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    baka pumayag ang denver Granger + picks for Melo...tapos itrade nila si Melo sa NY, baka may mapala pa sila sa magiging outcome ng trade na ito, kung sakali!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lechon x View Post
    saklap naman ni Larry Bird. Dapat fire din siya. Yong mga trade nya puro bukya,
    Ano yung mga trade nya puro bukya?

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    I thought the Randolph trade was imminent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG21 View Post
    baka pumayag ang denver Granger + picks for Melo...tapos itrade nila si Melo sa NY, baka may mapala pa sila sa magiging outcome ng trade na ito, kung sakali!!!
    tama...rebuild nalang ulit. hanap ng bagong franchise player

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    Sayang oh. Muntik namin matalo miami. Gusto ko laro ni Paul George.

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    Ano ba yan! Dalawang game na kami talo ah.

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    Tyler Hansbrough consecutive games against new york 29points and 30 points.

    Nung draft night ang lakas sumigaw ng overrated mga new yorkers.

    By the way last five games ni Tyler 26, 21, 20, 29 and 30 points

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    hehe, kung hindi magbababago...CHI agad ang kalaban, parang 1998...

    natatandaan ninyo na muntik nang umabot ang 1998 east finals ng CHI and IND?

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    Ang pagtatapos ng 2010-2011 sa aking pacers.

    Hindi ko inaasahan na ganito magiging competetive ang playoffs.

    Im proud of my favorite former player and now president of basketball operation Larry Bird.

    Boom Baby!!!!

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    Kravitz: Pacers show improvement, but there's still long way to go

    Pacers center Roy Hibbert got his first taste of the playoffs this season. Areas the Pacers need to improve include power forward, adding another scorer. / Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    For the first time in years, the Indiana Pacers can say "wait till next year" and not have it sound like a threat. A 20-18 regular-season finish and a competitive five-game playoff series loss to the No. 1 seed Chicago Bulls has Indiana fans finally coming out of self-imposed exile.

    There is, however, a long way to go for this franchise.

    A really long way to go, with a lot of changes still to come before the Pacers become any kind of challenger in the Eastern Conference.

    "Anybody who watches us play a little bit and has any basketball IQ knows what we need," team president Larry Bird said Tuesday. "It's no secret. Everybody around the league knows what we're looking for in the draft and free agency."

    No. 1: A long, athletic power forward who can score and defend at the basket.

    No. 2: Another perimeter scorer (O.J. Mayo?) who can take some of the load off Danny Granger.

    So where do you find these guys?

    Free agency is always a roll of the dice, especially for a small-market team that isn't a hot spot for young, single athletes. That's particularly true this year with an uninspiring free-agent class. So for the most part, it will have to come through trades, much like the one last year that landed Darren Collison.

    "Teams are going to be shedding payroll," Bird said. "With the money we're going to have, we'll be able to do some things this summer. And whatever we can't do, the next summer we'll have another $10 million coming off the (salary) cap."

    The greatest improvement has to come from within the roster. Bird gave capsule summaries of several players as they head into an important summer:

    Roy Hibbert has to continue getting stronger. "It's always going to be about his strength," Bird said. "But he'll be fine. The biggest problem is he gets down on himself."

    Regarding Collison, ditto on strength. Once he was deprogrammed after months under fired coach Jim O'Brien, he flourished. Next year, he needs to attack more.

    Tyler Hansbrough has to develop more ways to score, including developing a left hand and some subtle moves around the hoop. On a 50-plus-win team, he's probably a 25 minutes per game rotation player.

    "With him now, it's in-game adjustments," Bird said. "When they switch the way they're playing him, he has a hard time picking it up and adjusting, and he's getting frustrated. But that takes time."

    Paul George has to learn how to put the ball on the floor and create more scoring opportunities inside the 3-point arc. That said, Bird loves his work ethic, calling him "one of the five best young guys I've been around in all my years in the game."

    Granger had a good playoff series, but Bird felt he took some small steps backward this year and wants to see him step up his game.

    "He's a top-30 player," Bird said. "I've always thought he could be an All-Star and he's close, but he's not there yet. I didn't think he was as committed consistently as he's been in the past. It would be really nice if he could be our second scorer.''

    Brandon Rush? Somebody has to explain why they picked up his option. My sense is he'll be dealt this summer.

    "He's so inconsistent," Bird said. "I hate to see him turn into a role player. All the skills he's got, but he's not consistent."

    Lance Stephenson has to have some kind of personal revelation this summer, or he's going to waste a precious gift.

    "When he's playing, he's fine and has as much talent as anybody on this team," Bird said. "He's a long shot, but he's my ace in the hole. If we can get him to grow up, he knows how to play . . .

    "I know he's a pain in the *** and the guys in the locker room get frustrated with him, but I'm not giving up on him. Unless he does something crazy."

    Before anything happens, though, the first domino has to fall, and that involves Bird.

    Does he stay or does he go? We spoke for 40 minutes before Tuesday's game; one second, he sounded like he was staying, the next, like he was leaving.

    His tenure has been a mixed bag, some hits and some misses, but he has done the big-picture things the Pacers needed, establishing a young nucleus while getting the team out of salary-cap purgatory. He has earned the right to call his own shot here.

    Whatever he does, he must do it quickly. Bird would like to remain and do the draft, but it's only fair for a new team president to come in and begin building the team the way he sees fit. And Bird is fine with that.

    Once the Bird question is settled, then interim coach Frank Vogel's future can be addressed. By any measure, he has done an amazing job, and I'd like to see him be rewarded.

    That said, I've been struck by how nobody on this team, on or off the record, has said, "Absolutely, positively, Frank should get the job." The furthest anybody will go is, "Yes, he's done a very good job."

    It's going to be an intriguing summer, one the Pacers have been pointing toward for years.

    Bob Kravitz is a columnist for The Indianapolis Star

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    Wow. Back here in PEx since 2007. Ngayon lang ulit nagkaroon ng Pacers thread. (Pacers fan since the beginning of time)

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    Ngayon ko lang nalaman na handshake agreement ang contract ni President of Basketball Operation Larry Bird. Usapang lalake ito.

    Bird decides to stay with Pacers and finish the job

    Tuesday's lunch meeting did not turn into a long, grueling session for Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and Larry Bird, the team's president of basketball operations.

    They knew what they wanted to accomplish; it was just a matter of reaching an agreement.

    What was to be a three-hour business lunch in Los Angeles was much shorter when the men quickly agreed about the direction of the franchise.

    Bird and David Morway will remain the team's president and general manager, respectively.

    "They both want to complete the job they started. I'm happy about it," Simon said during a phone interview Tuesday afternoon. "We had a good, frank, open discussion about everything. Larry wants to win. He's a winner and he likes the progress of the team and he didn't want to really leave."

    Simon's son Stephen also took part in the meeting with Bird.

    Bird's contract status will continue to be a handshake agreement with Simon. Bird's salary will be less than $5 million a year he made previously, but Simon declined to say what that salary will be. Simon said Bird can "stay as long as he wants."

    "The past few months have been the most enjoyable since I took over as president of basketball operations," Bird, 54, said in a statement released through the team. "To see our young players develop, to see us make the playoffs and then to see us compete in a hard-fought series with Chicago are indications we are headed in the right direction, and it has made me even more determined to help this team improve further and go to the next level."

    The next priority for the Bird is to settle on a coach. He and Morway are expected to meet as early as today about the coaching search.

    Frank Vogel is believed to be the front-runner. He led the Pacers to a 20-18 record and the playoffs as the interim coach after replacing Jim O'Brien, who was fired in late January.

    Bird said two weeks ago that Vogel would get the first and last interviews.

    "Everyone likes Frank," Simon said. "It's a matter of Larry and him having a meeting of the minds. Larry has to make that decision. I think they'll be meeting shortly."

    Vogel is no longer in the running for the Houston job. He interviewed with the Rockets last week.

    The Pacers also are interested in former Cleveland Cavaliers coach and former Pacers assistant Mike Brown and Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Dwane Casey.

    Bird will look to improve the roster once the coaching situation is settled. The Pacers will have approximately $33 million worth of contracts coming off the books this summer.

    One of Bird's concerns was whether Simon would be willing to spend the money now that the Pacers have the opportunity to be players on the free agent/trade market for the first time since he took full control of basketball operations in 2008 when Donnie Walsh left the franchise. Bird has been the team's president since 2003.

    Simon said they only touched on the subject briefly. He said he has no problem spending money on players who will improve the roster.

    "That's not an issue with me," Simon said. "It's never been an issue to me. Larry can say anything he wants. I have no problem with that. The discussion (Tuesday) was how we're going to get better, not how much money we're going to spend.

    "We're moving in the right direction and hopefully we continue it into next year. That's what we're planning to do."

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    Pacers Fan Here too.

    San ba pwede makabili ng jersey ni Granger?

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    With the 15th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Indiana Pacers select.....

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    .......Kawhi Leonard.......But traded Kawhi, 42nd pick Davis Bertans and 2005 second-round pick Erazem Lorbek to the Spurs.

    Pacers received George Hill.

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    george hill is a good addition..


    if im larry bird, i will use granger as a trade bait, and get a better player in return, obviously granger cannot be a go to guy..

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