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    Quote Originally Posted by fallingraine02 View Post
    wow... nice one.. d p maayos to non? ang cute nga e.. he.. he..
    Hindi pa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by remi View Post
    Hey Christian Friends!

    Done na with our new house! Sorry kung di gaanong maayos at maganda. Rush eh.

    Bawi na lang ako next time.

    Btw, pa-update naman kung may kulang sa mga info na na-post ko. Thanks guys!

    Keep on posting!

    Credits to all the owners.
    hi rems! ok lang ganda nga eh. thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorns View Post
    rems, pakiadd na lang sa highlights and major accomplishment, siya OPM vice president for special projects and ambassador for indonesian language in the philippines

    thanks for the new thread, rems and loysie!
    may the fire of our love, enthusiasm, and fondness for ian continue to burn!
    you're welcome ate lorns!

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    Welcome to our new house! Let's continue the fun here.. Keep on posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by princemacoi View Post
    welcome sa thread 16!!!
    super thanks macoi for the banner! super ganda

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    wow... may bagong bahay na.. sensya n ***** *** nakadalaw.. super busy sa work at studies... congrats for the new haus/tambayan

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    Quote Originally Posted by remi View Post
    Ok! Thanks, Ate Lorns.

    Pati rin si Macoi. Siya yata gumawa ng banner.
    yeah..thanks macky for the very nice banner!

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    nice.. i'm happy included ang chain ginawa sa CBO.. hehehe thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by remi View Post

    C - committed to his singing career and profession.
    H - heartfelt singing from a handsome guy
    R - rendered songs with confidence and comes from the bottom of his heart
    I - invincible artist
    S - sensational male singer
    T - talented & true to his craft, love, & beliefs
    I - indispensable artist in the music industry.
    A - accepts criticisms constructively
    N - never gives up on failure instead, used them to stand back

    J - Jesus is always the center of his life.
    O - open minded and ready to face problem.
    S - sexy... just for being himself makes him so sexy
    E - enthusiastic, extrovert, excellent
    P - perfect gentleman... passionate to his craft...
    H - honesty is his legacy.

    M - making everyone inspired by his voice and kindness. . .
    O - on the go with his hectic schedules..
    R - romantic
    A - attractive with his personality
    T - takes responsibility in everything he does
    A - accept all his fault even though it was embarrassing

    B - brave to all trials and difficulties
    A - admirable in every sense
    U - understanding to his love ones
    T - takes his time when it comes to love
    I - ideal son, partner in life, brother, friend... everything
    S - sincere in everything he does...
    T - totally awesome artist inside & out
    A - Asia's Romantic Balladeer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by remi View Post

    1 - [email protected]
    4 - Tito Ebert Bautista
    20 - Tita Jo Bautista

    1 - yannie_sai
    3 - deearr_d
    14 - vitri
    18 - -Niña-

    3 - crissa_crista
    15 - kimchigirl
    20 - remi
    21 - jhamie

    9 - riaroxannie
    12 - taborits
    30 - _jehanna, nikkisantos20

    3 - ghengen
    4 - emescee
    11 - aish011
    13 - funtank
    28 - Renthead (Sir Oliver Oliveros)

    20 - kitkat_2002
    30 - Joshua Bautista

    2 - Prince Tyrone
    8 - zhentian
    21 - blueoyster

    17 - agot1775
    21 - azulistha08
    25 - jayianne
    29 - Jordan Bautista

    17 - mingsn
    24 - kayceedrew
    25 - iannamel

    4 - Lorns
    7 - azilannom07
    19 - Christian Bautista

    1 - revz
    12 - la ah
    19 - lhika_anne
    30 - princemacoi

    11 - tin208
    kinikilig ako magkatabi bday namin..ayiiieee haha!

    congrats sa new thread!

    mr christian, ikaw na talaga ang hari...you already!

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    ^pakitanggal na yung akin nang solo nyo na!

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    'A Special Symphony' and a special movie critic
    By DANG U. KOE
    August 8, 2011, 3:34am
    Manila Bulletin

    MANILA, Philippines — The movie “A Special Symphony” was inspired by the amazing story of a chorus of special children in Beijing, China.

    It follows the journey of Filipino struggling singer Jayden (portrayed by Christian Bautista) towards finding his purpose and happiness, which he later discovered in the company of special children in an Indonesian special school.

    Being one of the movie’s beneficiaries, Autism Society Philippines was invited to the premiere night of “A Special Symphony.” One of ASP’s representatives that night was JR Tan, a college senior taking up BS Accountancy, with minor in Biblical Studies.

    JR dreams of becoming a Certified Public Accountant in the future.

    He regularly contributes articles to ASP's blog, and volunteers in ASP activities. He is passionate about autism rights and is one of the first self-advocate members of ASP. So we asked JR to be this week’s Angel Talker. He shares his insights as a person with autism after watching a movie which features special students like him.

    * * *

    July 31, 2011, I was privileged to be invited to the advance screening of “A Special Symphony” at Robinson’s Galleria. The Indonesian Ambassador to the Philippines, Drs. Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo was a special guest, with beneficiaries ASP and World Vision. Topbiller Christian Bautista also graced the occasion.

    I appreciated this movie so much! I was inspired by its desire to help people change their mindset about people with disabilities. I believe that children with autism have innate talents and can be developed to the best of their potentials.

    Jayden, the character played by Bautista, is a music teacher to students with disabilities. At first, he experiences a different environment, including misbehaving students. It takes a lot of disciplining to keep the students’ attention. For instance, a girl’s attention is distracted by a mobile guitar despite a teacher’s command to settle down. This behavior is usually seen among children with autism.

    At one time, Zaky, a transferee, is brought to Jayden’s school; some pupils mock him instead of giving him a warm welcome, saying “you stink” or “mabaho”.

    It is a reality that there are also bullies in special schools because I experienced being bullied in a special school. It was not pleasant. Our teacher asked us to bring a toy to share with other classmates. The toy I brought with me was my favorite toy ambulance. Joshua, one of my classmates, took the toy from me and broke it. I felt bad. It takes time for transferees to adjust to a new school environment.

    In the movie, there is a part when Jayden gets mad at Zaky’s brother for saying “idiot” to Zaky. The following day, his parents complain to the principal. Zaky’s parents decide to pull him out of school. Teachers who encounter the same situation should say “that’s not nice” or warn the bully. Parents should also educate their children to be more sensitive to family members that are “special” or have limitations.

    Another scene features students being assessed for their vocal ranges.

    While it is Zaky’s turn, he does not sing; instead, he does a beatbox.

    When they found out that Zaky sings better when he is in the toilet, they bring the toilet bowl to class and let him hold on to a roll of toilet paper. I laughed in that part, it’s so funny (haha!). Teachers must be able to make a connection by adjusting to the needs of the child and improvise. It can help the child cope with changes. This will eventually help him participate in class.

    Children with autism should not be confined only at home or in classrooms; they also learn by exposure and training – like when the children in the movie visit a theme park. They should not be placed in a cage or chained to a bed.

    I found this movie interesting; I am convinced not to lose hope in every struggle. I would recommend to various parents, teachers and people concerned with disabilities to watch this film; they too will be more inspired about the challenges faced by different people with disabilities.

    * * *

    A special screening of “A Special Symphony” is scheduled on August 10, 6 p.m., at SM Megamall Cinema 8 for the benefit of Autism Society Philippines and World Vision. Tickets are available at ASP. On Aug. 20, ASP Laguna Chapter holds seminars on “Supporting Students with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom” and “Fundamentals in the Care and Management of Children with Autism.” For details of these events, log on to www.autismsocietyphilippines.blogspot.com.

    Dang U. Koe is the chairman emeritus of Autism Society Philippines (a not-for-profit family support organization with 52 chapters nationwide, and almost 7,000 family and professional members who are working together to create an environment that helps persons with autism spectrum disorder to become, to the best of their potentials, self-reliant, independent, productive and socially accepted members of society. She is a sought-after seminar and conference speaker on autism. Her 17-year old son Gio, diagnosed with autism, propels her to be a passionate autism advocate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorns View Post
    ^pakitanggal na yung akin nang solo nyo na!
    wag ganun te...ninang ka e.....


    hope to meet jayden soon also..sabe october daw dito sa SG....sana..

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    Sarah Geronimo - Popstar Diaries 1/4 (Aug 6, 2011)

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    -=i love being a CF=-
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    wow new house

    pa check attendance din ako

    miss you guys!

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    Congrats sa bago nating tambayan CFs!

    Loyse, Rems & Macoi, ang mga kumarir sa bagong bahay..salamat ng madami

    Yehey I was able to watch A Special Symphony. I love the movie. I want to watch it again. I want a DVD now na. It's sooooo good..very heart warming. Haaaay what music can do to a person talaga. Dahil sa music kaya mas nakakaluha ang movie.

    Congrats sa lahat ng cast & crew ng movie especially to Ian na talaga namang kitang kita ang improvement sa acting. Of course there's still room for improvement pero mahusay ang acting nya dito. Kahit may ilang awkward moments e sobrang konti lang nun.

    Kaaliw nga yung gumanap na sister ni Ian. May feeling ako na in real life ganun yung batang yun hehehe. Panalo din yung comedy parts ng movie. At siempre ang huhusay kumanta nung mga bata. Hay di pa ko maka get over talaga.

    I hope mas marami pa makanood ng a special symphony at bebenta talaga ito na pang film showing kaya dapat may dvd talaga.

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    Congrats sa new house natin! Hope I could be active in this thread compared to the last one!

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    padaan lang po...

    Erik Santos “powER IKons” Concert today & tomorrow!

    Here comes the most exciting 2-night Erik Santos “powER IKons” concert! This true performer will give life to classic ballads as he gives tribute to the brilliant icons of the music industry. Feel the power… let Erik electrify you with his supreme talent! See you at the Music Museumt!!!

    With special guests the G-Force, Angeline Quinto (Star Power Grand Champion), Stephanie Reese (Miss Saigon’s Kim – Germany) and Concert Queen, Pops Fernandez.

    Ticket Prices:
    P2500 – Orchestra Center (Reserved Seating)
    P1500 – Orchestra Sides (Reserved Seating)
    P1000 – Balcony (First Come, First Served)

    Tickets available at TicketWorld ( 891-9999) & Music Museum (722-4532)

    You may also inquire & order tickets from ESFO. Text Joan at 0918-2296839 or message bam.of.ESFO.

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