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    Pacers Thread: Indiana's Game, Indiana's Team!

    Go Pacers.

    Team ko since naging coach si Larry Bird.

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    bout time na may thread ang Pacers, I miss the days when the Pacers were relevant, wala pa talagang nakakapalit kay Reggie Miller as the man sa Indiana

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    Hibbert is the leading MVP candidate in my 2k11 (association mode)

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    F*ck the Detroit debacle. I love JO, Ron and Jax.

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    I want the Pacers to make the playoffs this season.

    It would be nice to see the Knicks, Pacers, Nets and the Pistons back in the Playoffs. Just like old times.

    Though, I think Jim O'brien is an idi0t.

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    the Malice in the Palace destroyed the franchise, who knows they could have won the title that year

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    Sa nakikita ko type ko laro ni brandon rush, paul george and tyler hansbrough.

    Dadalawang isip ako kay granger. Parang dapat itrade na.

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    Josh McRoberts is also playing significant for the Pacers this season.

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    Anak ng tucha yan talo pala kami.

    Saan ko pala pwede idownload mga pacers game?

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    You guys are about to have a great prospect in Anthony Randolph.

    Once the deal is finalized, Randolph can potentially start at the 4 spot for you guys... With Darren Collison running the show, there will be lots of opportunity for AR to thrive.

    I'm excited to see him play, as he didn't really fit into Mike D'antoni's plans. Oh well, he'll get us the other Anthony anyway.

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    For me, they are the disappointment of the season so far..
    Ofcourse not including milwakee at portland because of injuries

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    good to know may fans din pala ang Pacers.

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    Kasama pala ni Larry Bird si Kevin Pritchard lately.

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    Jim O'Brien has been fired

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    saklap naman ni Larry Bird. Dapat fire din siya. Yong mga trade nya puro bukya,

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    sama ng last game nya as a head coach ng pacers. ejected pa sa game.

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    Jim O'Brien is history now...

    the question is...who will coach the pacers>>>>>???

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    Vogel to take the reigns as Pacers' head coach throughout the season.

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