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    GMA-7's - "AMAYA" - Ang Kampilang Hinasa sa Luha - Ika-9 na Banwa

    GMA-7's "AMAYA" - Ang Kampilang Hinasa sa Luha - Ika-9 na Banwa

    Created by:
    Ms. Suzette Doctolero

    credits: wahwahwah

    Directed by:
    Mac Alejandre

    credits: direk mac

    The name Amaya is a baby girl name. The name Amaya comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Amaya is: Night rain.

    Amaya is a Philippine historical fiction and period drama created and developed by Suzette Doctolero, with Marian Rivera in the title-role. Directed by Mac Alejandre, it premiered on May 30 on GMA Network and on June 1, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV.

    What is an Epic? A long poem, typically derived from oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.

    What is Fiction? Fiction is any form of narrative which deals, in part or in whole, with events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary and invented by its author(s). Although fiction often describes a major branch of literary work, it is also applied to theatrical, cinematic, and musical work. In contrast to non-fiction, which deals exclusively in factual events (e.g.: biographies, histories).

    This story is fiction yet based on old Filipino History of their cultures, tradition and beliefs.

    Amaya who was born with a twin snake who is destined to defeat the highest ranking leader in their time because of his misuse of power. At the beggining, Amaya was taken away from her mother's side by his father to give her the good life. She became a princess (BAYI)however, her stepmother was jealous that DATU BUGNA, the leader of their clan was giving her the love and attention that she and her two children wanted. She then went to Amaya's room (bukod) and started to harass her and question her about what's so special about her that she is favored by her husband. Bugna came and hurled her away from Amaya. After the event, she went to the empire, the one that owns their clan, and told that Bugna was planning a rebellion againts him. He then decided to get a preemtive strike and invaded Bugna' clan. On the other hand, while the invasion is on it's way, Amaya's twin snake visited her, however she doesn't have any idea at the time that although she can speak to it that its her twin. The snake foresaw an attack and warned her. Amaya panicking, went down her room (BUKOD) and told everyone about the warning. They didn't believe her until the guard sounded the warning siren. Bugna then meets up with the invaders and was surprised that his wife forsaken him. The emperor then demands for his beloved Princesses. Amaya on the other hand hid her youngest sister and along with her older step sister, they were taken to the shore where the current battle is happening. Amaya then stepped on the ground, which is forbidden because its a disrespect to her Father and that it represent cleanliness. She run and gave him a big hug however, the emperor took her as a hostage and bargained for her life. Bugna then said that he rather die than see her beloved princess die and admitted to his "Crime". He was killed and hostages were taken into their place. Meanwhile, her stepmother asked him to give her the authority over maya. He said yes, and the following day, she took Amaya out of the Coral (Animal room) and started undressing her symbolizing that she is no longer a princess but a simple servant. The episode then ended Amaya meeting the son of the emperor that she once met and thought that she like, and reject her feeling towards him due to the blood relation of him and the emperor that killed her father.

    The story is set in Central Visayas in the 1500s, during the time of Rajah Mangubat's reign. He was not only known as a good warrior, but also as an undefeated one. Nobody stood a chance against him especially with his extraordinary battle skills and his magical amulet. Not long after, a village priestess prophesizes that there will be a day that he will be defeated.

    Rajah Mangubat becomes anxious about the prophecy not only because he will eventually be defeated, but also because the person who will take over his power is a girl - a girl who has a snake for a twin. With this, he orders all pregnant women in his own village tribe and also in others to be killed. Datu Bugna's village is the only one that survives Rajah Mangubat's terror because they have long been friends and alliances.

    What Rajah Mangubat doesn't know is that the baby girl that he has been looking for to be killed has been born in Datu Bugna's village. Amaya is Datu Bugna's daughter from Dal'lang, a slave woman. And because he wants to protect Amaya, he hides her in a secret chamber as a "binukot" and tells her that Dal'lang, is already dead. Amaya's twin snake is thrown away to the forest and is told that it may only come back if Amaya is in dire need of help.

    Amaya has once attempted to escape from her chamber when she wanted to see the outside world for the first time. That was when she saw Prince Bagani for the first time. They immediately fell in love with each other. No matter the distance and the years that have passed, they still have not forgotten that day when they first met.

    Because of Lamitan's evil desire to get rid of Amaya, she betrays her husband Datu Bugna and tells Rajah Mangubat her husband's plan of revolt. Rajah Mangubat's men take Amaya from her chamber and use her as blackmail to make Datu Bugna confess. He eventually does and Rajah Mangubat kills him in front of Amaya.

    Rajah Mangubat takes Amaya to his village and there, turns her as one of her slaves. Amaya sees the treacherous Lamitan and becomes enraged with her father's double-crossing wife. She promises that she will do anything to avenge her father. But Rajah Mangubat still has no idea about Amaya's true identity - the girl with the twin snake

    Amaya is surprised to see her long lost love, Bagani, but is devastated to find out that he is Rajah Mangubat's son. Bagani is shocked as well when he finds out that the girl he once fell in love with is now a slave. In spite of this, he still remains in love with her. However, Amaya tries to get rid of her feelings for him all for her father's sake.
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    Cast Information

    Marian Rivera bilang AMAYA
    Ang binukot na prinsesang anak ni Datu Bugna at ng aliping si Dal'lang. Ipinanganak na may kambal-ahas. Itinadhanang maging pinakamakapangyarihang babae ng kanyang panahon.

    Sid Lucero bilang BAGANI
    Ang prinsipe na iibig kay Amaya. Mabait at mapagmahal. Hinuhubog ni Rajah Mangubat upang kanyang maging tagapagmana.

    Mikael Daez bilang LUMAD
    Ang mandirigmang uripon na iibig kay Amaya. Magiging karibal ni Bagani sa puso ni Amaya. Gagawin ang lahat para sa kanyang minamahal.

    Glaiza de Castro bilang BINAYAAN
    Ang bunsong anak nina Datu Bugna at Dian Lamitan. Dahil pinagkaitan ng pagmamahal ng kanyang ina, siya ay magpapanggap na si Amaya.

    Rochelle Pangilinan bilang MARIKIT
    Ang panganay na anak nina Datu Bugna at Dian Lamitan. Sakim at makasarili tulad ng kanyang ina. Magkakagusto kay Bagani kaya pahihirapan niya si Amaya.

    Raymond Bagatsing bilang DATU BUGNA
    Ang ama ni Amaya. Isang datu na iibig sa aliping si Dal'lang. Gagawin niyang tagapagmana si Amaya.

    Lani Mercado bilang DAL'LANG
    Ang ina ni Amaya. Isang alipin na iibig kay Datu Bugna at mawawalay sa kanyang anak na si Amaya.

    Gardo Versoza bilang RAJAH MANGUBAT
    Ang malupit at mabagsik na pinuno ng mga datu. Kinakatakutan dahil sa kanyang anting-anting.

    Gina Alajar bilang DIAN LAMITAN
    Ang asawa ni Datu Bugna. Nagmula sa angkan ng mga datu. Siya ang may kagagawan kung bakit magiging alipin si Amaya.

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    Irma Adlawan bilang MANTAL
    Ang nakatatandang kapatid ni Dian Lamitan. Ang katuwang ni Lamitan sa lahat ng kanyang mga gawain.

    Roy Alvarez bilang AWI
    Ang nakatatandang kapatid ni Datu Bugna. Ang tumutulong kay Bugna sa pagpapatakbo ng kanyang banwa.

    Ana Capri bilang AGANG
    Ang aliping matalik na kaibigan ni Dal'lang.

    Buboy Villar bilang BANUK
    Ang bunsong kapatid ni Bagani. Nagsasanay din maging isang mandirigma.

    Ryan Eigenmann bilang ANGAWAY
    Isa sa magagaling na mandirigma ni Rajah Mangubat. Pinsan ni Bagani at apo ng punong babaylan.

    Ayen Munji-Laurel bilang RAHU LINGAYAN
    Ang unang asawa ni Rajah Mangubat at ina ni Bagani at Banuk

    Sheena Halili bilang AHAK
    Ang aliping matalik na kaibigan ni Amaya.

    Roxanne Barcelo bilang KAYANG
    Ang alipin ni Marikit.

    Ana Feleo bilang BAYANG
    Nag-aaral maging babaylan na naging alipin. Siya ang makakadiskubre sa kambal-ahas ni Amaya

    Dion Ignacio bilang KULING
    Kasintahan ni Ahak

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    Angie Ferro bilang HILWAY
    Punong Babaylan ni Rajah Mangubat

    Mia Pangyarihan bilang SILAY - Isang alabay na karibal ni Amaya sa pagiging Babaylan.

    AJ Dee bilang PARATAWAG

    Mon Confiado bilang SONGIL

    Daniel Fernando bilang ATUBANG

    Leopoldo “Wendell” Salgado bilang BANU
    Uripon ni Bagani

    Edgar "Egay" Manuel bilang WAKA
    Uripon ni Bagani

    Jan Manual bilang USBOG
    Uripon ni Bagani

    Rob Sy bilang PARAGAHIN

    Pancho Magno bilang AGUL
    Uripon ni Atubang

    Rustica Carpio bilang Digan - Ang punong babaylan ni Datu Gura. Nadakip ng sinakop ni Rajah Mangubat ang kanilang banwa. Pinaslang ng Rajah matapos ilahad ang hula tungkol sa babaeng may kambal ahas.

    Leon Miguel bilang RAJAH TANDA
    Ang ama ni Rajah Mangubat

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    ASINAS - nalalaman ang hinaharap ng isang tao sa pamamagitan ng Himalad. Nagtuturo sa pagtatali o paggamit ng bato sa pagtatagna.

    NANA SALA - Babaylang nakakakita ng nakaraan sa pamamagitan ng paghawaksa isang bagay o tao.

    GAWAS - matandang babaylan na bumalik din galing sulad / namatay at muling nabuhay.

    HIMEMA - nagtuturo ng paggagamot laban sa mga iba't ibang uri ng sakit tulad ng sakit na dulot ng mga busaw (engkanto)

    ABYANG - isang babaylan na nagsasagawa ng pag-abyog o paggamit ng sundang sa pagtatagna

    APONG - uripon ng mga babaylan

    Perla Bautista bilang URAY GURANG

    Bituin Escalante bilang EPIC CHANTER

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    Aubrey Miles bilang Magwayen
    Diwatang Tagasundo at tagahatid ng dungan sa Sulad. Siya ay isang Dalagangan, isang babaylan na makapangyarihan na kayang magpaulan o tumapak sa tubig.

    Tanya Garcia bilang Pandaki
    Manunubos ng mga kalag sa Sulad. Siya ay isang Bunggaitan, isang diwatang di patatalo sa anumang laban.

    Dindo Arroyo bilang Badu

    Janina San Miguel bilang Hiyas
    Ina ni Rajah Mangubat.

    Edelweiss Jhyreele Tuzon bilang batang Amaya

    Julian Trono bilang batang Rajah Mangubat

    Kate Velarde bilang batang Marikit

    Francheska "Cruzita" Salcedo bilang batang Binayaan

    Carlo Lacana bilang batang Bagani

    Batang Bagani

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    Abba - God

    Alabay - Babaylan apprentice

    Alibugha - prodigal

    Anito - sacrifice, formal act of worship conducted by a babaylan

    Atubang - adviser, minister

    Babaylan - shamans or spirit mediums, priestess

    Baba - Father

    Bakunawa - a dragon-like snake that rises from the sea and reaches up to the sky to brazenly eat the moon. It is considered to be the cause of eclipses.

    Bai - princess

    Balay - house

    Bana - spouse

    Banwa - territory/community

    Baroto - boat or canoe

    Bata-bata - dolls made from wood

    Batuk - tattoo

    Bankaw - spear

    Baladaw - short broad dagger

    Binukot - young women(usually the daughters of a datu or rajah)who were kept inside the house away from public eye

    Bingil - virgin

    Bugay - dowry

    Bugna - destiny

    Bulawan - gold

    Bunga - Betel nut

    Busaw - engkanto / forest spirits

    Datu - chief or a lord of vassals

    Dada - auntie

    Diwata - Gods/Goddesses

    Gahat - to raid by land

    Ginoo - prince

    Gubat - general term for warfare

    Iloy - mother

    Haop - Datu's following (barangay)

    Hara - wife of a Rajah

    Hayohay - an uripon (slave)

    Hilugo - blood price

    Himalad – palm reading

    Himaraw - gift

    Husay - comb / hair accessory

    Ilawod - downstream

    Iraya - upstream

    Kalag - soul

    Kadatoan - from a lineage of a datu or any nobility

    Kagon - Mediator

    Kaponoan – most sovereign

    Karakoa - warship

    Kandu - poem

    Kampilan - a heavy pointed cutlass or sword

    Kapid - twin

    Katipan - boyfriend

    Ka-uban - companion

    Kiral - lewd or a prostitute

    Kalis - Kris(sword)

    Kunggit - sungka

    Lalangban - spiritual river

    Paganito - an act of sacrifice

    Pagka-bingi - virginity

    Pag-unong - Suicide

    Panday - blacksmiths,general term for carpenters,boat-builders and jewellers

    Pangasi - Rice Wine

    Putong - turbanlike male headdress

    Rajah - ruler

    Mabaw - illegitimate child

    Magdaragat - sea man

    Maiisog - brave

    Mangayaw - to raid by sea

    Mangkaw - marriage courtship

    Saad - heaven

    Sandig - warrior

    Sandil - secondary wives

    Silat - a kind of toothbrush made of vegetable husk for cleaning and polishing the teeth

    Sulad - land of the dead / purgatory

    Tagna - prophecy

    Tanlag - conscience

    Tala - star

    Timawa - freeman

    Tinubos - redeemed or ransomed

    Tumao - Second degree royal lineage; lower nobleman or woman

    Oyo - a polite term by w/c an older brother addressed his younger brother

    Yoyo - uncle

    Umalagad - ancestor spirits

    Ungwento - ointment

    Uripon - slave

    Umbo - term for an older sibling

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    Amaya Infos

    Ang Puod ng Isang Rajah

    Sinaunang Lipunan

    Binukot, Inspirasyon sa Karakter ni Marian Rivera

    Kilalanin ang Babaylan at Binukot

    Kahulugan ng Tattoo

    Paniniwala sa Umalagad at Anito

    Si Bakunawa

    Mga Kilos na Tugma sa Sinaunang Panahon

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    AMAYA Fan Made Videos
    credits: mattimeo02
    credits: mattimeo02
    credits: alrendesoyovideo

    Amaya OBB (Featuring Queen Seon Deok's Opening Theme)
    credits: beautifulmonster

    Amaya OBB (Sacred War:The Legend OST)
    credits: frauleinpinky

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    Behind the Scene Videos

    All Set for Amaya

    Ang Set at mga Costumes sa Amaya

    Set ng Amaya

    Interview with the Epicserye Director Mac Alejandre

    Interview with Marian, Mac Alejandre

    Ang Paglayag ng Karakoa

    Marian Rivera AMAYA Sword Fight Training

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    AMAYA Promo Videos

    AMAYA Cast in Eat Bulaga, 05-28-11

    AMAYA Cast Domination @ Party Pilipinas, 05-29-11

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    credits: broads

    credits: broads

    credits: fishtail

    credits: fishtail

    credits: fishtail

    credits: fishtail

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    credits: keyt

    credits: everton

    credits: fishtail

    credits: ay_is_pol

    credits: Jj Anthony Galang

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