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    Lance Stephenson's progress is vital for this team. According to Larry Legend, he's the best player on this team.

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    Report: Larry Bird Steals David West from the Boston Celtics
    By Patrick Cassidy

    Now this is kind of funny. As last as this morning, we all thought that David West was signed, sealed and delivered for Boston. But now it appears that Larry Bird has stolen West from their clutches at the last second.

    The Legend took care of business by hanging back and waiting for his time to strike. The Celtics had been trying to work out a sign-and-trade to get the former All-Star forward to Boston, and when those talks stalled (allegedly due to not finding anyone to take Jermaine O’Neal, Larry and the Pacers apparently made their move. Marc Stein is reporting that West agreed to a two-year, $20 million deal.

    Assuming all things with West are good to go after coming off of major knee surgery, he will immediately start and be a focal point at power forward.

    Couple this news with the rumors that Indy is now also trying to land O.J Mayo via trade and it is clear that Larry is looking to be aggressive in improving his squad right now.

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    Nice pick up for the Pacers. I hope they continue to enter the playoffs this season or better the finals. I hope they can acquire either Mayo or Crawford.

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    ganda ng lineup nito kung nagkataon.


    et al.

    very deep bench, ito ang mag tatawid sa pacers sa playoffs!

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    the oj mayo trade is now off...................grizzlies decided to keep him!!!

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    One of the most exciting teams to watch this season.

    Roy Hibbert
    David West
    Danny Granger
    Paul George
    Darren Collison
    George Hill
    Tyler Hansbrough!

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    Tatlong player nagdouble-double!! Oh pa pa !!!!!

    Roy Hibbert had 16 points and 14 rebounds, Tyler Hansbrough had 15 points and 13 rebounds and David West had 11 points and 12 rebounds

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    This team will be the darkhorse in the eastern conference.

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    I see them probably 6th or 7th in the East standings.... They have a long way to go to match up with Chicago, NY, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston and Miami. But at least they have the pieces already. Just give em some more time to be molded.

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    How to build a team if you are a small market team?

    Danny Granger - 2005 1st round pick 17th overall
    Brandon Rush - 2008 1st round pick 13th overall (from POR as part of the Jerryd Bayless trade) now traded for Lou Amundson
    Roy Hibbert - 2008 1st round pick 17th overall (picked by TOR for IND as part of the Jermaine O'Neal trade)
    Tyler Hansbrough - 2009 1st round pick 13th overall
    Paul George - 2010 1st round pick 10th overall
    Lance Stephenson - 2010 2nd round pick 40th overall
    Kawhi Leonard - 2011 1st round pick 15th overall (traded to SAS for George Hill)

    Being a small market team, you build a team through the draft and trades. Knowing the Lebrons, Carmelos and Amares of the world won't pay attention to any small market teams (after their contract expires and becomes a free agent).

    Take note: What's more impressive was they did it without a top 5 pick over the last 5 years. Unlike the Oklahoma City Thunder who were given the:

    2007 2nd pick overall
    2008 4th pick overall
    2009 3rd pick overall

    All in the top 5.
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    ^Nice find.

    Continuity and consistency na lang.

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    3 players again with double-double

    Roy Hibbert 17pts 13rebs 3blks
    David West 14pts 10rebs
    Tyler Hansbrough 11pts 12rebs

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    Kinabahan talaga ako buti nanalo!!! Ang laking tulong ni david west sa team na ito.

  15. Jan 3, 2012

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    you're here mr kidd haha. kamusta naman sa pba forums?

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    Trade granger na. He is becoming the next rashard lewis. Tira ng tira sa labas kahit hindi naman pumapasok. Isaksak mo kasi!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by latundan View Post
    Trade granger na. He is becoming the next rashard lewis. Tira ng tira sa labas kahit hindi naman pumapasok. Isaksak mo kasi!!
    He will be traded to the NOH. Eric Gordon has said many times that he wants to come back home to Indiana.

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    Simula naging back-up point guard si aj price nanalo tayo. Ito ata ang pure point guard natin sa team. Kahit starting guard si collison mas totoong point guard si price. Pero gusto ko improvement ni darren sa starting lineup.

    Foster din laking tulong sa ilalim. Habang kaya pa papirmahan ulit once magexpire contract.

    Kung hindi matrade si granger much better gawin sya 3rd/4th option sa offense. Dapat kasi magfocus na lang sa defense dahil doon sya magaling.

    George hill nahihiyang na sa role nya sa pacers.

    Nakailang maganda games na pero wala pa din assits si hansbrough.

    Roy hibbert ang dapat na first offensive option sa team. Sunod si david west.

    Gumanda execution ng 3rd and 4th quarter. Pag kalaban mo yung lineup ngayon ng bobcats dapat talaga tambakan mo.

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    Pacers leading scorer is only averaging 14pts/game. And they are getting it done. The same can't be said with other teams. Kelangan ng superstar to score 30pts para lang manalo.

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    Grabing grabi!!!! Tinalo namin hawks!!!! (Oo alam ko wala si horford, tmac at williams but still.......malakas pa din)

    Biglang gumanda shooting ni granger. Sana tuloy tuloy na. Cancel muna trade request.

    Meron pa ba sa nba kagaya ng pacers at hawks na malalim ang bench.

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