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    Quote Originally Posted by zhentian View Post
    hello.. good eve..

    I have something to share..

    I saw, read and downloaded the DepEd Advisory No. 404,s.2011 (SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL AND ADVOCAY FILM SCREENING OF THE MOVIE, "A SPECIAL SYMPHONY")

    Encouraging and inviting students and employees to patronize the screening of A Special Symphony.

    Here's the link of the DepEd Advisory:

    yehey! DepEd finally encouraged the public to watch A Special Symphony! Dapat they should have endorsed it before hindi pa showing. well... better late than never!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorns View Post
    ian on the cover of moneysense mag- july-august 2011 issue.
    grab a copy now!

    Thnx sa share ate lorns! weeee!!!! baka maka earn ako ng tips from Ian! ang gastos ko kasi! every payday bili ng shoes/bag/blouse/pants! tapos hindi ko na ginagamit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayceedrew View Post
    loyse... marami salamat for posting a link to this video! super ganda!!

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    Hi everyone!!!!

    Musta kayo lahat? Napadaan lang! Ingats tayo lahat CFs!!!

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    Can't wait for the kitchen musical Buti pa si Ian dumada-moves na.

    I wanna watch A Special Symphony again. DVD DVD!


    Ate Lorns thanks po sa pag post ng article.

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    Ugly Betty' producer plans to bring 'The Kitchen Musical' to the US
    August 19, 2011, 9:54am
    Manila Bulletin

    Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray the Sous Chef and Karylle Tatlonghari as Maddie Avilon the Sous Chef

    MANILA, Philippines -- Singapore- Karylle and Christian Bautista wowed the members of international press with their immense talent after the first episode of "The Kitchen Musical" was exhibited during the press conference held Thursday. The said TV musical is scheduled to air on seven countries, including ABS-CBN and Studio 23, in the region and 18 territories via AXN this October.

    Produced in Singapore by The Group Entertainment, the series fuses music, dance, drama, comedy to come up with a unique, charming TV show. Aside from Karylle, as Sous Chef Maddie, and Christian, as Sous Chef Daniel, the series also features Filipino talents like Ikey Canoy, Thou Reyes, and Art Acuna.

    Broadway star Stephen Rahman Hughes of "Bombay Dreams" is the other lead character in the story.

    After viewing the said episode, Head of STAGES Talent Management Carlo Orosa, which manages the careers of Christian and Karylle, proudly expressed, “I am very proud of both Karylle and Christian because of what they have showed here. The 'Kitchen Musical' is set to catapult Karylle’s international career and further establish Christian as an Asian Idol. It's like we landed on the moon with this project.”

    Karylle and Christian shared that their stint on "The Kitchen Musical" has further honed their craft as performers.

    “We all worked hard for this show, and we’re very happy that finally, after two months, we had this chance to give people a glimpse of what we have been doing,” says Karylle. “It gives us great joy that we represent our country in this project.”

    Christian further adds, “You will see me and Karylle in a very new light in this musical. It’s exciting.”

    Also present during the Media Launch were Studio 23 Head March Ventosa, Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go, and David Cosico, personal manager of Karylle.

    The highly-successful media launch also paved the way for the announcement that Ben Silverman’s Electus is planning to bring the material to the US.

    Electus is the producer of the hit TV series "Ugly Betty" and "The Office."

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Silverman said, “We are pleased to add this compelling new series to our fast-growing slate of high concept, international programming as 'The Kitchen Musical' has universal appeal that will resonate greatly with the global marketplace.”


    Karylle and Christian Bautista kick start their careers in Singapore via 'The Kitchen Musical'
    August 19, 2011, 9:34am

    MANILA, Philippines – They may have been away from home but singers Karylle and Christian Bautista are doing the country proud as they make waves in Singapore as lead actors of “The Kitchen Musical.”

    Along with other cast members, they were presented to international media during the launch of the one-hour, 13-episode series that will air in 16 countries.

    “Eto na finally, the actual show and we’ve been away from home for over two months,” Karylle said on “TV Patrol,” Aug. 18.

    Both made some major adjustments and sacrifices in their careers to pursue their art and do this project.

    “We’ve been super homesick but we’ve been working so hard, just trying to do something different, something new,” Zsa Zsa Padilla’s daughter said.

    Karylle plays Maddie, a fresh culinary graduate and sous chef who tries to better herself despite the onslaught of major challenges. Having lived a charmed life, Karylle’s character worked in a restaurant, alongside a perfectionist master chef.

    Christian, who plays Maddie’s childhood friend and also a sous chef, shared what he has learned from the two months that he was away from Manila.

    Noting that he’s learned to dance “just a little bit, just a little bit,” the singer related, “Pero it’s amazing kasi we learn a lot of things every single day – acting, dancing, singing. So pagbalik ko sa Philippines I wanna show something different,” he said.

    The “TV Patrol” report said that the media launch of “The Kitchen Musical” was grand with quite a number of representatives from media networks showed up for the studio tour.

    The show’s cast members were presented, including Gerard Salonga who was chosen as musical director.

    “Nakatakdang i-distribute ang ‘The Kitchen Musical’ sa America ng producer ng ‘Ugly Betty’ at ‘The Office.’ Mapapanood naman sa Pilipinas ang show sa Studio 23 simula Oktubre,” Mario Dumaual reported.


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    yahooPH trending list:
    7. Christian Bautista. Popular singer Christian Bautista's first international movie, "Special Symphony," which was produced in Indonesia, opened in the Philippines last August 3. It tells the story of a struggling Filipino singer and discusses the plight of special children. Christian has to stay in Singapore for a few months for the Singaporean TV production "Kitchen Musical" with Karylle, but he flew home for the movie's Manila premiere.


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    The Kitchen Musical: Boom Boom Pow

    This is the first segment from Episode 1 - enjoy!
    TV Series premieres on AXN, 15 October 2011.
    Also serving up on Studio 23 (Philippines), NTV7 (Malaysia) and Metro TV (Indonesia)

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    ^thank you for posting the video link here! can't wait till it's october!

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    Yes naman bonggang bongga ang the kitchen musical. Boom boom pow!

    Thanks po for the articles & videos.

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    here's a couple of screen shots from the promo of The Kitchen Musical at the Buzz dated August 21, 2011:

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    thanks lani!

    here's the e-live feature on the kitchen musical! thanks to the uploader!

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    ^Thanks Lani & Ate Lorns! Sobrang maingay ang the kitchen musical kaya kahit ayaw ko pa mag october parang pwede na din.

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    hello LA! musta na? pwede nang gumala? hehe
    mas naexcite ako when i saw the boom boom pow vid..i want more hehe sana next teaser, we'll see singing and a lot of dancing ian! hehe

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    A musical straight from the kitchen
    By Jerry Donato (The Philippine Star) Updated August 22, 2011

    SINGAPORE — It was a gastronomic and musical midday as The Kitchen Musical screened its pilot episode at the Republic Polytechnic. If it were a scrumptious meal, The Group Entertainment-produced TV series had me at my first bite. As an appetizer, however, the first episode didn’t disappoint to titillate my palate to ask for the main course to be served pronto, and the dessert to culminate the “gastro-musical” experience. It will premiere in October on Studio 23, Indonesia’s MetroTV, Malaysia’s nTV7 and AXN Asia.

    The Kitchen Musical has the right mix of music, food and drama peppered with MTV-inspired monologues of the main cast. It looks tempting and tastes good as an entertainment fare. What makes The Kitchen Musical extra special is the Pinoy talent in it. Lead stars are Karylle, Christian Bautista and Arthur Acuńa. Thou Reyes and Ikey Canoy play support roles. AJ Lacuesta is the assistant choreographer while Gerard Salonga is the musical director-arranger. Gerard sets the perfect ambiance to reveal every character’s mood — giving popular tunes with a twist. It’s comforting to know that Filipinos can have a slice of Asia’s entertainment pie.

    “We do love to sing. It is something I’ve always known of a Filipino,” offers Karylle. “When it comes to that, it’s a given. I’m just happy that this opportunity opened up for us... We are grateful. It will open even more doors. There will be more musical shows (to be produced). That can really showcase a lot of Filipino talents.”

    “It’s amazing when you think about it that they put a lot of trust in Filipinos,” adds Christian. “Our musical director is Gerard Salonga who is an integral part of the show.”

    Christian Bautista: I can identify with my character Daniel Ray
    In the 13-episode TV feature, Karylle is sous chef Maddie Avilon who works in her family-owned restaurant, The Avilon. Her entry seems unpalatable to head chef Alex Marcus played by British actor Stephen Rahman-Hughes. He thinks The Avilon’s kitchen “is my kitchen and people come for my food.” This creates tension between Alex and Maddie, especially when the latter wants to update the resto’s menu. One of the two things Alex hates is to experiment and concoct a new dish. The other one is to fall in love. Getting rid of Maddie in Alex’s way is a tall order since her name is on the restaurant.

    Sous chef Daniel Ray (Christian), on the other hand, is a shoulder to cry on to Maddie. He and Maddie are childhood friends. Adding spice to the storyline is The Avilon’s sommelier named Selena Argon (Hong Kong-based Rosemary Vanderbroucke). She is a go-getter and knows how to use her assets to ease out Maddie in the picture and win Alex’s attention. Overseeing The Avilon’s daily operations from dining area to the kitchen is GM Harry Shaw (Arthur). On top of that, he plays the buffer between Maddie and Alex and knows the reason why Maddie is working for The Avilon.

    “There’s a little of that in me,” answers Karylle when asked if she is as pushy as her character. “When it’s kulitan time, I’m really makulit. What’s good about Maddie is even if she’s rich and bratty, she has a lot of creative ideas that should be known to the world. She has good intentions why she is fighting for an idea. But her approach is wrong. I like that she’s highly creative. In this world, I think it takes somebody to be brave. You need to be brave to be creative. I think that’s what also the show is all about.”

    For Christian, he can identify with Daniel’s work ethics. Daniel has been working hard since he was 13, says Christian. He has worked his way up. When they fall in love, Christian and Daniel are all out. Both are also focused at work. Daniel, however, has a problem striking a balance between his personal and professional life. He feels that love might stand in the way of his work, and vice versa.

    Karylle records a song while Christian listens to his voice recording
    As the title of the show suggests, The Kitchen Musical is a triple treat. The actors sing, dance and act. Although it may look and sound like Glee, it is a totally different TV show to spice up one’s TV viewing.

    “Can’t you believe that? I found it amazing,” says Christian of his dance moves in the show. “It’s a little bit stiff but it is getting there. If you just believe, I think you can and especially when you are surrounded by talented people like our choreographer Jason Coleman… He just knows how to bring out the best in the person.”

    “Every number is almost like a music video,” he continues. “There are about five music videos (each episode) and not just songs. (The Kitchen Musical) is savory, spicy and beautiful. It is a collaboration of Asia’s entertainment talents.”

    “I’m a big Gleek,” shares Karylle. “I think Glee opened the door for the musicals to come back (on TV). I remember I was on the set of a horror film and I wished I were in a musical. But it was not the era of musical then. Now, it’s back. To compare, I think the issues (tackled by the show) are different because the characters are older than those of Glee. The topics are different. The jokes are different. The humor is different. It is set in the kitchen. A lot of attention is also put into the food. It’s a different world. Since they are in the glee club, it is more of competing and there’s a lot of chorale singing. For The Kitchen Musical, it is more of expressing your feelings during the day or what’s going on in your head when you suddenly get into your fantasy mood. This sometimes happens to us. I guess that’s the difference. We do not perform.”

    Both Karylle and Christian work with a multi-racial cast and crew from sun up to sundown. Working here for the past two months and a half has given Karylle a different perspective about life. She is a first-time OFW unlike Christian who has done work in Indonesia before.

    “All my life I’ve been small minded in a sense that I’ve always been home,” she says. “All my best friends work abroad. I could never understand then why they left the Philippines. For me, it’s not about leaving. It’s just about opening your mind to other things. There’s more to the world than just home.”

    Karylle and Christian should be on the set at 7 a.m. and wrap up everything by 7 p.m. They should be up at 5:45 a.m. and the van is ready to pick them up at 6:15 a.m. They also attend dance rehearsals and audio recordings. Everything is done fast-paced and well-planned. Everybody gets a good night sleep. That’s why “no one is getting sick. No one is going to the hospital,” says Christian. Sunday is their “Me Day.”

    “The things that are happening are amazing,” says Karylle on the new development in her career. “I always think that God is a generous God. We should not limit the blessings that we receive. We have a saying back home that goes, ‘You can’t have it all.’ But you can. You just have to be thankful. And be open to the idea that if now is not the right time, it will come in God’s time. And for me, this is it. I waited patiently… To my surprise, it’s my first lead role and an international one. I’m very thankful.”

    After watching The Kitchen Musical’s first episode, one can’t help but say, “Bon appetit.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorns View Post
    hello LA! musta na? pwede nang gumala? hehe
    mas naexcite ako when i saw the boom boom pow vid..i want more hehe sana next teaser, we'll see singing and a lot of dancing ian! hehe
    Hi Ate Lorns virtual gala lang ang pwede hehehe. Cannot lah di pa pwede maglakad eh..as in i still can't walk literally. Sana nga ngayon na yung the kitchen musical para may napapanood ako.

    boom boom pow!

    Hey Lani thanks for the article and for the pics. Katakam takam talaga yung show na yan.

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    thanks lani again for the shares!
    LA-rest ka muna and make sure 100% okay na bago ang totoong gala! dito na lang tayo sa cyberspace magchikahan hehe u take care and God bless.

    ano yung hawak ni ian sa pic na toh? apple? hehe

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