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    David Cook 13.0: ...before This Loud Morning gets it right and does us in

    Welcome to our new balay, Cookistas and all David Cook fans!

    These are exciting times for us! For finally, after a long, agonizing wait (what, let's be honest here, heh!), David is set to release his new album, This Loud Morning, on June 28! Most of you already know where the album title (and our thread title) come from. But for those who don't - it's from the song Rapid Eye Movement, the closing track of the album. More specifically, it’s from a line which David has said is the best two-line lyric he's penned in his 15+ year career as a songwriter. It reads -

    Give me one more quiet night before this loud morning gets it right and does me in

    And so yes, now you get the pun in our titles, yes? The wait nearly killed us, so I’m sure finally getting to listen to it will do us all in *cue canned laughter* Note the "quiet night" phrase in that same line, btw. The David Cook Official Music Store offers a This Loud Morning Fan Edition which includes, in addition to a 14-track CD (12 tracks of regular edition + 2 bonus tracks) and a Making Of This Loud Morning DVD, a special acoustic EP entitled This Quiet Night. Pretty clever, that David Cook, eh?

    Before we begin, a little history lesson for those new to the fandom (or those who are curious as to who or what the Cookistas are):

    David Cook 1.0 The True Rocker of AI7: David Cook : Where it all started. Midway through American Idol season 7, David Cook already had a strong, vocal following whom he earned through sheer talent and hard work, but at the time it was a well-known fact that he was not the Chosen One. All through the thread, more and more fans joined in the fray, dedicated enough to log in hundreds and hundreds of votes from across cyberspace. By the end of the thread, we already had our American Idol.

    David Cook 2.0 Consider Yourselves Cookified! : Where we ooh’d and aah’d over DC’s American Idol tour performances, awaited developments and news about his upcoming album – the label (RCA), producer (Rob Cavallo), collaborators (too many to mention, see Wiki) -- and marvelled at that sneaky little Magic Rainbow which has since then turned into Platinum Rainbow

    David Cook 3.0 Thread Still Untitled, Just Like His Album : Where we talked about the then much-anticipated yet-untitled debut album

    David Cook 4.0 `Cause we love, and we bleed, and we stole his soul to set him free : Where anticipation for the debut album was at its height, and where album release day finally came. It took us only a little over a month to finish the thread.

    David Cook 5.0 He’ll be GOLD for Christmas!: Where we eagerly monitored HDD and Soundscan sales figures for DCTR, celebrated David’s birthday and the album’s GOLD status, and basically enjoyed the holidays and looked forward to a new year with high hopes for David Cook’s success in the music industry.

    David Cook 6.0 We’re Crashing Down In His Davalanche: Which we started earlier than anyone expected, and where we started 2009 in high spirits. This was made especially memorable as we ended 2008 with Magic 89.9’s Yearend Countdown, where Time of My Life landed at #3 (to everyone’s surprise!), and Always Be My Baby at #1. In the following weeks we showed our support for Avalanche, then newly added to the playlist of Magic 89.9, and Max 103.5. We began the thread with Avalanche at #4 in Magic’s Top [email protected] daily countdown. We ended the thread with Avalanche ruling both Magic 89.9 and Max 103.5’s weekly countdowns.

    David Cook 7.0 Cook Out, On the Lookout: Where we continued to support Avalanche on Magic and Max, and eagerly awaited news on The Declaration Tour. Thread 7.0 saw the creation of Ang Cookistang Miron, which logs the best videos from the concert tour.

    David Cook 8.0 To Platinum and Beyond!!!: Where we continued to follow the Declaration Tour via cellcasts and Cookistang Miron, and saw the addition of Come Back to Me (aka Windy) to the playlists of Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. Come Back To Me climbed the charts in no time, achieving the first grandslam of the year on Philippine radio for 2009, as we ended the thread.

    David Cook 9.0: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!!: Which we began with confidence, for we had already received official confirmation of the Manila concert. Anticipation went sky high, and preparations were made for the concert. At the same time, we continued to support Come Back to Me, which logged an amazing amount of #1s on Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. The Come Back to Me music video (aka ydniW/Windy video) debuted in the US at the end of March also, and so we joined our American counterparts in supporting it. David Cook finally arrived in Manila as we reached the final pages.

    David Cook 9.1: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!!: Which started on the very day David set foot on Philippine soil. This thread saw an insane amount of traffic as all eyes in the DC fanverse were on Manila, and this thread. Long time lurkers and new visitors began posting as well as updates kept coming in – it was the concert week, and there was just so much to report and talk about. The thread abounds with news, pictures, and links to articles, videos, every tidbit of information that had to do with the concert and Cooky’s appearances during his 5-day stay in Manila. We saw the birth of The Cookista Chronicles, meant to contain inside stories and reports of events that transpired during the concert week.

    David Cook 10.0 ♪ ♫ ♪ He Came. He Conquered. He's Permanent!!! ♫ ♪ ♫: Where we continued to support Permanent on Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1, making it chart for 18 and 8 weeks respectively. Permanent has since gotten airplay in several other radio stations. News of a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music Publishing, Inc. turned up, hopefully starting what will become a lucrative songwriting career for David. In mid-July the Philippine flag was added to DCO, acknowledging our presence as one of the biggest international fan groups that frequent the site. Things got crazy for a while, as saging talk went on and on (blame it on DJ Suzy), Dave joined the dark side (twitter), the Cherry Lane unreleased song snippets were discovered, and interviews with the stage chicken (aka Crazy Legs), Dave as Green Man and Dave as drummer videos turned up. It was a significant period also for the band, as Joey Clement left, to be replaced by Monty Anderson (initially set to work with David for 6 weeks, but he’s still with them as of this writing), and a band name was announced: The Anthemic. The Declaration Tour continued, going past the 100th show mark (where it happened depends on whether you want to follow the official tour stop count or fans’ show count), and letting David break the standing record for most number of shows for an Idol debut tour. Fans grew ever more enamored by the tour as songs like IDIFY and Lie were continuously tweaked, and acoustic numbers were sometimes inserted into shows, most notably in the Canada concerts. A Cookista, clandestine12, made the Pinoy presence felt in the Dakotas concerts, successfully carrying out a mission to let David know that Bar-ba-sol was #1 in 99.5 RT’s RT30 countdown, which began sometime in August. Light On went platinum, and TOML nabbed the Nashville Song of the Year Award. Towards the end of the thread, Dave’s involvement in Carrie Underwood’s Xmas Special was a cause for celebration, as well as the announcement of his participation in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to be aired sometime in January 2010. Lastly, Bar-ba-sol finally cracked the Top [email protected], during a season where a lot of great, radio-friendly songs have been scrambling for a place in Magic 89.9’s charts.

    David Cook 11.0: You’re Still Standing: Where we awaited and finally saw David guesting in the Carrie Underwood Holiday Special and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We continued to support Bar-ba-sol in Magic 89.9 and 99.5RT where it had quite a successful run. The never-ending Declaration Tour continued, until we saw some remarkable events such as: the live performance debut of new songs Make Believe and You & I, and the memorable DCTR Anniversary Concert show in Hammond, IN, which let us have our own live DCTR. Magic 89.9 named David as the Male Artist of the Year, and the David and David Concert as the Concert of the Year. CBTM was the Song of the Year, and most of his songs charted in the Yearend Charts of both Magic 89.9 and 99.5RT. Somewhere along the line, David started going to the gym, and getting button allergy (yes, I had to mention that. Heh.). David guested twice on American Idol Season 9, first to perform a Rolling Stone cover, which was highly-praised by both fans and the media, and second to present his trip to Ethiopia in partnership with the UN Foundation. We also began to track many songwriting sessions spanning many countries (several states in the US, the UK, Sweden, Canada), leading to us to where we are now – eagerly anticipating the recording, production, and release of DCTR2.

    David Cook 12.0 DCTR2 It's Only A Matter Of Time: As it happens, it was a whole lotta time *smirk*. This time marked the long process in which David wrote his sophomore album, which we now know as This Loud Morning. We followed as he traveled to New York, Vancouver, London, Sweden, and such other cities to collaborate with well-known and respected names in the music business. During this time too, David joined the Chris Evans Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, and continued to support the Race for Hope for a third time. For American Idol Season 10, Simon Fuller handpicked David to sing the boot-song, Don’t You (Forget About Me). The new single, The Last Goodbye, also premiered on the show.

    Some of our best-loved and most frequented David Cook websites:

    David Cook Official – The place to be. Also fondly referred to as “kabila”, “kabilang bahay”. Of special note are the following threads:

    • DWoP Thread -formerly the TWoP thread, where the snarkiest, smartest and funniest of fans gather and discuss everything and anything Cook-related under the sun. Warning though: not for light readers, as the thread runs at the speed of light. Don’t blink or else you might find pages and pages worth of backreading.

    • Billboard & Soundscan Thread - aka BB or CJT (Chart James Thread) - The DWoP thread’s sister Billboard and Soundscan thread, is also a favourite haunt for those who are curious about the numbers – charts and sales information, airplay, station adds and the like.

    • Everything Thread - sort of a map to finding everything you need to know about David Cook, and important threads in DCO. Includes media links and all kinds of information like articles, interviews, videos, transcripts, indeed everything under the sun.

    • All About the Voice - where fans appreciate just that, David's incredible voice. Resident vocal coach magicalbeck shares thoughts on what makes David's voice unique.

    David Cook Livejournal community – Gives a very useful overview of Must-Know DC-related events across the internet. LJ members are a very resourceful, creative, and witty bunch. If you need or want something, ask and you will most probably get it.

    david-cook.org aka The Dash - One of the largest and better-organized DC communities out there, this forum provides a wealth of resources for fans.


    MJ’s Big Blog – aka MJs. A veritable institution for all American Idol lovers, MJ keeps tabs on all things Idol. Naturally, that also means keeping track of AI winners. MJ gives up to date information on Idol news and appearances, as well as sales and chart information.

    David Cook Links:

    Wiki page
    twitter page
    RCA page
    Billboard page
    Cherry Lane page
    Official Youtube Channel


    Unofficial Songwriting Discography. (Prepared by QTTaquito.) A listing of all known David Cook songs. Has extensive information on songwriting credits, with links to the songs as found on youtube.

    MsDarcy's Declaration Tour Album Covers. Fantastic album covers to go along with our Declaration Tour mp3s.

    Downloadable Pre-Idol Recordings: Analog Heart, Axium Albums & Tracks

    livehead16's Axium Resource Post (All you need to know about Axium)

    Prepared by closeyoureyes of DCO:
    Online Interviews, 1999-2008
    Online Interviews, 2009-present
    Index 2008 Multimedia by Source
    Index 2008 Multimedia by Date
    Index 2009 Multimedia by Source
    Index 2009 Multimedia by Date
    Index to Audio and Video Interviews

    Cookista Links:

    Ang Cookistang Miron. Declaration Tour videos, mp3s and other media.
    The Cookista Chronicles. Inside stories surrounding the David Cook Manila concert week.
    Cookista Media Library 1. mediafire, Declaration Tour mp3s and assorted media.
    Cookista Media Library 2. 4shared, Declaration Tour mp3s.
    Cookistas Youtube Channel
    Cookistas Twitter

    (Photochops courtesy of riverhorse.)
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    THIS LOUD MORNING – the upcoming sophomore album to be released June 28


    1. Circadian
    2. Right Here, With You
    3. We Believe
    4. Fade into Me
    5. Hard to Believe
    6. Take Me As I Am
    7. Time Marches On
    8. The Last Goodbye
    9. Paper Heart
    10. 4 Letter Word
    11. Goodbye to the Girl
    12. Rapid Eye Movement

    Bonus Tracks:

    13. This Is Not The Last Time
    14. Sunlight

    ...just because This Loud Morning deals with some heavy themes doesn’t mean the album is a downer. “It’s actually more musically up-tempo than any of my previous albums,” Cook says. “I felt like we created a decent base with the last record (2008's David Cook) about where my heart was at musically. I've always enjoyed big sweeping choruses, stuff that kind of kicks you in the chest and knocks the wind out of you a bit. So with this album, I wanted to take that ideal and expand upon it — make the bigs a bit bigger and the smalls a bit smaller. I wanted it to be more intimate, but also more grandiose, and really stretch the boundaries of those two ideals.”

    A showcase for Cook’s rich, unfettered rock belt and passionately intense performances, This Loud Morning was produced by Matt Serletic, who has worked with Aerosmith, Rob Thomas, and Willie Nelson, among others. “Matt pulled things out of me that I certainly wouldn’t have gone for on my own,” Cook says. “He is all about the right sounds at the right time for the right reasons, and I think what I learned from him is that it’s not always an easy road to get the right thing. His ability to expand upon the ideas that I brought to the table really made this record what it is.”

    Cook’s growth as a singer, songwriter, and musician can be heard in every facet of This Loud Morning. “I feel that we were able to find the perfect landscape for these songs,” Cook says. “Each one is its own living, breathing thing. I've always approached making records the same way I've approached putting a band together: I'm not concerned with the best songs or the best musicians. I'm concerned with the right songs and the right musicians. My focus is to make great records and having something real and truthful to write about really helped. I feel like the growth in this record is musical, it’s lyrical, it's emotional, and that what I've hit on is something that a lot of people can relate to.”


    David Cook, The Album: commonly referred to as DCTR in the DC fandom. (DCTR = David Cook “The Record”, as David likes to call it.)

    • as of October 2009, is the #11 best-selling album for the Billboard chart year. Depending on how one defines “new artist”, David Cook is either the best-selling new artist or 2nd best-selling new artist after Lady Gaga.

    • sold well at a time when US album sales went down by 23.9% from the previous year, where only 17 albums sold 1M copies or more, and only 110 sold more than 250k copies.

    • debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Digital Albums while coming in 3rd to Beyonce ("I Am... Sasha Fierce") and Nickelback ("Darkhorse"), both well-established top selling artists.

    • was the 10th best=selling album during the holiday season of 2008.

    • stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for a total of 44 weeks (as of October 3, 2009; View BB graph).

    • produced 3 Top 10 hits in the Adult Top 40 charts, making David Cook one of only 3 male solo artists to have done so (see Billboard Chart Beat).

    • carries 2 platinum singles: Light On and Time of My Life. The latter won for its writer Regie Hamm the Song of the Year Award at the Nashville Music Awards held recently. Time of My Life is the 5th longest reigning song (15 weeks) by a male solo artist in Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart since 1961. It is also the best-selling Idol coronation song in American Idol history.

    Click for continually updated Billboard Chart/Sales History of DCTR by DCO’s ladymadonna

    For real time feeds on iTunes:

    Top Albums
    Top Songs
    Top Videos
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    This Loud Morning Era
    (as of May 25, 2011)

    DCTR Era

    (Pics by LKenner, Jeremy Charles, livehead16 and American Idol.)

    Related Videos:

    David Cook's Avalanche hits the Philippine Airwaves
    Come Back to Me: 2 Week Grandslam on Philippine Radio
    Live Drive features Bar-ba-sol by David Cook
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    David Cook, The Album: Awards

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is the trade organization that supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies. Its members are the music labels that comprise the most vibrant record industry in the world. RIAA® members create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 85% of all legitimate recorded music produced and sold in the United States.
    The RIAA® Gold® and Platinum® Awards program was launched in 1958 in an effort to create a standard by which to measure sales of a sound recording.

    In the beginning, there was only a Gold® album award for the sale of 500,000 copies. As the industry grew, other awards were developed. The Platinum® award (1,000,000 sold) was created in 1976 and with the advent of the compact disc and the subsequent increase in sales, the Multi-Platinum™ award was created in 1984.

    On March 16, 1999, the RIAA® launched the Diamond® Awards, honoring sales of 10 million copies or more of an album or single.

    David Cook (Album , Platinum)

    David Cook is the major-label debut album from seventh season American Idol winner David Cook. The album was released on November 18, 2008 in the United States, was certified Platinum and has sold over one million copies in the United States. It has produced two top twenty singles, "Light On" and "Come Back To Me". The single "Time of My Life" has also been certified platinum by the RIAA. "Light On" was certified Platinum in January 2009.
    The album debuted at the number-three spot on the Billboard 200 chart with sales of 279,000 copies in the United States. In the beginning of February, 2009, it was announced that the album had been certified Platinum by RIAA for shipment of 1,000,000 copies. The album also broke digital sales records for a debut artist, selling 59,000 electronic copies.

    Time of My Life ( Single, Platinum)

    "The Time of My Life" was the coronation song and the debut single for the winner of the seventh season of American Idol, David Cook.
    The RIAA certified "The Time of My Life" platinum on December 12, 2008 for selling over 1 million digital downloads, making it the third platinum-selling coronation song for an American Idol winner, after Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" and Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven". It became the best selling coronation song by June 2009
    "Time of My Life" took Song of the Year honors at the Nashville Music Awards October 7, 2009. Billboard has declared it "...one of the longest–running chart–toppers by a solo male artist in AC history." The hit single has joined the ranks of selected Nashville–penned songs that have achieved remarkable success at the #1 spot, including Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel" in 1956. The song hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot AC chart 15 times, passing the 14 week mark that Whitney Houston hit with Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" in 1993.

    Light On ( Single , Platinum )

    "Light On" was co-written by Soundgarden and Audioslave front man Chris Cornell, as well as famed producer/songwriter Brian Howes. The song was produced by Grammy winning producer Rob Cavallo, who has produced hits for Green Day and Kid Rock. The song also displays Cook's powerful upper register, with the singer hitting a high C at the end of each verse.
    "Light On" sold 109,000 digital downloads in its first week of availability, leading to a #17 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. It is Cook's second top twenty hit on the chart and second top forty hit. On 2/1/09 "Light On" reached #20 on Mainstream Top 40 radio, becoming Cook's first top twenty hit in that format. It has become his second consecutive top ten hit on the Adult Top 40, reaching #4. It has sold more than 1 million downloads in the U.S. to date
    27th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

    The 27th annual American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP ) Pop Music Awards will be held on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The invitation-only awards celebration will honor the songwriters and publishers of ASCAP's most performed pop songs of 2009.

    Come Back to Me ( Single , Gold )

    "Come Back to Me" is the third official single to be released from American Idol season 7 winner David Cook's major label debut studio album, David Cook. It was released with "Bar-ba-sol" as a joint double-A single. David Cook returned to American Idol on April 1, 2009, debuting this song publicly.
    "Come Back to Me" charted and peaked at #63 on the issuing date of April 18, 2009 due to high digital downloads and airplay after David Cook performed the song on season 8 of American Idol. The song debuted at #49 on Pop 100 on April 9). The song has also reached number #6 on the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks.
    Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed.

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    David Cook Achievements


    Top 24 American Idols of all Time ( Billboard )

    "American Idol" fans may have called in votes by the millions each week of each of the show's nine seasons, but winning isn't always everything once the finale's confetti settles. How have the contestants stacked up out in the wider waters of the music industry? By totaling the album sales, individual song sales and radio play counts (according to Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BDS as of April 17), we've figured out the true top 24 "Idols" of all time.

    5. David Cook
    Album Sales: 1,300,000
    Track Sales: 3,900,000
    Radio Plays: 536,000

    After years of rockers getting the short end of the "Idol" stick, David Cook broke the genre's bad luck streak in 2008 by trumping another David (Archuleta) in the finale. Cook's self-titled debut album followed and has since sold 1.3 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. As it did when he competed on "Idol," charity drives Cook. Earlier this month, he raised $140,000 at the 13th Annual Race for Hope in memory of his brother Adam, who lost his courageous battle with brain cancer last year.

    Guiness World Records

    Most New Entries in the Billboard Hot Digital Songs Chart
    Most No. 1's from a Music TV Talent Show
    Most Simultaneous New Entries in the Hot 100 by a Solo Act
    Most Hits on Billboard's Hot 100 by the Same Manager
    97,327,265 votes cast by viewers on the Season 7 finale of American Idol May 20-21, 2008

    (Photochop by @ItsAFugue/Kitunen.)

    World Almanac

    The Editor-in-Chief of The World Almanac and Books of Facts, C. Alan Joyce, discusses the reason behind placing David Cook on the cover of the 2009 edition. Link

    Idol Tracker

    The Ultimate American Idol Power Ranking : 120 contestants

    4. David Cook

    The show's first bonafide rocker to win is the male equivalent of everything you want in an Idol, and the one to blame for the judges' constant calls to "switch things up." During Season 7, David Cook proved that Idols don't have to come wrapped in a predictable pop bow, that they can handle themselves on guitar and can reinterpret classic songs so that they appeal to multiple age groups. Sure, he was a cougar favorite, what with his good looks and charm, but Cook's ultimate victory had more to do with knowing himself and his musical identity than out-singing runner-up David Archuleta.


    All that said, Idol is still among the most lucrative shows on television. During this week's finale, Fox is believed to have charged $1 million for a 30-second spot.
    Our rankings of the top-earning American Idol alums are based on earnings from album sales, concerts, endorsements and other income for the year from June 1, 2009, through May 2010.

    Chart Watch

    The tally is the sales total through this week. (April 30, 2010)

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Top Earning Idols

    9. David Cook

    Season 7 winner

    Album sales: 1,324,000

    Digital track sales: 4,196,000

    Soon to follow his platinum-selling debut with June 28’s This Loud Morning, Cook also tours regularly and scored a deal with Skechers.

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    a warningsignOFmistakemade Cha Park's Avatar
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    When David arrived at the Manila Airport, i handed him our card. This was the front page ^^^. I excitedly told him, "Welcome to the Philippines, David! This is a card from your fans here in Manila.." ehr, something like that. i was so starstruck, i'm sure i was gibberish. And he said, "Why, thank you!" i almost fainted but i know i shouldn't because i had to keep pace with his stride and that meant jogging like a paparazzi. haha (click >> for the related vid) If i can only demonstrate to y’all how i got inside the well-guarded VIP room. Let’s just say my basketball skills paid off!

    see video related to DC’s arrival in Manila

    Cookista Insider: David Cook arrives in Manila

    Inside the VIP room, okay. Correction: i was inside the hallway leading to the VIP room. i was the only non-airport employee behind the door of the VIP room. David was settling down. Talking to Jomari. Wiping his sweat. Drinking his water. And when he looked our way, i waved and smiled like a fool because i gave him my widest (all of my 28 teeth showing. oh yeah ) smile. EVER! When he saw me, he smiled and he remembered the card i gave him. He immediately looked for the card, hence this picture

    I felt my mission of "introducing" who the Cookistas were was accomplished!

    (it was confirmed by Clandestine that he knew about the Cookistas because Arturo, the tour manager along with, was it Kyle?, who "admired" our dedication in putting Dave’s songs in the Philippine Radio Charts)

    Here's one of the clips i got from the VIP room

    David Cook in the Airport VIP room

    Later in the afternoon, Clandestine & i waited patiently for David to arrive for his video confe in some function room at EdsaShang. I found it amusing that he recognized me when he arrived. He laughed when he saw me, "hey, it's my stalker!" kidding. He said, "it's you again!" Well, David discovered that yes, he kept seeing me again and again hahaha

    At the Meet and Greet at Sky Dome. We were standing on the chairs, proudly holding our banner

    I was holding the other end of our banner (it was a very good Cover from the media! haha) that is why when TonyToni and Sam YG pointed at us with our banner. David saw me and nodded as if saying, "uy, it's you again! So these are my Cookistas"

    videos related to the M&G at Sky Dome

    theredscorpion’s YouTube vid

    enan1718’s YouTube vid

    ChaPark’s Greenwich Fanvid

    That nod…

    That smile…

    The Cookistas felt our labor was not in vain….

    His new single
    , "The Last Goodbye" has been playing for weeks now.

    His Cookistas like soldiers on a mission, are hard at work in putting David Cook in the Philippine Charts once again…
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    Clandestine could have taken advantage of her "position" when David Cook was here. But she kept a low profile throughout his stay in Manila and instead trooped 10,000 miles to Fargo just to have an autograph and picture with him. She was able to "converse" with him, too! Lucky gal! You deserved it, my friend!

    here's her pilgrimage to Fargo

    i Flew 10,000 Miles to see David Cook Part 1

    i Flew 10,000 Miles to see David Cook Part 2

    i Flew 10,000 Miles to see David Cook Part 3

    YouTube Vid of David getting the Barbasol Sign and displays it on stage

    Clandestine's tweet:

    @djinka us callin'&you playin',that sounds good 2 me!He said it was amazing,he kept the sign,but signed this

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    Last year, when Clandestine and her Mom asked David to sign a picture, David said, "This is my picture from my Manila Concert! Is this for me or you're having me sign it?" They replied, "We're having you sign it. We promise to give you a copy next time."

    And that copy came in a form of ..... tadaaaahhh...


    It seems it will be a yearly "pilgrimage" for Clandestine and her Mom to attend the Race for Hope and its concert. Clandestine's Mom suggested that The Cookistas give David a compilation of his Manila Concert pics. Hence, The Photobook, Souvenir was born...

    And like any childbirth, it was laborious...

    Work, work, work...supposedly (click!)

    Entangled in a web of...(click!)

    Several late nights after....

    It was finally finished! We had no idea what the chances were that the photobook would get to him. But Clandestine's Mom pulled out all the stops to get the mission done.


    (click the pic! ^^^)

    David was so happy with The Photobook!

    and David signed The Cookistas' copy of ThePhotobook.
    Love the dedication! We die!

    David, you ROCK more!

    The Cookistas are eternally grateful to Clandestine and Tita!

    and Thank you to these people who made this Photobook possible! (click!)

    Check out the rest of The Photobook here
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    right here, w/ you


    Rolling in the Deep, Pet-A-Palooza, Las Vegas, NV, Apr 9, 2011
    Drive, Pet-A-Palooza, Las Vegas, NV, Apr 9, 2011
    Acoustic Performance, (Full show) Star 101.5 (Seattle, WA), May 17, 2011
    Paper Heart, 94.7 Fresh FM, April 28, 2011


    Paper Heart, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA, August 8, 2010
    Time Marches On, Concert for Hope, Washington, DC, April 29, 2011
    Take Me As I Am, Concert for Hope, Washington, DC, April 29, 2011

    DECLARATION TEWER(tour) (2009)
    >>Avalanche (acoustic) - Montreal
    >>Straight Ahead -Pemberton
    >>Kiss on the Neck - Pemberton
    >>We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping - Sayreville
    >>Livin On A Prayer - Pemberton
    >>Bar-ba-sol - Borgata
    >>Died In Your Arms - Union
    >>Hot for Teacher - Borgata
    >>Souvenir - Borgata
    >>A Daily Anthem - Borgata
    >>Permanent - Borgata
    >>The World I Know - Borgata
    >>I Did It For You - Newport
    >>Man in the Box - Borgata
    >>Lie - Columbia
    >>Make Me - Borgata
    >>Light On - Niagara
    >>Anodyne - Niagara
    >>Mr. Sensitive - Providence
    >>Come Back to Me - York
    >>My Last Request - York
    >>Declaration - Borgata
    >>Heroes - Atlantic
    >>'Til I'm Blue - Tulsa
    >>Breathe Tonight - Borgata
    >>Life On the Moon - Davis and Elkins
    >>Billie Jean and Avalanche - Biloxi
    >>Little Lies - Oxford
    >>Don't You (Forget About Me),Concert for Hope, Washington, DC

    HARD ROCK CAFE - Album Release Day (2008)
    >>Little Lies
    >>Mr. Sensitive
    >>Life on The Moon
    >>Light On

    >>Walmart Soundcheck, November 2008
    >>Permanent, House of Blues, Orlando. Dec 14, 2008.
    >>Light On 95.5 WPLJ New York. Nov. 18, 2008
    >>Life On The Moon, Sirius Radio. November, 2008.
    >>Happy Christmas (War is Over), Rockefeller Center, New York. Dec. 3, 2008.
    >>Man in the Box (Alice in Chains Cover), House of Blues, Orlando. Dec. 14, 2008.
    >>Hunger Strike (Stone Temple Pilots Cover) + Birthday Wishes + Bar Ba Sol, Q100 Atlanta. Dec. 15, 2008
    >>Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. Dec. 25, 2008
    >>Go Your Own Way w/ Carrie Underwood, Launching of AI Experience Ride at WDW, Feb 12, 2009
    >>"Private" Performance for Family and Friends - Gray Snail Saloon, Tulsa. June 24, 2009
    >>Little Lies w/ Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Aug 7, 2009
    >>Lie - Carrie Underwood All Star Holiday Special
    >>Jumping Jack Flash, American Idol, March 17, 2010
    >>The Last Goodbye, The Ellen Show, April 26, 2011
    >>Don't You (Forget About Me) Concert for Hope, Washington, DC, April 29, 2011

    >>Time Of My Life, Viennese Waltz, So You Think You Can Dance ,alt
    >>The 2008 US Olympics Team Montage, Time Of My Life
    >>Permanent, Contemporary Dance, So You Think You Can Dance Canada
    >>ESPN Heroes Montage, Best of 2008 College Football
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    Classification: Tenor
    Type: Dramatic Tenor

    Lowest Note Recorded: F#2
    Highest Belt Recorded: Eb5
    Highest Falsetto Recorded: Eb5

    Vocal Range: 2 Octaves & 4 1/2note.

    More Information below:

    F#2 - Eb5
    2 Octaves; 4 and a half note = 16 1/2 steps.

    *(This can't be considered as David Cook's official vocal range. This only shows his lowest and highest note recorded. I know he can hit notes higher than Eb5, maybe by using falsettos. Yeah, he can!)

    According to Idolranges.com, Dave’s lowest note is A2 which is from the song “Music of the Night” and his highest note is C#5 which is from

    their Group Performance of the Christian Song “Shout to the Lord” — but those note information are only for the American Idol Performances.

    From the American Idol 7 Summer Tour (2008), We found a note higher than C#5, which is D5 from his AI tour performance of “I Don’t Wanna Miss a

    Thing”. Although he sang it during AI Season 7, he didn’t hit that D5 because he did a higher and more powerful version on their concert tour. He also hit

    D5 on the songs “Hunger Strike” last 2008 and “Paradise City” during his teenage years.

    Last February 2009, his Declaration Tour Concert finally began where David sang “Hot For Teacher” (he always sang it actually in every tour

    and on that performance, we found a note which is higher than D5, and that was an Eb5 belted note (half-note higher)

    April 2010, I decided to make an updated vocal range video and while looking for the videos to use, we discovered his new LOWER NOTES (lower than

    which makes David’s Range wider.
    And those notes are: G#2, G2, and the lowest, F#2.

    G#2 - From the song "Creep".
    G#2 - From the song “Anodyne” (this is half-note lower than A2).
    G2 - From “Breathe Tonight” (a note lower than A2).
    F#2 - From “Light On” which he performed on Disney Idol blah blah (February 2009) - (1 and a half-note lower than A2).

    BTW, even in head voice, his highest note (so far) is an Eb5 note.
    Just listen to his backing vocals on “A Daily Anthem” » Click Here


    A2 - C5
    14 steps = 2 octaves and 2 notes.

    Cook's AI 7 Lowest Note: A2
    Cook's AI 7 Highest Note: C#5

    That A2 note is from his Top 6 performance — “Music of the Night”
    He hit that note on both studio and live version.

    That C#5 note is from their Group performance of “Shout to the Lord” on Idol Gives Back and Top 8 Results night.
    He hit C#5 on both studio and live version.

    OTHER NOTES (not posted in Idolranges.com)

    1.) AI Low Notes (a note will be considered as “low note” if it is lower than F#3).

    F3 - “All Right Now” (part: “I said Hey! What’s yourname, ohbaby,baby”)
    D#3 - “Dream Big” (part: “When I was a little boy”)
    D3 - “Billie Jean” (part: “Who’ll dance on the floor in the round”)
    D3 - “Happy Together” (part: “day and night,it’s only right”)
    C#3 - “Innocent” (part: “Oh, Johnny wished he was famous”)
    C3 - “Baba ‘O Riley” (part: I get my back into my living) -on the word “I”.
    A#2 - “Always be my Baby” (part: “You’ll always be a part of ME”)
    A2 - “Music of the Night” (part: “falling, floating”)

    2.) AI High Notes

    F#4 - “Music of the Night” (the high note at the end — on the word NIGHT — “NI”) - it goes up to A4 actually (IGHT..).
    G4 - “Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For” (part: high note at the end)
    G#4 - “Time of my Life”
    A4 - “Hello” (part: “I love you!!”) and “Music of the Night” (note at the end — “IGHT!!”)
    B4 - “Billie Jean” (note at the end)
    B4 - “First Time ever I Saw your Face (note at the end)
    (He actually did lots of A4 and B4 belts on AI 7)
    C5 - “Everything I Do” (note at the end)
    C#5 - “Shout to the Lord”

    If you’re interested about the notes he hit (low & high) on his Idol Live performances, just go here: www.IdolRanges.com and click “David Cook”.

    Note: IDOLRANGES.COM shows ONLY the notes on their Idol Performances. (Their pre-idol and post-idol performances are not included/recorded there).



    Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_lzkDB6ssI

    1.) AXIUM (This is actually not an album but his former band)

    In this part, I put together the notable notes on each songs from their albums “Blindsided”,”Matter of Time”, “Story Thus Far” and “Alive in Tulsa”.
    The lowest note is F#4 (from the song “Creep”, a Radiohead cover) and the highest note, B4 (from the song “Callout”)

    Range: F#2 - B4 (2 Octaves; 2 and a half note)


    2.) Analog Heart (2006 Solo album)

    The lowest note is C#3 (from the song “Straight Ahead”) and the highest note, C5 (from the songs “The Truth” and “Searchlights”).

    Range: C#3 - C5 (2 Octaves) - This is actually semitone off 2 octaves. But we can consider it as 2 octaves since only a half note is needed.


    3.) David Cook (2008 Self-titled album)

    The lowest note can be found on the song “Heroes” (Bb2) and the highest belted note, C5, from the songs “Light On” and “My Last Request”. The

    highest note from the head voice was Eb5 from the song ‘A Daily Anthem” (back-up vocals).

    Range: Bb2 - Eb5 (2 Octaves; 2 and a half note)


    OVERALL: F#2 - Eb5 (2 Octaves; 4 and a half note) = 16 1/2 steps.


    Just click 'em

    1.) Vocal Analysis of his Star-Spangled Banner Performances
    >> Just a comparison of his performances of America's National Anthem. As I usually do, I posted here the lowest and highest note of the said performance.

    2.)Vocal Analysis of David Cook's Performance at the Ronald McDonald's House
    >> David Cook performs at the Ronald McDonald House benefit in New York. He sang the following songs: Living on a Prayer, Heroes with Champagne Supernova, Light On and High and Dry.

    3.) REM or Rapid Eye Movement a.k.a. Trying To Get Back & Paper Heart Vocal Analysis
    >> These are the songs he wrote for his sophomore album and performed them for the first time at the Busch Gardens last August 7 and 8, 2010.

    4.)The Last Goodbye Vocal Analysis
    >> A vocal analysis and comparison of TLG Studio & TLG (American Idol Performance).

    Just click 'em

    1.) Low Notes of David Cook (F#2 - Eb3)
    >> I compiled those selected low notes from his American Idol performances up to his Declaration Concert Tour.

    2.) Higher Notes of David Cook
    >> Compilation of not just high notes, but higher notes. These are from his live performances where Dave hit higher notes than what note is needed.

    3.) Vocal Range of David Cook (F#2 - Eb5)
    >> This video shows the range of his voice that spans nearly 3 octaves.

    You may visit the following sites:

    DavidCookRange on Tumblr
    DavidCookRange on YouTube

    And you can also join other fans discuss everything about his music and his voice.
    All About the Voice Thread at DavidCookOfficial.com
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    For updates on David Cook and the Anthemic concert gigs/performances, go check... (image chop made by stitchmeup , click to go to our very own blog, thanks to imogen_ph ) :

    The Best of Declaration Tour Videos - the best videos chosen by fans from David Cook's 154 shows (Feb 2009 - Feb 2010)

    The Best of Declaration Tour Videos Thread at DCO - complete listings, info, etc.

    Youtube Playlist - The Best of Declaration Tour Videos

    Downloadable Files, The Best of Declaration Tour Videos

    Youtube Playlist - Honorable Mentions, The Best of Declaration Tour Videos

    (click to go to the links page of all concert threads for the Declaration Tour):

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    David receiving the guitar we had custom-made for him

    To read more about this gift and other goodies that the Cookistas gave David when he came to Manila, visit the Cookista Chronicles.
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    Follow David Cook and The Anthemic on Twitter:

    David Cook

    Andy Skib

    Neal Tiemann

    Monty Anderson

    Kyle Peek

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    PRIMER: David Cook's Band, The Anthemic

    If anything, winning American Idol was just the beginning for season 7 champion David Cook, who, within 18 months of being crowned was able to release his first major-label record, tour beyond the 52 states of America and form his own band, which, not surprisingly, includes some of his best friends from back in the day—you know, when he was sporting the ridiculous red-and-black faux hawk emo hair and singing to a very drunken yet impressed Paula Abdul. I mean what?

    A little after his first single Light On was released, Cook introduced his band comprised of lead guitarist (and rock god) Neal Tiemann, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist/back up vocalist Andy Skib (of the Tulsa band MWK and lead singer, if not only member of To Have Heroes), bassist Joey Clement (formerly of Alex Band’s backing band) and Kyle Peek, who seemed to fall from heaven’s gates to ruin our lives with his awesome drum-beating talent.

    It was like it wasn’t enough that David Cook was awesome on his own, he had to add four equally amazing guys to further drive home the point that he has indeed, ruined our lives. Take for example Neal Tiemann. There’s a reason why his middle name starts with an F—and it’s because he’s that amazing, IYKWIM. And you know he’s really badass with all those damn sexy tattoos and the lip rings and dude does he have talent or what?! Let me break it down for you—Neal fcking Tiemann is left handed but learn to play the guitar the normal way, using his right hand to strum instead of the other way around. AND he’s the primary lyricist and songwriter of MWK, which by the way if you haven’t checked out yet goddammet what are you still doing here? Go to CDBaby or iTunes or wherever and get streaming! Anyway. Neal fcking Tiemann is amazing. And if you don’t believe me, go to his Twitter page (twitter.com/nealfingtiemann—and no, it’s not fing as in ring, it’s effing as in ****ing) and tell me if that isn’t a badass rock star tweeting right there.

    Let’s talk about Andy Skib. The first thing you’ll notice is his adorable eyes, which are just awesomely big and brown and you know you’d love to stare at them forever, if you live long enough to actually survive listening to his sweet voice that just totally reminds you of the boy next door you secretly have a crush on but you’re way out of his league. And did I mention he likes wearing those chucks and they fit him so well and it’s so cute and his hair! His long garage band rocker hair that my mom says is very reminiscent of the Beatles! Andy Skib can rock—go listen to him growl on MWK’s earlier records and you’ll see how much he’s evolved as a singer. His solo effort, To Have Heroes is constantly on KCRadio.com and if you haven’t checked that out, go do it. Now.

    Kyle Peek—he’s the youngest band member of the Dweeb but hell can he rock. He’s often described as an animal when he gets behind his drum set but what really got to me was his childlike joy when he blogged about getting his new Truth drumset. That was just cute beyond words. Kyle has drool-worthy arms that David can only dream of and HE. CAN. SING. If you haven’t seen that video of him jamming with Andy Skib and Ryan Star, go watch it. This guy who exerts so much effort in pounding the drums can actually sing while doing it. How awesome is that?! He does back up vocals for David, most noticeably on I Did It For You during their live shows. If anything, the Kid is really, really awesome for his age.

    Joey Clement. Where do we start? The funky headbands, the stage kicks, the cheers, the crazy movie reviews, THE CURLS. His hair is just awesome—as awesome as the energy he gives the band on stage. He’s a force to be reckoned with, with his bad jokes, spontaneous quips and crazy antics. Too bad he left the band in July to join his good friend Alex Band, formerly of The Calling. Joey’s other projects include Selena Gomez’s band (totes negligible but I digress) and—wait for it—MWK! He’s playing for MWK on the side, which isn’t bad—it actually goes to show what an amazing relationship he formed with the band in a matter of a few months. [*Update: Joey has since joined Selena Gomez's band, The Scene. He also tours on occasion with Alex Band.]

    Monty Anderson not-so-temporarily replaced Joey Clement as the bass player for David’s band and since then, nothing has ever been the same. And no, Monty isn’t the tour bus driver (sorry to burst your bubble). He is in fact one of David’s friends from back in Tulsa and you can’t deny he brings some charm to the table when they’re performing. How amazing do the guys look when they all come up in front during the final 30 seconds of I Did It For You and rock out like there’s no tomorrow? Monty seems like a nice, funny guy who can’t dance to save his life, thus making David look better at dancing, if anything but he’s also a sweet guy, a big brother of sorts to the 20-something guys.

    In August of [2009], David formally announced through a radio interview for KHOP that the name of his band is Anthemic, so they’re now collectively called David Cook and the Anthemic, formerly known as Dweeb and alternately known as the band of the ultimate hot a.S.s.

    Need I say more?

    (Write-up by Astrid Solleile.)
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    Welcome sa Bagong Balay

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    Here's to the hope that we get another one of this in Manila

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    Good morning, y'all!

    This front page is under construction (we have til tonight to finish) but you are all welcome to start posting, come on, I know a lot of you have come in here already - we got 200+ views within several minutes late last night after we were done (it was at past 2am IIRC).

    Please don't hesitate, come and post!

    I overslept this morning and didn't see it happen - during Idol (which is ongoing right now) David trended in the Philippines (also Brazil and Venezuela).

    Here's a screenshot of him in the audience (thanks to ItsMyT1me, and to ladypeace for pointing this out) -

    Gif by @CookieNookie:

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