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    Saint Louis University, Baguio City 100 Years

    Saint Louis University, Baguio City


    Saint Louis University is regarded as one of the Philippines' respected and leading educational institutions that has grown with the demands of the current and future environments for its students and faculty alike.

    Around two hundred fifty kilometers north of Manila lies Baguio City, known to be the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" that enjoys temperate climate all year round. From a village resort established by the Americans, Baguio has become the Northern Philippines' center of business and commerce as well as the center of education. Saint Louis University has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the City into a center for learning in the North.

    Today, SLU is the largest university north of Manila with more than 30,000 students from the elementary, high school and college levels. Its reputation for excellence attracts students and scholars not only from the Philippines but from other countries as well. It has sustained itself throughout the past ninety years to become one of the top centers of academic excellence in the Philippines that meet international standards in tertiary education. Most of its programs, from the elementary to the graduate level, have received the highest level of accreditation in the country.

    SLU has four campuses: the main campus at A. Bonifacio Street, St. Aloysius de Gonzaga Campus (for Elementary, Teacher Education and Law) at General Luna Road, Navy Base Campus (for High School) in Pacdal and the Maryheights Campus (for Accountancy and Business management) in Bakakeng. It has become the venue for seminars, various fora, and other special events of the public and private sectors in the Cordillera, in addition to the everyday conduct of student life in the University. It has welcomed within its walls an eclectic mix of various cultures, traditions, beliefs and nationalities.


    Sapientia aedificat, that is, "wisdom builds" or "knowledge edifies," is the motto of Saint Louis University. Impelled by this profound human truth, SLU has faithfully carried out its avowed educational mission since its foundation in 1911. As a Christian institution of higher learning, SLU has, through the years, formed and shaped young people who are imbued with Christian spirit and are competent, creative and socially involved.

    At present, Saint Louis University has nine schools (formerly colleges) offering graduate and undergraduate programs in pursuit of this mission. They are:

    School of Accountancy and Business Management - SABM
    CHED Center of Development for Accountancy and Entrepreneurship

    School of Computing and Information Sciences - SCIS
    CHED Center of Development for Information Technology

    School of Engineering and Architecture - SEA
    CHED Center of Development for Engineering Education (Chemical, Civil, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering)

    School of Humanities - SoH

    School of Law - SoL
    Recognized as one of the Top 20 Law Schools in the Philippines

    School of Medicine - SoM
    Consistent top placer in licensure exams for Physicians

    School of Natural Sciences - SNS
    Consistent top placer in licensure exams for Pharmacists, Radiologic Technologists and Medical Technologists

    School of Nursing - SoN
    CHED Center of Development for Nursing Education

    School of Teacher Education - STE
    CHED Center of Excellence for Teacher Education


    Research is an integral part of the academic mission of St. Louis University. Thus, it has recognized the need to prioritize and strengthen its research capacities. The research effort is envisioned to be the centerpiece project of the strategic plan of SLU, the breadth and scope of which will include developmental programs in the Cordillera region and adjoining municipalities as well as developing the research culture and creative thinking among the faculty and students.


    The avowed institutional goals of Saint Louis University are captured in its vision-mission which states that "We envision SLU as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution zealous in developing human resources imbued with the Christian Spirit and who are creative, competent and socially involved." What these goals of Louisian education ultimately point out is the transformation of the person, the community and the environment wherein they find themselves.

    As such, Saint Louis University gives special attention to the development and strengthening of institutional community extension programs. These programs are designed to have a positive impact on the surrounding communities as well as provide occasions whereby the missionary spirit of the students and employees could be developed and expressed.

    The outreach and extension service offices of Saint Louis University are:

    1.Clinical Pastoral Center
    2.Sunflower Children's Center
    3.Extension Institute for Small-Scale Industries Foundation, Inc (SLU-EISSIFI)
    4.Medical Outreach Missions Foundation, Inc. (MOMFI)
    5.Institute for Inclusive Education Foundation
    6.Palliative Care Mission Program
    7.National Service Training Program
    8.Regional Science Training Center/RSDC
    9.SLU Centennial Halfway Home for Boys
    10.SLU Child Care Center

    Cognizant of the importance of research in its role as a top university, SLU has established different research units to fully respond to the community's need to study and solve problems related to economic growth, the environment, regional development and sustainability.

    Research Units
    •Business Research Extension and Development (BREAD)
    •Engineering Urban Planning Laboratory (EUPL)
    •Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL)
    •Information and Communications Technology Research Laboratory (ICTRL)
    •Natural Sciences Research Unit (NSRU)


    Saint Louis University is cognizant of the imperatives of establishing linkages with other institutions both private and public as one of its internationalization strategies. Alongside these academic initiatives, it has forged and will continue to enter into consortia agreements with local, regional, national and international government and private institutions to further its student-exchange, research and community extension agenda.

    SLU believes that linkages can help achieve its vision of improving research capabilities and providing academic leadership and innovations in terms of programs, curriculum development, and instructional methodology in the region.

    SLU acknowledges that consortia arrangements with other recognized educational institutions of higher learning would enable the university to benchmark its capabilities against national and international standards and acquire the necessary tools to uplift its status as the region's provider of top quality professionals.

    International Linkages:

    (as of SY 2009-2010)

    1.American Studies Resources Center (Thomas Jefferson Information Center), USA
    2.Andong Science College, South Korea
    3.Can tho University, Vietnam
    4.Catholic University of Korea, South Korea
    5.Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
    6.Catholic University of Leuven, Campus Kortrijk, Belgium
    7.Christoffel Blinden Mission, Germany
    8.Ehime University, Japan
    9.Ersta Skondal University College, Sweden
    10.Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsbuns, Germas (Protestant University of Applied Sciences)
    11.Geochang Provincial College, South Korea
    12.Inha University, South Korea
    13.Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
    14.ISC Paris School of Management, Paris, France
    15.Jinan University, Guangzhou, China
    16.Jinju National University, South Korea
    17.Korea University Sejong Campus, South Korea
    18.Kyung Hee University, South Korea
    19.Kyungnam University of Information and Technology, Korea
    20.Lincoln College, Malaysia
    21.Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan
    22.National University of Singapore, Singapore
    23.Soongsil University, South Korea
    24.Sunchon National University, South Korea
    25.Sungkonghoe University, South Korea
    26.SunMoon University, South Korea
    27.United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)
    28.Universal Empire International, Dubai
    29.Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    30.University of Antwerp, Belgium
    31.University of Ghent, Belgium
    32.Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raas (VLIR) – Flemish Interuniversity Council
    33.World Links, USA

    Local Linkages:

    1.Asian Antibiotics Laboratories
    2.Asian Institute of Management
    3.Asian Development Bank
    4.Ateneo de Manila University
    5.Baguio Centennial Commission
    6.Baguio General Hospital
    7.Benguet General Hospital
    8.Benguet Laboratories
    9.Benguet State University
    10.Bureau of Plant Industry
    11.Canadian Embassy
    12.Commission on Higher Education
    13.Department of Education
    14.Department of Energy
    15.Department of Environment and National Resources
    16.Department of Foreign Affairs
    17.Department of Health
    18.Department of Labor and Employment
    19.Department of Science and Technology
    20.Department of Social Welfare and Development
    21.Department of Tourism
    22.Department of Trade and Industry
    23.Diamond Laboratories
    24.Doctor’s Pharmaceutical Laboratories
    25.Glaxo-Smith Laboratories
    26.Hizon Laboratories
    27.Isabela State University, Echague, Isabela
    28.Itogon Municipal Council of Women
    29.La Crossus Laboratories
    30.Loyds Laboratories
    31.Metrobank Foundation
    32.Mountain Province State Polytechnic College
    33.Pascual Laboratories, Inc.
    34.Pharma Wealth Laboratories
    35.Philippine Business of Education
    36.Philippine Military Academy
    37.Philippine National Red Cross – Baguio Chapter
    38.Philippine Sisterhood and Twinning Association, Baguio Chapter
    39.Philippine Statistical Association
    40.Philippine Women’s University
    41.Saint Louis College, San Fernando, La Union
    42.Saint Luke’s Medical Center
    43.Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
    44.United Laboratories
    45.United State Embassy
    46.University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
    47.University of Santo Tomas, Manila
    48.University of the Cordilleras
    49.World Bank, Philippines

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    SLU Centennial

    Saint Louis University is celebrating 100 years of excellent missionary education come 2011.
    Be part of this historic celebration that commenced this December 2010 and lasting upto December 2011.

    Throughout the duration of the Centennial Year numerous activities are planned including cultural presentations, lecture series, alumni homecomings, extension programs and sports activities.

    Souvenirs are also in the works. Among them are the SLU Coffeetable Book entitled "Light of the North: The Centenary of Saint Louis University 1911-2011", Souvenir Program, 14 Month Centennial Calendar, 100 Prayers with Fr. Jess and souvenir items like mugs, shirts, jackets, caps, umbrellas and pens.

    Centennial Prayer

    God, source of holiness and light, we thank you for your bountiful blessings poured on SLU during the past hundred years, enabling it to be the “Light of the North” through its mission of education.

    As we step into the next century to meet the challenges of our time, transform us by your light of faith and love. Equip us with your grace and infuse new life and hope in us and in what we do, so we can transform ourselves and our society. We make this prayer through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen

    Author: Lourdusamy, Nambi Spiridiya, Special BS Biology, SLU-ICM

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    SLU Academic Programs:

    The School of Accountancy and Business Management includes five departments: Accountancy, Management Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Business Administration.
    Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSAc)
    Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting (BSMA)
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
    major in:
    Business Economics (BSBA Bus Econ)
    Financial Management (BSBA FinMan)
    Human Resource Development Management (BSBA HRDM)
    Marketing (BSBA Mktg)
    Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS Entrep)
    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management major in Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management (BSHTM HRRM)
    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management major in Travel & Tours Management (BSHTM TTM)
    Associate in Accounting Technology (AAT)

    School of Teacher Education

    Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
    Major in Pre-School Education (BEEd PSE)
    Major in Special Education (BEEd SPEd)
    Major in General Education (BEED Gen Ed)
    Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd)
    Major in English (BSEd Engl)
    Major in Filipino (BSEd Fil)
    Major in Mathematics (BSEd Mat)
    Major in Social Studies (BSEd SS)
    Major in Music, Arts, PE and Health (BSEd MAPEH)
    Major in Biological Sciences (BSEd Biol Sc)
    Major in Physical Sciences (BSEd Phys Sc)

    School of Engineering and Architecture

    Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSArch)
    Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE)
    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE)
    Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering (BSGE)
    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE)
    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
    Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Enggineering (BSMechE)
    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering (BSEM)

    School of Humanities

    Special Program in English Language and Literature (SPELL)
    Bachelor of Arts (AB)
    Major in Communications (AB Com)
    Major in Legal Studies (AB LS)
    Major in English (AB Engl)
    Major in Political Science (AB Pol Sci)
    Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psych)
    Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BS S Wk)
    Bachelor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (Ph B Is)

    School of Computing and Information Sciences

    Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
    Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSIM)
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS Math)
    Bachelor of Science in Statistics (BS Stat)

    School of Law

    Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.)

    School of Medicine

    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    St. Louis University International School of Medicine

    School of Natural Sciences

    Associate in Health Science Education (AHSE)
    Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS Biol)
    Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS)
    Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BS Pharm)
    Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BSRT)

    School of Nursing

    Associate in Health Science Education (AHSE)
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

    Graduate StudiesSaint Louis University also offers graduate study programs

    School of Accountancy and Business Management

    Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PHD MGMT)
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Master of Science in Accountancy (MSAC)
    Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA)
    Master of Science in Public Management (MSPM)

    School of Teacher Education

    Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management (PHDEM)
    Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education (PHLED)
    Master of Arts in Special Education (MA SPED)
    Master of Arts in Educational Management (MAEM)
    Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed)
    Major in Early Childhood Education (MA-ECED)
    Major in Filipino Education (MAFIL)
    Major in Language Education (MALED)
    Major in Mathematics Education (MAMED)
    Major in Science Education (MESED)
    Master of Science in Physical Education & Sports (MSPES)
    Master in Library and Information Technology (MALIT)

    School of Engineering & Architecture

    Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
    Major in Environmental Engineering
    Major in Urban Planning
    Major in Informatics
    Master of Engineering Program (MEP)
    Major in Chemical Engineering (MEP ChE)
    Major in Electrical Engineering (MEP EE)
    Major in Electronics Engineering (MEP ElE)
    Major in Industrial Engineering (MEP IE)
    Major in Mechanical Engineering (MEP ME)
    Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (MS EnvE)
    Master of Science in Management Engineering (MSME)

    School of Humanities

    Master of Arts in Philosophy (MA PHILO)
    Master of Arts in Religious Studies (MA RELG STDS)
    Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling (MS GUID & COUNS)
    Master of Science in Psychology (MS PSYCH)
    School of Computing and Information Sciences

    Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

    School of Natural Sciences

    Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (PHD BIOL)
    Master in Biological Sciences (MBS)
    Master in Biology (MS Biol)
    Major in Plant Biology
    Major in Animal Biology
    Major in Microbial Biology
    Master in Environmental Science (MES)
    Master of Science in Environmental and Conservation Biology (MSECB)
    Master of Science in Pharmacy (MS PHARM)
    Master of Science in Medical Technology (MS MT)
    Master in Public Health (MPH)

    School of Nursing

    Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
    Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
    Major in Adult Health Nursing
    Major in Community Health Nursing
    Major in Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing
    Major in Maternal & Child Health Nursing
    Major in Nursing Administration

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    SLU Alumni


    Atty. Marvic Leonen , Dean, UP College of Law


    Mr. Noli Arzadon, CPA , Former President of Equitable PCI Bank
    Mrs. Margie Pagdanganan, CPA , Managing Director at Citibank N.A., Singapore


    Hon. Jesli A. Lapus, Department of Education Secretary; Executive Board member of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris, France.
    Atty. Eugenio A. Insigne, UNPFII Member; Chairman of National Commission on Indigenous Peoples.
    Atty. Maximo B. Dalog, Governor of Mountain Province
    Mr. Artemio A. Galwan, Mayor of La Trinidad, Benguet
    Engr. Eldred P. Tumbocon, CE-GE, Mayor of Umingan, Pangasinan
    Mr. Richard M. Camacho, Mayor of Bayambang, Pangasinan
    Atty. Elmer Datuin, Chairman of Lions Club International, Northern Philippines; National Chairman of the Philippine Councilors League, Baguio City Councilor
    General Arturo C. Lomibao, former PNP Chief, former LTO Chief, former Administrator of the National Irrigation Administration


    Dr. Jovelle B. Laoag-Fernandez Presidential Awardee for Outstanding Filipino Individual Overseas; Pamana Ng Pilipino Award For Excellence And Distinction In The Field Of Medicine 2004


    Eric de Guia A Movie Director, Actor and Writer; aka Kidlat Tahimik
    Rustom Padilla TV/Movie Actor; aka Bebe Gandanghari
    Marky Cielo TV/Movie Actor; Starstruck Ultimate Male Survivor and Sole Survivor
    Ingrid Payaket TV/Singer; Pinoy's Got Talent 2010
    Noel Cabangon TV/Singer; Mainstream Folk Artist

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    The SLU Centennial Coffeetable Book

    Title: Light of the North, the Centenary of Saint Louis University 1911-2011

    Authors: Jeffrey M. Centeno and Angelito C. Peralta

    Book Details: 250 pages, full color, glossy, 11"x 12", hardbound with jacket cover

    The SLU Centennial Coffee Table Book is available at the SLU Bookstore for only PhP 1,200. It will also be sold at the SLU booth during the Panagbenga Session Road in Bloom (Feb 28-March 6, 2010). For online orders, you can send an email to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    The following article written by JM Agreda (published in the in Sun.Star Baguio on December 5, 2010) gives some details about the book:

    Light of the North linked with City's history
    IMAGINE this mountain resort city without the institution that molded its youth for nearly a century now.

    Saint Louis University has been synonymous to quality education in Northern Luzon and its periphery achieving autonomous status first among other higher education institutions in the region.

    But little did most Baguio residents know that the university has almost the same early roots as that of the city that celebrated its centennial year in 2009.

    "The history of SLU is inseparable from the evolution of Baguio as an important city of the Philippines during the American period," Jeffrey Centeno, author of the SLU Centennial coffee table book said.

    Centeno together with co-author Angel Peralta and edited by Nito Meneses, the coffee table book offers a glimpse not only on the 22,000 student enrollment strong university's history but also encapsulates that of the 300,000 and still growing population of the city.

    The SLU centennial coffee table book, aptly titled Light of the North, narrates one hundred years of SLU from a humble mission school in 1911 to what it is today - an important higher education institution in this part of the world.

    In a gallery of never-before-seen photos kept in archives and personal collections collated from all parts of the world, Centeno narrates that the history of SLU unfolds the nostalgia of its nascent development in the early years of Baguio.

    Co-author Angel Peralta, meanwhile, said historically during the early years of Baguio, relationship between the founders of the school and American government leaders including William Howard Taft which later became an American president during the city's early years were already established.

    It is because Americans relied on Fr. Seraphin Devesse, one of the Congregation Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM) missionaries who took it into their heart in evangelizing Baguio-Benguet, Mountain Provinces and the rest of Northern Philippines.

    The centennial coffee table book, which took several months to publish, particularly remembers the CICM missionaries who founded, built, and sustained the evolving character of SLU in the changing times for the past one hundred years.

    Centeno added the book is a tribute to the CICM missionaries including Fr. Devesse who gave SLU its rightful place in society.

    The book is divided into five chapters that chronicle the history of SLU.

    Chapter One introduces the founder of SLU, Fr Séraphin Devesse, CICM, who started a mission school in 1911 for children as a way of improving the future of the people of Baguio.

    Chapter Two tells the story of the enormous efforts of Fr. Florimund Carlu, where a city street adjacent to Session Road was named after him as one of the early builders of the city.

    The same chapter also contains accounts of ICM foundress Mo. Marie-Louise de Meester to continue and develop Fr Devesse's little mission school into Saint Louis School.

    Succeeding chapters discuss the leadership of Bishop Brasseur and his confrere CICM Provincial Superiors Frs. Rafael Desmedt and Karel Pieters who put their energy together to make Saint Louis School a college and later a university.

    The book also on its concluding pages provides a circumspect profile of the rectors and presidents of SLU since it became a college in 1952 to its last chapter that delves into the present and the future directions SLU under the leadership of the centennial president, Fr. Jessie Hechanova, CICM.

    As Fr. Hechanova on the first few pages of the book puts it "How much do we know of SLU history? This book captures and celebrates in vibrant pictures one hundred years of Saint Louis University. Faces and places across Louisian generations - captured in photographs which had been kept in archives and personal collections until recently - create a living impression of real nostalgia."


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    Saint Louis University Hospital of the Sacred Heart

    Management Style

    The SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart has adopted a participative-type of management which allows a system of information that provides timely feedback’s on organizational performance gathered form all sectors of the hospital, including its patients.

    This system has the advantage of inspiring creativity and resourcefulness which encourages all concerned to use their talents and potentials to get the work done in the best possible way, while enhancing professional enrichment for the achievement of the hospital’s objectives.


    The SLU-HSH is licensed by the Department of Health’s Bureau of Health Facilities and Services and is accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Employees’ Compensation Commission and is a member in good standing of the Philippine Hospital Association and the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

    There are close to fifty (50) accredited HMOs’, Government and Private Corporations in the listing of the SLU-HSH for the medical needs of their members/staff either as out- or in-patients.

    A center that both teaches and treats, and an institution that cures and nurtures, the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart is accredited for specialty training in Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Radiology and Surgery. as well as Internship Training in Medical / Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy. Occupational/Physical / Respiratory Therapy and Caregiver.

    Contact Information
    SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart
    Assumption Road, Baguio City 2600

    (063) (74) 442 5700; 442 5701; 442 5702; 443 2000

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    SLU Center for Culture and the Arts

    The Center for Culture and the Arts was established in May 1993 during the presidency of Fr. Joseph Van den Daelen, who believed that in addition to providing quality elementary, secondary and tertiary education, SLU should also be a place where art is not only appreciated and nurtured but where our cultural heritage is preserved and perpetuated. The CCA is a favorite venue for conferences, seminars, and other presentations of SLU students, faculty, employees, performing artists, and visiting foreign and local cultural groups.

    The birth of three resident performing groups of the center (glee club , dance troupe and the Tanghalang SLU ) has concretized what once used to be just a dream.

    In 1994, the center has enthralled the SLU and Baguio community with its first ever Boadway musical The King and I. The Sound of Music in 1995, West Side story in 1996, The Fantasticks in 1999 and Les Miserables - a school production in 2002 and 2003 followed it.

    With the center's quest for a broader musical spectrum, came the venture to produce original Musicals and Dance Dramas such as Ang Huling Paalam ni Rizal in 1996, Adivay in 1997, Gabriela Silang Isang Musikal in 1998, Dinulawan Ken Bugan in 2000, Pintakasi and The Tale of Kiwada in 200, and the rerun of Gabriela Silang Isang Musikal in 2003.

    Still, with the center's aim of showcasing the artistic facilities of its resident performing groups came their individual performances. The Dance Troupe under Mrs. Rebecca Nulud as the trainer and choreographer was featured in the shows such as Movements, Let the Beat Control your Body, Sayaw, Kulturang Ginto, Sanlahi, Ganito Kami Noon, and Steps. On the other hand, with the CCA Children's Dance Troupe, recitals were held yearly, starting 1996.

    The Glee Club under Mrs. Bing Pablico as the trainer and musical director, came up with the following choral concerts such as KKK (kantahan, kasiyahan alay sa Kalayaan), MB (Music Breakthrough), and cantatas such as The Word, Slu Glee Club Christmas Special, A Christmas Dream, An Evening in December, and Rhythms Unplugged at the Lobby.

    Moreover, the Tanghalang SLU under Mr. Dan Rommel Riopay as the trainer and director, opens its theatre season every school year staging productions from drama to comedy to farce, and contemporary to satirical plays of the best known Filipino and foreign playwrights such as Andres Bonifacio-Anak ng Bayan, Tribute to Guerrero, Home Honey I'm Hi, The Show Must Go On, The Ugly Duckling and the Frog Prince, Walang Sugat, The Boor, Sham, Aling Poleng, Flores Para Los Muertos, Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio, Madonna, Pitong Taon, The World is an Apple, and the Sign of the Sea Gulls.

    The resident groups are also greatly involved in the school's activities. They are responsible for the annual music, dance and drama festivals which take place during the University days.

    These three potent groups have indeed made a name for themselves, paving the way for numerous invitations to perform outside school like Fil-am International Golf Tournament, Rotary Club, the Baguio Flower Festival, PLDT, Tree House, Zuellig, Texas Instruments Centennial Celebration, Baguio Chorale Concert at the CAP John Hay Trade and Cultural Center, Centennial Celebration in Manila, Philippine Psychiatric Association of the Philippines, John Hay Christmas Celebration to name a few. Moreover, their expertise have brought them opportunities to perform outside Baguio City. The SLU Glee Club performed in Kiangan, Ifugao in 1995. The Dance Troupe and Glee Club had a rare chance of presenting in the University of Saint Louis in Tuguegarao, Cagayan and Saint Mary's University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.

    Last but certainly not the least was the remarkable tour of the Glee club and dance Troupe in California U.S.A in 2000. To top it all, the Dance Troupe and Glee Club have bagged major awards in several competitions.

    The Dance Troupe was a grandslam winner bagging the Hall of Fame Award in the Panagbenga Streetdancing while the Glee Club was Grand Prize Winner for two consecutive years in the Saniweng Competition. Needless to say, all performances of the resident groups of the CCA have reaped astounding feedbacks, truly a testimony of the exemplary capabilities of both its trainers and members.

    Indeed, through ten years, CCA remains a significant venue for the education and training of artists and as a seat of exploring and experiencing the arts. With the unswerving support of our beloved University President Rev. Fr. Paul Van Parijs, the administration and its strategically formed groups, the Center for Culture and the Arts will continue to render its share towards the realization of a vision to look forward to a new dawn of creativity and artistic excellence. Today, we celebrate the Tenth year Anniversary of our inspiration, our pride, our home, the SLU Center for Culture and the Arts.

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    Saint Louis University Libraries

    The SLU Library was founded simultaneously with the founding of SLU as a college in 1952. It started as a one-classroom library but later it expanded and occupied the lower western wing of the old college building, now known as the Gonzaga Building. It then had a collection of 12,000 volumes with a seating capacity of two hundred. The aims were to safeguard the necessary silence and atmosphere needed for research and profound study,and to make the collection grow to support the curriculum.

    Today, the SLU Library has grown enormously into a magnificent, massive building - the Charles Vath Library Building. Looming over the other buildings in the campus and spelling out the big hearts of the early CICM Fathers and Sisters who envisioned to give the people of the Cordilleras and Northern Luzon a good Catholic education, it now houses a collection of 100,000 volumes of print materials, 2,000 titles of non-print materials, 1,000 CDs, 100 units of computers. The once one - classroom library has branched out into 10 library sections, now known as the SLU Libraries with a seventeen -member staff to serve the present school population of 22,000 and outside researchers. Its aims have expanded according to the needs of a growing and getting complex university curricula. With the ongoing computerization and reorganization, the SLU Libraries are set to meet the challenges of library automation, the demands of its users, and the expectations of a world of advancing digitization.

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    I expect respect to all PExers regarding my thread since SLU is so special to me.

    I'll expect mature post in this thread. Thank You!!!

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    I took my 3rd year of high school sa SLU Lab High or "Boys' High" and talagang affordable ang tuition compared sa schools dito sa Metro pag high school ang pag uusapan. Dito ko rin nagustuhan ang subject na Chemistry dahil talagang napakagaling ng teacher namin kaya ngayon di na ako masyado hirap sa Chem. Maganda talaga ang quality dito

    BTW: Bago na ang uniform ng Boys' High diba? Yung patch ay nasa collar na ata?


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    ^ Wow, nice story to share.

    Well, I haven't really attended this school since I was educated from Grade School to college in a public school. All the way public school. I took my college at the PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila).

    However, almost 40% of my relatives studied in this university since most of my them are living in Benguet. The rest studied here in Metro Manila. (UP Manila, PLM and Letran)

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    Congratulations and Happy Centennial

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    magkano per unit sa SLU?

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