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    Bakit Sobrang Dami Na Ang Mga Aksidente Sa Lansangan ? Alarming Na [po Talaga...


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    Latest, kanina lang....yung aksidente sa skyway na kung saan isang ambulansiya ang involved. 4 ang patay !

    Sa Quezon naman, isang bus ang nalaglag sa bangin, 3 ang patay, 13 ang sugatan !

    Grabe na talaga ito ....

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    Kanina pa rin, isang passenger ang sumalpok sa construction site sa Pasig.

    Noon namang magpapasko, heto ang ating nakita. Sampu ang sugatan...

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    The 6 Most Common Causes of Automobile Crashes


    After the world's first automobile-related fatality, which occurred in London in 1896, the coroner said: "This must never happen again." Little did he know that from then on, some 25 million people would have died in vehicle-related accidents, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    And even with all the advancements in vehicle safety technology, the number of people killed in auto accidents continues to rise. Close to 1.2 million people die each year on the world's roads, and that number is expected to rise by 65 percent by the year 2020, says a report by WHO and the World Bank.

    What's causing all of these accidents, which are, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the leading cause of death among people aged 3 to 33, should then be of great interest to all of us drivers out there. Ironically, when you take a look through the top six causes you'll see that the greatest threat to drivers is the drivers themselves.

    Distracted drivers cause between 25-50 percent of all U.S. motor vehicle accidents.

    1. Distracted Drivers

    Mark Edwards, Director of Traffic Safety at the American Automobile Association stated, "The research tells us that somewhere between 25-50 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in this country really have driver distraction as their root cause."

    The distractions are many, but according to a study conducted by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), texting -- rubbernecking -- or slowing down to gawk at another accident -- caused the most accidents, accounting for 16 percent of all distraction-related crashes.

    "I've had as many as three accidents at one scene, at one intersection," says Officer John Carney of the Fairfax County Police. "Rubbernecking is the most dangerous distraction, in my experience."

    After rubbernecking, other common driver distractions included:


    Driver fatigue (12 percent, see below)

    Looking at scenery (10 percent)

    Other passengers or children (9 percent)

    Adjusting the radio, cassette or CD player (7 percent)

    Reading the newspaper, books, maps or other documents (less than 2 percent)

    Another increasingly serious cause of driver distraction is cell phone use, as more than 85 percent of the estimated 100 million cell-phone users talk on their phone regularly while driving, according to a Prevention magazine survey. At least one study has found that driving and talking on a cell phone at the same time quadruples the risk of crashing, which is why many cities have recently begun banning their use while driving unless a hands-free device is used.

    2. Driver Fatigue

    Drowsy drivers account for about 100,000 accidents every year in the United States, according to the U.S. National Traffic Safety Administration. The risk is greatest from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m., the time when most people are used to sleeping, however some people also become drowsy from noon to 2 p.m.

    Symptoms of driver fatigue include heavy eyelids, frequent yawning, a drifting vehicle that wanders over road lines, varying vehicle speed for no reason, misjudging traffic situations, seeing things "jump out" in the road, feeling fidgety or irritable and daydreaming.

    Other than making sure you are well-rested before getting behind the wheel, the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) offers these tips to help avoid fatigue-related auto accidents:


    Take a break from driving at least every two hours.

    Get a good night's sleep before a long trip.

    Share the driving whenever possible.

    Avoid long drives after work.

    Avoid drinking before driving.

    Pull over and stop when drowsiness, discomfort or loss of concentration occurs.

    Find out whether any medicine you are taking may affect your driving.

    3. Drunk Driving

    In 2004, an estimated 16,654 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes, according to NHTSA. This is an average of one death almost every half-hour. Drunk drivers were responsible for 30 percent of all fatal crashes during the week in 2003, but this percentage rose significantly over the weekends, during which 53 percent of fatal crashes were alcohol-related.

    The only way to prevent this type of accident is to not drink and drive. Whenever alcohol is involved, choose a designated driver in advance. This person should not drink at all before driving.

    4. Speeding

    Speeding is a multi-tiered threat because not only does it reduce the amount of time necessary to avoid a crash, it also increases the risk of crashing and makes the crash more severe if it does occur. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), when speed increases from 40 mph to 60 mph, the energy released in a crash more than doubles. Simply slowing down and obeying posted speed limits can go a long way toward making the roads safer.

    When traffic gets heavy, resist the urge to succumb to aggressive driving.

    5. Aggressive Driving

    Exactly what is an aggressive driver? According to the New York State Police, it's anyone who:

    "Operates a motor vehicle in a selfish, bold or pushy manner, without regard for the rights or safety of the other users of the streets and highways." This includes behaviors such as:


    Aggressive tailgating

    Flashing lights at other drivers because you're irritated at them

    Aggressive or rude gestures

    Deliberately preventing another driver from moving their vehicle

    Verbal abuse

    Physical assaults

    Disregarding traffic signals

    Changing lanes frequently or in an unsafe manner

    Failure to yield the right of way

    If you come across an aggressive driver, the New York State Police gives these tips to protect yourself:


    Remain calm

    Keep your distance

    Do not pass unless you have to

    Change lanes once it is safe

    If you cannot change lanes and an aggressive driver is behind you, stay where you are, maintain the proper speed and do not respond with hostile gestures

    If the situation is serious, you may call 911 to report an aggressive driver

    6. Weather.

    Inclement weather, including heavy rain, hail, snowstorms, ice, high winds and fog can make driving more difficult. You'll need more time to stop and may have trouble seeing the road clearly, so when the weather gets bad be sure to leave extra room between the car in front of you and slow down. If necessary, pull off the road to a rest stop (or to the side of the road, well out of the traffic lanes) until conditions improve.

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    simula nung naging pangulo si Noynoy, dumami ang aksidente sa kalsada. bakit? kasi ang alam ng LTO chief ay shooting at wala ng iba. kaya naman maluwag ang LTO sa mga nag-aapply ng driver's license.

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    you do have a good point there. accidents like these don't happen much during GMA's watch....

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    yan ang nangyayari kapag roosters ang i-appoint na judges and justices at mga tarsier ang mag-manage ng trapik sa Metro Manila. lahat yan, suggestions ni Gibradi sa amo niyang si Abnoynoy.

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    Ewan ko, pero para sa akin hindi alarming yung madaming aksidente. Siguro simula't sapul kapag nanonood ako ng balita eh palaging may balita tungkol sa mga aksidente sa lansangan.

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    Holy guacamole!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoCkSmItH99 View Post
    simula nung naging pangulo si Noynoy, dumami ang aksidente sa kalsada. bakit? kasi ang alam ng LTO chief ay shooting at wala ng iba. kaya naman maluwag ang LTO sa mga nag-aapply ng driver's license.
    Quote Originally Posted by bagiw.boi View Post
    you do have a good point there. accidents like these don't happen much during GMA's watch....
    Quote Originally Posted by mimigs View Post
    amf puro kababawan

    ^^^ Accident risk itong tatlong ito. Kahit nagmamaneho o tumatawid eh si PNoy ang nasa isip.

    Quote Originally Posted by maikimai View Post
    Ewan ko, pero para sa akin hindi alarming yung madaming aksidente. Siguro simula't sapul kapag nanonood ako ng balita eh palaging may balita tungkol sa mga aksidente sa lansangan.
    oo nga eh. Kasi simula pa nung panahon ni GMA ay nwalan na tayo ng safety standards.

    tsaka itong si bayani, ang mga traffic rules nakakalito. akalain mong nagtayo ng tulay para lang sa u-turn, muntik tuloy akong mabangga while driving along C-5. May mga u-turn slots na nagko-cause ng aksidente. Mga concrete barriers. Yellow lanes. I think we have to implement once more yung kinalimutan nang safety standards and an overhaul on our traffic rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PutotoyDacoycoy View Post
    Holy guacamole!

    Bawas sili, dagdag abokado. Don't eat while driving.

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    Bukod sa kawalan ng disiplina ng mga nagmamaneho at tumatawid, marami pang dahilan kung bakit marami ang mga aksidente sa lansangan. Ito ang mga minumungkahi kong solusyon:
    -There should be a strict driver's education program before anyone can obtain their license. This should include being familiar with traffic signs, driving etiquette and rules of the road. It is surprising people never use turn signals among others.
    -There should be a DUI (driving under the influence) law with steep penalties like suspension of license, jail time and or fines.
    -Removal of vendors along busy highways.

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    lack of strict implementation of rules. marami tayong good road safety rules pero not being implemented, naturally hindi rin ino-observe ng maraming ga-gong drivers.

    ...san ka nakakita ng isang pamilya nakasakay sa motorcycle?
    ...san ka nakakita ng jeepney na walang headlights sa gabi?
    ...san ka nakakita ng police car na naka-park mismo sa corner of a busy road, while yung mga ga-gong police kumakain sa karenderya?

    only in the philippines...

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    Mga trak nakaparada sa mga bahay aliwan sa McArthur Highway. Siempre malalasing ang mga driver at pahinante, so paano pag-uwi nila ?

    Mga rolling coffins, josh ko 1967 pa *** bus....tumatakbo pa rin ?

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    Nagdadrive kasi sila ng gutom at inaantok. Kaya dapat, magstopover muna sila sa KFC para kumain at magpahinga..

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    paano ,mali ang sistema sa mga lansangan natin, akalain mo kasabay mo sa pagmamaneho yung mga 10 wheeler truck, mantakin mo yun, di ka ba kabahan nun, taz para pang mga kotse lang kung magpapatakbo sa sobrang bilis. tapos parang sobrang dami na talaga ng mga sasakyan sa lansangan ng maynila. di na pwede yung color coding.

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    ang problema kasi ay maliit na yung daan at ang dami ng sasakyan.

    tapos yung mga driver na walang alam sa batas trapiko sila din yung may kasalanan lalong lalo na yung mga nagmomotor na pasingitsingit na kung nabangga mo kasalanan mo pa.

    at take note madadagdagan pa yan kasi tataas na yung pamasahe ng trains sa bansa. mas marami na yung mapipilitan gumamit ng mga jeeps and buses.

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    And another thing! We keep on reading things such as Bawal tumawid dito! Bawal umihi dito! Bawal pumarada dito! etc.. Perhaps its time to change our approach! But I guess that's just my opinion! Lagay na lang tayo ng lugar kung saan pwede gawin ang mga pinagbabawal na ito!

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    ...san ka nakakita ng isang pamilya nakasakay sa motorcycle?
    may nakita ako ngayon grabe nakakatakot.

    si daddy yung nagdadrive, sa likod nya si bunso, sa likod ni bunso, si mommy, sa likod ni mommy si ate.

    at si daddy lang nakahelmet.

    ano kaya nangyari sa kanila? baka.. baka.. oh my gawd!

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