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    ♥CocojaM♥"Ipagpatuloy na Kaya Natin?"♥♥Coco Martin+Maja Salvador♥[Part3]

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    thread: [CUTIES]*MAJA SALVADOR*~Di Kita Kaya Mawala Dito, Sa Puso Ko~[Part 57]
    star magic page: Star Magic Artists - Maja Salvador
    fansites: Multiply | MSalvadorZone | Tumblr
    facebook: Maja Salvador [CUTIES]
    twitter: @dprincessmaja





    Maja Ross Andres Salvador or Maja Salvador (born October 5, 1988 in Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines) is a Filipina actress and commercial model. She is currently under contract with ABS-CBN. She is one of the most promising stars of the elite circle, Star Magic. She is known as the "Dance Princess" of the generation. She came from a family of actors and actresses. Show business is obviously in Maja's blood. She is the daughter of a former actor, Ross Rival (Rosauro Salvador in real life) and Thelma Andres; niece to Jobelle Salvador (one of the casts of the Bagets movie) and Phillip Salvador, a Filipino famous drama and action star; grandniece to Leroy Salvador, who was a famous versatile actor; and a great-grandchild to the late Lou Salvador, a famous Filipino basketball player during the prewar era who has played for the Philippine national basketball team, later became an actor, and became the first showbiz personality who ran for the vice presidency of the Philippines in the 1948 Philippine elections. Unlike other celebrities who were discovered on talent search and through commercials and endorsements in television, Maja was accidentally seen by the executives of ABS-CBN Channel 2, on nationwide television show The Buzz where she was reunited with her long-lost father, Ross Rival. The moment of reconciliation between the father and daughter was actually then the primary step for the lady to go on or pursue the showbiz world. Not all people know that Maja, was at first a ramp model at her young age together with a found friend Farah Ramos, who is the daughter of Chit Ramos, a movie-columnist and talent manager. Maja then confided with Chit regarding her longingness to see her father she didn’t see for years. Little did she know that Chit immediately worked out for the reconciliation of Maja and her dad. With the help of her extended family, she was brought up to the house of one of his uncles, Ramon Salvador where she finally met her father. The said reunion was aired on The Buzz. That time, one of the heads of ABS-CBN was watching her closely. Charo Santos-Concio asked her staff to look for Maja after watching that touching moment which actually made a mark on her. Thus did Maja Salvador sign up with the ABS-CBN Network and was then introduced in her first soap opera, It Might Be You. Maja has been recognized many times from her acting abilities and won several awards from it. She starred in the ABS-CBN afternoon soap Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Impostor where she was paired with Sam Milby. In 2010 she had the opportunity to work with the King of Comedy himself, Dolphy, in the MMFF entry Father Jejemon. She is a regular in ASAP Rocks where she showcases her incredible dance moves; Maja can also hold a tune and sing - a triple threat indeed. This past season we saw Maja demonstrate her versatility once again as former NPA rebel Kaye “Krista” Villanueva in the ABS-CBN primetime teleserye, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. Now promotion is underway for Maja's first venture into independent films: Thelma, which she co-produced. Opening this September 7, she has already garnered rave reviews among critics for her performance. With another movie in the works - Basted, under Star Cinema’s indie company Skylight Films - and talks to star in Love Will Lead You Back opposite leading man Coco Martin and superstar Judy Ann Santos, Maja’s star is only beginning to shine.

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    thread: ★Coco Martin★ The Prince of Indie Films [Thread II]
    star magic page: Star Magic Artists - Coco Martin
    fansites: CocoMartin.net | Coco-Martin.co.cc
    facebook: COCOholics
    twitter: @COCOholics





    Rodel Nacianceno or Coco Martin (born Novemeber 1, 1983) is a Filipino actor who is dubbed as the “Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema", having been cast in numerous critically acclaimed or award-winning independent films. He started out in showbiz as one of the members of Star Circle Batch 9, ABS-CBN. Although managed by ABS-CBN’s talent management agency, Star Magic, his career didn’t really take off as he decided to finish his education. His first film appearance was in the 2001 film Luv Txt, after which he took a brief hiatus. He then appeared in several TV advertisements before breaking back into showbiz with his lead debut film Masahista, for which he was awarded the Young Critics’ Circle Best Actor Award in 2006. Early in 2007, Coco joined the GMA Network and appeared in several GMA television shows like Daisy Siete. In 2008, he returned to ABS-CBN, where he was cast in the soap Ligaw na Bulaklak. His big mainstream break was as the villain Ramon Lecumberri in the primetime teleserye Tayong Dalawa. He then had his first starring role in the afternoon soap Nagsimula sa Puso opposite Maja Salvador. After starring in two more primetime teleseryes and the weekly Agimat Presents: Tonyong Bayawak, he had the opportunity to star in his first mainstream film under Star Cinema, Sa’yo Lamang. Since Masahista, Coco has continued to act in numerous award-winning indie films throughout his career and even into the present, including Kinatay, Jay, and Daybreak. In 2010, his movie Noy - which he co-produced, co-directed, and co-conceptualized - was selected as the Filipino entry for the 83rd Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film. His latest feat was in the recently concluded ABS-CBN primetime teleserye Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, where he portrayed twins Alexander and Javier Del Tierro. As of late, two Star Cinema films - Love Will Lead You Back opposite Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ang Huling El Bimbo with many other in-demand Star Magic male stars - and a teleserye with Julia Montes and new Kapamilya Paulo Avelino have been announced as his next projects. We can definitely expect great things for Coco Martin as this Prince of Indies continues his winning streak in the mainstream.

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    Coco + Maja = Coco|jaM

    facebook: Cocojam (Coco Martin and Maja Salvador)
    twitter: @COCOJAMofficial

    Joint Projects
    2011 Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin as Alexander/Javier Del Tierro & Krista “Kaye” Villanueva
    2009 Nagsimula sa Puso as Carlo Pagdanganan & Celina Fernandez-Ortega
    2009 Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo’s "Nasaan Ka Maruja?” as Jedi & Leila


    There are few projects to the name, but the CocojaM loveteam is filled to the brim with talent. From their very first teamup in an episode of "Nasaan Ka Maruja?", many could see even from that short amount of screen time that there was great potential in their on-screen pairing. This was proven right in both Coco's and Maja's first starring soap, Nagsimula Sa Puso, where they showcased their talent in both drama and romance. Thankfully this year, CocojaM had yet another opportunity to shine as Krista and Xander/Javier in the hit teleserye Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. They have won over even more admirers from this project as they made us all kilig night after night. The great thing about this loveteam, however, is the talent of the individuals. Both have been lauded as one of the most talented actors/actresses of his/her generation-- Coco is most known for his award-winning portrayals in independent movies, while Maja has been noted time and again for her chameleon-like versatility. The Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema and the Drama Sweetheart/Dance Princess-- both are well-respected, hard-working, talented, and above all humble; it's only fitting that when they are brought together, magic happens. Their chemistry simply oozes out of the television screen, and one can't help but wonder where the acting stops and the real-life emotions come in. But that's what makes CocojaM so captivating! For real or for reel, Coco Martin and Maja Salvador sure do know how to make us all fall in love.

    Thank you COCOJAMofficial for the picture!!

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    Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo’s “Nasaan Ka, Maruja?” (2009)

    "Nasaan Ka, Maruja? (Ep. 10: James)" July 11, 2009
    "Nasaan Ka, Maruja? (Ep. 10: James)" July 18, 2009 (Part 1)
    "Nasaan Ka, Maruja? (Ep. 10: James)" July 18, 2009 (Part 2)
    "Nasaan Ka, Maruja? (Ep. 10: James)" July 18, 2009 (Part 3)

    Cristy dreams of a certain couple, Maruja and Gabriel, who had a hard time being together because of their different status in life. They were both killed after getting married. Little did Cristy know that she and Ross, her half sister's fiance, would bring back to life the unfinished love story of Maruja & Gabriel. The storyline deals with the concept of reincarnation: Maruja (Kristine Hermosa) reincarnated as Cristy & Gabriel (Derek Ramsey) reincarnated as Ross. Cristy Rivera (Kristine Hermosa) is a magazine columnist who possesses psychic & paranormal abilities that help her see ghosts. She has a half-sister named Helen (Karylle) who is engaged to Ross Lozano. Ross used to draw sketches of Maruja even before they met in real life. What is the connection of Cristy & Ross to Maruja & Gabriel? Will Ross totally leave Helen for Cristy? And what will be Helen’s move? Cristy believes that she has the ability to see the spirits or ghosts of dead people. This brings the idea of having a third eye but however is also able to dream the past or even see the future through dreams. Later, a ghost of her mother shows to her explaining what exactly is this ability and that she should use this gift to help other spirits to cross the light, at the same time, knowing her true identity.
One night, Cristy comes upon an abandoned car at the side of an empty road. It is here where - to her shock - she meets James (Coco Martin), a ghost with unfinished business who had himself been haunted by a ghost when he was alive. He seeks Cristy’s help to find his ex-girlfriend, Leila (Maja Salvador), and to solve his own haunting. Can Cristy help James bring closure to his life and to those affected by his death?

    Thanks to majasalvadortube for uploading the videos!

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    Nagsimula Sa Puso (2009)

    Celina Fernandez (Maja Salvador), a young college professor whose life has always been controlled by her mom, Minda (Jacklyn Jose). The latter puts such high hopes on her to the point that Celina is forced to live her dreams—that is to find a husband who’ll keep her future secure. But she can’t take any more of Minda’s unyielding influence. So as an act of defiance, Celina rejects her rich boyfriend, Jim (Jason Abalos) - who offered to take her with him abroad - and his marriage proposal. To make matters worse, her professional life gets turned upside down the day she meets engineering scholar Carlo Pagdanganan (Coco Martin). She instantly dislikes him for coming in late during their first day of classes and for making her look incompetent in front of the dean, who’s very lenient with him. But what happens when she gets to know him more as a person? Would she ever consider falling in love with her own student?

    Teaser Trailer Version 1
    Teaser Trailer Version 2
    Teaser Trailer Version 3
    Full Trailer

    Jed Madela singing the NSP Theme Song, "Kung Alam Mo Lang" on ASAP 09
    Jed Madela featuring the Cast of NSP on ASAP 09

    Extra Clips

    Thank you to those who uploaded videos!

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    Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (2011)

    Click above for the Official Website

    This is a story of two opposing worlds…two opposing families, bounded by lies, betrayals and shocking secrets. Alexander Del Tierro was born into a family with a strong military background, while Javier was raised in the mountain based community of the rebels.
    Soon after graduation from the military academy, and bent on proving himself to his stern grandfather, Alexander accepts deployment in the territory of the rebels.
    In one battle, Alexander and Javier come face to face in a life changing encounter.
    Are they long lost brothers or are they twins?
    Alexander and Javier enter into a pact, they decide to keep their meeting a secret and they soon embark on an investigation tracing their roots in pursuit of the truth of their real identities. They even switch places to get to know each other’s personal lives with the families they grew up in. But as they push much deeper into unfamiliar territory, the line between family and duty begins to blur.
    The truth that they wanted to realize becomes their worst nightmare, as it threatens to ruin everyone and everything that is important in their lives.
    Eventually, Alexander and Javier and their families will find themselves at the crossfire.
    Left with difficult choices, fulfillment of duty to the country or protection of ones family?

    Teaser Trailer Version 1
    Teaser Trailer Version 2
    Official Full Trailer
    Official Full Trailer Version 2
    Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin Book 2 Trailer (May 30)

    Gary Valenciano for Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin
    "Nagsimula na ang Paghuhusga!" - Post-Screening Night Reactions
    "Lahat Sila, Humanga sa Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin!" - Post-Screening Night Reactions Part 2
    "Bakit Pinaguusapan ang "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"?"

    "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin" sung by Gary Valenciano | Official Theme Song Music Video
    "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (Acoustic)" sung by Juris Fernandez
    "Lapit" by Yeng Constantino | Theme Song for Krista & Alexander
    "Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin" sung by Angeline Quinto | Theme Song for Krista & Alexander

    Extra Clips
    Behind the Scenes/Bloopers | From the "Huling Pasasalamat" Mall Show
    Behind the Scenes/Bloopers | From the "Huling Pasasalamat" Mall Show (Version 2)
    Behind the Scenes/Bloopers | Aired after the MLKI Finale

    Thank you to those who uploaded videos!

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    [as voted on by Cocojammers]
    click on the links/pictures to watch the video clip!

    #5: "Sagip Kapamilya": The Jump Kiss

    #4: Xander's Second Proposal

    #3: Mani Scene/Krista Visits Xander in Jail

    #2: First Kiss

    #1: The Wedding/MLKI Epilogue

    (Video is just The Wedding!)

    Thanks to Spiritmaster for uploading the Kristalex videos!

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    [as voted on by Cocojammers]

    #5: "Honey, My Love, So Sweet" at SM Rosario | (@4:00)

    #4: Spiel at Robinsons Tacloban

    #3: "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako" at SM Rosario

    #2: The Big E-Live Interview (2009)

    #1: "Dahil Ikaw" at SM Rosario

    Thank you to those who uploaded videos!

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    Tagum City | November 20, 2010
    Maja Sings "Baby"
    Coco Sings Teleserye Medley
    Thank You from Coco & Maja

    SM City Davao (Araw ng Dabaw) | March 16, 2011
    "Dahil Ikaw"

    KCC Mall of Gensan | May 14, 2011
    "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"
    "Dahil Ikaw"
    Spiel | Coco & Maja thank KCC Mall
    Spiel | Maja Dances for Coco + Cameo by Ate Neric
    Backstage with Maja, Coco, Cocopies, & Cuties

    Robinsons Starmills Pampanga | June 5, 2011
    Maja Singing "Lapit"
    Coco Singing "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"
    Spiel, "Paano na Kaya"(Coco&Andi), "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"(Coco&Maja)
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"

    Robinsons Place Tacloban | June 25, 2011
    Maja Singing "Baby"
    Spiel | Thank You for Watching MLKI
    "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"
    Spiel | Coco: "Ipatuloy na kaya natin?"
    "Paano Na Kaya" | Coco Singing to Maja
    "Lapit" | Maja Singing to Coco

    Robinsons Metro East | July 10, 2011
    LiveStream Video | Maja Greets the Fans
    LiveStream Video | Coco Greets the Fans
    Coco Singing "Paano Na Kaya" | Clip 1
    Coco Singing "Paano Na Kaya" | Clip 2
    Coco Singing "Ligaya"
    "Dahil Ikaw" | Coco Leaves Maja During her High Note
    "Honey, My Love, So Sweet"

    CSI The City Mall Dagupan | July 16, 2011
    "Honey, My Love, So Sweet" | Clip 1
    "Honey, My Love, So Sweet" | Clip 2
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"
    Coco, Maja, & Martin Outside Post-Show

    Robinsons Place Lipa | July 24, 2011
    Maja Singing "Lapit" | Clip 1
    Maja Singing "Lapit" | Clip 2
    Maja Singing "Lapit" | Clip 3
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako" (End) + Spiel
    Coco Singing "Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" | Clip 1
    Coco Singing "Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" | Clip 2
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako" + "Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig"
    Thank You from Coco & Maja

    Pacific Mall Mandaue | July 30, 2011
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"

    888 Chinatown Square Bacolod | August 6, 2011
    Coco & Maja Outside Pre-Show
    Maja Singing "Baby"
    Coco Singing "Paano Na Kaya"
    "Dahil Ikaw", "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako", "Honey, My Love, So Sweet", "Lapit"(Maja)
    Videos from the Official 888 Bacolod Website

    SM City Rosario | August 7, 2011
    Coco Singing "Ligaya"
    Coco Singing "Ligaya" | Version 2
    Coco With His Fans
    "Dahil Ikaw" + Spiel
    "Dahil Ikaw" | Coco's Kulit Moments
    "Dahil Ikaw" | Coco Steals a Kiss (Up Close)
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako" + "Honey, My Love, So Sweet"

    SM North EDSA Skydome (MLKI Huling Pasasalamat) | August 14, 2011
    Pre-Show | KC Interviewing Maja & Coco for The Buzz
    "Honey, My Love, So Sweet"

    SM City Davao (Kadayawan) | August 20, 2011
    Coco Singing "Ligaya"
    Coco Singing "Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig"
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako"
    "Sana Ay Mahalin Mo Rin Ako" (Full)
    "Honey, My Love, So Sweet"
    "Baby" | Maja Singing to Coco
    Compilation of Clips Set to "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"

    Thank you to everyone who recorded & uploaded videos of their mallshows!

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    Nagsimula sa Puso

    Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

    Thank you Ate Neric (@nericb) for tweeting MLKI pics
    For more behind-the-scenes CocojaM pics, just visit the facebook pages of CocojaM, Cuties, or Cocoholics!

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    "LET'S CELEBRATE for our new House COCOJAM addict.."

    thank's to miss KATREENy

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    Coco & Maja endorse a few of the same products/companies, including:
    • RDL Pharmaceuticals
    • Adidas Philippines
    • Nescafé
    • MyDentist, Inc.

    Pics under the cut!

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    Look out for these upcoming CocojaM projects!

    Teleserye Royals Tour Fall 2011

    "Love Will Lead You Back" with Ms. Judy Ann Santos under Star Cinema | TBD

    And let's not forget to support their individual projects as well!!

    "Thelma" (film) starring Maja Salvador | Opens September 7, 2011

    "Basted" (film) starring Maja Salvador with Matteo Guidicelli | TBD

    "Ang Huling El Bimbo" (film) starring Coco Martin with Enchong Dee, Martin del Rosario, Enrique Gil, & Jake Cuenca | TBD

    Untitled Teleserye Project starring Coco Martin with Paulo Avelino and Julia Montes

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    Fanmade Banners

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