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    Grabe ang sexy lang ng song niyang to:

    I love her

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    In fairness, wala kang maitatapon na song sa album nya. Ang sarap lang pakinggan from first track to last. Very solid!

    But these are my all-time faves:

    And other than Oh My!, this one is another potential hit! Heto ang "Since U Been Gone" or "Someone Like You" nya. Sana i-release ito as a single.

    If Amy Winehouse was born and raised in Chicago, she definitely will be Haley Reinhart!

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    I really like Haley's songs "Undone" (I have a feel that it could be a sleeper hit), "Hit the Ground Running" and "Let's Run Away" (it kinda sounds like Simple Plan's summer song). Meron na bang lumabas na videos ni Haley ("Free") sa music channels sa Philippines like MYX (especially Pop Myx na doon madalas lumalabas ang AI videos like Scotty, Carrie, Kris, Adam) or Channel V and MTV Asia? Sana mas mapromote si Haley considering I really feel na may commercial appeal talaga siya at meron siyang unique sound IMO na parang in ngayon.

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    Sana nga i-release niyang next single yang Oh my! Grabe very catchy ang song na yan.

    And omg im just inlove with Undone

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    Love all the songs! Especially Now that you're here. <3

    Sana magrelease siya ng bagong single than Free now na, andaming potential hit!

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    Haley needs more radio spins here in the Philippines. So fellow Haliens, please keep on requesting "Free" to your favorite radio stations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverwhiz View Post
    Haley needs more radio spins here in the Philippines. So fellow Haliens, please keep on requesting "Free" to your favorite radio stations.
    Can you request din sa Myx? It is a quite an AI friendly channel (especially sa Pop Myx) but it is now full of K-Pop, 1D/The Wanted, and the usual (JB, Katy Perry, "Call Me Maybe") lately so I hope someone could request for that too. One step at a time for Haley

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    Haley Reinhart fan here!

    Ang ganda ng Rolling in the Deep nya!

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    Ang galing talaga ni Haley!

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    CROSSOVER POST! (Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams)

    Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams duet in "Hit The Road Jack", a jazz cover that is part of the "Casey Abrams" self-titled album.

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    ^^ I so love their duets! Smokey and sultry! They should do a duets album! Bibilhin ko din yung album ni Casey. Para kasi syang Jason Mraz ng AI and I looove Jason Mraz. Actually, their recordings doesn't give justice to their artistry. They're sooo much better live!

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    Hi fellow Haliens! Haley's "Listen Up!" song "Undone" is featured in the movie Step Up Revolution! Saw a clip of the song played in the movie on a link given by an IDFer sa IDF. It was quite short (around 30 seconds) and even the word "undone" wasn't even said, but the song is chilling still matching the dancer's rhythm on the movie.

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    Haley Reinhart:
    Album Sales- (Listen UP)44,000
    Free- 61,000

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