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    Galing talaga ng mga investments ni Angel!

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    gel's pic at imortal victory party now c/o mico del rosario's twitter



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    another pics from imortal thanksgiving party c/o roxyliquian's twitter

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitpic/photos/large/182179283.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=0ZRYP5X5F6FSMBCCSE82&Expires=1287944884&Signature=c9u541Zjyn1PvuJuYqsmx eMtRjM%3D

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitpic/photos/large/182185231.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=0ZRYP5X5F6FSMBCCSE82&Expires=1287945016&Signature=%2B8nDZpNaCMv0r9Qyf35 rLaa2SjY%3D

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    Sweet and spicy Angel
    By Jerry Donato (The Philippine Star) Updated October 25, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (0) View comments

    Angel Locsin (with Imortal co-star John Lloyd Cruz): I love doing action

    MANILA, Philippines - Angel Locsin is not only sweet but spicy. She can fire a gun and fight the bad guys. This gives her an edge over the young actresses who sit pretty, waiting for Prince Charming to rescue them from their saccharine characters.

    I love doing action even before I joined ABS-CBN, replies Angel when asked about her inclination for high-kicking and adrenaline-rush projects. Most of my assignments then saw me jumping (and rolling). Actually, I did expect to have an action project like Imortal. This is something I love to do. Nobody else does this who is game or into it.

    (Action) is exciting, she adds. I always like to do challenges. I dont like street fights. I want something realistic and different. That is what I hope to achieve with Imortal. Thats possible because Imortal has wushu and martial arts experts to bank on.

    According to Angel, Lobo is a more intense drama than Imortal. Work on the set is tedious because actors are on harnesses and have to execute the fight scenes perfectly on top of the special effects which makes the storytelling engaging. But Lobo wont spare her from crying. After all, Imortal is a love story between two beasts vampire (Mateo played by John Lloyd Cruz) and she-wolf (Lia). The story has just begun, Angel says. We havent reached yet the point where things are heavy on action. I fell in love with Lyka (of Lobo). And I have fallen in love with Lia. Im starting to imbibe the character.

    In the story, Angel is reincarnated as Lia, daughter of her previous character named Lyka. Imortal is a sequel of Lobo. If you take a closer look, Imortal is not inspired by Twilight. It has its own mythology created by local talents. Imortal has also gone beyond TV by creating on-line games. Last week, Imortal scored 35.5 percent in the TV ratings leaving its closest competition with 23.6 percent. Also in the cast are Vivian Velez, Jaime Fabregas, Johnny Revilla, Jomari Yllana, Jake Roxas and Maricar Reyes.

    Three years ago, Angel admits she was more pressured doing Lobo because it was her first show on ABS-CBN. She had to prove herself and learn to deal with detractors. She was on the edge of her career to prove her decision to find greener pastures right and to stand up again.

    Im more relaxed, she shares. Im comfortable working this time around because Ive been with ABS (for quite a long time). Im confident to do something of quality. Were offering something new to the audience given the (present) technology. What we did with Lobo was (very) three years ago. My approach to my character is different (and new).

    Angels signature smile is proof that shes at home being a Kapamilya.

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    love u Angel. so happy to see u again in ABS primetime

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    musta po?

    hanggang ilang beses po bumoto
    sa -> http://pinoybizsurfer.blogspot.com/2...s-of-2010.html


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    Quote Originally Posted by richel^C.G. View Post
    gel's pic at imortal victory party now c/o mico del rosario's twitter


    wow hehe victory party ! : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterdaily View Post
    up for miss angel
    ye bah! heehe

    good am po sayo : )

    spread the love ♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kysle_Candizz View Post
    @143redangel church then Imortal victory party!☺ thank you Father for this blessing! Pls continue to bless our directors, staff, crew, fellow artists, creatives, writers, promo team, technicals, and sa audience namin na binigyan ho kami ng chance☺ Maraming salamat po talaga sa inyo!☺
    partey partey! naman! nagkaron na pala ng victory party ang IMORTAL...waging wagi naman kasi ito,pinag-uusapan sa lahat ng dako ng pinas at mundo. BRAVO TEAM IMORTAL! job well done...CONGRATULATIONS NG BONGGANG BONGGA!

    Quote Originally Posted by cacar View Post




    uwaaaaaaaaaaa...bongga naman ng pinapagawang sasakyan na rolling house ni Angel...astig naman! black pero napaka fabulous tingnan...nagrereflect sa pagkatao nya...simple but elegant...very proud of you Gel...galing mo talaga sa paghawak ng mga blessings na dumarating sa iyo...kahanga-hanga kang tunay...aw

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    pa-promote po

    KIMNATION invites you to..





    "Til My Heartaches End" Full Trailer


    thanks for the space! imortal

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