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    Smile BS Management Engineering

    What can you say about the course? What are possible jobs when you graduate? Is the scope of the jobs wide or limited? What is the salary of the job?

    Sorry for my grammar inconsistencies. XD

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    Hi, 3773! Incoming Eco-H freshman here. I also wanted to take a double degree major with ME. I heard that ME is a good course, but it really requires higher math, given the Operations Research subjects and such. The daughter of my father's boss is an ME graduate, he said that the course is really great because there are many opportunities, especially in the management field. Many multinational companies would like to hire ME graduates, especially if you graduated with Latin Honors.

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    hello supercalifrageli!I passed BS ECE but I'm planning to shift in BS/M AMF or BS ME. Can you tell me anything about BS/M AMF?

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    Ahh, BS ECE pala yung course mo. BS/M AMF is my classsmate's choice in Ateneo. She and I are the only people from our school who will enter Ateneo. Most of my classmates preferred UP kasi. All I know about BS/M AMF is that it is a course for people who wanted to go into actuarial science. BS/M AMF graduates are expert in risk management courses and in analyzing business phenomena. I heard that actuarial scientists are in-demand in United States to date. I heard that the job requires a lot of hard math subjects.

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    ^ Thank you!

    I'm planning kasi na mag shift either sa ME or AMF. Hindi lang ako makapag decide

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    dun sana ako sa mas mayaman. haha

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    Do not think in terms of 'salary'. Think in terms of position and purpose.

    The world of work does not work that way. Making money in the real world does not work that way.

    The money you make ultimately depends on the connections you posses, the skills you've worked to cultivate throughout the entirety of your stay in AdMU and your level of ambition.

    You have the choice of working as an employee or starting your own company. You have the choice of working in partnership with a family member or with a friend.

    The most I can tell you now is to choose practically, and choose in accordance with what you feel is best for you. (Do your research for pete's sakes).

    Eco-H is a wonderful choice if you have the drive and the know-how. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are Economics graduates.

    ME, or Management Engineering - Corporate Work. Managerial and Authoritative work.

    AMF - Financial World. Banks, stocks, trading and what-not.

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    What examples of companies will hire you in ME and AMF?

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    At this stage an undergraduate degree is pretty flexible. You can go to finance as an ME graduate or you can go to business/corporate stuff as an AMF grad. It's really what you make of it. You can even be a medical doctor after graduating from Management! It all depends on which path you choose to take and where you apply after graduation.

    To those taking Eco H, I wish you all the best. Only one person graduated from that course in my batch. Do your best!

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    ^ really? Is the mortality rate high in AMF,ME ang Mgt-H?

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    Whoa, I've heard those words too many times. I've heard that Eco-H is such an exhausting course. How I wish I could survive the mental torment brought about by the course. Anyways, I think it's worth the try. I wish my intellectual abilities fit the course.

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    What happened to those students who got kicked out from the course?

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    I think that those who do not meet the grade requirement for the course are forced to take the AB Economics-Standard Program or they would have to shift courses.

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    If you haven't reached the qpi in Management Engineering, of course you'd shift to another course, are you going back to 2nd year?

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    Well, I've seen Eco-H's curriculum, I had considered shifting to the course in the past.

    Eco-H in my opinion, is a mix of complex economic theory and higher mathematics.

    It is basically AMF and Economics put together.

    Makes a wonderful Pre-Law or Pre-Masteral course.

    Analytical capability, not only in terms of worded theory, but also of mathematical concepts is essential to the course.

    I don't wonder why so many people drop out of the course during their first few years in AdMU.


    No. Depends really. For example...

    The base QPI is 1.8 for all freshmen. If you go below that, say bye-bye.

    ME has a retainment QPI, a course retainment QPI that is, which I believe is 2.5? Correct me if I am wrong. (That really isn't all too hard to attain in the first place).

    If you don't reach that, you have to shift courses. You can shift to any other course just as long as you reach the base QPI which is 1.8.

    If you don't? Like I said, kiss your ethereal AdMU diploma goodbye.

    Walang repeat-repeat sa AdMU. Pambihira. Excellence is not our goal, it is our standard.

    Sa Basketball lang kami nag-rerepeat. Period.

    If you flunk a class, you take it again during the summer. You don't repeat the year.

    Flunk too many classes and you're out.

    Not trying to scare you. No, seriously.

    Some of the people I know spent most of their year generally lounging around and what-not.

    If you attend all of your classes, pass the requirements (no matter how mediocre) and show some semblance of respect for the institution, then I guarantee you - you will pass.

    If you want to go the extra mile and get into the dean's list, then put up the effort.

    You don't get kicked out of here for being stupid. You get kicked out of here for being lazy.

    You already know how to pass. You pass by doing the same thing you did to get into this school - through hard work.

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    Ahh, thanks po sa additional info sa Eco-H. I also heard that the minimum GWA of Eco-H course is 3.0, higher than that of ME. Is that true?

    With regards po sa math, which you said is really essential in my course, I think I am quite good with it since I have been joining math contests during high school. Yet, I am not that confident, since I know for a fact that Ateneo trains students for the International Math Olympiad and other math contests. I really think that Mathematics in Ateneo is rigorous.

    Good thing I graduated from a science high school, we already had calculus in fourth year. However, I think I should put more effort. I am quite nervous about my course kasi. I really love economics and I wanted to graduate in Ateneo under the Honors program.

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    Off Topic:
    Is Military Scholarship (PD 577) applicable in AdMU?

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    ok, i must have read this question quite a few times na, and i must have given this speech na just as many times...

    ME is a very flexible course para sa hindi pa alam ang gusto sa buhay... i know ME grads in the corporate world, sa finance, sa marketing, sa operations, sa HR, even outside sa corporate, teaching in the academe, may sariling business, taking up law...

    it's the discipline kasi of being what my ex-boss called a "quant" or "numerate"... ibig lang niya sabihin, comfortable (not necessarily a genius) sa numbers... attention to detail... at sanay sa mahirap na trabaho...

    maintaining dati is a C in your majors... ngayon hindi ko alam kung pareho pa rin standards... i graduated recently lang naman...

    as for eco h and amf, naku bow ako sa inyo... yun lang...

    and yeah, ang ME nadadaan sa sipag... i know people na hindi gaano matalino, pero masipag, maganda grade sa ME... i know people na smart, pero tamad... natanggal ng ME...

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    Sir can you say something or anything about BS AMF?

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    ^about amf, i think kabatch ko *** mga unang batch ng amf, not so sure, basta it was a really new course... dati it was still establishing itself, i mean nagpapakilala sa mundo na hindi lang ME ang pwedeng i-hire, haha... anyway, it's a very rigorous course... same *** ibang math, accounting and finance subjects with ME, pero mas marami silang math and finance... maganda *** program kasi pwede nang ideretso to an MS...

    i say they're good, same breed of people take ME and AMF, in my opinion... mas math lang talaga *** AMF, and ME is more exposed to other managerial disciplines (marketing, HR, Operations, etc)... both are good courses, it's boils down to how much math can you handle, hahaha...

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