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    Kris Allen and His Bounty of NFL Cheerleaders
    by Bert on December 6, 2010

    We would know that impish grin anywhere! Reminds me of a little kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Way to go Kris Allen! The American Idol winner has again won by getting the sweet gig consisting of keeping all these hot Dolphin cheerleaders company.

    ^ with pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by pginny View Post
    Idol Chatter talked with Allen last week from his Arkansas home and as part of the conversation we asked him to do a few “sentence completion” tasks.

    The words in bold-face type are Kris’ answers:

    If you are thinking about getting married, remember TO GET A RING.

    The best thing about the holiday season is PUMPKIN PIE.

    I would never even try to debate someone over POLITICS.

    If I could go to a concert of one golden-oldie performer it would be (AND I HAVE SEEN HIM) PAUL MCCARTNEY.

    The best musical instrument in the world is the VIOLA.

    If I have a favorite breakfast food it’s AN OMELETTE.

    The thing I really enjoy about technology is CONNECTING WITH FRIENDS.

    The best compliment I have received since winning American Idol was THAT I AM GENUINE.

    I’d like to take Simon Cowell TO DINNER.

    If you’re gonna live like you’re dyin then you better SKYDIVE.
    I'm surprised that he did not answer GUITAR. And yes, I hate POLITICS too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pginny View Post
    Little Pawns Is Now The Official Kris Allen Street Team!

    We are so excited to tell you that Little Pawns is now

    the OFFICIAL Kris Allen Street Team

    And it’s all because of you! Making flyers, calling radio stations to request “Alright With Me”, promoting Kris’s shows…each and every Little Pawn deserves credit for our official status.

    Kris and his team saw what we were doing, what we have accomplished so far, and they wanted to show that they support and appreciate all of our hard work!

    Our “Official” title means that we’ll be able to do some really cool Street Team contests with member-exclusive giveaways. We can utilize our creativity by being able to sell exclusive Little Pawns merchandise. Plus, we’ll be among the FIRST to get the latest news on Kris! Naturally, we will continue in our efforts to spread the word about Kris and his music.

    You probably won’t notice many changes in the day-to-day business of Little Pawns. However, please be aware that our website address is now: (I'm sure you all noticed the kick-awesome new banner on the home page, though, right?)

    Please note that being “Official” does not mean that we have a direct link to Kris. We are in contact with his management team only. Also, keep in mind that our activities reflect directly on Kris, so let’s make sure we continue to make him look good!

    With the slew of new activities that we are going to be able to do, we will be needing all pawns on deck as much as possible. Any effort, no matter how small, is much appreciated. We'd like to remind everyone that we continue to accept donations, which you can find on the Little Pawns homepage. You are not required to contribute, but it would most certainly be appreciated!

    Kris sings “Come together…over me”, and that is exactly what we did and what we will continue to do. So be proud, Little Pawns! Be proud! Let's all put our best foot forward to make this street team a success!

    Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @littlepawns!

    Also, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions below!
    I love that site! Spreading L-O-V-E for Kris Allen. I just registered actually. LOL. The address is now I'll go edit the links in the first post.

    To veiw the full size, click here

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    Top Tweets from Kris Allen

    Hundreds of thousands of fans follow Kris Allen on Twitter. This successful self-taught guitarist and singer from Arkansas, winner of season eight of "American Idol," enchants followers with his down-to-earth tweets and dry sense of humor. He even answers fans' Twitter questions. Follow @KrisAllen on Twitter and you'll get treated to music recommendations, sports talk, tour updates, pictures from life on the road, adorable puppy pics, crazy observations and more.

    Kris Allen Tweets About His Taste Buds

    "Plans for the day: donuts, show, guitar shopping. (these are in order of importance)"


    "Milwaukee was awesome last night! Now that I have had my steak and creme brulee for breakfast i can tell Des Moines is gonna be a good one."

    It All Comes Back to "American Idol"

    "I didn't know tiggers liked to eat @adamlambert s. Learn something new every day."

    "Headed to @RyanSeacrest right now. How does he get up this early?"

    "Thanks to everyone who came out to highline ballroom last night. Had an awesome time with @adamlambert and @AllisonIraheta"

    "I just took the "who's american idol season 8 contestant are you?" quiz and got: kris allen! Try it:"

    @ImMattGiraud you know I miss you too bro Montana.

    Thanks David Cook for getting The Mac stuck in my head all day. Seriously had a great time this morn on GMA with David and @adamlambert

    The Weird and Wonderful World of Kris Allen on Twitter

    "Went to the gym today and found handcuffs in the cup holder of the treadmill. Tell me your story for how something like this could happen."

    "People who drive segways look like robots."

    "What if people moved their heads like birds? You know it'd be really funny."

    "The best part of wakin up, is a snuggie in your bunk!"

    "Is it bad that I do airplane sudokus not for my own pleasure but so the next person to open it will get mad when they see that they can't?"

    Kris Allen Tweets Love and Video to His Fans

    "Thanks to everyone for coming to all the shows. You guys were incredible every night. It will not be long until were back out on the road."

    "The next single will be "Alright With Me". Thanks to everyone that has already believed in this song. This fall is gonna be a lot of fun."

    "Here is something for you guys to take a gander at. Hope you enjoy!"

    "The reason that it is all worth it is because of the fans. You guys care so much and make this the best job out in the world."

    Four More Tweets and Reasons to Love Kris Allen

    "This trip has been an honor. If you are an entertainer i would like to challenge you to do play for the troops. It means so much to them."

    "2 years ago today I married the most beautiful girl in the world."

    "Boxer briefs. RT @Njdaughtrygirl: @KrisAllen okay we want to know boxers or briefs"

    "To the person or persons hacking into my email: good luck finding anything that anyone actually cares to know. I'm not hiding anything."

    Visit the official Kris Allen website. Follow Kris Allen on Twitter @KrisAllen.;_ylv=3

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    Kris Allen’s Idol journey was saved by his fast-talking brother
    by pinella

    It’s only been a little over two years, but to Kris Allen the beginning of his American Idol journey, one that brings him to Santa Rosa on Saturday night, seems much longer ago than that.

    “Yes, two years, but it seems like that was 20 years ago,” Allen said from his Arkansas home last week.

    And that AI journey would have ended before it even started had it not been for his brother Daniel.

    Allen admitted that the stories of how they drove all night from Arkansas to the AI tryout site during the summer of 2008 in Louisville, Ky. were true and that they barely made it in time.

    “In fact,” Allen said, “we got there after they had closed the audition lines. But my brother is something of a con-artist and he talked them into letting us in line.”

    The rest, as they say, is Idol history. Daniel didn’t make it to even the Hollywood round, but Kris just kept going and going. He finally beat out overwhelming favorite Adam Lambert on the final night of Season 8, May 20, 2009.

    Since then it’s been a whirlwind of recording sessions, radio and TV shows and of course concert stops – large and small.

    Saturday night (8:30) he’ll perform an acoustic set at the Last Day Saloon (capacity, 350) in Railroad Square in Santa Rosa,

    Considering some of the other venues he has performed at (Golden Gate Park in SF last summer where approximately 20,000 watched Allen and Lifehouse and OneEskimo perform), does the “downsize” bother him?

    “Put it this way,” Allen said, “to my knowledge I haven’t refused a concert date yet.”
    Allen has become somewhat of a NorCal regular. In addition to doing that Summerfest gig in GG Park, he has performed at the Silverado Resort & Spa, at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium with Lifehouse and will be back there performing again on Friday night in something called the Jingle Ball.

    And although he has yet to record a holiday album, “I love the holidays,” Allen said, “in fact we already have the house decorated and the tree up (that was on Dec. 2).”

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    VIDEO: Kris Allen ‘The Christmas Song’

    Kris Allen got the MIX 105.1 Holiday Soiree crowd into the true holiday spirit with his laidback rendition of the seasonal classic The Christmas Song.

    ^ click the link to see video

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    Idol at Idiot: Kris Allen Rocks Out on Broadway

    On December 7, past American Idol winner Kris Allen became the latest rocker to drop by the Broadway show with real music cred: American Idiot. Here, the sweet, soulful champ stops for a shot backstage before meeting the stars of the show. Look for our complete Photo Op on tomorrow. Photo by Bruce Glikas for

    ^ with pictures

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    hello there! (Kris Aquino mode! )

    bump lang ang thread! kelan ba yung NBC guesting ni Kris? tapos na ba yun? nabasa ko lang over twitter eh..

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    guys Kris went to the broadway "American Idiot" ! if Iam not mistaken dito kinanta yung 21 guns ng Greenday diba?? kasi gustong gusto ko yung rendition ngAmerican Idiot ng 21 guns compared sa greenday..


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    any new news about alright with me??

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    Quote Originally Posted by debone_me View Post
    guys Kris went to the broadway "American Idiot" ! if Iam not mistaken dito kinanta yung 21 guns ng Greenday diba?? kasi gustong gusto ko yung rendition ngAmerican Idiot ng 21 guns compared sa greenday..

    hi sis

    yun din ang alam ko sis...mas maganda nga

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    An American Idol Meets an American Hero as Kris Allen Takes In Spider-Man

    American Idol winner Kris Allen was so enthralled after attending his first-ever Broadway show, the popular singer decided to take in another musical the following night! On December 8, Allen swung over to the Foxwoods Theatre to catch Broadway's newest extravaganza, Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark. After the performance Allen headed backstage to meet Spidey himself (aka actor Reeve Carney) and the rest of the show's high-flying cast. Check below to get in on the action.

    ^ with pics

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    Kris Allen on Goom Radio!
    Posted: 5 hours ago by shelleyrome

    Hey its Shelley!
    Kris Allen stopped by the studio today and he was sooooo awesome!! Very very cute in person. It's a good thing he's married. J/K
    We talked about his new song "Alright With Me", being naked in a hotel room(not together), and much more. If you missed the interview we will be postin the video shortly!
    Follow me on twitter @ShelleyRome
    He left his water bottle that he actually drank from here. I'm ready to sell this baby. Any takers??

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    Kris Allen: I'm ready to make my next album

    There's been nary a day since Kris Allen won the eighth season of "American Idol" that he hasn't been pounding the performance pavement -- hitting up city after city, studio after studio, stage after stage. And now, a year after his self-titled album dropped it seems that all his hard work has paid off. Not only has Kris amassed an army full of admirers, but that time supporting other acts like Maroon 5 and Keith Urban has helped Kris realize exactly what kind of follow-up CD he wants to make.

    And we got the full breakdown of what his next act will be when Southern Hospitality played host to a little Kris on PopWrap action.

    In addition to learning all about his upcoming CD, Kris weighed in on "American Idol's" season 10 revamp, his newfound puppy love and what reality show he might attempt next.

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