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    Quote Originally Posted by bagiw.boi View Post
    Boracay sex scandal alarms DOTBy Sheryll Mundo, ABS-CBN News
    Posted at 01/06/2011 3:05 PM

    MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Tourism has expressed concern over an incident involving 2 foreigners having sex on the beach in Boracay island on New Year's Eve.

    Tourism Assistant Secretary for Planning and Promotions Domingo Enerio III said the incident is an isolated one but said it should serve as a wake-up call for local officials that they should be more aware of this possibility.

    He said measures should be put in place to prevent this from happening again.

    "There should be an ordinance that would make it clear that there are certain activities, when done publicly, will not be tolerated in Boracay," Enerio said.

    Footage taken by ABS-CBN News showed 2 foreigners having sex on the beach at around 2 a.m. on January 1.

    The footage also showed a topless woman making out with her partner.

    Mayor John Yap said such incidents do happen but noted that authorities do not tolerate it.

    "It's an isolated case, tsaka medyo uncontrollable naman iyan. Pero 'pag nakita naman ng pulis, hinuhuli naman iyon kasi it's a public scandal," he said.

    "We want to have an ordinance na 'No sex in the beach' para hindi naman scandalous para sa ibang turista natin," he added.

    Enerio said hotel owners and other establishments on the beach should post signs or warnings that say it is okay to be happy and enjoy while on the island but there are things that should be done privately, preferably in their hotel rooms.

    He said it was a good thing that the sex incident happened at a time when kids are already asleep, and that the act was between a couple that seem to be married and it was not done with a Filipina.

    "The DOT is opposed to sex tourism. We don't want sex tours to be allowed to come to the Philippines, which happened before in the '80s at Elephant Island in Marinduque," he said.

    He said he believes the incident will not have an impact on Boracay's image as a wholesome family destination especially after an ordinance is put in place.

    nakakahiya naman si Sheryll Mundo. masabi lang na may ginawang report, pati basura pinatulan niya. ang masakit nito, yung mga b0bong plagiarist sa DOT, sinakyan naman ang [email protected] ni Mundo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fil2007 View Post
    tameme ka ano? it is you who need to understand my statements pilipinas talamak ang pag-ihi kung saan saan in the light of day pa at it's generally tolerated sa Canada hindi so sa pag-compare mo palang mali kana.....masyado ka kasing nagmamarunong porke nakarating kanang Alberta, Canada eh nahuli ka namang nagsisinungaling ka sa sinabi mo!!
    Bump up ko lang sa yo 'to repakol...sige daldal pa

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    Walang kwenta!!! Nasaan ang video?!

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    ang tanong...ano ang ginagawa ng sexy na reporter sa oras na yun sa bora hehehe baka naman naunahan lang sila :P

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    when i was a teen i have sex many times in the beach, at the cityhall garden during the night even under the banana tree i cant see any problem with these things, the one with a problem is the creep and on this topic--- its the YELLOW MEDIA ABS CBN.

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    But they failed to give notice to this boy for days.

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    Nalulunod na sa quicksand wala pa ring pumapansin

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    Bakit ba tayo nakikialam?

    We complain that we are losing the tourism race to Thailand and even Vietnam yet we make a national scandal over a couple of over-amorous foreigners making out in Boracay's world-famous sands!!!

    WTF indeed?

    Do Thais raise a racket over ladyboys plying their trade in Phuket? Or some horny whiteys trying to turn Koh Samui into their own personal motel???

    Grow up, Pinoys...grow up!!!!

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