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    OWL CITY PHILIPPINES! ♥ Hoots to the music of Adam Young a.k.a. OWL CITY

    we sing. we hoot. we ♥ owl city. in more ways than one!!

    Join us in the following nests:


    Watch out for the sophomore album to be released this spring!! ♥

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    YEY! Let's spread the Owl City ♥ more for adam! cant wait for ATBAB

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    Owl City just tweeted that the expected release date of all things bright and beautiful is this may 24, 2011, GET READY OWLS! Bet this will be awesome. Also, would just like to tell everyone to listen to the song enchanted composed by ADAM, dedicated especially for TSwift as a response to her song for adam! http://owlcitymusic.com/vday

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    Hoots! Check out these OWLsome info on Owl City's upcoming album, ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL. http://www.spin.com/articles/owl-cit...um-track-track

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uinen View Post
    wow my thread pala na ganito
    Yes! Sorry for the late reply. Let's support Owl City as he releases his new Single ALLIGATOR SKY!

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    Do you wanna come over? BouH's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    owl city has a very unique style...
    so in love with fireflies...

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    Ang cool ng version niya ng "Enchanted". Sana magkatuluyan sila ni Taylor Swift.

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    oo nga,ganda ng Enchanted

    hindi nakakasawa pakinggan,

    bagay sila ni TS.

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    OWL CITY IS COMING BACK THIS OCTOBER 26, 2011!~ HOOOOOOTS! ☺☺ So guys follow us at http://facebook.com/owlcityliveinmanila2011 for updates! Also follow us at http://facebook.com/owlcityph

    Let's fly this thread! HOOOOT!

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    Check out Owl City's latest single, ALLIGATOR SKY! HOOOTS! Come on guys, let's post here!

    http://<iframe width="560" height="3...reen></iframe>

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    Hi Deegee81 ♥♥ Yey! samahan mo ako dito. Kailangan natin dumami! haha

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    Owl City - All Things Bright & Beautiful Review
    Posted by Wyatt E. on 06.15.2011
    1. The Real World - 3:34
    2. Deer In The Headlights - 3:01
    3. Angels - 3:40
    4. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust - 3:45
    5. Honey and the Bee (featuring Breanne Düren) - 3:45
    6. Kamikaze - 3:28
    7. January 28, 1986 - 0:38
    8. Galaxies - 4:03
    9. Hospital Flowers - 3:39
    10. Alligator Sky (featuring Shawn Chrystopher) - 3:05
    11. The Yacht Club (featuring Lights) - 4:33
    12. Plant Life - 4:11

    While there's every reason in the world for one to consider it too saccharine or precious, I happen to love Owl City. Not because Adam Young is the best pop songwriter on any level, but because, armed with an assload of pitch correction, synthesizer loops and obvious drum machines, he comes across as the logical conclusion for 2000s/2010s pop music - amusingly so, in fact. Hardly a single aspect of his sound comes across as human. Hell, I don't even think Adam Young is a real person. It's as if, on some idle Tuesday morning, a Macbook just came to life and decided to write and compose its own pop songs. Listen to Adam Young's vocals. Doesn't he sound like one of those preset Mac voices?

    Okay, so we all remember "Fireflies." Well, we pretty much have to since for a time in 2009, you literally couldn't get away from it. For those who took the time to hear Ocean Eyes, well, you know for a fact that the album held no surprises past the hit song, as the ingredients in that song were essentially the ingredients to the rest of it. Adam Young seems to live permanently in some fantasy world of fairies, pixie dust, and bad puns. Not that there's anything wrong with that on principle, but it does get to be more than a little dorky pretty quickly. I mean, honestly, sit down and sift through this stuff. If "She would rather fall in chocolate / than fall in love, especially with me" wasn't enough for you, then let's get to the rest of All Things Bright & Beautiful, the title of which gets points for at least being self-aware in a Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness sort of way.

    Let's get right to the point: if you liked Ocean Eyes a lot, you will like this too, because it's really a pretty similar record. I mean, production wise, I can't really name anything that's much of an upgrade. It even feels just as it did before. To some, it'll be stagnation and lack of ambition, and to others, it'll be like an old pair of shoes. Ridonkulously precious pop music can certainly be fun, if you're in a slap-happy sort of mood. But if you're hoping that Owl City is going to start moving forward with maturity and any sort of expansion, well, I admire your optimism, but this isn't that record.

    No, Adam Young is content to pick away at the little niche he's carved, with little techno beats pushing forward fluttering keyboards and his sugary sweet approach to lyrics. The first song, "The Real World" (not a Matchbox Twenty cover) is a typically childlike song written from the point of view from some intergalactic outsider, and it sounds for all the world like he just wrote a mawkish sequel to " Interplanet Janet." Throughout the rest of the record, Young writes about bees, princesses, knights, stars, galaxies and even car accidents. Okay, there's a little dissonance in themes, but his heavily electronic means of arrangement and subdued, auto-tuned vocals tends to render the whole affair into schmaltz anyway, even when he sings about rockets and bombs.

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    Quick spin: ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ by Owl City

    By — Allison Stewart, Published: June 14
    Adam Young, the one-man band from Owatonna, Minn., who goes by the name Owl City, recorded his major-label debut, “Ocean Eyes,” in his parents’ basement in the late ’00s, emerged briefly to become a platinum-selling pop sensation, and then retreated to the basement to craft a follow-up — the sugary, wistful “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”

    “All Things,” like its predecessor, is an exercise in guileless emotronica. Young, 24, has a poetry major’s fondness for metaphor (“Downy feathers kiss your face and flutter everywhere,” he sings on the burbling synth-pop song “The Real World.” “Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn’t want to live there”), a sentimentalist’s view of the world and a teenage girl’s view of love. On “Deer in the Headlights,” one of several tracks that suggest the theme song to a long-lost ’80s sitcom, you can practically see the hearts dotting the lyrical i’s.

    Young brings as much variety as he can to these dreamy, fluttery songs. There are guest rappers, brief adventures in techno, indie and Euro-pop, and even a Ronald Reagan sample: “January 28, 1986” serves up Reagan’s Challenger address on a bed of oohs, aahs and synths. Young sounds uncannily like Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, and at its best “All Things” resembles the Postal Service for tweens.

    Young wrote, produced and played almost every note himself, and the insularity works in his favor. It’s tempting to wonder what kind of album he might make with a chamber pop ensemble and a steady diet of Brian Wilson records. It would probably be better, but it wouldn’t be the same.

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