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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhycca View Post
    from allkpop

    ‘Music Bank‘ is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

    Besides the usual stages, Super Junior made their long-awaited comeback while T-ara begun a new round of promotions with “Roly-Poly in Copacabana“.

    T-ara faced off against 2NE1 for this week’s K-Chart, and in the end, it was the latter who clinched the win. Unfortunately, 2NE1 was not present to receive the trophy due to… some issues. kailangang may ...
    HAHAHA!! matagal na akong lurker dito.. since previous thread pa, pero nde ko mapigilang mag log in ng mabasa ko ito. Natawa din kasi ako ng mabasa ko ang article sa allkpop. kailangan tlagang merong tatlong dots (...). Parang nag hesitate pa ang sumulat ng article bago nya sabihin. lol.

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    grabe gaganda talga nila.....sana may maabutan akong CD nila sa Wed....waaaaaaaaaa

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    oh diba..galing dalawang song nila ang hits sa youtube...

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    2NE1 places 4th on Billboard’s World Album Chart

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    2NE1’s Dara kicks off her special ‘NOT UGLY’ campaign On August 6th, 2NE1’s Dara began a ‘NOT UGLY‘ campaign through her Me2day to give strength to those who are lacking confidence.

    Dara wrote, “Ssan-teacher’s ‘Not Ugly’ campaign! Shazam! I think I’m ugly? NO! You’re not ugly! Everyone, there will come a time at least once in your life where you think you’re ugly! No matter what you do, you’ll feel that you’re just so ugly and weak. But no, no, no, no to those thoughts!”

    She continued, “To those who think they’re ugly! Please comment on my Me2day with your reason and an explanation! I~! This Ssan-teacher will show you exactly why you aren’t ugly. Starting today until August 14th, anyone, male or female, can apply! Everyone has something pretty! Come on to Ssan-teacher ^.^.”

    Through YG Entertainment, Dara also revealed, “There are moments where people think that they’re ugly or lacking something, but people need to realize that there’s a unique beauty within all of us that other people don’t have. I hope that a lot of people listen to our song, ‘Ugly’, and find strength.”

    Ten special fans who apply to the ‘NOT UGLY’ campaign will be presented with a special event to help boost their self esteem.

    Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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    natawa namn ako dito...ang kulit lang hahahaha

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    music core streaming ..can't wait for 2ne1 perfs


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    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can't wait......

    2ne1 fighting....

    mag 1am na dito...

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    2ne1 performing in mucore,,
    biglang na LAG

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    2NE1 returns with “Ugly” on Music Core

    After a short promotion period with “I Am The Best“, 2NE1 has begun yet another round of promotions on MBC’s ’Music Core ‘with their new track “Ugly” from their second mini-album.

    The strong guitar riff in “Ugly” sets the energy for the performance, as the girls rocked out while singing about being completely honest about their insecurities.



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    oh my CL's thigh

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    may contribution pala mga pinoy sa korean wave.........3 pinoys actually choreographed for 2ne1, bigbang, seven etc......

    shaun evaristo, aimee lucas and lyle beniga.......ngayon ko lang kasi nalaman!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ren_214 View Post
    Awww. CL why so sexy? I hate what Dara's wearing.

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    ^ Loved the upper half. Those shorts need to be trashed, though.

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    CONGRATS 2NE1!!!!

    they swept the music shows this week... MCOUNTDOWN! MUSIC BANK! and now INKIGAYO!!! wohoo!



    sexy in suits!!

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