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    Kudos Cookistas! Next week sa Magic naman ah?

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    hello peeps

    after a long day at work, ganda namang pampatanggal pagod ang news na yan! woot at #1 on RX countdown

    re: radio sophie vids
    pahinto-hinto ang video. am dowloading the mp3 na lang muna. thanks imogen for the link

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    Hullo! Patapak sa new balay! Ang ganda naman ng 1st page. Thanks for all the efforts to keep this thread updated w/ all the cookie crumbs.

    Late reaction sa TLG video. Ang sexhay ni Cookeh and sooper natawa ako sa ending ng video.

    Wow! Great job for making TLG #1 on RX! Galing talaga ng voting powers ng mga Cookistas! Sana maka vote din ako! I missed voting! haha

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    Naks naman, number 1 sa RX ang TLG! ika nga ni flygirl, sayang ang boto, di man lang ako nakatulong, buti na lang andyan kayong mga cookista, bawi na lang ako next time.

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    Ketty!!!! We miss you so much! *sniffle* Alam mo na yon

    MsDarcy made album art to go with the fabulous Mr. Sensitive mp3!

    David Cook - Mr. Sensitive, Live Acoustic @ Sophie's Lounge 103.7 5/26/2011 [MP3]

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    Kailan tayo pwede mag vote sa MYX?I want him to be the No.1 in MYX just like before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickodavid View Post

    Kudos Cookistas! Next week sa Magic naman ah?
    Yes Nicko. Let's do it all the way to Magic next week!!!

    Kainis yesterday I didn't get the chance to hear it on RX.. *internet connection sucks*

    More power to our COOKEH and more power to US

    COOKistas RULES!!!

    Yes DAVEEED, you heard it right. You're #1.

    Let's drink to that.
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    hello peeps

    this is a fun read from @iam_aida (from DCO) about chancing on DC&TA at the Anthology acoustic show.

    Hi everyone Im Aida (@im_aida) and here's my late recap from this show I had the privilege to go!

    Hi, everyone! Days after, and I’m still on the cloud nine of what happened yesterday. Still can’t believe that this girl had a luck that’s never had it in YEARS. Still, the blues are kicking *** for real. L Because things like this are like a shooting star.
    Before starting to tell my Cook-adventure, have to thank to all the people who tweeted , DM and/or email me to congratulate me about my first time meeting these incredible Anthemic guys.
    Normally, I always have issues of how to get to any place I go days before… well this wasn’t the exception, lol. I thought the fact of winning the call-in contests for the tickets were enough PITA. Tour buses from my hometown to the venue didn’t have a fitting schedule to get in, so need to check if there was a bus shuttle from San Diego and yes, there it was. But very early. :S. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to get all dressed up and had a decent makeup for the event, but my cousin wasn’t willing to wake up early to do that. So, with YouTube makeup tutorials and all, I made my biggest effort to not look like a fruity punch clown. Don’t know if it worked out. The day came in, and again had to wake up at 7 am, to get all ready and cross the int’l boarder, grab the trolley and wait for this bus shuttle. We got there a little bit after noon. We explored the casino, played some slots [DEFINITELY IM A NASTY PIECE OF WORK ON IT, SUCK BIG TIME and for the worse, I bring bad luck to my Mom’s gaming] just saying. So we decided to catch something to eat. That’s where the things were going to get crazy….
    Went to the shopping center and we checked which restaurants were there. And by destiny, we chose KFC. OH YEAH. At the moment we entered and started to order, just checked on the entire place and it was empty except for a couple of guys and by the other side…MY MIND WENT BLANK. MY HEART SKIPPED OUT OF ITS PLACE. DAVID COOK AND THE BAND WERE IN THE HOUSE. OHMYf***INGOD. The first one I recognized was Neal. I was soooo nervous from head to toe. Just said in a shaky voice…”Mom, David is here. With the guys”. Mom and manager [who speaks in Spanish] were encouraging me as fairy godmothers to go talk to him, they rushed me in with paper and pen but I was
    Sooo nervous to go over there. But after all…. I decided to go. They were quite talkative, so I felt bad to interrupt them, so I just stand next to Kyle and said Hi guys. They said hi back and the first thing I noticed was David staring at me. OH MY GOD. HIS EYES ARE LIKE THE HEAVEN AND HELL TOGETHER.
    As usual, told them the whole Im you fan speech and this was totally surprising for me to see them there. The glance, the smile…I was dying slowly. Immediately gave him the letter my Latin Cook community did for him and explained him about it. He read it while he was getting amused by it and said finally…”its awesome, I love it!” which he passed it to the guys to see it. After I told him that they want a Latin tour stop, he said “Of course we will, cant wait to get out of here” I was so happy that I was doing this for my people and got a very beautiful response from him. Now my incoherent moment came in. Unconsciously I asked them for a picture, when I actually didn’t have a camera, UGH. And don’t know why the heck did I ask if we could get the picture by any of their phones. David just looked at the guys while he was thiking on an option when he finally suggested to take it with his iPhone and tweet it. I couldn’t believe him, I thought he was joking but I followed the game like it was true, lol. We went outside and omygod David touching my back and me touching his….madness on the way. My leg was actually shaking at the moment Andy was taking the pic, LOL. Oh, to tell you, David’s iPhone case color is aquamarine, hehe. When we were saying goodbye and hugging the guys, what a way to break the ice with Monty saying to him: “You’re taller than I expected” with him responding that that has been the most unexpected thing someone has said to him and its flattering, causing Andy and Kyle’s laughter. Well, guess I was able to pull that off.
    Before they say goodbye and tell them to see them in a few moments on the show, he called me Darling. OH MY GOD, THE WONDERS….I swoon over that. *drools*.
    Got back there and well, I tried to eat my meal but the manager and crew even told me what did he eat: grilled chicken, mashed potatoes w/o gravy and bbq beans. He’s following the diet, aww, Sticking out tongue.
    And let’s say that KFC at least has a story to comment among them for a week, haha. We got back to the casino and we found glengirl4dc, zoo2, livehead16 and we decided to go to take a drink, and woot! Another DC encounter at his favorite casino place….you got that right. BLACKJACK! Sticking out tongue. But he wasn’t very happy, think he was having such a bad luck on the game, uhhh. Moments later, after a nice talk and a few drinks, well not me…I was busy with my Mountain Dew, we got in the venue and found more girls there (airhead Jordan & Poniente23) wait a bit more of time and FINALLY we got in. I ran like a crazy for a good spot. And we got it: FRONT ROW CENTER. *Happy bounces all the way*
    Since this was a televised show, I was all worried of how to react and/or not to do too much noise even though we were gonna have so much fun. And there the show begins. The DJ’s introduced the show and presenting the entire gang. They looked GREAT. Kyle did a transition from tank top and loose hair to all dressed up and top knot. I think he looked cute! The setlist even was short they sounded AMAZING. Mr. S, CBTM, LO and TLG acoustically are a musical gem to listen to. Everybody should have the privilege to listen this side of the guys. I was only chanting and staring at David, trying to not be creepy. The Q&A was nothing new to us, but it was fun. The moment when glengirl4dc showed to David his Analog Heart tattoo on her leg was hilarious. I was witnessing a striptease and Dave wasn’t complaining at all. Atta girl!!
    Also there was talk about Idol, the meaning of TLM title, I asked him about the instrumentation used on the record; I wanted to make it more complex, but since there weren’t too many hardcore fans, I decided to generalize it as how was his experience to use this instrumentation on the record and he responded as it was a fun challenge that sets an emotional, personal and musical growth on him and the guys. Don’t remember exactly the whole answer, guess I should wait til the show airs or if someone uploads a video from it. But I felt incredible he was answering me a question <3. Right after he finished to answer it, Mom asked me to give her the mic because she wanted to say something. I gave it to her, and she just said: “I love you and you’re beautiful”. OHMYGOD. I kinda wanted to say that’s not my mother, ha-ha. And he blushed and said: “Is there a red lightning to make me see Im blushing?” My mom was a class act. She’s a true Cougar of closet. Anyway, we enjoyed the show SO MUCH. It was incredible.
    And again, another chance to see him up and close. The M&G was such a great experience! Didn’t witness the planking stuff, but I only saw David on the floor and was like What’s going on? ha-ha. Mom had her picture with David and she told me he did recognize her and she was my Mother and I was her biggest fan from Mexico, and so he gave her a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek! After it was my turn, told him she was my Mom and I did get my bear hug and my kiss on the cheek as well. HOW THE HELL AM I STILL ALIVE???? Only nature knows it, because I don’t. hahahahaa
    Later, we went to talk with the guys, and had a nice chat with Kyle. We talked about how was Nicole with her pregnancy, Hayden dealing to be the big bro and if there were name options for the baby yet. He said yes but no spoilers, although he said he likes the name of Madison, so that’s an option. Also, we talked about the release party, he said he wants it on the West Coast, but it’s all about Dave’s decision and well, he has the last word :-/ .Oh, well I tried. And yes, I hugged a sweaty Kyle hahaha. But compared to the 4 hugs David gave me during the day, gah…. His essence. LOL. Ok, not gonna fall in the creepy girl who smells him.
    And that’s the end of this incredible experience. Like I said before, this is probably the most epic day of my life that I want to repeat again, of course, at least close to it. ha-ha.
    Thanks to my SoCal girls to spend this day with me and just cant wait for the tour!
    Thank you for reading and all your tweets that you sent me! Laughing out loud ((HUGS))

    Bye bye!
    and here's livehead16's clarification
    one little correction to aida's story, just so misinformation doesn't spread -- it's actually hayden who liked the name madison, but kyle & nicole weren't as fond, so they just named their new dog "maddie" instead.
    i love it that the guys were eating at KFC of all places. probably coz it's one of the least filled dining joints there at that time, as per aida's account.

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    We end the week with The Last Goodbye at #2 in Magic89.9's Magic 30, and #4 in RX93.1's Top 7 and the Wannabe's, but steadily climbing, having reached #1 last night in their Top 5 countdown.

    (Pic by Lara Lee aka @livehead16.)

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    ^ The Last Goodbye is # 2 today at Magic 89.9's Magic 30.

    Love you Magic

    @pudgy not surprised that David's genuinely nice to his fans

    Hello @flygirl

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    pudgy, that's quite a story by Aida. I know her from Twitter so I was happy when I heard her story. Ito `yung picture nila ni Dave that DC himself tweeted -

    @thedavidcook Thanks for the letter, Latin American and Argentinian fans! So cool! http://t.co/T3WJe28


    Here's a big version of the letter they gave David: Click!

    Want to see more photos by @livehead16 like this?

    Go here: Click!

    Concert for Hope album art by MsDarcy:

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    river, i totally agree. she could have been any random fan wanting to take a pic. imagine his surprise that she's an emissary pala from LatAm fandom. which just shows how real dave is as a person.

    imogen, oh so that was the backstory to the twitpic. in dave's words, "the stars where aligned" on that fateful day for aida. who would have thought she'd meet DC&TA at exactly the time she had the letter with her.

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    (Pic by Lara Lee aka @livehead16.)

    REQUESTING & VOTING INFO FOR THE WEEK: May 30 - June 5, 2011

    MAGIC 89.9

    Request via

    Landline: Call 631-099

    Text: "Magic899<space><your message>" and send to 2948

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Magic89.9

    Twitter: Mon - Thurs: 9-12nn @mia899 @gamedaywithboom / 12nn-3pm @suzy899 @cj899 / 2pm-6pm @andimanzano @_jessicamendoza / 10pm-2am (Tues-Weds), 10pm-12am (Thurs) @aaronatayde / 2am-6am @djpat899

    For the Top 5 @ 5 Voting (voting period is at 3pm-5pm only):

    Songs to choose from:

    Magic 30 Countdown (May 29, 2011)
    ~ posted by erzo01

    30. Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance (new entry)
    29. Iridescent - Linkin Park
    28. Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
    27. Top of the World - The Cataracs feat. Dev
    26. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
    25. Buzzin' - Mann feat. 50 Cent (new entry)
    24. Look at Me Now - Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne
    23. The Edge of Glory - Lady GaGa (new entry)
    22. Fingerprint - Charice
    21. Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason Derulo (new entry)
    20. You are a Tourist - Death Cab for Cutie
    19. Who Says - Selena Gomez and the Scene (highest new entry)
    18. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry
    17. Adolescents - Incubus
    16. Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce
    15. Space Bound - Eminem
    14. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj feat. Ester Dean
    13. Smile - Avril Lavigne
    12. OMG - Karylle
    11. Aftermath - Adam Lambert
    10. Good Girls - Cris Cab
    9. I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey
    8. Tambay - Sponge Cola
    7. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
    6. Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert
    5. If I was You (OMG) - Far*East Movement feat. Snoop Dogg
    4. California King Bed - Rihanna
    3. Telling the World - Taio Cruz
    2. The Last Goodbye - David Cook
    1. The Story of Us - Taylor Swift (2 weeks @ #1)
    New Songs:
    20/20 - Pupil
    Leaves - Kilos
    Country Song - Seether
    I'm into You - Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil' Wayne
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    Right There - Nicole Scherzinger
    Dirty Dancer - Enrique Iglesias feat. Usher and Lil' Wayne
    The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco
    Out of Goodbyes - Maroon 5 feat. Lady Antebellum
    Next to You - Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber
    Before It Explodes - Charice
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    Where Them Girls At - David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj
    Can't Keep My Hands Off You - Simple Plan feat. Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer)


    Schedule of the countdowns:

    Daily Survey - Daily (except Weds!) 1pm - 4pm
    Top Seven - Fridays 7pm - 8pm

    To request/vote (vote only during the Daily Survey):

    Landline: 631-9393

    Text: Send text messages to 29761931 or text "RX<space<message>", send to 2299

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    For the Daily Survey (voting 1pm-4pm Mon-Fri):

    Vote for TLG along w/ 2 other songs:

    RX 93.1 Countdown Top 7 and Wannabees
    May 27, 2011 ~posted by forg

    1. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj feat. Ester Dean (3rd Week at #1)
    2. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
    3. Heart Skips a Beat - Lenka
    4. The Last Goodbye - David Cook
    5. Alligator Sky - Owl City
    6. Judas - Lady GaGa
    7. Save Me San Francisco - Train
    8. Sound of Fire - This Century
    9. Cigarettes and Valentines - Green Day
    10. Iridescent - Linkin Park
    11. I Feel Like Dancing - All Time Low
    12. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
    13. Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert
    14. Don't Let Me Go - The Click Five
    15. S&M (Remix) - Rihanna feat Britney Spears
    16. Look at Me Now - Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne
    17. Wala Na Tayo - BBS feat Kean Cipriano
    18. Hey Daydreamer - Somedaydream
    19. The Story of Us - Taylor Swift
    20. 1983 - Neon Trees

    21. Girls Fall like Dominoes - Nicki Minaj
    22. Falling In - Lifehouse
    23. California King Bed - Rihanna
    24. Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce
    25. Boyfriend - Big Time Rush feat. Snoop Dogg
    26. If I was You (OMG) - Far*East Movement feat. Snoop Dogg
    27. The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars
    28. E.T. - Katy Perry feat. Kanye West
    29. Smile - Avril Lavigne
    30. Who Says - Selena Gomez and the Scene
    New songs:
    Sound of Fire - This Century
    Don't Stop the Party - Black Eyed Peas
    I'm into You - Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil' Wayne
    Right There - Nicole Scherzinger
    Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa
    Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry

    99.5 RT

    RT30 Countdown with DJ Inka: 6-9PM Fridays

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    RT30 Blog (go to the chatbox & post a message): rt30countdown.blogspot.com
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    David Cook rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats for our new balay, guys! Yay! Ang ganda ng front page!!!!!!!

    Congrats din for TLG is really charting in our local radio stations (Magic, Rx, ano pa ba?) soon, magdodominate na rin yan sa mga Music Channels!!! I honestly cannot wait for the release of This Loud Morning!!!!! Sana irelease din dito ang Deluxe Edition (yung may DVD etc.)... hahaha... anyway, yun lang, congrats ulit and let's keep David on top!

    Natuwa ako at nagparamdam na ulit si FLYGIRL. LOL.

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    Good morning y'all! Hey, hi noxy!! Less than 30 days til TLM, woot!

    Tampa Bay interview after Top 2 night -


    NBC has been using "Heroes" a lot again for its sports promos

    @FoolsApril64 [FYI] One in series of NBC Sports Championship Season promos w/David Cook's "Heroes" airing during French Open http://www.twitvid.com/JSESY

    Forgot to post this last night. I posted the Sophie's Lounge video on youtube, with audio amplified, since the video on the Sophie website loads so very slowly and has very low audio -


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    Good Morning Peeps!

    Yihee, paapak sa bagong balay!!!
    Been busy lately kaya puro lurk mode lang muna ako but not this time...

    Kudos Cookistas!!

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    Reposting, coz we now have a recording! Check out what DJ Josh & Suzy said about David yesterday when they announced TLG as #2 in the Magic 30

    We end the week with The Last Goodbye at #2 in Magic89.9's Magic 30, and #4 in RX93.1's Top 7 and the Wannabe's, but steadily climbing, having reached #1 last night in their Top 5 countdown.

    (Pic by Lara Lee aka @livehead16.)

    Mash-up/Recording: DJ Josh & Suzy announce The Last Goodbye as the #2 song in the Magic 30 countdown. (Thanks to Cha Park.)

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    The Last Goodbye fell in both the Daily Survey and the Top 5 @ 5 today. Come on people, vote!

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    Good morning!

    TV appearances yahey!

    RT @FoolsApril64 [FYI] 30-Jun David Cook - Lopez Tonight on TBS *subj to chg* per RCA Music Group website http://bit.ly/iycPBM

    RT @FoolsApril64 [FYI] 29-Jun David Cook - Live! w/Regis & Kelly on ABC *subj to chg* per RCA Music Group website http://bit.ly/iycPBM

    RT @FoolsApril64 [FYI] 28-Jun David Cook - The Today Show on NBC *subj to chg* per RCA Music Group website http://bit.ly/iycPBM


    RT @965tic: Meet David Cook David Cook and see his private performance in Hartford June 8th. http://cot.ag/iZoHVQ


    Popcrush: David Cook Feared Dead in Humorous ‘The Last Goodbye’ Video

    David Cook Feared Dead in Humorous ‘The Last Goodbye’ Video
    by: Scott Shetler 7 hours ago
    David CookFrazer Harrison, Getty Images

    David Cook‘s carelessness leads authorities to declare him dead in a humorous music video for his latest single ‘The Last Goodbye,’ from his upcoming album ‘This Loud Morning.’

    While a case of mistaken suicide may not sound like a knee-slapper, the way the story unfolds makes it funny. The tale begins with the Season 7 ‘American Idol’ winner in the back seat of a cab, jotting down his thoughts in a notebook.

    He heads to the beach as he sings the despondent lyric, “I didn’t want to let you go / But wherever we are, we’re miles apart / I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye.” Cook continues to write as he tries to get over the loss.

    Finally, he takes off his shoes and leather jacket and walks toward the ocean to do some soul-searching. He walks along the coast, leaving his notebook and clothes behind.

    Minutes later, a woman walking her dog spots Cook’s clothing and the footprints heading into the ocean. Once she sees the notebook with the words, ‘The Last Goodbye’ in big letters, she assumes the worst and calls 9-1-1. While Cook heads back to the hotel to drink and play music, authorities arrive at the beach and assume that he wandered into the water and took his own life.

    As members of Cook’s band read the newspaper headline, ‘David Cook Feared Drowned’ and can’t believe their eyes, the singer, oblivious to the fact that people believe he’s dead, emerges and wonders what the fuss is all about.

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