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    TeleMAFias :: The MARK ANTHONY FERNANDEZ Thread : Chapter IV

    Mark Anthony Fernandez

    Born Mark Anthony Fernandez
    Birthday - January 18, 1979
    Birth Place - Manila, Philippines
    Other name(s) - M.A. Fernandez
    Occupation - Actor
    Years active 1991–present

    Mark Anthony Lacsamana Fernandez is a Philippine actor and former dancer. Born on January 16, 1979 to acting legends Rudy Fernandez and Alma Moreno.
    He is a former member of the famous showbiz teen group, "Gwapings" alongside Jomari Yllana and Eric Fructuoso.

    His breakout roles in the movies Pare Ko, Mangarap Ka and Matimbang Pa sa Dugo featured him as a lead star. In 1996, he received Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor nominations for the 3 aforementioned movies he did. However, the year 1998 started a downward spiral in Fernandez's career and personal life following an assault case that was filed against him by an American socialite and the break-up with his then-girlfriend Claudine Barretto. His home studio Regal Films attempted to launch him as an action star in the movies Sonny Segovia: Lumakad Ka Sa Apoy and Walang Katumbas Ang Dugo but both movies flopped at the box-office.

    After a two-year hiatus from a drug rehabilitation which follows his acquittal in the assault case, Fernandez returned to the movie scene via Biyaheng Langit and Dos Ekis opposite sexy actresses Joyce Jimenez and Rica Peralejo, respectively. In 2003, he had disappeared once again from show business and underwent rehabilitation for drug dependence for the second time. In 2005, he was released from rehab and made his comeback in show business. After his release in rehab, he said in his words, "I hope the moviegoers will welcome me back. Now, I realize more than ever that I'm made for showbiz and I'll always be in showbiz."

    Today, he is one of GMA-7's leading actors with his critically-acclaimed performances on TV series such as Impostora (2007) and Kamandag (2007-2008). Top rating Telebabad shows Ako si Kim Samsoon (2008), Luna Mystica (2008-2009), All About Eve (2009), Darna (2009-2010), Diva (2010) and currently, on GMA 7' Haponalo, Little Star.

    Personal Life

    He is the son of the late actor Rudy Fernandez and actress Alma Moreno. He is also the half-brother to Vandolph Quizon and stepson of Lorna Tolentino.

    In 1995, he had a past relationship with actress Claudine Barretto.

    Mark has one daughter from his deceased girlfriend and has a son from his current wife Melissa Garcia.



    Year - Title - Role - Company

    1991 ------ Palibhasa Lalake - himself - ABS-CBN
    1992 - -----Tropang Trumpo - ABC (now TV5) & Gwapings: Live - GMA Network
    2001 - -----Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin - Gabriel - GMA Network
    2003 ------ Magpakailanman: The Manny Pacquiao Story Manny Pacquiao - GMA Network
    2006 ------ Super Inggo - Kanor - ABS-CBN
    2006 -------Komiks: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko - Lito - ABS-CBN
    2007 ------ Impostora - Nicolas Cayetano - GMA Network
    2007-2008 - Carlo J. Caparas' Kamandag - Lucero Serrano / Talim - GMA Network
    2008 -------Ako si Kim Samsoon - Cyrus Ruiz - GMA Network
    2008 - ----- Dear Friend: Victor & Mimay - Victor - GMA Network
    2008-2009 - Luna Mystika - Dexter Samaniego - GMA Network
    2009 - ----- All About Eve - Kenneth Villareal - GMA Network
    2009-2010 - Darna - Eduardo Morgan - GMA Network
    2010 ------- Diva - Gary - GMA Network
    2010 ------- LoveBug - Say I DO episode - Alvin - GMA Network
    2010-present - Little Star - Dave De Leon - GMA Network


    Shake, Rattle and Roll: Diablo (2009)
    Babang Luksa (2007)
    Batas Militar (2006)
    Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5: Lihim (2005)
    Sa Piling ng Mga Belyas (2003)
    You and Me Against the World (2003)
    Hesus Rebolusyonaryo (2002)
    Dos Ekis (2001)
    Biyaheng Langit (2000)
    Walang Katumbas Ang Dugo (1998)
    Sonny Segovia: Lumakad Ka Sa Apoy (1998)
    Ako Ba Ang Nasa Puso Mo (1997)
    Kulayan Natin Ang Bukas (1997)
    Kabilin-bilinan Ni Lola (1996)
    Istokwa (1996)
    Mangarap Ka (1995)
    Araw-araw, Gabi-gabi (1995)
    Eskapo: The Serge Osmena-Geny Lopez Story (1995)
    Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo (1995)
    Pare Ko (1994)
    Sobrang Talaga... Over!! (1994)
    Binibini ng Aking Panaginip (1994)
    Gwapings Dos (1993)
    Shotgun Banjo (1992)
    Gwapings: The First Adventure (1992)

    Pex Archive Links

    The MAF Thread : Part I -------
    The MAFias Web : Part II ------
    MAFias PexNetwork : Part III ---

    External links

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at the Internet Movie Database

    Other Forum Threads

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at

    Mark Anthony Fernandez at

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    Scs from Ako Si Kim Samsoon with Regine Velasquez

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    Scs from Luna Mystika with Heart Evangelista

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    Scs from All About Eve with Iza Calzado

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    Scs from Darna with Marian Rivera

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    SCs from Diva with Regine Velasquez

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    Thanks Dream for the new house

    Mark Anthony

    Naku, pati erotica makikita na rito.
    Grabeee !!! but I like the evolution... at least artistic pa rin ang presentation ni etxetera...

    (On second thought, sa AAE thread dati may XXX ngang nakalusot, remember)

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    Pwede na ba mag post? Parang hindi pa tapos si Dreamstar eh.

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    Mark Anthony Fernandez Movie Timeline.

    Gwapings: The First Adventure (1992) ---------Gwapings Dos (1993)

    Pare Ko (1994) -------------------------------Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo (1995)

    Eskapo (1995) --------------------------------Mangarap Ka (1995)

    Istokwa (1996) -------------------------------Ako Ba Ang Nasa Puso Mo (1997)

    Hesus Rebolusyonaryo (2002) ----------------- You and Me Against the World (2003)

    Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5: Lihim (2005) ------- Shake Rattle & Roll XI: Diablo (2009)

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    Mark Anthony Fernandez TV Series Timeline

    Impostora (2007) ---------------------------------- Kamandag (2007-2008)

    Ako Si Kim Sam Soon (2008) ----------------------- Luna Mystika (2008-2009)

    All About Eve (2009) ------------------------------ Dear Friend Episode (2009)

    Darna (2009-2010) -------------------------------- Diva (2010)

    Claudine Drama Anthology (2010)-------------------LoveBug Say I Do Episode (2010)

    Little Star (2010 - Present)

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    Yey ! may bagong bahay na!

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    We own all TELEMAFIA SERIES and its fictional characters. These stories are works of FICTION and of our own creation exclusively for this thread ONLY. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events is solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    TeleMAFia Series 1 - Lagrimas


    Mark is an orphan na lumaki sa streets ng Tondo. 10 years ago his father mysteriously died then a week after he saw with his very eyes how her mother was raped and killed. Few days after he learned ninakaw lahat ng properties nila. He vowed one day paghihigantihan niya ang gumawa nito sa magulang niya at sumira ng buhay niya.

    10 years after Mark is now a very rich man na back with a vengeance. Natunton na niya ang gumawa ng krimen who happens to be a very influential Chinese man. This man has an only child - Heart. Heart is a rebellious daughter. Lagi itong tumatakas at laman ng di magagandang headline. Mark will use her para paghigantihan ang lalaki little did he know Heart hates his father as much as he does. Mark will make Heart fall in love with him.

    After a series of devastating twist and chaos it will turn out si Mark pala ang tunay na anak at si Heart ay ampon. In the end Mark will get the vengeance he want - napabagsak niya ang negosyo nila Heart using her, napakulong niya ang ama nito/ama niya pero di pa rin siya sumaya because too late na ng ma-realize niyang mahal niya rin si Heart…Heart already committed suicide… Heart loves Mark so much. More than sa pagkalugi ng negosyo at pagkakakulong ng ama niya she can’t bear the pain ng breakup nila because ang love nila ang tanging natitira na lang para sa kanya to live on.

    Lagrimas is Spanish term for tears. Mula umpisa hanggang matapos ang kwento ipapakita ang iba’t-ibang rason sa pagluha ng tao.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1: Fear

    Episode 2: Vengeance

    Episode 3: Sadness

    Episode 4: Envy

    Episode 5: Hatred

    Episode 6: Passion

    Episode 7: War

    Episode 8: Deception

    Episode 9: Betrayal

    Episode 10: Suicide

    Episode 1 - 10 Completed

    Excerpt scenarios from Lagrimas translated in English:

    From the same creators of ILWY (na kauna-unahang fanfic ni Mark wherein he is a supporting character) in collaboration with Lipstick City ito na po ang hidden scenes ng very first TeleMAFia fanfic na LAGRIMAS


    Written by: krazeehorse

    Scenario: At a luxury yacht, a sumptuous dinner table with an expensive bottle of champagne was waiting

    “How often do you go her?” Heart asked while admiring the beautiful sunset view.

    “Whenever I want to relax, I’m always here” Mark answered.

    Leaning down, he lifted a bottle of champagne that was chilling in a silver bucket on the deck table beside him and poured some into two glasses. He held one out to her, forcing her to come close enough to take it from him.

    "This is all a little overwhelming," she said aloud.

    There was an urge to reach out and trace the perfection of her profile with his fingers but Mark restrained himself and instead leaned an elbow on the railing, taking pleasure in the way she looked in that wrap-around dress, knowing he was going to take it off her tonight.

    “Are you, by any chance, regretting coming here alone with me? Mark asked sensing her apprehension.

    “Do I look like a scared cat?” She said without looking at him.

    “Heart, in a matter of minutes, we will set sail into the open sea just far enough where nobody can reach us. Right now, there’s only the cook and the captain but once we get to our destination, they will leave us using one of the small boats. What happens after that will be a mutual decision. I am now giving you time to turn back while we’re still here. No regrets afterwards.”

    “I do not regret being here with you right now.” She admitted in a barely audible voice. “I’m just nervous, I guess. I have to admit that I really don’t know what to do and what to expect.” She took a deep breath and turning to look at him, she tried to calm herself and bravely challenge him. “If I were you, I wouldn’t give me a chance to change my mind.”

    That was all the invitation he needed. Strong hands gripped her upper arms as his mouth descended on hers. She heard a long low moan—hers? His lips were dry and firm and very, very skilled.

    With no persuasion at all, her lips opened beneath his. His tongue invaded her mouth, plunging inside then withdrawing like a promise of what he would do later. And she couldn’t wait. When he raised his head, she pulled it down again. She wasn’t nearly ready to let him go.

    But he wasn’t going anywhere. His hands moved from her arms to her stomach where a tiny string was her only security to almost baring it all to him. But nothing was going to stop him. His fingers curled over the tops of her breasts and swept beneath, then down to find her nipples taut and strained against the fabric. He rolled them between his fingers, sending hot darts of need shooting through her body.

    The sound of the motor running told them they were about to sail and Mark looked at her for assurance. She wrapped her hands around him and tossed all fears and innocence to the winds and that was enough for him.

    “I promised you dinner but I don’t think I can wait any longer. You already know how much I want you and how I needed you now.” He pressed his manhood that had been poking in her stomach for sometime now to stress his point.

    “Are you hungry?” His voice croaked and that made her smile. She wanted to say yes just to tease him but it would be pointless.

    “How can I think of food when you’re holding me like this?” She looked down at his hand still cupping her breast teasing her now sensitive nipple.

    He raised her legs and she wrapped them around his waist as he carried her to a door down to a corridor, to a private cabin.

    He set her down and allowed her to look around while he took off his shirt.

    Heart tore free from her growing panic, glanced into the large, opulent room, and her gaze riveted on the king-size bed. The thick coverlet was already turned back invitingly.

    He came up behind her and slid his arms around her, drawing her back against him. Her own heart pounded as he nuzzled the soft skin of her neck. One hand cupping her breast, kneading, delighting at the sight of flesh spilling out of his hand while the other found its way inside through the flap of her wrap-around and dealing summarily with the hindrance, smoothing over the trembling silken length of her thigh. A jolt of electric anticipation stabbed at her, leaving her limp and pliant as a rag doll in his arms. Her flesh ached for him.

    "You take my breath away," he whispered against her neck. She shivered in response.

    She gasped as she felt his hand moving further down her stomach. She wanted to stop him, holding on to the arm but that was all she could do—hold on because her knees were failing her. What his hands were doing was just too much for her. He felt her stiffen and sensing her panic he assured her.

    “Am I scaring you? Would you like me to go slower?” He asked gently.

    To be continued…

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    We own all TELEMAFIA SERIES and its fictional characters. These stories are works of FICTION and of our own creation exclusively for this thread ONLY. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events is solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    TeleMAFia Series 2 - Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba? (Tagalog Version)


    MARK and HEART are husband and wife. But their one-year marriage seemed destined to end in a painful annulment. Heart was driving home from a 3 day business trip in Subic, the phone rang. It was Mark on the other line. Heated arguments erupt over Mark wanting to file a petition for annulment of their marriage pero ayaw pumayag ni Heart. She's begging Mark to try and save their marriage.

    Driving too fast, BAM!!! "her car has hit a body. She was shocked! It was a man's body. She was numb with shock, as she has seen, what she has done. Heart was so shaken, she went out of the car and she saw a man, blood coming out of his nose and a child beside him. Both were unconscious, and the man has blood all over. The man was holding the little body, it looked like the man tried to protect the little boy from being hit directly by her car. He doesn't look good and so is the little boy."

    Sa takot at hindi alam kung ano ang gagawin, iniwan niya sa kalye nakahandusay ang lalaki at ang bata. She didn't know who the man and child that she had run over. She called 911 to report the incident with calm so she won't be questioned further of what had happened. At a distance nakikita ni Heart tinutulungan ng mga medics ang mga biktima. The victims were rushed to a nearby Hospital. In the emergency room, Mark is the doctor on duty. He attended to the victims. Patay ang lalaki at 50-50 ang bata.

    CLAUDINE became hysterical after she was told about the incident.
    Before they got hit by Heart's car, the man and child are supposed to go to a surprise birthday party they prepared for Claudine. Labis ang sakit na naramdaman ni Claudine dahil sa mismong araw ng birthday niya nag aagaw buhay ang kanyang anak. She is devastated by the death of the man she is about to marry.

    Heart is so guilty sa nasira niyang buhay. She asked her doctor husband, Mark, to talk to Claudine to appease her, keep her company, help her emotionally and get through the ordeal. Little did Heart know may nakaraan pala si Mark at Claudine.

    A decade ago, Mark and Claudine met and fell deeply inlove (tampisaw moment) but they bitterly parted ways. Si Claudine ang babaeng naging dahilan that Mark almost gave up his life. Di matanggap ni Mark ang mapait nilang paghihiwalay. Si Claudine ang buong pangarap niya sa buhay. Ngunit para kay Claudine ang lahat ng ito, "What happened was just a physical joining of our bodies... nothing more..."

    Years after, Mark met Heart. Si Heart ang tumulong at nagtiyaga kay Mark to pick up the pieces, makabangon muli sa pagkakadapa at maging kung ano siya ngayon. During the entire time Heart never saw a single photo of Claudine so she had no idea ano ang itsura ng ex ni Mark except the nickname, Dine. Eventhough they are already married, Heart loves Mark more than Mark loves Heart. The word I love you was never spoken between the two of them.

    Mapapalapit muli si Mark kay Claudine at si Heart ay mapapagtaksilan. Heart will learn later that si Claudine ang babaeng naging dahilan noon that Mark almost gave up his life. Ang babaeng gustong makasama ni Mark bumuo ng kanyang mga pangarap. Heart will confront Mark bakit di sinabi sa kanya na si Claudine ang ex niya. Gustong iconfront ni Heart si Claudine but how can she do that when deep inside alam ni Heart that she put Claudine to this dilemna. She was the one who caused the child to be comatose and the death of Claudine's fiancee.

    Mark will be torn between Claudine and Heart.

    In a heart-breaking hospital scene with Claudine ng halos bumigay na ang bata mabuhay, Mark finds out na siya ang ama ng bata. Narinig ni Heart na noon ay papasok sana sa kwarto upang dalawin ang bata.

    This is a Love Story that will break your Heart.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - The Surprise Party

    Episode 2 - The Accident

    Episode 3 - Heart's Guilt

    Episode 4 - Mark and Claudine meets again

    Episode 5 - The Love that Never Was

    Episode 6 - Complication

    Episode 7 - Jealousy and Betrayal

    Episode 8 - Torn between Claudine and Heart

    Episode 9 - Revelations

    Episode 10 - The Ending

    Episode 1 - 10 (Tagalog Version) Completed

    TeleMAFia Series 2 - Are You Just A Dream? (English Version)

    Translated by : Wahwahwah and Chasty10
    Edited by : jabbaandkabafan


    Mark and Heart are husband and wife. But their one-year marriage seemed destined to end in a painful annulment. Heart was driving home from a 3 day business trip in Subic when the phone rang. It was her husband Mark on the other line. Heated arguments erupt over Mark wanting to file a petition for annulment of their marriage and Heart disagreeing. She's begging her husband to try and save their marriage.

    She’s driving too fast and BAM!!!, her car hits a man’s body. She was numb with shock, as she sees what she has done. Heart was shaking as she goes out of the car. She sees a man, blood coming out of his nose and a child beside him. The man has blood all over. Both were unconscious. The man was holding the little body. It looked like the man tried to protect the little boy from being hit directly by her car. Neither of them look well.

    Very frightened and not knowing what to do, Heart leaves the scene. She didn’t know who the man and child that she had run over were. She calls 911 to report the incident with calm so she won’t be questioned further. She watches from a distance as the medics help the victims who were rushed to a nearby hospital. In the emergency room, her husband Mark is the doctor on duty. He attends to the victims. The man is dead. The child is comatose and has a 50-50 chance to live.

    Claudine is the boy’s mother. She becomes hysterical after she was told about the accident. Before they got hit by Heart’s car, the man, who is Claudines fiancé and her son were on their way to a surprise birthday party they prepared for her. To make matters worse, this is the day of her birthday and her son is in the hospital, comatose. Claudine is devastated by the death of the man she is about to marry.

    Heart feels extremely guilty about the lives she destroyed. She begs her doctor husband Mark to talk to Claudine and to console her through this ordeal. Little did Heart know that Mark and Claudine had a past.

    A decade ago, Mark and Claudine met and fell deeply in love, but they bitterly parted ways. Claudine is the woman who caused Mark to almost give up on his life. Mark had a very difficult time accepting their bitter break up. In her last note to Mark, Claudine said that, what happened was just a physical joining of their bodies, nothing more.

    Later, Mark meets Heart. Heart helps Mark pick up the pieces of his life and get over his broken heart. During that entire time, Heart never saw a single photo of Claudine so she had no idea what the ex who broke her husband’s heart looked like. She only knew her nickname is “Dine”. Mark and Heart get married but their feelings are somewhat lopsided. Heart loves Mark more than Mark loves Heart. The words “I love you” were never spoken between the two of them.

    This accident caused Mark and Claudine to reconnect. Mark pursues Claudine and betrays Heart. Heart later learns that Claudine is the woman who Mark wanted to be with and share his dreams with. Her leaving made him want to give up everything. Heart finds out about Claudine's real identity and learns
    about the betrayal. Heart wants to confront Claudine, but how can she when she knows that the accident she caused, killed Claudine’s fiance‛ and left her son unconscious and on the brink of death?

    Mark will be torn between Heart and Claudine.

    In a heartbreaking hospital scene where the child almost dies, Mark and Heart found the truth about the identity of the child’s father.

    This is a love story that will break your heart.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - The Surprise Party

    Episode 2 - The Accident

    Episode 3 - Heart's Guilt

    Episode 4 - Mark and Claudine meets again

    Episode 5 - The Love that Never Was

    Episode 6 - Complication

    Episode 7 - Jealousy and Betrayal

    Episode 8 - Torn between Claudine and Heart

    Episode 9 - Revelations

    Episode 10 - The Ending

    Episode 1 - 10 (English Version) Completed

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    We own all TELEMAFIA SERIES and its fictional characters. These stories are works of FICTION and of our own creation exclusively for this thread ONLY. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events is solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    TeleMAFia Series 3 - Happy Together


    Hailed as the most beautiful, glamorous, sexy, pinakasikat, iniidolo ng lahat, kinaiinggitan ng marami at kinahuhumalingan ng mga lalaki. She is MARIAN RIVERA, the epitome of a Movie Goddess. She can sing, she can dance. She has won several awards for her superb acting and it has been a year of movie blockbusters for her. But behind that little pretty face, is a naughty, spoiled brat attitude na magiging problema ng manager nya.

    MARK FERNANDEZ is a former police detective turned bodyguard. Rank number one among the best. He is fierce, intense, violent, honest and virtuous, just and straightforward. Marami ang galit sa kanya dahil sa attitude nya. After being framed-up on a rub-out charges, he was dismissed from service.

    COCO MARTIN is Mark's best buddy. Parang magkapatid ang turing nila sa isa't isa. Mark and Coco have been together mula pa noong nag training sila hanggang sa nadismiss si Mark sa service. Pinili ni Coco na sumama kay Mark keysa manatili sa pagka police.

    Mark and Coco put up a Bodyguard Business.

    Si JERICHO ROSALES ang matinding kaagaw ni Mark sa atensyon ni Marian. Misteryoso ang pagkatao ni Echo.

    Labis ang pag-aalala ng manager ni Marian sa dami ng naiinggit sa kanyang alaga. Because of that, for her safety, he hired a bodyguard. Marami nang bodyguards ang dumaan kay Marian ngunit hindi nagtatagal ang mga ito dahil laging nagkaka gusto sa kanya. Kapag nanligaw na kay Marian ang kanyang bodyguard, she asks her manager to terminate him. Dahil dito hirap na hirap ang manager ni Marian humanap ng taong magbabantay sa alaga.

    Isang Production Executive ng Tv Network ang nag recommend ng Bodyguard Company na pag mamay-ari nina Mark at Coco. Agad itong tinawagan at nakausap ng manager ni Marian si Mark upang mag hire ng isang bodyguard para sa kanyang alaga. Bago pa man sila nagkaroon ng agreement, Marian's manager gave a stern warning na ang kailangan nilang bodyguard ay yung hindi maiinlove kay Marian. Otherwise, hindi lang ang taong pinadala nila ang mawawalan ng trabaho kundi they will also lose their business with them. Mark assured him na ang mga bodyguards nila ay trained na "walang personalan, trabaho lang".

    A month later, nakatanggap si Mark ng isang termination paper saying, pinuputol na ni Marian ang services ng bodyguard as well as ang contract ng Company nila. Sa kadahilanang pinopormahan sya ng bodyguard na pinadala sa kanya.

    Hindi makakapayag si Mark na mawala si Marian dahil sya ang pinaka priced client ng Company nila ni Coco. Mark talk it out with her na sana bigyan pa sila ng another chance. Pumayag si Marian sa pakiusap ni Mark provided ipangako ni Mark na ang bagong bodyguard ay hindi magkaka interes sa kanya. Mark made a promise that he'll send someone who will never ever fall for her.

    Malaking problema nina Mark at Coco kung sino sa mga tauhan nila ang ipapadala. Sa takot na baka maulit muli ang nangyari, nagdesisyon si Mark na sya na mismo ang gagawa ng trabaho. Ayaw pumayag ni Coco sa balak ni Mark dahil kabisado nya ang kaibigan, malambot rin ang puso pagdating sa mga babae. Alam ni Coco madali rin ma inlove si Mark. Ngunit wala na silang oras maghanap ng pwedeng ipalit sa bodyguard na sinesante ni Marian.

    Ano ang gagawin ni Mark upang matupad ang pangako kay Marian?

    Happy Together is a completely endearing romantic comedy that will move your heart while making you laugh out loud.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - The Price of Fame

    Episode 2 - Envy and Jealousy

    Episode 3 - Bodyguard

    Episode 4 - Saving the Contract

    Episode 5 - Secret, Lies and Deception

    Episode 6 - The Stalker

    Episode 7 - Falling in Love

    Episode 8 - The Truth Hurts

    Episode 9 - Termination of Contract

    Episode 10 - Ending


    Isang mala palasyong bahay na may magarang garden sa isang exclusive subdivision. Higit sa apat na mamahaling sasakyan naka park sa garahe. Pagpasok, makikita ang malawak na sala at hagdan patungo sa ikalawang palapag ng bahay. Sa bawat sulok mga mamahaling kasangkapan ang naka display tila hindi pa nagagamit dahil mukhang bagong bago pa rin.

    Episode 1 - The Price of Fame

    Scenario (Kwarto ng bahay)

    (Alarm clock tumunog babaing nakadapa biglang bumangon, ang babae si Marian)

    (Marian inabot ang alarm clock kinuha at inihagis sa sahid nabasag)

    (Marian naka pikit ang mga mata inis na inis)

    Marian : Ano ba? Sino ba nag set ng alarm clock dito sa kwarto ko?

    (Pinto biglang bumukas manager ni Marian pumasok)

    Mamsie : Anak, binasag mo naman itong alarm clock. Tumayo ka na dyan!

    Marian : Mamsie? Ikaw ba ang nag set ng alarm dito sa kwarto ko? Anong ginagawa mo dito?

    Mamsie : Hindi ako ang nag set ng alarm clock na yan. Pero inutusan ko ang yaya mo na gawin yun.

    Marian : (Nagdadabog) Mamsie, alam nyo ba? kaka tulog ko lang? Bakit nyo naman pina set ang alarm ng ganitong oras?

    Mamsie : Dahil kailangan gumising ka ng ganitong oras, anak!

    Marian : Isang oras pa lang ako nakatulog eh. Umaga na nag pack up ang taping ko kanina.

    Mamsie : Alam ko, pero pasensya ka na, anak. May guesting ka kasi ngayon. Ikaw ang special guest sa anniversary presentation ng Party Pilipinas.

    Marian : Hindi ba pwede cancel mo na lang muna, Mamsie?

    Mamsie : Matagal ka na nila gusto maging guest sa show na yun kaya hindi pwede icancel ang guesting mo. Sige na tumayo ka na dyan at mag shower. Baka ma late pa tayo sa show.

    Marian : (Itinaas ang kamay) Mamsie! 5 minutes! 5 minutes lang, pleaseee?

    Mamsie : Mahuhuli na tayo eh. Magshower ka na tapos on the way ka na matulog ulit sa van habang mini make up ka ng make up artist mo.

    Marian : Mamsie, pagod na pagod na ako.

    Mamsie : Promise ko sa iyo, anak, after ng teleserye mo. Di muna tayo tatanggap ng anumang project para sa iyo. Magpapahinga ka ng matagal.

    Marian : Talaga Mamsie? Promise mo yan ha?

    Mamsie : Oo promise. Magbabakasyon ka kahit saan mo gusto.

    (Marian tuwang tuwa sa sinabi ng manager dali daling nagshower)

    Samantala ...

    Isang condominium unit sa 7th floor. Katamtaman lang ang laki para sa isang bachelor's pad. Simple, malinis at well arranged ang furnitures. Halatang masinop at maayos ang nakatira.

    Scenario (Taong naliligo sa shower room, si Mark)

    (Habang nakatapat bumabagsak ang tubig ng shower sa mukha ni Mark)


    Scenario (Habulan ng mga sasakyan sa flyover)

    (Mark at Coco sakay ng kotse tinutugis ang mga hinihinalang carnappers)

    Mark : Pare, asintahin mo ang gulong ng kotse nila.

    Coco : Bilisan mo ilapit mo ng konti.

    Mark : O ayan ! barilin mo na!

    (Coco binaril tinamaan ang gulong ng mga hinihinalang carnappers pumutok)

    (Kotse na kinarnap bumangga sa bangketa)

    (Nagkaputukan sa pagitan nina Mark, Coco at mga carnappers)

    (Dumating ang mga kasamang Police nina Mark at Coco muling nagka barilan)

    (Biglang tumigil ang makabilang kampo)

    Mark : (Sumisigaw) Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

    (Mark dahan dahan nilapitan ang sasakyan ng mga hinihinalang carnappers tumambag sa harapan ang mga taong tadtad ng bala patay nasa loob ng sasakyan)

    (Mga kasamahan ni Mark lumapit para lagyan ng yellow line ang paligid ng lugar)

    Scenario (Police Station)

    (Mark at Coco naglalakad papunta sa opisina ng kanilang Hepe)

    Coco : Pare, bakit ka pinapatawag?

    Mark : Hindi ko rin alam, pare.

    (Mark at Coco pumasok sa kwarto ng Hepe)

    Mark : Good morning, sir! Pinapatawag nyo raw po ako.

    Hepe : Mark! umupo ka. Ah Martin lumabas ka muna.

    Coco: Opo sir.

    (Coco sumenyas kay Mark umalis)

    Hepe : Mark, may grupo ng human rights nagrereklamo sa paraan ng pagtimbog ninyo kahapon sa mga hinihinalang carnappers. Magsasampa daw sila ng kaso laban sa iyo.

    Mark : Bakit sir? Ano ba ang mali sa ginawa namin? Sila ang unang nagpaputok kaya gumanti lang kami.

    Hepe : I'm sorry Mark. May recommendation galing sa itaas.

    Mark : Ano po ang ibig nyong sabihin? Anong recommendation?

    Hepe : Pangatlong beses na itong reklamo sa iyo, Mark.

    Mark : Huwag nyo nang ituloy, sir. Alam ko naman noon pa may taong gusto akong matanggal sa serbisyo. Pagbibigyan ko kung sino man sila. Mag reresign na ako.

    Hepe : Mark!

    Mark : Naiintidihan ko kayo, sir.

    (Mark lumabas ng kwarto, Coco lumapit)

    Coco : Pare, ano daw bakit ka ipinatawag ni Hepe.

    Mark : Pareho pa rin ng dati. Mali daw ang ginawa nating operation.

    Coco : Ano? mali nanaman? Ano ba ang dapat nating gawin sila ang unang nagpaputok.

    Mark : Wala na akong pakialam sa kanila. Basta nag resign na ako.

    Coco : Ha! nag resign ka?

    (Mark hindi kumibo inis na naglakad palabas ng Police Station)

    Coco : Mark! sandali.

    Scenario (Isang Bar)

    (Mark mag isang naka upo sa may bar, Coco lumapit)

    Coco : Pare, seryoso ka ba? Mag reresign ka na?

    Mark : Oo pare. Matagal ko na nga dapat ginawa yun. Kaya lang akala ko pwede ko pa mapatino ang departamento natin. Pero hindi eh. Palala pa ng palala ang nangyayari.

    Coco : Pag isipan mo muna bago mo gawin, pare. Sayang naman ang ilang taon nating pinaghirapan. Tapos mag gigive up ka lang. Diba sabi mo noon, to die for ang tungkulin mo?

    Mark : Noon yun pare. Pero hindi na ngayon.

    Coco : Kasi naman eh paano hindi ka pag iinitan ng mga superiors natin, lagi ka may award. Inggit lang sila sa iyo dahil sikat ka.

    Mark : Kaya nga para walang gulo. Aalis na lang ako.

    Coco : Kung talagang mag reresign ka na. Sasama ako sa iyo. Mag reresign na rin ako.

    Mark : Wag mo gawin yan, Pare. Ako lang naman ang puntirya ng mga taong nasa itaas.

    Coco : Ikaw ang best buddy ko. Kaya kung saan ka, doon rin ako. So, anong balak mo?

    Mark : Naiisip ko magtayo ng Bodyguard Company.

    Flash Forward

    (Mark palabas ng shower room naka tapis ng tuwalya)

    (Mark nagbihis nagmamadaling lumabas ng condo pumasok ng elevator lumabas ng building sumakay ng kotse papuntang opisina)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Sa loob ng sasakyan ni Marian)

    Mamsie : Anak, eto nga pala yung lyrics ng kakantahin mo sa show.

    Marian : Mamsie, hindi ko na kailangan yan. Diyos ko bawat guesting ko yan lagi ang kinakanta ko.

    Mamsie : O manang, okey na ba ang make-up ni Marian.

    Make-up artist : Opo.

    (Sasakyan nina Marian papasok ng tv network mga fans nag aabangan nagtitilian)

    Mamsie : Anak, tingnan mo ang daming fans ang naghihitay sa iyo.

    Marian : Oo nga Mamsie.

    Mamsie : Masayang masaya ako natupad na ang pangarap natin na maging successful ang career mo. Ang tagal ng hinintay natin para maabot itong estado mo ngayon.

    Marian : O ayan, naiiyak ka nanaman. Pati ako naiiyak na rin.

    Mamsie : (Naiiyak) Hindi ko talaga mapigilan maluha kapag nakikita kung gaano ka kamahal ng mga fans mo.

    Marian : Ako man Mamsie, kahit sa panaginip hindi ko akalain maabot natin ang tagumpay na ito. Hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang paghihirap natin bago maabot ang tagumpay.

    Mamsie : Kaya anak, wag kang susuko kahit anong intriga ang gawin ng mga kalaban mo. Huwag mo na lang sila pansinin. Ang Diyos na ang bahala sa kanila.

    Marian : Yun na nga ang ginagawa ko, Mamsie.

    (Marian yumakap ng mahigpit sa kanyang manager)

    (Fans ni Marian nagpupumiglas sa mga security para makalapit)

    Mamsie : Tama na nga yan! Magkaka iyakan nanaman tayo, masisira ang make-up mo. Naku! paano ito mahihirapan tayong bumaba. Sana hindi muna natin sinesante ang huling bodyguard mo. Ikaw naman kasi dine deadma mo nalang kasi ang mga bodyguards na nangliligaw sa iyo. Ngayon tingnan mo hirap tayo mag control ng crowd.

    Marian : Mamsie, alam nyo naman pinaka ayoko sa bodyguard ang nanliligaw.

    Mamsie : Mabuti sana kung madali lang humanap ng kapalit. Sandali nga bababa muna ako para humingi ng additional security.

    (Mamsie bumababa ng sasakyan nagtilian ang mga fans)

    (Mamsie pumasok sa studio nag request ng dagdag na security para kay Marian)

    Production 1 : Mamsie! nandyan na po ba si Marian?

    Mamsie : Oo pero ang daming fans sa labas. Pwede ba kami humingi ng dagdag security guards para mag control ng mga fans?

    Production 2 : Bakit po Mansie? Wala po bang bodyguard si Marian?

    Mamsie : Meron pero sinesante nya kahapon.

    Production 2 : Ah ganun po ba? O sige tatawag ako ng additional security guards.

    (Mamsie at limang security guards inalalayan si Marian habang pababa ng sasakyan)

    (Mga tagahanga ni Marian di magkamayaw nagtitilian pagkakita sa kanya)

    (Marian at mga security patakbong pumasok sa studio ng tv network)

    Scenario (Sa loob ng Studio)

    (Production staff tarantang taranta sa pagdating ni Marian)

    Production staff 1 : Nandyan na si Marian! Dali! isalang na kaagad sya.

    (Marian nirere touch ang make up)

    Production staff 2 : Ready na!

    Scenario (Party Pilipinas)

    Host 1 : Ladies and Gentlemen! narito na ang pinaka hihintay nating special guest!

    (Mga fans nagsisigawan, humahaba ang mga leeg nakatingin sa kinaroroonan ng stage naghihintay lumabas si Marian)

    Host 2 : Matagal na natin sya gustong makasama dito sa Party Pilipinas!

    Host 1 : Ready na ba kayo?!

    (Sumagot ng sabay sabay ang mga audience ng READY!!)

    Host 2 : Kung ready na kayo! narito na sya! Ang pinaka maganda, pinaka sikat, pinaka seksi, walang iba kundi si Marian Rivera!!

    (Hindi magkarinigan sa lakas ng tili at palakpakan ang mga fans paglabas ni Marian)

    (Mga fans lumuluha nakatingin habang kumakanta si Marian)

    (Marian natapos ang pagkanta bumalik sa backstage)

    Production 1 : Marian, salamat sa pagpayag mo mag guest sa Party Pilipinas. Kahit alam namin mahirap para sa iyo gumising ng maaga. Alam mo ba? ngayon lang nagkaroon ng maraming audience dito sa studio. Marami pa ang hindi nakapasok.

    Marian : Maraming salamat rin.

    Mamsie : Naku! paano tayo makakalabas nyan. Kailangan na namin umalis kasi may pictorial pa sya para sa magazine cover.

    Production 1 : Wala po bang bodyguard si Marian?

    Mamsie : Meron pero sinesante nga nya kahapon eh. Naghahanap nga kami ng kapalit ngayon.

    Production 1 : Meron po akong alam na Bodyguard Company. Eto ang calling card. Sila po ang nagbibigay ng bodyguards sa mga boss namin dito. Magagaling po ang mga bodyguards nila.

    Mamsie : Maraming salamat. Pero ang problema namin ngayon kung paano kami lalabas.

    Production 1 : Ganito na lang po. Para makaiwas kayo sa mga fans, doon kayo dumaan sa basement. Pasasabihan ko ang driver nyo na pumunta ng basement at doon kayo maghihintay.

    Mamsie : Maraming salamat talaga.

    Marian : Thank you po.

    Production 2 : Kami nga dapat ang magpasalamat sa iyo sa pagpayag mag guest sa anniversary show namin. Sige doon na kayo dumaan.

    (Marian at Mamsie kasama ang utility ng production naglakad papuntang basement)

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Photo shoot para sa magazine)

    (Marian nakaupo sa harap ng dressing table inaayusan ng buhok at nilalagyan ng make up ang mukha para sa photo shoot)

    Marian : Mamsie, pagkatapos nito may gagawin pa ba ako?

    Mamsie : Isang photo shoot pa para sa isang glossy magazine. Bakit?

    Marian : Gusto ko sana manood tayo ng movie. Kahit mamayang last full show na.

    Mamsie : Naku! anak baka matatagalan tayo dito at doon sa isa pang photo shoot. Alam mo naman para sa cover ng glossy magazine ito. Mabusisi yung photographer kaya hindi na natin maabutan ang last full show sa sinehan.

    Marian : Ang tagal ko na hindi nakaka pasok ng sinehan at manood ng pelikula.

    Mamsie : Ano ba ang gusto mong panoorin, ibibili na lang kita ng DVD.

    Marian : Ayoko ng DVD. Gusto sa sinehan manood.

    Mamsie : Bakit ba gusto mo sa sinehan eh mas maganda pa ang home theater mo sa bahay.

    Marian : Mamsie, iba talaga kung sa sinehan ka manonood ng sine. Ang dami ko na ngang hindi nagagawa na dati kong ginagawa.

    Mamsie : Anak, alam mo naman sikat na sikat ka na. Hindi ka lang basta pwede pumunta ng mall o kahit saang lugar na hindi ka dudumugin ng tao. Siguradong kapag nakita ka nila, naku! mahihirapan tayo sa crowd control.

    Marian : Pwede naman ako mag disguise di ba?

    Mamsie : Ay naku anak, don't insist on it dahil hindi talaga pupwede. Sa bahay ka na lang manood.

    Make-up artist : Tapos na po ma'am.

    Mamsie : O ayan, sige na.

    (Photographer nagsimula na ng photo shoot ni Marian)

    (Mamsie pinapanood ang photo shoot ni Marian, nag ring ang celfone)

    Mamsie : Hello?

    Agency : Hello, si Sir Popoy po ba ito?

    Mamsie : Yes speaking.

    Agency : Sa Galvante Ad Agency po ito. Pwede po ba mag appointment meeting kami sa inyo? May beverage company po kasi gustong kunin si Marian para sa tv commercial. Pwede po ba kayo tomorrow afternoon?

    Mamsie : Fully booked ang schedule ni Marian this week eh. I'll call you next week baka may available time sya para sa meeting na hinihingi nyo.

    Agency : Ah ganun po ba? O sige mahihintay kami sa call nyo next week.

    Mamsie : Sige.

    Agency : Thank you po. Bye!

    Mamsie : Bye!

    (Marian nag break muna sa photo shoot lumapit kay Mamsie)

    Marian : Mamsie, sino yung kausap mo?

    Mamsie : Ah isang Ad Agency. Nakikipag appoinment sa atin kasi gusto ka nila kunin para sa tv commercial ng isang beverage drink. Sabi ko baka next week nalang tayo magbigay ng schedule kasi fully booked ka na ngayong week.

    Marian : Mamsie, wag mo kalilimutan ang promise mo ha?

    Mamsie : Oo hindi ko kakalimutan ang promise ko sa iyong bakasyon.

    Marian : Yehhey! thank you Mamsie!

    (Marian bumalik sa photo shoot, Mamsie pinagmamasadan ang alaga nagbibigay ng suggestion paano mag post)

    Scenario (Mark bumaba ng kotse naglakad papasok ng opisina)

    Secretary : Good afternoon sir.

    Mark : Good afternoon.

    Secretary : Coffee, sir?

    Mark : Yes, please.

    (Mark pumasok sa kanyang opisina nakita si Coco)

    Mark : Pare, nagpadala ka na ng bodyguard kay Mr. Dennis Trillo?

    Coco : Oo pare. Okey na.

    Mark : Good!

    Coco : Siyanga pala pare, medyo kulang na tayo ng tauhan. Kailangan na natin mag conduct ng training.

    Mark : O sige ikaw na ang bahala mag train ng mga baguhan.

    Coco : Okey! Lalabas muna ako aasikasuhin ko ang pinapagawa mo sa akin.

    Mark : Magkita tayo mamaya after five.

    (Coco tumango sa sinabi ni Mark umalis)

    (Telephone nag ring sinagot ng secretary ni Mark)

    Secretary : Fernandez Bodyguard Company, good afternoon.

    (Manager ni Marian sa kabilang linya)

    Mamsie : Good afternoon, dito ba ang Fernandez Bodyguard Company?

    Secretary : Dito nga po. Sino po sila?

    Mamsie : Pwede ba makausap ang manager nyo?

    Secretary : Opo sandali lang po connect ko kayo sa kanya.

    Mamsie : Salamat.

    Secretary : You're welcome po.

    (Secretary tumawag sa intercom)

    Secretary : Sir, may tawag kayo sa telephone line.

    Mark : Sige, salamat.

    (Mark sinagot ang tawag sa telepono)

    Mark : Hello, good afternoon.

    Mamsie : Hello? Ikaw ba ang manager?

    Mark : Ako nga po. Ano po ang maipag lilingkod ko sa inyo?

    Mamsie : Kailangan ko ng isang bodyguard. Kung pwede ngayon din.

    Mark : Opo sir, magpapadala po agad ako ng tauhan. Saan po ba kayo, sir.

    Mamsie : Magkita na lang tayo mamaya sa isang restaurant kasi busy pa ang alaga ko. Tatawag ako uli.

    Mark : Okey po sir! Maghihintay ako ng tawag nyo.

    Gap 3

    Scenario (Isang Restaurant)

    (Kotse pumarada sa parking ng Restaurant Coco bumaba ng sasakyan)

    (Coco pumasok sa loob tila may hinahanap nagtanong sa waiter)

    Coco : Waiter, nasaan ang table ni Mr. Popoy?

    Waiter : Ayun po sir sa pangalawang table.

    Coco : Salamat.

    (Coco lumapit sa itinurong table ng waiter)

    Coco : Good evening po. Ako po yung sa Fernandez Bodyguard Company.

    (Manager ni Marian napatingin kay Coco)

    (Coco natulala ng makita sa harapan nya si Marian)

    Mamsie : Ah, ikaw ba yung kausap ko kanina?

    (Mamsie napansin nakatitig si Coco kay Marian)

    Mamsie : (Pasigaw) Mister!

    Coco : (Nagulat) Ah, opo ano po yun?

    Mamsie : Sabi ko ikaw ba yung kausap ko sa telepono kanina.

    (Marian patuloy na kumakain habang kausap ng manager nya si Coco)

    Coco : Hindi po ako. Ang Boss ko po ang nakausap nyo. Ako ang assistant nya.

    Mamsie : Ah ganun ba? O sige kailangan namin ng isang bodyguard para dito sa alaga ko. May conditions akong sinabi sa Boss mo. Gusto ko masunod yun.

    (Coco napapatitig pa rin kay Marian)

    Coco : Wala pong problema. Eto nga po pala ang kontrata para sa bodyguard namin. Nakasaad na po dyan lahat ng terms.

    Mamsie : Okey na kung ano man ang terms nyo.

    Coco : Bukas na bukas mag rereport na po ang bodyguard na ipapadala namin.

    (Manager ni Marian pinirmahan ang kontrata para sa bodyguard ng alaga)

    Scenario (Opisina nina Mark at Coco)

    (Coco nagmamadaling pumasok sa opisina ni Mark)

    Coco : Pare! Guess what?? Alam mo ba kung sino ang bagong kliyente natin?

    Mark : Sino?

    Coco : Pare! si Marian Rivera lang naman!

    Mark : Marian Rivera?

    Coco : Yes! Pare, Marian Rivera. Yung pinakasikat at pinaka seksing artista.

    Mark : Wala ako sa mood makipag biruan sa iyo, Pare.

    Coco : Totoo Pare! Sa wakas may isang kliyente na tayong super sikat at super ganda.

    Mark : Talaga! Dapat ang pinaka magaling na bodyguard ang papadala natin sa kanya para hindi tayo mapahiya.

    Coco : Tama ka , Pare! Come on let's celebrate!

    (Mark at Coco tuwang tuwa sabay lumabas ng opisina)

    Scenario (Sa labas ng Network)

    (Manager ni Marian naglalakad papasok sa loob ng Network nakasalubong ang isa pang manager ng isang artista)

    Manager : (Kumakaway) Mamsie!

    Mamsie : Oy! kamusta. Kamusta na ang alaga mo?

    Manager : Eto hindi pa rin nagrerenew ng contract sa amin ang network. Ikaw, kamusta na si Marian.

    Mamsie : Ka rerenew lang namin last week.

    Manager : Another 3 years?

    Mamsie : Oo 3 years uli.

    Manager : Buti ka pa sikat na sikat kasi ang alaga mo. Siguro ang daming naghahabol sa kanya.

    Mamsie : Merong nagpaparamdam galing sa ibang istasyon. Pero loyal kami dito sa network dahil malaki ang utang na loob namin sa kanila.

    Manager : Nabalitaan ko nga pala hindi na nag renew ang isang endorsement ni Marian. May bago na daw endorser.

    Mamsie : Ah, Oo kasi naman gusto nilang tawaran ang talent fee ni Marian, eh hindi ako pumayag. Ang laki ng kinita nila nang si Marian ang naging endorser. Tapos ngayon ang rason nila dahil sa economic slump daw, gusto nila bawasan ang bayad sa amin. Hindi naman namin kasalanan nagkaroon ng economic slump di ba? Kaya dahil hindi kami pumayag, hayun kumuha sila ng bagong endorser na mas mura.

    Manager : Ganun ba? Ang akala ko pinalitan si Marian dahil sa mga intriga. Yun kasi ang nababasa ko sa mga write ups.

    Mamsie : Syempre di nila sasabihin na kami ang umayaw eh di nasira sila. Biruin mo ang laking kumpanya pero can't afford pala. hahaha!

    Manager : Oo nga ano. hahaha!

    Mamsie : Keysa sila ang masisira, kami ang sisirain. Pero hinahayaan na lang namin kung ano ang isipin ng ibang tao. Hindi naman nila alam ang tunay na dahilan.

    Manager : Naku! naabala yata kita. Sige chika chika pa tayo later.

    Mamsie : O sige.

    (Mamsie at manager ng isang artista nag beso at hiwalay na umalis)

    Scenario (Office ng executive ng Network)

    Mamsie : Hi! may bisita si Madam?

    Secretary : Wala po. Kayo po ang hinihintay ni Madam. Pasok na po kayo.

    Mamsie : Thank you.

    (Manager ni Marian pumasok sa office)

    Network Executive : Mamsie! ikaw pala. Halika maupo ka.

    Mamsie : Pinapatawag nyo raw po ako.

    Network Executive : Ah! Yes! Gusto ko ibalita sa iyo, tapos na ang brainstorming ng bagong project ni Marian. Kinukumpleto nalang namin ang casting. Pagkatapos ng teleseryeng ginagawa ni Marian ngayon, magpapahinga at maghahanda lang sya ng mga isang buwan, sisimulan na agad natin itong bagong serye nya.

    Mamsie : Madam, pwede po ba humingi kami ng tatlong buwan na pahinga kasi matagal na po nirerequest ni Marian sa akin kung pwede syang magbakasyon eh.

    Network Executive : Kailangan kasi masimulan na agad ang project nyang ito kasi sya lang inaasahan ng Network na makapag maintain ng pagiging number 1 natin sa ratings. Pero sige kakausapin ko ang top management kung papayag sila sa hiling mo.

    Mamsie : Sana po gawan nyo ng paraan Madam, kasi matagal na po gustong magbakasyon ang alaga ko.

    Network Executive : Sige, don't worry kakausapin ko ang mga nasa itaas.

    Mamsie : Salamat po talaga, Madam.

    Network Executive : Syanga pala Mamsie, alam mo ba may gustong sumulot sa project na ito?

    Mamsie : Talaga po Madam?

    Network Executive : Ipinaglaban ko lang kaya hindi nila nakuha kay Marian ang project. Kaya sana pagbutihan ni Maian ang paghahanda sa project na ito para mapahiya ang mga nanunulot sa kanya.

    Mamsie : Madam pwede ko po ba malaman kung sino ang gustong sumulot ng project na ito kay Marian?

    Network Executive : Alam mo Mamsie, maraming naiinggit sa alaga mo kaya hindi lang isa o dalawa ang gustong makuha kay Marian ang napakalaking project na ito. Kaya kailangan, we shall prove them wrong. Sabihin mo kay Marian paghandaan ito ng mabuti, okey?

    Mamsie : Opo Madam sasabihin ko po sa kanya.

    Network Executive : O sya tatawagan kita kung kailan ang definite date ng bagong project nya.

    Mamsie : Maraming salamat po sa laging pag suporta sa amin lalong lalo na po kay Marian.

    Network Executive : Malaki ang tiwala ko sa alaga mo, kaya ko ginagawa ito. O sige, basta't bantayan mo lagi yan kasi maraming naiinggit dyan.

    Mamsie : Opo Madam.

    (Mamsie tumayo at lumabas ng office)

    Scenario (Location taping ng teleserye ni Marian)

    (Marian nakikinig sa instructions ng director)

    Director : Marian ganito ang gagawin mo. Dito ang position at blocking para mahagip ng camera ang magandang angle mo. Okey na ba ang dialogues mo? Kabisado mo na?

    Marian : Opo Direk nakapag rehearse na po kami kanina ng ka eksena ko.

    Director : Good! ayan ang gusto ko sa iyo lagi kang handa sa mga eksena mo. O sige rolling na tayo!

    (Marian at leading man inaarte ang mga eksenang kinukunan ng Director)

    (Mamsie dumating sa location ng taping, pinapanood ang mga eksena ni Marian)

    Director : (Sumigaw) Cut! Good take! Break muna tayo!

    (Marian nakita ang manager lumapit)

    Marian : Mamsie, kanina pa po kayo dyan?

    Mamsie : Mga five minutes pa. Kagagaling ko lang sa office ni Madam.

    Marian : Bakit po kayo nagpunta run?

    Mamsie : Pinapunta nya ako kanina dahil gusto nya ibalita sa akin tapos na ang brainstorming ng next project mo. Isang malaking project daw ang gagawin mo pagkatapos ng teleseryeng ito.

    Marian : Eh kailan po magsisimula ang taping?

    Mamsie : Wag ka mag alala humingi ako ng tatlong buwang bakasyon para sa iyo. Sabi ni Madam, kakausapin daw nya ang top management tungkol sa hiling mong bakasyon.

    Marian : Sana naman Mamsie pumayag sila para makapag bakasyon naman ako.

    Mamsie : At alam mo ba kung ano ang sinabi nya sa akin?

    Marian : Ano po?

    Mamsie : May mga taong gustong sulutin ang project mo. Pero ipinaglaban lang daw nya kaya sa iyo pa rin napunta ang project.

    Marian : Talaga po?

    Mamsie : Hay naku! grabe talaga ang inggit ng mga yan sa iyo. Kaya ngayon pa lang maghanda ka na at mag ingat sa bawat kilos mo dahil konting mali mo lang palalakihin nila. Gagawan nila ng issue para masira ka. Kaya mag ingat ka ha?

    Marian : Opo Mamsie.

    (Mamsie kinuha ang isang tabloid sa kotse pinabasa kay Marian)

    Mamsie : Ayan, tingnan mo itong blind item patungkol sa iyo. Naglipana nanaman sa tabloids.

    Marian : Hindi naman talaga totoo ang mga yan eh.

    Mamsie : Alam mo naman yung iba kahit alam nilang hindi totoo kapag kasiraan mo eh naniniwala pa rin. Sandali nga pala, dumating na ba ang bagong bodyguard mo?

    Marian : Opo. Kasama ko na nga po dito ngayon. Ayun po sya.

    Mamsie : Mabuti naman at mapapanatag na ang isip ko. Lagi kasi akong nag alala sa kapakanan mo. Mabuti na yung may proteksyon ka.

    (PA ni Marian lumapit sa kanilang dalawa)

    PA : Ate, tinatawag na kayo ni Direk.

    Marian : Sabihin mo susunod na ako.

    Mamsie : O anak, iiwan muna kita kasi pupuntahan ko pa yung nakipag appointment tungkol sa bagong commercial mo.

    Marian : Sige po Mamsie. Ingat kayo.

    (Mamsie naglakad papunta ng kotse pumasok nagmaneho paalis)

    To be continued ...

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    We own all TELEMAFIA SERIES and its fictional characters. These stories are works of FICTION and of our own creation exclusively for this thread. Please ask for permission before reposting. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events are solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    TeleMAFia Series 4 - Christmas Angel


    Carol Baltazar dreads the month of December. The Christmas season has very painful memories for her. She maintains a tight control over herself and hides behind order and routine.

    Christian Pascual's impulsiveness and bad temper keeps getting him into fights and other scrapes. He has only lived with his grandfather Melchor Pascual for about a year. That’s when the old man first learned about Chris' existence. Chris had a difficult childhood growing up in the States with a mother who was unstable and neglectful. He has trouble controlling his temper and can fly into a rage at a drop of a hat.

    Can Carol teach Chris how to control his temper? Or will it be Carol who will learn some lessons from Chris?

    Fall in love this holiday season with our very first Christmas themed TeleMAFIA fanfic.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - Twelve Drummers Drumming

    Episode 2 - Eleven Pipers Piping

    Episode 3 - Ten Lord-a-leaping

    Episode 4 - Nine Ladies Dancing

    Episode 5 - Eight Maids-a-milking

    Episode 6 - Seven Swans-a-swimming

    Episode 7 - Six Geese-a-laying

    Episode 8 - Five Golden Rings

    Episode 9 - Four Calling Birds

    Episode 10 - Three French Hens

    Episode 11 - Two Turtle Doves

    Episode 12 - A Partridge In A Pear Tree

    Episode 1 - 12 Completed

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    We own all TELEMAFIA SERIES and its fictional characters. These stories are works of FICTION and of our own creation exclusively for this thread. Please ask for permission before reposting. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events are solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    TeleMAFia Series 5 - Inamorata


    At a deserted dark alley at a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night, Cathy Villanueva is walking alone. She is looking warily around her.

    Cathy: (thinking) Why, oh why did I come here by myself? Maybe I should turn around and leave? No! No, this is a great lead! I can't give up. I've been in more dangerous situations than this. I'll just go a little bit further, if he's not there, then I'll leave...

    She hears footsteps behind her.

    Cathy: (turning around) Hello? Mohawk ? Is that you?

    She sees no one and continues to walk. After a few more steps, she hears the footsteps again. She looks back again and sees no one. Cathy is getting nervous.

    Several huge, gross looking rats run in front of her and over her feet, scaring her half to death.

    Cathy: (thinking) Okay, I'm leaving now.

    She turns around and starts to walk towards the direction of her parked car. Suddenly, someone appears from the shadows and rushes over behind her. The stranger stabs her multiple times and runs away.

    Cathy was so surprised, she wasn't even able to scream or put up a fight. She falls on the ground in a bloody heap and loses consciousness.

    Cathy wakes up. She feels excruciating pain on her back and sides. She also feels movement and realizes she is being carried. She opens her eyes and looks right at a man's face. Her vision is hazy but she can see that he looks very serious.

    Cathy: (moaning weakly) I've.. been... stabbed. Am ... I … dead?

    Man: (soothing voice) Hang in there. I'm taking you to the hospital.

    Cathy: (weakly) Who... are... you?

    The man doesn't answer as he continues to walk quickly while carrying her. By now, they are both soaked in blood. Cathy tries to move and she manages to swing her arm and she knocks the man's eyeglasses off his face.

    Man: Relax. Save your strength.

    Cathy loses consciousness again, but the last thought in her head was how sad the man's eyes had looked.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - New Years Eve

    Episode 2 - The Familiar Voice

    Episode 3 - The Rose Garden

    Episode 4 - The Date

    Episode 5 - The Piano

    Episode 6 - The Letter

    Episode 7 - The Prophecy

    Episode 8 - The Kiss

    Episode 9 - The Secret

    Episode 10 - The Rose

    Episodes On Progress

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    Coming Soon...

    TeleMAFia Series 6 – The Target

    Tentative Synopsis

    MAF is a research scientist who works for a large company owned by a beautiful, tough and successful businesswoman. She's feared and admired at the same time. His name something old-fashioned like Apolinario (Pol?). Her name is something like Farrah (last name starts with an F). Magkakaroon ng cruise as reward para sa mga best employees ng company dahil sa malaking success nito na mostly dahil kay Pol. Unfortunately, meron silang rival company na isa-sabotage ang boat nila. The boat will explode. Silang dalawa lang yata ang survivor and they get marooned on an island. She doesn't even know who Pol is prior to the cruise kahit na 8 yrs na siyang nagtratrabaho doon. Like a lot of her male employees, he has a crush on her din. Hindi sila pinapansin ni Farrah dahil ang di-ne-date lang ni F ay mga athletic, type A types, hindi mga cerebral types na katulad ni Pol.

    Sa simula, she's dismayed na itong nerd na ito ang kasama niya. May hika pa naman si Pol and he's freaking out as much as she is. But then, she'll see that maasahan at maraming alam itong si Pol dahil boy scout siya dati at mahilig mag camping plus he's clever and may pagka-MacGyver din siya. He knows how to make fire, umakyat ng puno, catch fish from a trap he made, etc. May scene where he saves her life (from drowning? from eating poisonous fruit? snake bite?) I want to see a scene na mapapatulala si Farrah when tatanggalin ni Pol ang kanyang shirt. Na-wo-workout pala si Pol. Ito ang excuse natin para sa marming shirtless scenes ni MAF ! ha ha.

    In other words si Apolinario nagpapanggap na nerd na research scientist pero yun pala isa siyang spy ng kabilang company. Ang totoo si Pol ay isang magaling na ex-marine na nadismiss sa service dahil inis sa kanya ang isang superior sa pagiging maprinsipyong tao niya. So ni frame up siya para matanggal sa service.

    Pinadala si Pol ng company nila to disguise as nerd na magtatrabaho to gather information kung ano ang experiment na ginagawa ng company nila Farrah. Little did Pol know na may masamang balak pala ang company nila kunin ang experiment ng company nila Farrah, to sell the experiment sa mga terrorist group. Napag alaman ni Pol ang magiging balak ng company nila so he decided to tell Farrah lahat ng katotohanan. Nalaman ng company ni Pol na dinoble cross sila ni Pol kaya hinahunting na siya ngayon. Kasama na rin si Farrah dahil naging girlfriend na ni Pol si Farrah. Pol's company will send an assissin para patayin sila Pol at Farrah dahil sa natuklasan nila ang balak ng company ni Pol. So mapapalipat lipat sila ang location para di matuntun ng assassin. Magkakaroon ng contact si Pol sa NBI pero later malalaman ni Pol na ang may ari pala ng company nila ay isang mataas na opisyal ng NBI. At ang assassin na tumutugis sa kanila best friend niya noong nasa service pa sila. The End.

    Secret pa rin ang identity ni Pol sa island. Kahit narescue na sila secret pa rin. Sasabihin lang ni Pol kay Farrah about his true identity kapag nalaman na ni Pol ang masamang balak ng company nila regarding the expriment na ginagawa ng company nila Farrah. Para mas sosyal, sakay sila ng helicopter when the sabotage happened.
    Nag land ang total wrecked na helicopter sa isang small island na parang paradise. Nawala ang pilot at co-pilot kaya sila lang dalawa ang magkasama.

    Malaking climax na mangyayari? pag malaman na ni Pol that the hired killer na papatay sa kanila ni Farrah aside from he is his best friend sa military, he's the brother of Farrah pala. Pero hindi alam ni Farrah na ang brother pala niya ang hired killer na papatay sa kanilang dalawa ni Pol. Malalaman lang ni Farrah na brother pala niya ang assassin pag napatay na siya ni Pol.

    Wala munang mangyayaring tampisaw ni kitty na love scenes sa island. Mga yung mamimilipit ka lang sa kilig na mga eksena muna. Kasi getting to know each other pa lang sila. Pero while playing hide and seek with their assassin, yan pwede na may mangyari sa kanila. Kunwari mag aaway as in sigawan tapos biglang natigilan at magkatinginan saka magkaroon ng intense na tsuk tsakan. Parang Mr & Mrs Smith love scenes.

    Then ang The Target naman will be an all out makapigil hiningang action romance with Angel and Pogiboy na ang cat and mouse chase ay lilibot sa atin sa tourist spots ng buong Pilipinas. Isang probinsiya per episode. Tentative locations: Batanes,Ilocos,Pampanga,Quezon,Palawan,Samar,Cebu,Iloilo,Bukidnon,Davao,Zamboanga at Manila kaya dapat ngayon pa lang mag-ipon na si intek dahil mas magastos pa ito sa Diva - di lang helicopter ang gagamitin kundi lahat ng mode ng transportation tapos may mga pasasabugin pang eroplano, tren, tulay

    Pogiboy naka mountain bike in jacket na may hood but instead of buildings sa tabi ang view... view ng kabundukan ng Batanes after 10 seconds biglang may mag-cut sa kanyang isang matuling rider na nakahelmet(Angel) then simula na ng umaatikabong habulan sa buong Pilipinas. Pogiboy is an ex-assassin na ngayon ay helping those in need ang drama. Angel is a thief na may chameleon-like abilities kaya nakakalusot sa kahit anong sitwasyon. The Target is a story that will showcase the beauty of the Philippines at the same time giving us a glimpse of serious society issues like jueteng, internet porn, drugs, human smuggling, etc.

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    TeleMAFia Series 7 – Alejandro

    Tentative Synopsis

    Alejandro Confectionaries is one of the most popular chocolate brands in the Philippines. It was founded by Alejandro de Vera Sr. out of he and his wife’s love for sweets. However Alejandro Confectioneries went bankrupt ng pamahalaan ng unico hijo nitong si Al subalit 4 years ago the company started again its operation thru the effort of Alejandro de Vera III or more known as Alec. Since then the company slowly regain its status in the confectionary industry in the country.

    Narda ay isang madiskarteng palengkera na lumaki sa palengke ng Divisoria. Maprinsipyo, di paaapi at maraming pangarap sa buhay. Lalaban siya ng patayan para sa prinsipyo at di mag-aatubiling gumamit ng ibang tao maabot lamang ang kanyang pangarap. Namumuhi siya sa kanyang ina na nagtapon sa kanya sa basurahan noong sanggol pa siya. May madilim na nakaraan sa kanyang stepfather at sa mapait na pagtataksil ng lalaking una niyang minahal.

    Karla ay isang matalino, well-mannered at nakapagtapos ng abugasya. Dahil sa angking husay kahit sa murang edad kabilang na siya sa isang tanyag na law firm. Mas pinaiiral niya ang utak sa halos lahat ng desisyon sa buhay. Never pang napana ni kupido ang puso niya. Sa biglaang pagkamatay ng ama anim na buwan na ang nakararaan nasa kamay niya ngayon ang pamamahala sa kanilang negosyo. Negosyo na nilihim sa kanya na palugi na pala. She will exhaust all means masalba lamang ang negosyo sampu ng kanilang ari-arian na puro na pala nakasanla.

    Cristina ay kapatid ni Karla na tahimik at relihiyosa. Mas pinaiiral niya ang puso sa mga desisyon. Kahit na kabilang sa mayamang pamilya hindi siya makikitaan ng bahid ng rangya. Mas kuntento siyang mamuhay ng simple at tumulong sa mga nangangailangan. Nakapagtapos siya ng agriculture at mahilig makihalubilo sa tauhan ng cacao farm nila.

    Prinsipyo, utak o puso ikaw ano ang gagamitin mo?

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    TeleMAFia Series 8 – Ikaw Lang

    Tentative Synopsis

    action star si baby mark sobrang mayabang, playboy, supersikat tas scriptwriter si kc. crush ni kc si baby mark tas dream ni kc makilala sa personal si baby mark. tas may event ang network nila nakita ni kc si baby mark lapitan niya para magpapicture. tas inisnab ni baby mark si kc. galit si kc kasi deadma siya ni baby mark. tas inis grabe si kc kasi deadma siya ni baby mark. sabi ni kc yabang talaga ni baby mark may araw ka rin. den magkaron ng movie si baby mark tas kinuha ng producer si kc gawan ng story ang movie ni baby mark. tas dito mag start ang kwento. ayoko sabihin ano mangyari sa kanila. hehe

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