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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
    alf yung mga figurines, trees, lamposts, fences available din ba sa kaluxe sa may pioneer?
    yes, available din sila sa Kaluxe.. Visit na kayo the earlier the better nang di magka-ubusan.. Ang dami din kaseng collector ang naghahanap na lang ng mga accessories.. Halimbawa ako, gusto ko pang dagdagan ng pine trees ang Christmas Village ko kaya once na nagka-stock na sila ulit, bibili ako agad..

    Just last month, may nabili ako na Lighted tree na glazed with ice crystals - what's cool about it is may multi-colored LED lights ang bawat dulo ng mga sanga.. I wish I could show it to you, nakatago kase yung mga adaptor sa bodega kaya di ko masaksak.. But, if you will go there in Kaluxe, the friendly sales ladies will demo it for you..

    Kung napansin mo yung Ice glazed na tree sa pic na color blue ang fiber optic lights, mas maganda yung nabili ko last month - bagay na meron sila ngayon.. Excited na ko sa mga dagdag ko sa Christmas Village ko this year..

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    can you give me an idea how much ang budget per piece from houses and buildings to accesories?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minuj23 View Post
    can you give me an idea how much ang budget per piece from houses and buildings to accesories?

    .. it is very reasonable in terms of price, starts at P2,000 Php per house/ building.. Yung trees starts at P900.. Yung may mga ilaw, it starts at P1,200Php..

    Kung gusto mo ng mumurahin na Christmas Village houses, the place to go is Dapitan.. A miniature house starts at P200-P250Php.. Mura na yon, i assure you that kase sa mga bazaar, bazaristas sell it for P700-P1,000.. ang laki ng tubo nila, kaya kung di mo alam ang presyuhan, you'll get oned. (maiisahan ka).

    Advice ko, just start first to buy few houses.. I started at 5, naging 10 after a week.. Di naman ako bumili ng houses ng isang bagsakan lang, otherwise mamumulubi talaga ko.. I aquired my Christmas Village pieces over the years and years of collecting them.. Say for this year, I have an alloted money for it na P10,000Php..

    Once kase na nakapag-pundar ka na ng mga bahay, pa-konti konti na lang ang bili mo, minsan nga accessories na lang like trees, action figures that evokes Christmas spirit (like Snowman, children playing on the snow, gift giving of neighbours, etc..), LED trees, fences, artificial snow, miniature Christmas lights.. etc..

    Overall, its all worth it
    - I can guarantee you that.. Hindi matatawaran ang charm and whimsical effect ng Christmas Village once na magkaroon ka nito.. and its yours for lifetime, di sila isang gamitan lang..

    If i were you, drop by first at "Kaluxe" in Robinson's Pioneer, then punta ka sa Dapitan.. Don't be discouraged about the price, if that could be a concern.. Iba kase pag nakita mo na personally.. Besides, may mga bagay naman na pwede pag-ipunan diba..

    Btw, i am also collecting "Holloween Village".. When you go there kase, may makikita ka din na pang-Holloween na houses..

    Christmas Village with train

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    alfonso, may online store ba ang kaluxe?

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    Nice collection you got there, Alfonso209!
    I love Christmas Villages. I have my own collection too. There's a feeling of joy while setting up the village. Then a feeling of fulfillment once you are done with the setup and you see kids amazed on how the village looks like.

    I started two years ago with about eight houses that I got for just a hundred pesos each. Problem is that it was not as realistic as I wanted it to be since hindi nagtugma tugma yung mga structures.

    So I made a lot of effort to improve it last year. I bought several pieces from Dapitan arcade and I got some from Gourdo's. I just can't buy an item from Kaluxe since I find it really expensive (but yes it's worth the price naman). The houses that I got from Dapitan were priced from 250 to 400 pesos. I got a good deal since I have identified a suking stall there. I had to work on the lighting for these items so I had to review electric circuits 101. I also created some tress using moss and twigs. I didn't know I could be that creative pala. I used styrofoams for the base and plaster of paris for the smooth melted snow effect.

    I am about to start setting up my Christmas village this year. I am still thinking of a new concept. Maybe I'll work on a ski resort with a town plaza at the lower area. I have a train set too so I am thinking where to put it.

    I will post pictures of my 2009 and 2010 designs soon.

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    i just want to up this thread. are you ready for the christmas?

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    yes, i am.

    just did my Christmas shopping for my decos.

    and what a nice surprise in our city home deco store, pinoy handcrafts!

    there were only 2 countries which mainly supplied the christmas decos, China and Pilipinas.

    I would say, 70% China, 20% Philippines, and 10% others.

    A lot nice stuff were from China, pero pag binusisi mo, were simply made,

    pero yung sa mga pinas, were handcrafts na pinaghirapan gawin and made of wood talaga (or I just saw the details coz Im biased, ).
    actually fil-chinese naman ako, pero i have to give credit where its due.

    I really enjoyed shopping, I didnt realize, almost $300 ang namapamili ko. pero linunok ko na lang for pinoy pride's sake.

    the most popular na maraming namimiling kanos were the the ornaments made beautifully from rattan,
    shaped like deer, angel and christmas balls,

    there were belens and christmas trees and wreath too made from wood and rattan, pero may additional desigms naman of course, but the framework were great. di tulad ng sa chinese na alambre lang.

    even the other shoppers and cashiers were greeting me, what beautiful decorations daw I was buying. too bad walang parol.

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    not everything local is made out of wood. there are also the metal works, mother of pearl, resin and paper mache.

    agree ... the craftsmanship is excellent especially those sold at the Balikbayan Handicrafts and Tesoro's. the ones sold at Quiapo and Dapitan are probably overruns.

    the chinese xmas decors are more commercially appealing and are made out of plastic, resin and paper especially the christmas trees. if you think that the chinese decor sold here in the philippines are good, just wait until you go abroad and see that the chinese christmas decors sold there are 10x the quality than the one sold here.

    both has a different appeal but the Chinese decorations are more up to date with the current trends and carries an international appeal while the philippines made decors are more vernacular and earthy.

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    Wala kaming Christmas tree. Mahirap maghanap ng maliit na para sa aming humble place. Tinatamad din ako to scour shops against a flock of busy shoppers. We were at the Chinatown area last weekend and it's uber traffic (sa tao)!

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    ^ meron nang usong christmsa tree na pinapatong lang sa table.

    actually built in nadin ang lights. lol.

    about 8 inches high.. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerhandBop View Post
    ^ meron nang usong christmsa tree na pinapatong lang sa table.

    actually built in nadin ang lights. lol.

    about 8 inches high.. lol
    8 inches? That might work.

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    There is a Christmas Tree that have a height of less than a 1M, I have seen some in Pioneer Center and Starmall (Shaw) for 200.00PHP or less. Refer to the link below for reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nietono_no_Shana View Post

    There is a Christmas Tree that have a height of less than a 1M, I have seen some in Pioneer Center and Starmall (Shaw) for 200.00PHP or less. Refer to the link below for reference.
    Thanks! I'll go check those out.

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    ^Nice! Never thought that was possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by immortal_badmike View Post
    i quite like this. the yellow one reminds me of the butterball candy wrappers

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    Christmas tree and decor

    Suggest ko po tingin po *** dto s marikina mraming pgpipilian at good quality po..

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    A nice small Christmas Tree, but I don't know where to buy it in the Philippines.

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