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    Quote Originally Posted by musicismylife View Post

    SMcCreeryAI10 Scotty McCreery
    Hello Twitter! Yall like the show tonight? Thank you so much for all of your support! I'm gonna go get some cereal n ill be right back! haha

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    Scotty McCreery is Billboard's favorite of the night! !!!!!!!!

    Scotty McCreery Cruises Up 'River'

    Go Team McCreery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Steven said: "Scotty, you did the Garth justice. You know, someone [Elton John] wrote a song and the lyrics go, 'Carpet's all paid for and God bless the TV/Let's go shoot a hole in the moon/Roy Rogers is riding tonight' -- well, you're ridin' high."

    Jennifer said: "I saw you open up as a performer. I really felt you feel the audience and really embrace them."

    Randy said: "Dude, this is exactly where you belong. You could put that out as a record now. I love it. Don't change it!"

    We[Billboard] say: Week to week, I know what I'm going to get from Scotty McCreery, and while predictability can be dangerous on "Idol" I think it serves his country music fanbase well. Plus, Scotty's getting better at interacting with the crowd, but his moves are just awkward enough that he still comes off like a kid with a dream and outsized talent. Even though he has the most easily pigeonholed style in this Top 13 pool, Scotty genuinely has a chance at winning the whole competition, and that's saying something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dongyanatic2 View Post

    Ang ganda ng The River! I love his deep voice talaga

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    Need to say the obvious? One of the best performances of the night!!!

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    Scotty has the most followers on Twitter compared to the other 12 contestants!

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    Studio Version [iTunes]

    Dang I can imagine listening to this on the radio!

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    Hi! I like Scotty din

    Baby lock them doors... la la la love love love that deep voice

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    Go Scotty...ano kayang possible song choices nya na syempre country ah...from 1994, year he was born...wala akong masyadong idea....

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    I hope he sing's Randy Travis' "I Told You So" sometime. Probably my all time favorite country song!

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    SCOTTY!!! PLease sing an EDDIE VEDDER song. HEHEH.

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    He's not the darkhorse in the competition, he's the frontrunner to date if we're gonna base on DialIdol, I think. : )

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    Go Scotty! Go Scotty! Top 5 Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiktok_cannibal View Post
    Go Scotty! Go Scotty! Top 5 Please.
    That's pretty much guaranteed!

    He has the votes.
    He has the judge safe thingy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deronwilliams08 View Post
    My Dark Horse pick to win. Go Scotty!
    di siya considered na dark horse. hehe.

    nakuha ko sa rickeydotorg.

    just found this :

    Kristy Lee Cook Winner Prophecy
    Kris-Ty Lee Cook :
    Kris Allen
    -Ty ?
    Lee DeWyze
    David Cook

    the only one who could complete the list in this season is ScotTy McCreery


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    Sayang, wala na si TaTYnisa Wilson.

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