
    • Kelly's favorite color is Cobalt Blue.
    • Kelly's favorite band is The Toadies.
    • Kelly's favorite perfume is Tiffany.
    • Kelly Clarkson has vowed never to travel by ferry after experiencing severe sea-sickness during a crossing from Britain to Ireland. She was travelling to capital city Dublin when she was struck down with extreme nausea.
    • Kelly suffered from an eating disorder before she found her fame on American Idol. However, she snapped out of it really quickly unlike many celebs. Kelly said her eating disorder only lasted for six months.
    • Kelly Clarkson and Barbra Streisand were born on the same date: April 24. Kelly in 1982 and Barbra in 1941.
    • Kelly Clarkson's natural hair color is blonde.
    • As a child, Kelly's favourite thing to wear was a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt.
    • Kelly once said that if she couldn't sing, she would play the guitar: "I just think it's the coolest instrument".
    • Kelly Clarkson's first suggestions to her first album's name: "Mood Swings", "Running Late" or "Sleeping In". Its name was finally "Thankful".
    • Clarkson's audition number on American Idol was 2311.
    • She was an extra on the show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.
    • She is 5'3 and 1/2.

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    Breakaway proves Kelly Clarkson wasn't just a worthy winner, but capable of being a credible artist in her own right.

    DATE RELEASED: November 30, 2004


    1. "Breakaway" (Avril Lavigne, Matthew Gerrard, Bridget Benante)
    2. "Since U Been Gone" (Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin)
    3. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (Kelly Clarkson, Gottwald, Max Martin)
    4. "Because of You" (Clarkson, David Hodges, Ben Moody)
    5. "Gone" (Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks)
    6. "Addicted" (Clarkson, Hodges, Moody)
    7. "Where Is Your Heart" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Chantal Kreviazuk)
    8. "Walk Away" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Kreviazuk, Raine Maida)
    9. "You Found Me" (DioGuardi, Shanks)
    10. "I Hate Myself for Losing You" (DioGuardi, Jimmy Harry, Sheppard Solomon)
    11. "Hear Me" (Clarkson, DioGuardi, Clif Magness)
    12. "Beautiful Disaster" (live) (Rebekah Jordan, Matthew Wilder)

    - Breakaway debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 for selling 250,000 copies.
    - The fourth album in history to stay on the Billboard 200 Top 20 for a consecutive year, spending 61 consecutive weeks on the chart.
    - The album spent 103 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200.
    - Breakaway is the most successful Idol album to date selling approximately 13 million copies worldwide.
    - It has been certified 6x platinum in the US selling 6,104,000 copies as of July 2009.
    - Breakaway received two awards at the 2006 Grammys: Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since U Been Gone.
    - ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ was first considered to be the title for this second album, but quickly changed it to Breakaway due to the growing popularity of the single. Other titles considered were ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Hear Me’.
    - The 2004 album spawned four Top 10 hits. It's the only album by an Idol contestant to feature four Top 10 hits.
    - "Breakaway", co-written by Avril Lavigne, served as the original song for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
    - Clarkson wrote the treatment for the music videos of “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, “Because of You” and “Walk Away.”
    - The video for "Behind These Hazel Eyes" broke the record for days at #1 for a female artist with 33 out of 50 days #1 on TRL.
    - The video for "Because of You" won the 2006 MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, her second consecutive win in that category (The first being from "Since U Been Gone").
    - On December 23, 2006, American Top 40 radio show host Ryan Seacrest announced during a countdown of 2006's most popular songs that Clarkson had had a song in the American Top 40 for 111 weeks, making her "the most successful female artist in AT40 history".
    - Billboard Hot 100 peaks: “Breakaway” #6; “Since U Been Gone” #2; “Behind These Hazel Eyes” #6, “Because of You” #7, “Walk Away” #12.
    - "Breakaway" (single) spent a record 20 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. The song also shares the record for the longest run at number one for a female artist — 21 weeks — with Céline Dion's "A New Day Has Come".
    - "Breakaway" (single) is the longest running #1 on the chart from a film soundtrack.
    - "Since U Been Gone" charted at #97 in Blender Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born.
    - “Since U Been Gone” ranked #21 in "The Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s" by Pitchfork Media.
    - In December 2009, “Since U Been Gone” was listed as #18 in the "100 Best Songs of the Decade" by Rolling Stone.
    - The lyrics of Behind These Hazel eyes are based on a true story, and are about an ex-boyfriend of Clarkson's who left her in order to marry his other girlfriend.
    - Clarkson originally wrote the lyrics and melody for "Because of You" when she was sixteen years old to cope with the emotional distress she was experiencing as a result of her parents' divorce.
    - By the summer of 2008, "Because of You" had become the song second most played over all of the last five years on television, radio, the internet, and live venues combined, in the UK.
    - In early 2007, Kelly re-recorded “Because of You” with her personal idol and country singer Reba McEntire as the lead-off single to McEntire's album Duets.
    - The remake of “Because of You” produced Clarkson's very first appearance on the Billboard Hot Country charts, where it reached a peak of #2 and earned her and McEntire a Grammy nomination for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

    All Music Guide 4/5
    Breakaway, is a pivotal moment for her, a chance to prove that she was not a one-hit wonder, a chance to prove that she could have a real, vibrant career. Happily, Breakaway delivers on that promise.

    Slant Magazine 3.5/5
    Clarkson puts the power in the power-hooks and she often elevates the album's vanilla pop/rock productions and hackneyed, by-the-numbers lyrics above mediocrity.

    Rolling Stone
    On Kelly Clarkson's second album, the ex-cocktail waitress turned hitmaker embraces her rock side rather than the pop pageantry that put her on top of the American Idol heap.

    Yahoo! Music 7/10
    It's an album of solid FM winners, built on big choruses and an attitude that's more woman scorned that teen-poppet.

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    Kelly Clarkson's darker, more personal, riskier third studio album.

    DATE RELEASED: June 26, 2007


    (US only)

    (Australia only)

    (Australia only)

    1. "Never Again" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer )
    2. "One Minute" (Clarkson, Kara DioGuardi, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida)
    3. "Hole" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker)
    4. "Sober" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Calamity McEntire, Jimmy Messer)
    5. "Don't Waste Your Time" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Malcolm Pardon, Fredrik Rinman)
    6. "Judas" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker, David Kahne)
    7. "Haunted" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Jason Halbert)
    8. "Be Still" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks)
    9. "Maybe" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Aben Eubanks)
    10. "How I Feel" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker, David Kahne)
    11. "Yeah" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Malcolm Pardon, Fredrik Rinman)
    12. "Can I Have a Kiss" (Clarkson, Jimmy Messer, Dwight Baker)
    13. "Irvine" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks)
    Hidden track: Chivas
    iTunes Bonus Track: Dirty Little Secret (Clarkson, Messer)
    Japanese release Bonus Track: Fading (Clarkson, Pardon, Rinman, Kahne)

    - My December debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 291,000 copies sold.
    - It was certified both gold and platinum on December 12, 2007, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). My December has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.
    - “Never Again” debuted and peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, but unlike her previous singles it encountered radio resistance. Despite its poor radio airplay, the song logged an impressive number of 991,000 digital downloads.
    - The second single, “Sober” was released a mere five weeks after the first single was released to “show the flip side of the record” dismissing the controversy that all tracks of the album are rock-oriented sounds.
    - Despite the failure of the singles to chart well – compared to singles from Breakaway– mainly because of radio airplay resistance of Clarkson’s new album, Slant Magazine listed "Sober" as the 29th best single of the year. Also noting the My December controversy: "we got the lovely, tortured, and understated "Sober," which, sans promotion from a label that — perhaps vindictively — opted to cut its losses, flopped like a drunk falling off the wagon."
    - My December is exclusively written and co-written by Clarkson and the members of her touring band.
    - Legendary bassist Mike Watt played on six songs on My December.
    - The hidden track, “Chivas” – which would play 5 mins and 18 secs after “Irvine” – was written on a bar napkins of a Los Angeles Bar, Molly Malones, after running into an ex she wished to never see again.
    - Clarkson began writing and composing songs for My December during her Breakaway World Tour. In an interview, Clarkson was quoted:
    - Clarkson was quoted describing the last song on My December, "Irvine": "
    - Clarkson was said to be offered $10 million by then RCA head Clive Davis to remove five songs from the album in favor of five more radio friendly songs of Davis' choosing — including "Black Hole" which appeared on Lindsay Lohan's album, A Little More Personal (Raw). To her everlasting credit, Clarkson refused and stated: Also in a different interview, she stated:
    - In the midst of the controversy surrounding the release of My December, Simon Cowell jumped up to Clarkson’s defense, stating:
    - The My December Tour was supposed to start on July 11, 2007 with 37 dates across US and Canada. However, on June 14, 2007, the tour was canceled due to underwhelming ticket sales and Clarkson stating that it was “too much too soon.” It was then rescheduled in the Fall of 2007 and was downsized to play in theaters rather than the previous arenas.
    - Clarkson parted with her management, The Firm, just two weeks before the album release with all the controversy surrounding My December. She would then sign with Starstruck Entertainment, run by Narvel Blackstock — the husband of Reba McEntire — on July 2, 2007.

    Metacritic Score: 64/100 (Generally Favorable Reviews) 4.5/5
    "The album crackles with artistic commitment to the songs at hand. Clarkson has never been in better voice than she is here."

    Entertainment Weekly B+
    "Recent management changes and her canceled tour have furthered the assumption that December must be a train wreck. It's not. There's real artistry blossoming on this, the boldest and best effort ever by an Idol star."

    Slant Magazine 3.5/5
    "Though My December cuts much of the adult contemporary-style balladry that marred her first two releases, the album still finds Clarkson further exploring different facets of her voice, which is capable of much more than just cookie-cutter pop/rock.

    Digital Spy 3/5
    "My December is an ugly, inelegant but ultimately rather compelling bid for creative control. And yet, there are moments of unexpected beauty to counteract its overwhelming musical gruffness."

    Blender Magazine 4/5
    Let’s start with the bad news. The album does not consist exclusively of “Since U Been Gone,” Kelly Clarkson’s sublime 2004 smash, played 14 times in row. The good news? It’s her best album yet.
    (No available link, but you can read full article here: )

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    Kelly Clarkson delivered the perfect pop album.

    DATE RELEASED: March 10, 2009


    Regular Edition:
    1. "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Lukasz "Dr Luke" Gottwald, Claude Kelly, Max Martin)
    2. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Katy Perry, Kara DioGuardi, Greg Wells)
    3. "Cry" (Kelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert, Mark Lee Townsend)
    4. "Don't Let Me Stop You" (Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane, Josef Larossi, Claude Kelly)
    5. "All I Ever Wanted" (Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, Dameon Aranda)
    6. "Already Gone" (Clarkson, Ryan Tedder )
    7. "If I Can't Have You" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    8. "Save You" (Tedder, Aimée Proal)
    9. "Whyyawannabringmedown" (Watters, Biancaniello, Aranda, L. Greene)
    10. "Long Shot" (Perry, Glen Ballard, Matt Thiessen)
    11. "Impossible" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    12. "Ready" (Clarkson, Aben Eubanks, Halbert)
    13. "I Want You" (Clarkson, Joakim Åhlund)
    14. "If No One Will Listen" (Keri Noble)
    Deluxe Edition:
    15. "Tip of My Tongue" (Clarkson, Tedder)
    16. "The Day We Fell Apart" (Dre & Vidal)

    - All I Ever Wanted debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 255,000 copies sold. This is the second time Clarkson topped this particular chart after her debut album, Thankful in 2003.
    - To this date, All I Ever Wanted has sold 815,483 copies in the US and 1,382,500 worldwide.
    - All I Ever Wanted is nominated for the 2010 Grammy Awards in the Best Pop Vocal Album category, with the result being announced at the 52nd Grammy Awards on January 31, 2010.
    - Originaly, the album was to me named "Masquerade" but Clarkson changed it because she felt that there were albums with similar themes currently on the charts, such as Pink's "Funhouse" and Britney Spears' Circus.
    - The first single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” set the record for making the biggest leap – from #97 to #1 – on the Billboard Hot 100 history, and spending two weeks at the top. This makes it the second time Clarkson has set this record, after her debut single "A Moment Like This" went from #52 to #1 in 2002.
    - "My Life Would Suck Without You" is also the first song by an Idol alum to top the chart that is not associated with the show.
    - It is also Clarkson's first UK number-one single.
    - "My Life Would Suck Without You" was covered by the characters of Fox network’s musical series, Glee and was included in their soundtrack compilation.
    - Time Magazine named "My Life Would Suck Without You" the #1 song of 2009. Time stated: Where a lesser singer might have tried to animate the parts with a vocal lightning storm, Kelly Clarkson sings the words with her signature ease, building to an emotional crescendo that's pointless to resist.
    - This is the first album which Clarkson first applied her producing skills. She produced the last track of the album, “If No One Will Listen.”
    - "I Do Not Hook Up" and "Long Shot" were originally recorded by pop star, Katy Perry for her unreleased album, (A) Katy Perry, and "Whyyawannabringmedown" and "All I Ever Wanted" were cover songs from a local band, Aranda.

    Metacritic Score: 70/100 (Generally Favorable Reviews)

    Blender 4/5
    In her third album, Clarkson finds a Third Way: She makes nice with the pop machine and takes back the mall while keeping her integrity and personality intact.

    LA Times 3.5/4
    Clarkson, ever the overachiever, has delivered on all counts. All I Ever Wanted is a masterful rapprochement with the mainstream, full of cheerfully ear-snagging tunes, inventive production, exhilarating vocals and enough inherent Kelly-ness to put aside fears that her label bosses implanted blond electrodes in her brain to make her behave.

    Billboard 8/10
    Clarkson’s always had the best throaty tell in the business. But now she’s becoming a masterful interpreter too.

    New York Times 7/10
    The most immediate parts of “All I Ever Wanted” read a bit like Kelly Clarkson karaoke: back are the Swedish writers and producers and their laser-guided arrangements, with dynamics that are particularly well suited to her voice, broad, nimble and gale-force strong.

    Houston Chronicle 3.5/5
    It’s a testament to Clarkson’s considerable talent that she was able to break out of a dark December and emerge with a renewed pop force

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    Products Kelly Has Endorsed:

    - Vitamin Water

    - Candies Shoes

    - Tresemme

    - Ford Focus

    - Got Milk?

    - Acuvue
    - Schick for women
    - Coca Cola

    Events Kelly Has Been Spokesperson For:

    - Nascar Day

    - Fight Against Breast Cancer

    - Salvation Army

    - March of Dimes

    - Make A Wish Foundation


    Sabrina The Teeanage Witch - Extra
    That 80's Show - Extra
    Issues 101 - Extra
    MADTv - Herself

    From Justin To Kelly - Kelly Taylor
    American Dreams - Brenda Lee

    King of the Hill - Herself

    Saturday Night Live - Herself/Musical Guest
    Damage Control - Herself

    Reba - Kelly

    Saturday Night Live - Herself/Musical Guest

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    "Music is powerful: it's a drug that makes your inhibitions go away and leaves your vulnerabilities exposed."

    "Music is so powerful and it reaches so much deeper than sometimes normal words just can’t."

    "I have no desire to be the biggest star in the planet. You can keep it, Madonna."

    "It’s not normal to go out to dinner and have people on your face with camera. I’m like, 'Really, I’m not that cool!'"

    (about living in LA)
    "It’s like Halloween constantly."

    "I go out without hair and make-up because I don’t wear hair and make-up every time. And people were like, 'Oh, you’re a celebrity, you should do that.' And I’m like, 'Who made that rule? Really? Is that written down somewhere?'"

    (introducing Reba)
    "Well, I was one of those girls who cranked up the stereo pretending my hairbrush was a microphone and rattled the house singing Reba’s songs all night and all day long. And my hero, she’s been my hero for I don’t even know how long. And I didn’t know if I could admire her any more but hanging out with her recently with her and her family – (somebody yelled: I love you Kelly!) well, I do, too, that’s cool, I love her, too. (Laughs) Did you scream my name? Or hers? I didn’t get that. I’m nervous, I hate speaking. Okay…(laughs nervously) And then...(laughs) that didn’t went well. Can I start over?"

    "A sequel is just never as good as the first."

    "It’s not about upsetting people, it’s about not settling."

    "I don’t really do the celebrity parties. They’re pretty ridiculous to me. It’s like a bunch of people standing around looking at each other. Like, what kind of a party is that?"

    "I wanna do something different every time. And different takes time for people to catch on. I like change. It’s good for me."

    "I’m trying to steer clear musicians but I just keep freakin’ being attracted to them!"

    "I just don't make out with people. That's a waste of my kisses and time. And it's so personal. It's like, my face. Plus, I'm afraid of mouth herpes."

    "Everybody thinks they can sing. Obviously, have you seen American Idol?"

    "Love is something you work at. It doesn't come easily. There are going to be bad days. You are going to have to work at loving someone when they are being an idiot. People think they're just going to meet the perfect guy. Don't be ridiculous."

    "That video is hot. The part where Beyonce goes (runs finger down her body) that turns me on, and I'm not a lesbian, so that's hard to do."

    "Whatever you want to do, that's cool beans with me, but I keep my boobies inside."

    "They say that sharks don’t attack unless you’re in their territory and I’m like, huh, like the water…"

    "Like, who likes straight legs? Not big butted girls. We need some big flares at the bottom to match (taps her butt)."

    "I need this mic a little lower, people. I'm only 5'3. I'm a soccer girl, not a volleyball girl. Woohoo for the short people."

    "You want a kiss? You’re too far. My flying powers only work on Wednesday."

    "Find what is unique about you. If someone else doesn't like it, don't change it. Someone else will like it eventually."

    "God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress."

    "What do you mean I can't eat bread? Bread is good! Jesus ate bread! Eat bread!"

    "I’m NEVER gonna change who I am."

    "Looks fade, but charm and fun personality don’t."

    "Shaq is huge. He’s like a tree, okay. And especially to me, I’m like a shrub."

    "Excuse me, I talk too fast and I don’t ever breathe."

    "Who wants to die on a diet? I eat like I’ve always eaten. If I want a frozen Ding Dong, I’m damn sure going to have one."

    "Everyone in L.A. is blonde with big boobs. Even the men!"

    "Jesus drank. It came straight from the Bible that he had a glass of wine. Actually, I don’t know if it says he actually drank it, but whatever."

    "People think that a relationship can be perfect, but it's not true. You're going to have bad days and ups and downs."

    "Photoshoots are the least favorite part of my job. Photographers ask me if I want to look at pictures of myself and I'm like, 'Dude, why would I want to look at these photos?’ I'm not that vain."

    "I totally do not believe in back up plans. Like if you want something that bad, go for it. I knew that performing was what I wanted to do. So I went for it, without a back up plan."

    "I can wake up everyday before I die and know that I don't have to serve anyone food or drinks, I will be happy!"

    "If you're going to pressure me to do something, I'm going to do the opposite. So if you tell me to get skinny, I'm probably going to get fat just to piss you off."

    "Like every other girl in the world, my most embarrassing moment had to with a guy completely turning me down. His loss!"

    "Everyone says I'm like the girl next door... y'all must have really weird neighbors!"

    "I never said I was a 'good girl.' I'm not a bad girl. I'm just normal, and that's what I'm going to be. There's no bad girl with whips and chains that's going to come out. I think people like me because I am myself."

    "If the person next to you isn't up on their feet, smack 'em. Actually, don't hit them... I don't promote violence, I promise!"

    'I have to say I was a little nervous about coming up here ‘cause of the speech thing ‘cause I’m horrible at talking; I’m just better at singing. But now I’m more nervous ‘cause he’s up here and he’s so cute…so thank you!"

    (about being naked a lot)
    "I hate clothes! It is how God intended!"

    "You want something different for your hairbrush in front of the mirror? You do that? I do that too. I'm 25 and I still do that."

    "I’m not funny on command. I have to get jokes from people."

    "I have enough money. I'm not greedy. I want to make records that I enjoy singing."

    "I try to like do the low rider thing with the seat reclined but I still look like such a midget."

    "Oh, dude, I talk to everything. Like animals, things, like, chairs. You know, when you're walking by it and you bump into it and you're like, 'Oops… Sorry'. I think I’m only crazy if I answer myself, which I don't do.

    "I have a Ranger and I call it the Apollo because it feels like you're in a spaceship."

    "I had to hide my car from the repo people for a year. They were like, ‘We're here to take your car.’ I was like, ‘Well, if you can find it!’"

    "I think that music is always gonna change, but the one thing, it’s always gonna be."

    "Oh God, I feel like an umphaloompha!"

    "I sing and write people...I don't know geography!"

    "I tried a space cake of space muffin, and I giggled for like, two days."

    "Am I talking too much? This little girl here is getting restless she’s like, 'Shut up!'"

    "Who is having a good time? Wow, there is a couple of y'all, that's good."

    "I'm cute - and God, I hate that. Because that's not cool. I'm like your niece, and nobody wants to date their niece. It's the chubby cheeks. The whole reason people voted for me on American Idol is because I'm an everyday, normal girl."

    "Fans are the real reason why every artist is here. People forget that sometimes, but it's the one thing I'll never forget."

    "Nobody believes me! I wouldn't lie! People ask if I have a boyfriend and I laugh. I'm like ' between eating and sleeping?'"

    "My thing is I could die tomorrow. Do I want to die on a diet? Am I going to meet God with an empty stomach? Probably not – I'm going to meet him with some steak and taters in my stomach."

    "I'm not allowed to drink because of my vocal chords. I've had a few shots before. Liquor smells like crap. I hate when people said it’s an 'acquired taste' because I can acquire a taste for pee then, but I don't drink pee."

    "I don't care about fame. I honestly don't give a flip. I hate limo's and I like going places by myself. My friends keep me level-headed. Being a star has never been a huge deal to me."

    "Be yourself. It sounds cliché and corny…but don’t be Britney, don’t be Chrsitina, don’t be me."

    "I can pay my bills! Woohoo! It’s a beautiful thing. It’s not funny."

    "What am I a hick?! Like, what?! I have a little bit of class! I’m not gonna have like, hay, in my wedding! "

    "Okay, my next song is called “Thank You”…or “Thankful”…am I here? Oh my God, where am I?"

    "Instead of asking 'Why me, God?', it's more my style to turn to the angel sitting on my shoulder and say "Another fine mess you've gotten me out of! Thanks for working overtime."

    "My experiences remind me that it's those black clouds that make the blue skies even more beautiful."

    "I've seen it happen so many times. Talented people compromise themselves. People don't tune in to see that. People tune in to hear them. They tune in for the music, and I think that life is bigger than clothes and accessories and looking great."

    "Dude, I am diggin' your hair!! I wanna do that with my hair! I just did that... No, wait. I shouldn't say this... Okay, no! I am gonna say it! I just got the cutest dog, and we gave her a mohawk! And it looks kinda like yours! Not to say you look like a dog! You're very cute! I'm just gonna stop talking now..."

    "This song is called ‘Anytime’ and I promise we are only going to do it one time."

    (singing) "This feeling I felt for so long... I forgot the words to this song... someone help me out... you're not at the right place either."

    "Happy Easter! We got killer gifts backstage from a lot of fans so thank you very much for all those. It's very, very cool. I might be sporting the bunny ears later, I'm just saying. I don't know. And I meant that in the most not perverted way! That came out way wrong! [teasing voice] I'll be putting on a private show... I'm just kidding really. Going home alone. I'm gonna shut up! Okay, so... (started laughing) The next song is... I just highly embarrassed myself!"

    "I’ve always loved how people are like, 'Well, it’s the industry and you’re in the industry and you should do this and this.' And I’m like, 'Well, I’m in the industry, you’re not. So I’m gonna do what I want.' It’s like I’m gonna do what I’ve been doing since day one and it’s worked."

    "They send me these pictures, for like options, like a bunch of them for covers, of the single and the album and stuff and I was like, 'Man, whoever this chick is, she’s hot!'"

    (about being spotted without make up)
    "I honestly just don’t care. I’m so…I mean, I did that on the show so I figure, millions of people saw it – saw me – you know, without make-up on the show. And I figure, you know, like those magazines they do, and they show celebrities that has no make-up. I’m already there! I don’t need to be in it!"

    "I just [bleeped] Elton John somewhere, oh, God! I like your music!"

    "Just because a girl is single and doesn’t date a lot doesn't mean she’s a lesbian."

    "I’m a lesbian ‘cause I’m not a hoe? What does that mean?"

    (talking about the album)
    "There’s like a dance track in it that’s kinda like sexy which I don’t usually do; which I hope doesn’t become a single ‘cause I don’t wanna do a video for it ‘cause they might ask me to be sexy…and I will freak out!"

    "Hey, what’s up, this is Kelly Clarkson, this is my new single, “I Do Not Hook Up.” Except for sometimes. I’m just kidding!"

    "Alright, guys, so I’m gonna play you an oldie of mine – not that old, obviously, ‘cause I’m only been human for like, seven hours!"

    "Alright, guys, that was Nickelback with “If Today Was Your Last Day.” If today were my last day, I’d go chase down Hugh Jackman and an ice cream truck!"

    "Alright, y’all! Next up is Beyonce with [singing] “All the single ladies! All the single ladies!” ‘Cause I’m single and I like this song. And I do not hook up unless I got a ring on it!"

    "Hey, what’s up, y’all, this is Kelly Clarkson and you’re getting my new single “I Do Not Hook Up” on MyFM. I do hook up, however, if it’s Hugh Jackman."

    "Alright, this next song is by EMF. I used to have this on cassette – I dated myself, whatever!"

    "This next girl up… this is my favourite female artist – I mean, seriously, she’s like the best of our generation – and… her name is Pink. I just saw Pink, actually, in Germany and she did her show. And it was amazing! I mean, I stand on stage and sing. [laughs] She’s like, flying around, like, doing acrobatic things, and I’m like, “Oh, my God!” I complain about stairs!"

    "This song, “U + Ur Hand” has one of the best lines ever: 'Keep your drink, I just want the money.' So, I’m gonna play it for you. And if you don’t like it, you’re probably a guy! So whatever…!"

    "Next up is by The All American Rejects and it’s called “Gives You Hell” and it’s my favourite. I just wanna blare it on one of my ex’s lawns. And that’s okay. That doesn’t make me crazy. Maybe a little."

    (about being nervous performing for the Pope)
    "You know why though? Because they tell you that, they said, “Don’t offend him – ‘cause if you turn your back to him... don’t turn your back to the audience, don’t turn your back to the media...” And I’m like, 'Where the hell is my back supposed to go?!'"

    (about being a book nerd)
    Yeah. I’m nerd. Whatever. It’s weird that I’m single, right? It’s weird! [laughs by herself] Yes. [pause] Everyone’s quiet; that didn’t help.

    "It's really hard doing a really sentimental song, to be serious, because I caught myself on that screen and I guess this fan has made me half like 'That 70's Show" mom hair... It's like floating... If I'm turning you on so much, I'm sorry. It's a constant problem of mine."

    "I've been hit before and I didn't make a video crying about it!"

    "I had a really crappy boyfriend one time so I wrote a song about him. I hope he's happy... blah blah blah... I'm just kidding! It's heartfelt!"

    "It is so hard to believe that I won American Idol 7 years ago. That's so weird. I was thinking about that the whole time during that song. It's so weird that I'm still single. That's awesome. (laughs) It's like (drum roll effect). I was literally thinking about that the whole song. I was like, "And some girls are still single 7 years later. It's awesome." That just means I'm a hot commodity. I don't know what that means to y'all..."

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    I can't think of anyone who sings better than Kelly Clarkson. She is the best young singer in the world right now. She is a global superstar. And fans really identify with her, because of her openness. You feel like she is a friend, that you know her. That sets her apart.
    -- Simon Fuller
    Creator, American Idol

    She has powerful lungs. She's like the Lance Armstrong of vocal cords.
    -- Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald

    As good as Whitney, as Mariah, as Christina. She isn't aware of how good she really is.

    Kelly is not a puppet; she does not like to be told what to do. She could have gone the easy route, which is, you go with ["Since U Been Gone" producer] Max Martin — it's a guaranteed success. She made it absolutely clear that she wanted to steer the musical direction on this record. You just gotta say, 'You know what? This girl has given us millions and millions of sales.' You've got to give her that opportunity. If it works out, fantastic. If she then decides she wants to do a pop album, every good writer and producer wants to work with her. Because Kelly will be here for 30 years. She has one of the best pop voices in the world right now. What she sold in the UK, Europe, Asia had nothing to do with American Idol. It had everything to do with the fact that she made a great record and she's got an incredible voice. She's not a girl who got lucky in a talent competition; we got lucky to find her.
    -- Simon Cowell
    Record Executive/TV Personality

    It was the depth of her voice that struck me. She's got this maturity, you know, this fully developed soul voice that I wasn't expecting. It just knocked me out. It was quite riveting to listen to… She's got that quality that demands attention, which is rare.
    -- Jeff Beck
    Legendary Guitarist

    I knew nothing of Kelly Clarkson before this but can tell you, in my opinion, that she can sing her a** off. Man, she's got pipes and goes for it. She also didn't have any airs or a big posse of sycophants and was just plain up-front people, which to me is very happening 'cause I ain't so used to all the fronting that can go [on] in some scenes.
    -- Mike Watt
    Legendary American Bass Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter

    So what distinguishes the American Idol winner from the rest of them? There's a kind of a amiability, a charisma, a personality that sort of intertwines with that talent that sort of says "star quality" and that's what Kelly Clarkson had.
    -- Billy Garron
    Chief TV Critic, The Hollywood Reporter

    It's not just about singing merit, and it's not just about personal appeal with the fans. It has to be both, and she has both.

    She has an absolutely perfect pop voice. It's very clean and it's very true and honest and pure, and it's inspiring but also kind of it's got some weight behind it. There's no fluff to her.
    -- Lizzie Goodman
    Editor-At-Large, Blender Magazine

    She was determined to write her own songs, to create her own music…to have her own voice and not just be a niched product of the record label. And she knew that this was going to cause down the road some conflict with producers and record executives that wanted her to sing nothing but the Top 40 songs.

    She was a scrapper. She worked hard; she made her own demo tapes. She believed in herself when no one else thought she had a chance.
    -- Skip Hollandsworth
    Executive Editor, Texas Monthly Magazine

    She really held her ground and put her foot down determined to put out the album and the music that she wanted to put out no matter what anyone thought about it and ultimately that's what she did.
    -- Margeaux Watson
    Staff Writer, Entertainment Weekly

    Kelly is an incredibly talented singer. She has an amazing voice. I mean, she's the real deal. I think one bad album, or one poorly selling album rather, isn't going to stop her from continuing to have a career.
    -- Julie Dam
    Senior Editor, People Magazine

    There was something a little bit more going on with her voice than just the normal pre-fab pop singer.

    She's the anti-Britney; she's the anti-Mariah. She is a normal, down to earth regular girl next door. She's not anorexic; she doesn't have fake boobs. She looks like a normal person.
    -- Thor Christiensen
    Pop Music Critic, Dallas Morning News

    I think the pressure on Kelly now is self-generated mostly. She could be Carrie Underwood and just go with the flow and sell millions of records and become rich and become an icon. But I think Kelly is Miss Independent. She's her own person, and she really always has been. And she grew up that way.
    -- Mike Daniel
    Music Writer, Dallas Morning News

    Clarkson was the perky girl next door who made it to the big time with a flexible voice that seems able to tackle anything musical.

    It wasn't the songs that elevated her performance, but rather Clarkson's delivery; she lived the passion and emotion of every tune she sang.
    -- Dan Aquilante
    Music Critic, New York Post

    …Pop's most sympathetic rebel girl.
    -- Ann Powers
    Music Critic, LA Times

    Clarkson is a masterful vocal interpreter who truly understands that the finest pop songs are vehicles for communicating great stories and emotional truths.
    -- Sarah Liss
    Music Writer, CBC News

    Clarkson’s stage show sets her apart from many female pop singers of the day: no dancers or choreography, no outlandish costumes, no light shows, no lip synching, no layers of electronic sound, just Clarkson (typically barefoot and attired in jeans) and your basic garage-band backing (drummer, keyboard, some guitars, two backup singers, an occasional horn). It’s more a rock stage setting than a pop one, and tends to lower the barriers between performer and audience: her act is less dancing than cheerleading, goading the crowd to clap, jump, wave their arms and sing along, and her onstage banter veers from the humorous to the confessional.

    What comes across most of all, watching Clarkson do TV and radio appearances, is a perennially underestimated characteristic: joy. There’s nothing more infectious or attractive than a genuinely happy person.
    -- Dan McLaughlin
    Music Critic, The New Ledger

    The only pyrotechnics Kelly Clarkson needs when she walks on stage? Her own explosive vocals.
    -- Tim Stack
    Entertainment Weekly

    Clarkson could sing the transcript from a Leona Lewis interview and keep you listening.
    -- Nick Levine
    Music Editor, Digital Spy

    I think Kelly Clarkson is HOT! Anyone can get a break, but talent makes you stay.
    -- Nelly
    Recording Artist

    [Her songs] were just unbelievable, how structured they were and her understanding of music, which is not something you would expect from a pop artist. She had these ideas already in place for songs; all I really had to do was build music around them and develop them. ...going through the process with her...watching her mature into what she is now – an artist in oppose to an 'Idol’. That was the most fun I’ve had on a session. She was so much fun, but very sincere. Her voice is so incredible, it just felt like she was going to give me exactly what I was looking for, no matter what I write!
    --Ben Moody
    Writer, Musican, formerly of Evanescence

    Kelly Clarkson has an amazing an incredible talent. I don't think I have ever heard a voice sounding quite as grown as Kelly's...for being only 21 and singing close to like Whtiney and Celine, that is very cool. I have sat down and talked with Kelly and she is so down-to-earth; she's not pretending to be someone she's not. Kelly is so sweet; I had alot of fun with her; she is so funny!
    --Britney Spears
    Recording Artist

    She's the real deal...I hope at some point people will realize what's real and what's not real, and who's an artist and who's not, and who doesn't deserve to be. She is so unbelievably gorgeous in that video that is all over TV right now. The wet wedding dress and the wet hair and ... come on, man! Who knew? She is so hot. She looks so good in it.
    --Ryan Key
    Yellowcard singer

    To be that girl and not mind being photographed with your hair messed up—that is something. Can you name any other singer who would dare do that? I mean, please.
    -- Clay Aiken

    You know, I never looked up to Kelly Clarkson because of her being perfect. I looked up to her because no matter what she went through, she had class and I feel like she stayed talented. She never was arrested or anything like that and you didn't see her in the tabloids for dating a lot of people
    -- Demi Lovato
    Recording Artist/Actress

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    Grammy Awards
    - 2010: Nominated - Best Pop Vocal Album (All I Ever Wanted)
    - 2008: Nominated - Best Country Collaboration With Vocals ("Because of You" with Reba McEntire)
    - 2006: Won - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Since U Been Gone")
    - 2006: Won - Best Pop Vocal Album (Breakaway)
    - 2004: Nominated - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Miss Independent")

    Billboard Music Awards
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot 100 Artist of the Year
    - 2005: Won - Hot 100 Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Artist of the Year
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Pop 100 Airplay Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - The Billboard 200 Female Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Song Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Song (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Hot Digital Track Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Digital Track (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Hot Dance Radio Airplay Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2005: Won - Hot Adult Contemporary Song (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Top Soundtrack Single (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2002: Won - Best Selling Single Of The Year (A Moment Like This)

    American Music Awards
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist
    - 2005: Won - T-Mobile Text-In Award (Artist Of The Year)
    - 2005: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Album
    - 2003: Nominated - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist

    ASCAP Pop Music Awards
    - 2007: Won - Song of The Year Award ("Because Of You")
    - 2007: Won - Most Performed Songs of The Year Award ("Because of You", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Walk Away")
    - 2004: Won - Song Writer Award (Kelly Clarkson & Rhett Lawrence "Miss Independent")

    ASCAP Country Music Awards
    - 2008: Won - Most Performed Song ("Because of You")

    Women's World Award
    - 2009: Won - World Entertainment Award

    MTV Video Music Awards
    - 2009: Nominated - Best Female Video (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2006: Won - Best Female Video (Because of You)
    - 2006: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Because of You)
    - 2005: Won - Best Female Video (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Best Pop Video (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best New Artist In A Video (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best Pop Video (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Viewer's Choice Award (Miss Independent)

    People's Choice Awards
    - 2006: Won - Favorite Female Performer
    - 2005: Won - Favorite Female Performer

    People Choice Red Carpet Honors
    - 2006: Won - Best Smile

    Radio Music Awards
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Adult Hit Radio (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio (Behind These Hazel Eyes)
    - 2005: Nominated - Artist Of The Year / Adult Hit Radio
    - 2005: Won - Artist Of The Year / Mainstream Hit Radio
    - 2003: Nominated - Song Of The Year / Top 40 Radio (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Best Driving Song

    Teen Choice Awards
    - 2009: Nominated - Choice Music: Single (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2007: Nominated - Choice Music: Payback Track (Never Again)
    - 2006: Nominated - Choice Female Artist
    - 2005: Won - Choice Album (Breakaway)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Summer Song (Behind These Hazel Eyes)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Single (Since U Been Gone)
    - 2005: Won - Choice Female Artist
    - 2003: Won - Choice Female Music Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Summer Movie (From Justin To Kelly)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Summer Song (Miss Independent)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Crossover Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Breakout Artist
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Breakout Movie Star, Female
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Chemistry (From Justin To Kelly)
    - 2003: Nominated - Choice Love Song (A Moment Like This)

    MTV Video Music Awards Latin America
    - 2005: Nominated - Best International Pop Artist
    - 2005: Nominated - Best New International Artist
    - 2006: Nominated - Best International Pop Artist

    BRIT Awards
    - 2006: Nominated - Best Pop Act
    - 2006: Nominated - Best International Female Solo Artist

    MuchMusic Video Award
    - 2009: Nominated-International Video of the Year (My Life Would Suck Without You)
    - 2009: Won - Hangover Award (Best Footwear)
    - 2006: Won - People's Choice Favorite International Artist


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    A collection of articles published since she first captured our hearts on TV.

    Why America Loves Kelly Clarkson?

    (September 2002)
    Why do so many people love Kelly Clarkson? Let us count the ways. Better yet, let us look back and see how Kelly stole our hearts throughout the competition.

    The Reborn Identity

    (March 2005)
    Kelly Clarkson breaks away from ''American Idol'' -- The Texas native talks about Ashlee Simpson, changing management, and her failed movie career.

    Since She's Been Gone

    (May 2005)
    Three years after her we-can’t-believe-we-were-crying-too American Idol moment, Kelly Clarkson’s new reality looks a lot like her old one in Burleson.

    When Did Kelly Clarkson Become So Hip?

    (August 2005)
    Everyone from Yellowcard to Steve Carell sings her praises.

    Woman of the Year: Everybody Loves Kelly (Yes, even you)

    (January 2006)
    Here are four words for why Kelly is our Woman of the Year: Since. U. Been. Gone. Oh, and three more: Not. Clay. Aiken. Last three: Likes. To. Drink.

    Miss Independent

    (February 2006)
    How Kelly Clarkson shed her Idol crown and stole pop music's throne.

    Rebel Yell
    (June 2007)
    Kelly Clarkson has never looked back since her across-the-nation coronation—but after millions of albums sold, fistful or awards, and a run of hit singles, she's deciding where she goes from here.

    Kelly Clarkson and the Bubblegum Machine

    (July 2007)
    Her boyfriend broke her heart, her label hates her new record and America’s Sweetheart couldn’t care less. “Life’s too short to be a pushover,” she says.

    USA Today:
    Former 'Idol' Kelly Clarkson Has All She Ever Wanted
    (March 2009)
    Kelly Clarkson can't stop saying she's sorry. Having shown up 10 minutes late for a morning interview — she had trouble dozing off the night before, then overslept, she explains — the normally punctual singer spends much of the next 10 minutes apologizing for everything from her tardiness to her appearance...

    We Heart Her
    (March 2009)
    Why it's cool to love Kelly Clarkson.

    Our Lives Would Suck Without Her
    (April 2009)
    In 2007, she had to fight to put out her angsty breakup record. Her poppy new album isn’t so risky – but that doesn’t mean that the Idol champ has given up her taste for drama.

    In Praise of Kelly Clarkson: Democracy’s Pop Star

    (June 2009)
    What Kelly Clarkson has done is to apply the aspects of traditional musical stardom most appropriate to a cross-genre singer elected by her own fans, and in so many ways representative of them. Even if her example is not easily copied, it holds out the promise of legitimacy for experiments the world over in musical democracy.

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    In a story about “Mr. Know It All” — the first single off Kelly Clarkson’s new album Stronger — Entertainment Weekly calls the multi-platinum singer and songwriter “the samurai of shooting guys down.” Indeed Clarkson has earned herself millions of devoted fans thanks to her feisty, straight-talking lyrics. Clarkson’s hits such as “Miss Independent,” “Since U Been Gone,” “Walk Away,” “Never Again,” and now “Mr. Know It All,” are bold empowerment anthems, which she sells to the fullest with her soulful, powerhouse voice and down-to-earth relatability.

    The vibrant, musically diverse Stronger (which Clarkson says was influenced by Tina Turner, Prince, Sheryl Crow, and Radiohead) will thrill those who love Clarkson for her resilience. The album is filled with candid, emotionally raw tunes like “The War Is Over,” “Darkside,” and “Honestly,” as well as “You Love Me” (in which Clarkson witheringly tells an ex “you’re not good enough”), “Einstein” (the cad in question is dismissed with “Here’s your keys, your bags, your clothes, and now get out of my place”), and the title track, which finds Clarkson putting a fresh spin on Nietzsche’s adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and declaring “it doesn’t mean I’m over ’cause you’re gone.” That fact that these gutsy sentiments are wrapped in fizzy pop melodies, bright choruses, and driving dancefloor-friendly beats (crafted by such A-list producers as Rodney Jerkins, Greg Kurstin, Josh Abraham, and Toby Gad) only makes them that much more appealing.

    “The whole album is very much about strength and empowerment, so ‘Stronger’ felt like the perfect title,” Clarkson says. “Plus that song is just a gold mine — it's a little bit pop, a little bit pop-rock, a little bit urban, a little bit dance, and it ties everything in. And everybody loves that message. ‘What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.’ It's a perfect representation of my life.”

    Clarkson’s life has had its share of challenges. Her parents divorced when she was six and her mother struggled financially to raise Kelly and her older siblings. “My mom had to do everything on her own,” Clarkson says. “She put herself through school. It was really hard. I think watching that molded me into this person who wants to relay a message to women everywhere that they’re capable of doing whatever they set their mind to. It made an impact on me even though I didn’t know it at the time. Now I see it while I’m making these songs that I hope will inspire people.”

    She may not have known how her early life would shape her artistry, but Clarkson did understand the emotional power of music from a young age. She was first drawn to singing at age eight after an eye-opening visit to an African-American church in Fort Worth. “I was like, ‘Wow, whatever they're feeling, I want to feel it too,’” she recalls. When Clarkson was in junior high school, a music teacher heard her singing in the hallway and encouraged her to join the choir. “When you’re a kid and you find something you’re good at, you cling to it. People would say nice things and that gave me confidence. Everybody always asks me what I would do if I weren’t singing and I have no clue, because I have no other talents,” she says with a laugh.

    As is well known by now, Clarkson first appeared on the public’s radar in 2002 during the first season of American Idol. “When I auditioned, my apartment in Los Angeles had recently burned down and I had a box of photographs to my name,” Clarkson says. “I figured I’d get to sing and make some money to pay the bills. Nobody thought that show was going to be what it is now.” Of course Clarkson won and went on to become an international pop icon, selling over 20 million albums worldwide (including 10 million in the U.S.) and notching seven singles on the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She has released four studio albums, 2003’s double-platinum No. 1 Thankful, 2004’s 6x-platinum Breakaway (which sold over 12 million copies worldwide, spawned five Top 10 hits, and stayed on the charts for two years), 2007’s platinum-selling My December, and 2009’s All I Ever Wanted, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and produced the smash singles “My Life Would Suck Without You” and “Already Gone.” Clarkson has also received two Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two MTV Music Awards, and 11 Billboard Music Awards.

    With all those accolades, it’s tempting to wonder why Clarkson is continually drawn to songs about overcoming challenges. “I think I gravitate toward songs with a defiant message because I always feel like I’m fighting just to be me,” she says. “That’s why I tend to write or choose songs about how just being you is okay. People associate me with break-up songs, but most of the time the song isn’t even about a guy. I never write about one particular thing. I always relate the topic to different situations in my life, whether it’s family, friends, or work. That’s what makes the songs connect on a broader level.”

    Clarkson co-wrote five tracks on Stronger, a process she feels is therapeutic. Her favorite song on the album is “You Love Me,” which she says she wrote following an incident that she thought would break her. “It was probably the most hurt I’ve ever been in my life,” she admits. “But by writing about it, I got to work through it and get it out of my system.” The remainder of the songs were written by a host of A-list songsmiths, including Rodney Jerkins, Ester Dean, Bonnie McKee, and Toby Gad, whom Clarkson says really took the time to get to know her style. She also credits her producers, Jerkins, Kurstin, Abraham, and Gad among them, for what she says is the biggest difference between Stronger and her previous albums.

    “What separates this album are the vocals,” she says. “They sound richer and fuller, and, for the first time, how I sound when I’m performing live. The producers I worked with just let me sing and be me. They didn't strip away the personality. And it was one of those things where if the people I’m working with have confidence in me, I have more confidence in myself and that changed everything. I can’t wait to perform these songs on tour. I think that’s the best way to get to know an artist, and where you get to see actual personality, because we can't hide much onstage.”

    And how does she think her fans around going to react to Stronger? “I have an indication that they know they're going to love it,” she says. “I ran into a fan the other day in Target. It was a mom and her daughter and they were just like, ‘Oh my God, we don't even care what you put out if you could just put something out.’ It's funny, they didn’t even care what it was. I love that people still get excited about new music.”

    Stronger will be released by RCA Records on October 24th, 2011

    Kelly singing "Mr. Know It All" on Ellen
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