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    KYLA and KylaOnliners: IT'S ALL ABOUT US! (Thread 16)

    Melanie Hernandez Calumpad (born January 5, 1981), better known by her stage name Kyla, is an R&B singer, songwriter, producer, TV host, and occasional actress and commercial model from the Philippines.

    She began her career in 2000 and has released a total of eight albums to date, all of which were certified Platinum albums. Kyla is currently managed by EMI (Philippines)/PolyEast Records, ALV Talent Circuit, and Tarra Group (Indonesia).

    Early life

    The third child of four, Kyla entered singing contests and won a contest sponsored by the Manila radio station DZRH in 1991. In 1993 she joined a singing competition "Tanghalan ng Kampeon." After seven consecutive wins, she was crowned grand champion with the song "I Am Changing" as her winning piece.

    On February 1994, Kyla joined the Wednesday group of That's Entertainment, an afternoon variety show on GMA Network using her real name, Melanie, as her screen name. She represented Philippines at 4th Yamaha Song Festival in Japan on August 1995 and joined a band as a lead singer the following year. She won at the Metropop Young Singers Competition on October 1997 with "Over the Rainbow" as her winning piece.

    After several attempts to ink a recording deal, she recorded the Demo "One More Try" for Metropop Songfest on January 2000. Although the song did not win, the cover caught the attention of Octo Arts' and EMI Philippines Label Manager, Francis Guevarra. She signed the contract with EMI Philippines on April 2000 and was given the stage name 'Kyla' meaning princess.

    She graduated high school at San Sebastian College - Recoletos and earned her Bachelor's Degree at Philippine Christian University.

    2000-2003: Debut & Early International Activities

    At the age of 20, Kyla released her debut album, Way To Your Heart, under Octo Arts EMI in 2001. The album produced the singles "Bring It On" and "Hanggang Ngayon". "Hanggang Ngayon" won at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards as the International Viewer's Choice Awardee for Southeast Asia as well as the "Favorite Female Video and Favorite New Artist at MTV Pilipinas.

    Kyla's next album, Kyla, contained the R&B/Pop song "I Feel For You" as the carrier single. She collaborated with Gary Valenciano for his single "Let’s Stop and Talk Awhile." She also collaborated with Malaysian R&B artist, Ferhad for his single "What More"

    Kyla joined the noontime variety show SOP as a regular host on April 24, 2002. On November 29, 2002, Kyla interpreted the song "Buti Na Lang" at the Metropop Songfest.

    Kyla released her third album, I Will Be There, which is also the title of her ballad carrier single on May 23, 2003. The album also produced the single "Bounce." She performed the song "Flexin" with British R&B group Blue at the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore that same year. Kyla made special appearances in sitcoms and made her acting debut in the telenovela Narito Ang Puso Ko.

    2004-2006: Not Your Ordinary Girl and Beautiful Days

    Kyla opened 2004 with her birthday celebration at SOP with a surprise duet from American singer-songwriter and producer, Keith Martin. Kyla had included one of his songs in her Perfefctly Acoustic compilation album released December 2003.

    In 2004, she released the album, Not Your Ordinary Girl. It spawned five number-one singles: "Because of You", "Human Nature", "If the Feeling Is Gone", "Not Your Ordinary Girl", and "Till They Take My Heart Away". The same year, she opened for Alicia Keys Live in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum. Her concert, Kyla "Not Just Your Ordinary Girl" at the Araneta Coliseum on November 12, 2004, was a certified sold out concert as well.

    From 2006 to 2007, Kyla hosted Popstar Kids, which aired on QTV.

    In 2006, Kyla released her fifth album, Beautiful Days for which Kyla co-wrote the number one single "Beautiful Days". She also began dating PBA Basketball Player, Rich Alvarez.

    2007-2009: Heartsongs

    In 2007, she released her sixth album, Heartfelt. The album contained 17 tracks, including "I Don't Want You to Go" and "It's Over Now".

    Kyla has also been regularly appearing on the variety show SOP Rules, which airs on GMA Network every Sunday. She also sings duets with Jay-R, in a segment called "Souled Out".

    After Heartfelt, she released and co-produced her seventh album, 2008's Heart 2 Heart. The album produced the 2009 singles "Old Friend" and "Back in Time", written by Jay-R. The song "You Make Me Feel", was written with Jay-R. "Back in Time" won "OPM Song of the Year" at the RX 93.1 Awards and "Best Collaboration Award" at the Wave 89.1 Urban Music Awards. In 2010, "Back in Time" also won "Favorite song" at the MYX Music Awards. Along with these awards she also won "OPM Female Artist of the Year" and "OPM Female Artist of the Decade" at the RX 93.1 Awards late 2009.

    2010-present: International activities and Private Affair

    On February 14, 2010, Kyla joined fellow R&B artists Jay-R and Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil for a special Valentine's Day concert.

    Kyla received nominations at 2010 MYX Music Awards including Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Mellow Video for Old Friend, Favorite Collaboration and Favorite Song for Back in Time with Jay-R, and Favorite Remake for the album Heart 2 Heart.

    In celebration of a 10-years of prominence in the music industry, PolyEast Records released 27 of the "R&B royalty's" biggest hits in a two-CD compilation: “Essence of Soul: The Hits Collection along with a new song, "Hanggang Wakas". "Hanggang Wakas" is a duet with Malaysian pop-R&B artist Hazami, who first wrote the song in Bahasa entitled “Tekad."

    Kyla is a regular performer/host of GMA’s Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas. On November 29, 2010, she held a concert with Jay-R entitled "SoulMates." At this time, Kyla signed with Terra Group in Indonesia.

    Kyla is currently recording an album in Indonesia and Malaysia while her album, Private Affair, was released on November 30, 2010 under EMI and PolyEast Records. It's first single is "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)". Its second single, "Don't Tie Me Down" which was written by Kyla, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, Billy Crawford, and Jimmy Muna was released in January.

    Personal life

    Kyla graduated from Philippine Christian University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications. Her father is a lawyer and she has three siblings. In 2005, Kyla began dating Philippine Basketball Association player Rich Alvarez. On February 10, 2011, she announced their engagement.


    For more updates visit/join:

    KylaOnline on Multiply

    PrincessKyla (Multiply)

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    Way To Your Heart
    Philippine Copyright 2000 by Octo Arts EMI Music, Inc.

    1. Bring It On
    3. Lost In Paradise
    4. Summertime
    5. Blind
    6. Hanggang Ngayon
    7. One More Try
    8. All I Need Is You
    9. Something Special
    10. Way To Your Heart

    Philippine Copyright 2002 by EMI Philippines, Inc.

    1. I Feel For You
    2. Oooh Your Love
    3. Ibalik Ang Panahon
    4. I'm Into You - Composed by KYLA
    5. Umulan Man O Umaraw
    6. Bakit Ikaw Pa
    7. Tanging Pag-Ibig Ko
    8. This Day.. - Composed by KYLA
    9. Sa Iyong Paglayo
    10. Ikaw Pa Rin
    11. Til I Got You
    12. Hanggang Ngayon (Remix)

    I Will Be There
    Philippine Copyright 2003 by EMI Philippines, Inc.

    1. I Will Find You
    2. Bounce - Kyla featuring Razor Ray
    3. I Will Be there
    4. Let Go
    5. Always On Time
    6. Bakit Wala Ka Pa
    7. Let You Go - Kyla featuring Razor Ray
    8. Maghihintay Lamang
    9. Love To Hate
    10. Walang Iba
    11. Here I Stand
    12. With You

    13. Sana'y Maulit Muli - Kyla with Gary Valenciano
    14. Flexin' - Kyla with Blue

    Not Your Ordinary Girl
    Philippine Copyright 2004 by EMI Philippines, Inc. and Polyeast Records

    1. Someone To Love
    2. Human Nature
    3. When I'm With You
    4. Make Me Whole
    5. Not Your Ordinary Girl - feat. Jimmy Muna
    6. If The Feeling Is Gone
    7. Only For You - with Keith Martin
    8. What More Can I Say
    9. Making Me Crazy
    10. Till They Take My Heart Away
    11. Something About You - featuring Thor
    12. Hindi Mo Ba Alam - featuring PKSO
    13. I'm All Yours
    14. Buti Na Lang
    15. Because Of You

    Beautiful Days
    Philippine Copyright 2006 by EMI Philippines, Inc.

    1. Beautiful Days - Composed by KYLA
    2. Cupid
    3. Ngayong Wala Ka Na
    4. Doin' Just Fine
    5. Nasaan Ka Na
    6. I Wish I Wasn't

    7. Feel
    8. The Hurt I'd Go Through
    9. Love Is
    10. I Wish You Love
    11. How Am I Gonna Tell Composed by KYLA
    12. Without You
    13. Now And Forever
    14. Say That You Love Me

    Philippine Copyright 2007 by EMI Philippines, Inc.

    1. I Don t Want You To Go
    2. Love Will Lead You Back
    3. I Don t Have The Heart
    4. Broken Hearted
    5. Home
    6. I Miss You So Much
    7. Always And Forever
    8. Wait For You
    9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    15. It's Over Now
    16. For You
    17. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Alternate Version)

    Heart 2 Heart
    Philippine Copyright 2008 by EMI Philippines, Inc.

    1. Heart to Heart
    2. I Miss You
    3. Old Friend
    4. Love On A Two Way Street
    5. I'll Never Give Up
    6. Stay Awake
    7. I'll Be Over You
    8. You Make Me Feel
    9. Drive
    10. I Can't Tell You Why
    11. Tahan Na
    12. Misty Glass Window
    13. Bus Stop
    14. Back In Time duet with Jay-R
    15. Ribbon In The Sky
    16. My Grown Up Christmas List

    Essence of Soul
    Philippine Copyright 2010 by EMI Philippines, Inc. and Polyeast Records

    Disc 1:

    1/ Hanggang Ngayon
    2. Because of You
    3. Back In Time
    4. Old Friend
    5. It’s Over Now
    6. ’Til They Take My Heart Away
    7. You Make Me Feel
    8. One Day in Your Life
    9. Nasaan Ka Na
    10. If I Were You
    11. Someone To Love
    12. I’ll Be Over You
    13. Bring It On
    14. If The Feeling Is Gone

    Disc 2:

    1. Heart To Heart
    2. Love Will Lead You Back
    3. Not Your Ordinary Girl
    4. Beautiful Days
    5. Say That You Love Me
    6. Human Nature
    7. I Feel For You
    8. One More Try
    9. Make Me Whole
    10. I Will Be There
    11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    12. Ngayong Wala Ka Na
    13. I Don’t Want You To Go
    14Hanggang Wakas (Duet with Hazami)

    Private Affair
    Philippine Copyright 2010 by Polyeast Records

    1. Listen
    2. Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)
    3. Dagli na Lang
    4. Don't Tie Me Down
    5. How Deep Is Your Love
    6. Private Affair
    7. Camouflage
    8. It's All About Us
    9. A Song for the Love in Summer
    10. Keep the Faith
    11. Don't Tie Me Down (House Mix)

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    With 10 years of prominence in the music industry, Kyla has accumulated numerous awards from many criticaly acclaimed Philippine Music Award giving bodies, surpassing many of her contemporaries.


    24th Awit Awards
    Song of The Year: "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
    Performance Award
    Best R&B Recording: "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
    Best Musical Arrangement: "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
    Best Vocal Arrangement: "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
    Best Engineered Recording: "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"


    MYX Music Awards:
    Favorite Song: Back in Time with Jay-R
    Favorite Mellow Video: Old Friend

    Favorite Female Artist
    Favorite Collaboration (with Jay-R)
    Favorite Remake -Heart 2 Heart
    Wave 89.1 Urban Music Awards: Best Collaboration "Back in Time" with Jay-R


    RX 93.1 Awards:
    OPM Female Artist of the Decade (winner)
    OPM Female Artist of the Year (winner)
    OPM Song of the Year: Back in Time (feat. JayR) (winner)
    ASAP 24k Gold Awards: Female Awardee
    Gold Record Award: "Heart 2 Heart"
    Pure n' Fresh Top Teen Awards: Top Teen Female Entertainer

    Awit Awards:
    Best Collaboration: Back In Time with Jay-R
    Best R&B: You Make Me Feel
    Best Musical Arrangement: Ribbon In The Sky (Musical Arranger: Bobby Velasco)
    Best Vocal Arrangement: Ribbon In The Sky (Vocal Arranger : Arnie Mendaros)
    MYX Music Awards: Favorite Female Artist
    1st Radio Music Awards: Favorite RnB - Solo1st Star Awards for Music:
    Best R&B Artist
    Best R&B Album: Heart 2 Heart


    ASAP 24k Gold Record Award 2008
    Awit Award: Best Ballad for It's Over Now
    Gold Record Award "Heartfelt"

    Awit Awards:
    Best Recording by a Female Artist: Love Will Lead You Back
    Best Ballad: It's Over Now


    3rd MYX Music Award: Favorite Remake for Love Will Lead You Back from
    the album Heartfelt.

    YES! Mag's Readers' Choice Awards: Hitmaker of the Year for the song Beautiful Days

    3rd MYX Music Awards: Favorite Female Artist
    3rd MYX Music Awards: Favorite Mellow Video for Love Will Lead You Back

    2006 (Nominations)

    MYX Music Award: Favorite Collaboration for "Say that you love me" with Jay R
    Awit Award:Best Ballad for Beautiful Days


    1st Philippine Annual Hip-hop Music Awards: First Filipina recipient of the Female R&B Artist of the Year Award by Empire Entertainment at the 1st Annual Philippine Hip-Hop Music Awards
    ASAP Platinum Circle Award 2005
    Platinum Record Award "Not Your Ordinary Girl"

    Awit Awards:
    Album of the Year - (Not Your Ordinary Girl)
    Best Ballad: If The Feeling Is Gone
    Best R&B Song: Not Your Ordinary Girl (feat. Jimmy Muna), Something About You (feat. Thor), Hindi Mo Ba Alam (feat. PKaso)
    MTV Pilipinas: Favorite Female Artist
    1st Philippine Annual Hip-hop Music Awards: R&B Video of the Year - (Not Your Ordinary Girl)


    Gold Record Award "Not Your Ordinary Girl"
    Awit Awards:
    People’s Choice Artist
    Best Performance by a Duet: Sana Maulit Muli (with Gary V.)
    Best R&B Song: I Will Find You
    National Consumer’s Choice Awards: Best Female Artist
    RX 93.1 Awards: OPM Female Artist of the Year
    Tinig Awards: NPC’s Tinig 2004 honorees

    Aliw Awards: Best Concert Act (Female) and Best Performer in Hotel, Music Lounges and Bars and Most Promising Female Entertainer
    Awit Awards: Best R&B Song - Bounce and Best Vocal Arrangement - Always on Time


    Metropop Song Festival: Close-up Planet Choice Song - Buti na Lang(Interpreter); 3rd Place Winner - Buti na Lang

    Katha Awards: Best R&B Song: This Day (from the Album: Kyla, Interpreter/Songwriter)


    Aliw Awards: Best New Female Artist
    Katha Awards:
    Best R&B Performance: Tara Tena
    Best R&B Song: Tara Tena (with Kaya & V3)
    Song of the Year: Tara Tena
    Magic 89.9 Awards: Female Artist of the Year
    MTV Pilipinas: Best Song - I Feel For You
    RX 93.1 Awards: OPM Female Artist of the Year (for the 2nd Straight Year) and OPM Song of the Year - I Feel For You.

    Katha Awards: Best Rap Performance: Laro (with D’Coy)
    MTV Pilipinas: Best Female Artist


    Awit Awards:
    Best New Female Recording Artist
    Music Video of the Year - Hanggang Ngayon
    Music Video Performance of the Year
    Best R&B Music - Bring it On
    Guillermo Mendoza Foundation Awards: Most Promising Female Artist
    MTV Pilipinas: Best Video - Hanggang Ngayon
    MTV Pilipinas: Best New Artist
    MTV Video Music Awards: MTV Southeast Asia Viewers' Choice Winner
    JAM: Himig Handog Sa Makabagong Kabataan
    Grand Prize Winner: Tara Tena (Interpreter)
    RX 93.1 Awards: OPM Female Artist of the Year
    KCFM 93.9 Awards: Breakthrough Artist of the Year

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    Kyla - Lupang Hinirang (Pacquaio Versus Barrera - Las Vegas, Nevada)

    Kyla and Keith Martin - Because Of You

    Kyla and Ronan Keating - We've Got Tonight

    Kyla and Blue (UK) - Flexin'

    Kyla and Fra Lippo Lippi - Wish We Were Two (Norway)

    Kyla and Ferhad - What More (Malaysia)

    Kyla and Hazami - Hanggang Wakas (Malaysia)

    Kyla and Noryn Aziz - Tenman (Hanggang Ngayon) (Malaysia)

    Kyla and Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch

    Kyla and Joeniar Arief - Indah Cinta Kita (Indonesia)

    Kyla serenades American Idol's David Archuleta - And I'm Telling You (Jennifer Hudson)

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    Kyla - The RnB Princess Of The Philippines
    by purigiti

    Kyla - The RnB Princess Of The Philippines
    by purpledaze06

    Dedicated to Kyla - The RnB Princess Of The Philippines
    by NumeroYi

    Dedicated to Kyla - The RnB Princess Of The Philippines
    by clubtipsy

    Kyla My RnB Princess

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    Kyla - It's My Turn (Diana Ross)

    Kyla - And I'm telling You (Jennifer Hudson)/ I have Nothing (Whitney Houston)

    Kyla - I Believe, I Can Fly (R. Kelly)

    Kyla - The Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston)

    Kyla - Last Chance

    Kyla - Old Friend, I Miss You

    Kyla - Listen (Beyonce Knowles)

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    Kyla - Lady Gaga Medley

    Kyla - Get Up (Ciara)

    Kyla - Express/Burlesque (Christina Aguilera)

    Kyla - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (Alcia Keys)

    Kyla - Broken Hearted Girl (Beyonce)

    Kyla - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)

    Kyla - Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

    Kyla - Who You Are (Jessie J)

    Kyla - Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin) (Original)

    Kyla - Don't Tie Me Down (Original)

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    Kyla -I Don't Want You To Go


    Kyla -Love Will Lead You Back


    Kyla -If The Feeling Is Gone


    Kyla -It's Over Now


    Kyla - Old Friend


    Kyla -Beautiful Days


    Kyla - Hanggang Ngayon


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    Heart to Heart with Kyla
    By Baby A. Gil
    December 03, 2008

    Kyla has been singing for almost 10 years now. She is now on her seventh album. But she still feels she needs to accomplish more. “I want to have a triple or even a quadruple Platinum album,” she muses. Given her good sales performance, that can happen anytime. But then not that I think she needs to. As the local R&B princess, she is already a consistent hitmaker. Examples are Hanggang Ngayon, I Don’t Want You to Go and Ngayong Wala Ka Na.

    Besides, I think it is already remarkable that she is one of the few girls in local showbusiness who has managed to steer free of gossip columns or has ever been in some sort of scandal. She has supportive parents and siblings who can also sing but prefer to pursue their own careers. She has been in a serious relationship with a basketball star boyfriend for three years now. Rich Alvarez is also very supportive but like her family, he also keeps things low-profile.

    The only times Kyla gets into the news is when she sings, like now with the release of a new album, Heart to Heart. “This is something new to me. After releasing six albums that truly helped me grow artistically and professionally, I wanted to do something on my seventh album that I could be more proud of not just being a singer but a professional artist in all aspects. It was a great experience.”

    There are three originals in the CD. Two of them, Back in Time and You Make Me Feel were co-written by Kyla with Jay-R. The other one is Tahan Na by Toto Sorioso. Hopefully one, or all of them will become hits and give her a multi-platinum award. For now though, what is sure to go big with local buyers are the covers.

    Her sixth album, the gold-selling Heartfelt, which came out a year ago was also mostly made up of covers. One, in fact, the Taylor Dayne classic Love Will Lead You Back became one of Kyla’s biggest hits. Listeners also raved about her rendition of the standard Over the Rainbow, which was known as her competition song when she was starting out.

    That a lot of people enjoy hearing her sing is no surprise. Kyla is thankfully one of those artists who has early on developed her own style and has a distinctive, easily recognizable voice. She has never been afflicted with the plakang-plaka syndrome. So she is able to take these old songs and make them her own.

    Lead cut is the title song, Heart to Heart, a Kenny Loggins hit in the ‘80s. Others are I Miss You by Klymaxx; Old Friend by Phyllis Hyman; Love on a Two Way Street by Smokey Robinson; I’ll Never Give Up by Amy Holland; Stay Awake by Ronnie Laws; I’ll be Over You by Toto; Drive by Cars; I Can’t Tell You Why by The Eagles; Misty Glass Window by Artstart; Bus Stop by The Hollies; Ribbon in The Sky by Stevie Wonder; and as a bonus track, David Foster’s My Grown Up Christmas List which had been recorded by Natalie Cole, Amy Grant, Michael Bublé and others.

    She says, “I hope everyone will listen to every song and sing it from the heart like I do.” Well done, Kyla.


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    Essence of Soul documents Kyla's greatest hits
    Bong Godinez
    Friday, July 30, 2010
    04:07 PM

    Eight platinum albums along with numerous hits earn R&B Princess Kyla the right to release an anthology album of her own.

    Essence of Soul gathers the 28-year-old singer's well-loved singles in a two-disc collection produced and distributed by PolyEast Records.

    Tracks included in the record are "Hanggang Ngayon," "Nasaan Ka Na," "Back In Time," "Beautiful Days," "I Feel For You," "Not Your Ordinary Girl," along with renditions of "Because Of You," "Old Friend," "One Day In Your Life," "I'll Be Over You," "If The Feeling Is Gone," "It's Over Now," "Love Will Lead You Back," and "Human Nature," among others.

    Kyla has released eight records all in all: Way To Your Heart (2001), Kyla (2002), I Will Be There (2003), Not Your Ordinary Girl (2004), Let The Love Begin (2005), Beautiful Days (2006), Heartfelt (2007), and Heart 2 Heart (2008).

    Incidentally, the release of Essence of Soul coincides with Kyla's tenth anniversary in the entertainment business.

    "What this retrospective album shows is that over the last 10 years, she has used her warm voice with subtlety and to excellent effect. Kyla has always created music for the people. Great melodies, simple lyrics and groovy sounds are all part of what makes Kyla still a star. This album is a record to listen to and a record of our times and for this generation—that in our midst, Kyla became one of the few who made it for a decade and more decades to come," PolyEast Records said in a statement.

    The album also features a new song titled, "Hanggang Wakas." Kyla recorded the tune together with Malaysian pop-R&B artist Hazami. Arnie Mendaros translated the song (titled "Tekad" in Bahasa) in Filipino.

    Essence of Soul will serve as a pleasant prelude to Kyla's upcoming all-original album scheduled to be launched late this year.

    Kyla's Essence of Soul is now available at record bars nationwide.

    Source: PEP

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    Kyla in a private affair
    By Baby A. Gil

    2010 was a good year for Kyla. The local R&B Princess had a big hit with Back In Time, a duet with Jay-R. She celebrated her first 10 years in the music business with the release of Essence Of Soul, a compilation of her 27 biggest sellers. And then to cap things off, she ended the year with a bang. Kyla did not really make so much noise in the literal sense. Think fireworks or firecrackers or maybe some media controversy. That is not her style. What she made was good music, the light and soulful kind she enjoys doing. And those that she did for her latest album Private Affair are signs that all is not lost for the future of Filipino music.

    This is because after a long period when she was recording mostly covers of old favorites, Private Affair is made up almost entirely of original compositions. This is a big risk nowadays given the tepid market for OPM tunes. But when you have somebody of Kyla’s stature willing to put her career on the line for the music, then the CD is really a dream come true. The sole departure from the theme is her cover of How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees. The song made the cut because it is one of Kyla’s long-time favorites and she had always dreamed of one day recording her own version. Beside from that, the CD is a virtual feast of OPM that might hopefully become classics.

    Private in the case of Kyla’s new album also means personal because it provided an opportunity for Kyla to work with people she loves. For one there is A Song For The Love In Summer. This original with the sweet, romantic title was a song that Kyla’s father, Ulysis Calumpad, who was a musician in his youth, composed to woo her mother. It is obvious that the song worked. But after it had done its job, it was just left lying around with old papers, forgotten for almost 30 years. That is until somebody remembered the song and told Kyla about it. She was of course, very happy about being able to record the truly special composition.

    Then there is also the smooth R&B tune, Don’t Tie Me Down which appears twice in the CD. The second track is a laid-back house mix version. Kyla co-produced and co-wrote this cut with her good friends, Jay-R, Billy Crawford, Kris Lawrence and Jimmy Muna. This is a sign that she is learning things about the business of production in the studio and taking more control over her material. I will not be surprised if she will write and produce more cuts in her coming albums.

    The public’s enthusiastic response to the album’s first single, Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin,) shows that there will surely be chances for Kyla to do more writing and producing soon. Composed by Francis Louis Salazar, the song has become a big radio favorite. The video directed by Treb Monteras, which shows a glamorous Kyla in period costumes and make-up, is now also a big hit in the MYX music channel where it is No. 3 in the Pinoy MYX Countdown.

    It is great to see Kyla open the year with a hit song and hopefully, she will have more before 2011 is over. The other possible sellers in the album are Listen, Dagli Na Lang, Private Affair, Camouflage, It’s All About Us and Keep The Faith.

    Meanwhile, here are the first hit videos of the year as tabulated by the Pinoy MYX Countdown: Sino Nga Ba Siya? the latest single by Sarah Geronimo; Liwanag by Callalily; Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin) by Kyla; You Don’t Know by Regine Velasquez; Song For the Suspect by Franco; Lagi by Kiss Jane; Kahit May Mahal Ka Nang Iba by Mark Bautista; Lumapit by Archipelago; What’s Your Poison by Chicosci; Naked by Salamin.

    Ang Huling Yakap Ng Mundo by Imago; Hanging Habagat by Champ; Today I’ll See The Sun by Frencheska Farr; Paasa by All For Patricia; Going Nowhere by Hilera; Sa Silid by SLEX; Naaalala Ka by Jericho Rosales; Fly With Me by Duncan Ramos; Xanadu by Rachel Alejandro; and Watchin’ Me by Hi-C.


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    Singer Kyla is now engaged to PBA player Rich Alvarez
    PEP - Friday, February 11

    Labis ang kasiyahan ng R&B Princess na si Kyla matapos niyang aminin sa interview ng Tweetbiz ngayong gabi, February 10, na engaged na sila ng basketball player at long-time boyfriend niyang si Rich Alvarez.

    Last week daw naganap sa isang hotel ang pagpo-propose ni Rich kay Kyla.

    "Umiyak ako nang bonggang-bongga kasi hindi ko talaga ine-expect," sabi ni Kyla.

    Nasorpresa raw talaga siya dahil akala niya ay magdi-dinner lang sila sa pinuntahan nilang hotel. Nagulat na lang siya nang makita ang mga pamilya nila ni Rich doon. At naganap na nga ang proposal.

    Kailan naman ang kasal?

    "Wala pang date ang kasal kasi kaka-engage ko pa lang," ani Kyla.

    Bagamat wala pang eksaktong araw ng kasal ay sigurado naman daw na ngayong taon ito magaganap.

    Sa bahay daw na ipinapagawa ni Rich sila titira after ng wedding.

    Parehong 30 years old sina Kyla at Rich.

    WISH COME TRUE. Bago ang pag-aming ito, tila ang pagpo-propose niRich ang hinihintay ni Kyla na mangyari.

    Sa phone patch interview nga ng Tweetbiz kay Kyla noong January 5, na nagkataong birthday mismo ng singer, sinabi niya na ang best birthday gift daw sa kanya ay kung magpo-propose ng kasal si Rich. Although ayaw naman daw niyang i-pressure ang kanyang boyfriend.

    Sigurado na raw kasi si Kyla na si Rich na ang gusto niyang pakasalan after ng kanilang limang taong relasyon.

    Sinabi pa ng singer na okay lang sa kanya kung this year magaganap ang wedding nila. Sa tingin naman niya ay ready na silang dalawa ni Rich.

    One month after nga ay nakamit na rin ni Kyla ang kanyang birthday wish.

    Source: PEP

    Party Pilipinas - Kyla and Rich Alvarez Engagement Announcement (2/13/11)

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    Kyla characteristically starts strong when she discusses the positive experience she has with the feminonica band, General Luna. Like most fans (and even the artists themselves) Kyla starts out wondering what kind of musical adventure they are about to embark upon. She talks about her carrier single “Mahal Kita,” and how she feels most of her bands will be able to relate with the romantic theme. Watch her video and get more of the famous Kyla on Coca-Cola Music Studio.

    Kyla Interview

    Kyla and Gen. LUNA : Mash Up of Mahal kita (Di Mo Pansin) and Tila

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    Kyla in Coke Music Studio
    May 2011

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    General Luna and Kyla


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    [INDONESIA] Daily Premiere 10 Juni - Joeniar Arief Feat. Kyla

    Indah Cinta Kita

    JA kembali dengan single ketiga dari album Melayang Tinggi

    Artis : Joeniar Arief Feat. Kyla
    Album : Melayang Tinggi
    Label : Platinum & Catz Records

    JA kembali dengan single ketiga dari album Melayang Tinggi, lagu yang berjudul Indah Cinta Kita...di single ketiga ini JA mengajak kita kembali falshback ke era musik tahun 80an..nuansa R&B Dance di lagu ini mengingatkan kita betapa dekade 80an adalah slah satu dekade terbaik dalam sejarah musik dunia...

    Indah Cinta Kita bercerita tentang hubungan kasih asmara antara dua sejoli yang terpisah didua negara, dengan nuansa R&B yang sangat kental, dilagu ini JA berkolaborasi dengan Kyla, seorang R&B princess asal Filipina.

    Indah Cinta Kita merupakan lagu versi bahasa Indonesia dari lagu “Hinahanap Hanap Kita” lagu terkenal karya Rico Blanco yang dipopulerkan oleh Rivermaya pada tahun 1997 juga pernah dinyanyikan ulang oleh Regine Velasquez pada 2006..

    Bagaimana lagu ini menjadi sebuah single yang kental dengan nuansa R&B nya..disinilah kehebatan JA terbukti, apalagi dengan dukungan vocal dari seorang diva R&B asal Filipina bernama Kyla...pantaslah kalau lagu Indah Cinta Kita ini menjadi salah satu lagu R&B yang wajib didengerin oleh semua penikmat musik R&B di nusantara tercinta.


    Joeniar Arief featuring Kyla - Indah Cinta Kita video featured on World News website.


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    I-Shine Talent Camp

    Kyla is one of the judges of Promil's I-Shine Talent Camp on GMA. See her @ 2:14!

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    Kyla in Party Pilipinas

    Catch Kyla every Sunday in Party Pilipinas, 12:15 PM.

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