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    Oh my, buti they got to save him. I mean, he and Paul are the only reasons I watch that show. The thought of him going almost gave me a heart attack.

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    if Casey is overrated, then Pia, Jacob, and James are all so freakin' overrated. Casey did not deserve to go home, so they used the save. He deserved to be saved. He didn't need to prove himself to the judges so they stopped him from singing. I don't think that's kind of a drama. Unless, the results show was really scripted just to create stir or just for the ratings.

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    Humble din si Casey kasi after the show, he said in an interview na

    "I feel really bad that other contestants might have to go home now because they [the judges] used the save on me."

    For everyone's info pala, nag-hyperventilate siya after the show.

    Full news

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    Go back the way when you sang Lullaby of birdland or Georgia on my mind, less growling please Casey. You can win this, just be careful not to try too hard.

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    Please count me in, I'm a fan since Day 1.

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    so happy for Casey! he finally got to shave and loved his performance. naiiyak ako sa comment ni JLo.

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    Hindi niya talaga mapigil yung gigil niya pag kumakanta siya. Love his performance today.

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    Does anyone know where I can get a studio version download of Your Song? I am in love with it. Thanks!

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    **** casey's out, i guess casey's music isnt really for pop. talented yet americans arent ready for it.

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    his "I Don't Need No Doctor" audition was still the best this season. i miss Casey. AI is so boring without him.

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    I just realized I haven't posted on this thread. Weird.

    His post-AI performances have been pretty good. He didn't growl as much. He just sang the songs passionately.

    Go to YouTube and look for:
    Regis and Kelly - Nature Boy
    Ellen Show - Harder to Breathe (I wish he performed it this way on the show!)

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    Who would think before that Casey will have an album out before Pia Toscano?

    His self-titled album will be out in June 26! Here's his first single. I will say a jazzy Jason Mraz.

    At may bonus duet daw with Haley!

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    CROSSOVER POST! (Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams)

    Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams duet in "Hit The Road Jack", a jazz cover that is part of the "Casey Abrams" self-titled album.

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