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    the best chocolate cake

    so here i am torturing myself again, dreaming and craving for that ultimate piece of bliss called the chocolate cake. so what for you is the best chocolate cake around town? i'v stumbled on a few articles before but it would be nice if we could come up with our list. photos are very much welcome, yum!

    the one's that made it on my list so far are the following:

    1. Hungry Pac's yes!

    2. Sweet Inspiration's Chocolate Decadent

    3. Casa Xocolat's That Chocolate Cake

    4. SKOW Marikina's Chocolate Caramel Cake

    (not all photos are mine )

    kayo naman please!

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    My favorite......

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    ...ooohhhh... for me, the best ang chocolate cake ng Shoppersville, Katipunan...It was featured in the top 5 chocolate cakes at Q tv...sponginess of the cake base is just right, blending with the dark chocolate frosting and caramel filling--melting in your mouth... ...aahhh...

    ...labas-dila heaven... ...aaahhhh...

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    oo nga pala, mura din yung cake slice nila at masarap pa. katipunan indeed is a chocolate cake heaven.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarVee View Post
    My favorite......

    saan yan?

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    ^ photo from

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    Chocolate-Caramel cake from Banapple!

    Credits to the owner of the photo

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    red ribbon choco heaven cake

    red ribbon smores chocolate cake

    starbucks chocolate cake

    contis choco overload cake

    contis chocolate mousse

    cielyns chocolate midnight fudge cake -cheapest, tastiest cake ever!!!

    -ALL are not my photos!
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    Eto ang masarap para sa akin na chocolate cake at sabi ng iba ay parang sans rival ren. Torte ala Reyes from Aristocrat bakeshop

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    Bellevue's Chocolate Truffle Cake is amazing.

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    For the cheapest one, I'd go with Red Ribbon's Moist Chocolate Slice for php 20+ only

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    UCC's Chocolate Fudge Cake

    /i'm nät skerd tə bē sēn, ī māk nō ə-ˈpä-lə-jēz. t͟həs is mē/
    /heɪtəs ɡɒnə heɪt. səʊ bʌɪt miː/

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    Flourless Chocolate Cake (yung may ice cream sa pic), Tosca Resto, Dusit Thani Hotel

    Sarap nito!

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    Mocha Blends coffee are hell but their toffee cake is amazing! Too bad I don't bring my camera whenever I go there just to have a slice of their cake. It's dense, super moist, the toffee frosting is to die for! Then there's extra crunch from the chocolate sprinkles.

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    I would rate the best chocolate cake at 8/10 which come with moist and dense cake, and topped with some rich fudge either caramel or chocolate.

    I'm still looking for my 10/10 though that would be some chocolate cake with a little saltiness and crunchiness.

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    awww.... love this topic! i'm craving for chocolate cake... waaahhh...

    have you tried.. Julie's Bakeshop's Chocolate moist Cake?... bumibili ako nito sa SM Hypermarket, JRU Branch... mura per silce, 12pesos i think (syempre Julie's Bakeshop eh) *** buo, 170 ata...

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    ^^ay wow, that's a surprise, masarap pala ang cake sa Julie's!

    i don't really want a cake that's too dense, but yes i'd want it really soft and moist and not too sweet nor too bitter. caramel and yema filling is a plus plus!

    oo nga pala, may whammos pa ba? i love the blue one, chocolate with vanilla!

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    [QUOTE=purpleheadd07;57336725]^^ay wow, that's a surprise, masarap pala ang cake sa Julie's!

    sa may SM Hypermarket Shaw ko *** po un nakita..heheh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by freshbabe View Post

    cielyns chocolate midnight fudge cake -cheapest, tastiest cake ever!!!

    -ALL are not my photos!

    The fudginess looks promising! Where can we buy this?

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