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    Most likely to: Win acting awards and live forever

    Screen Name: Anne Curtis
    Real Name: Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith
    Birthday: February 17, 1985
    Birth Place: Yarrawonga, Australia
    Height: 5'5
    Hobbies: shopping, reading
    Sports: Track and field and tennis

    Food: lamb chops with vegetables.
    Cologne: kenzo and Issey Meyaki
    Actress: Julia Roberts
    Musics: classical
    Bands: Freestyle, Destiny's Child, The Corrs

    [B]Anne Curtis [/B](born Anne Ojales Curtis Smith on February 17, 1985 in Australia) is a Filipino-Australian commercial model and actress currently active in the Philippines. She is best known for her roles as Stephanie Borromeo in Hiram and as Imang/Fatima, the title role in Kampanerang Kuba. Both of these shows aired on the ABS-CBN network in the Philippines. She is currently on the soap opera Maging Sino Ka Man, which also airs on ABS-CBN.
    She lived in Australia until her lawyer father, James Curtis, moved to the Philippines when she was 12 years old. It is a move that Curtis is thankful for. "I am so happy that I’m here. If I were in Australia I’d have been in a boarding school! My dad was strict when it came to education. He kept on discouraging me when I tried doing commercials, saying that they are just tricking me to get out of school. We lived in the country, so we’d be asleep around 8 or 9 p.m. It was really boring. But here there are so many gimmicks. As of now, being young, I prefer living here (in the Philippines) but maybe when I settle down, I’ll move back to Australia."
    Curtis appeared in supporting roles or in ensemble casts during the early part of her career, with most of her early TV shows airing on the GMA-7 Network in the Philippines in where she starred in shows like Love to Love, where she was partnered with Richard Gutierrez.
    In 2004, when she moved to ABS-CBN, Curtis received her first big break in Philippine primetime TV when she was cast in the role of Stephanie Borromeo in the TV series Hiram as the best friend and romantic rival of Margaret Benipayo, portrayed by Heart Evangelista. The role was a departure from her earlier, typical, teeny-bopper roles, and positioned Curtis for primetime.
    In 2005, her successful portrayal in Hiram led to her first title role as Imang/Fatima in the fantasy TV series Kampanerang Kuba.
    In 2006 Curtis returned to primetime TV as Celine Magsaysay in drama series Maging Sino Ka Man, this time with new love team partner Sam Milby. In 2007 She became a part of MTV as a VJ on Gimme 10. In 2008 she starred When Love Begins. Currently, she plays a goddess in the fantasy series Dyosa. The next Anne will see in a period movie Baler an official entry to MMFF, her leading man is Jericho Rosales.

    Anne Curtis : http://twitter.com/annecurtissmith

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    The Prom Queen GEORGINA WILSON
    Most likely to: Live all over the world and make the Philippines proud.

    Georgina Wilson : http://twitter.com/ilovegeorgina

    Name Georgina Wilson
    Age 24
    Date of Birth February 12, 1986
    Star Sign Aquarius
    Ethnicity Asian
    University Ateneo de Manila University
    Occupation Model
    Celebrity Index Ge
    Claim to Fame A print ad model (Pond`s Commercial) and niece of 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz
    Favourite Links georginawilson.multi

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    There's definitely a lot more to Solenn Heussaff than just a pretty face. This cover girl has downshifted her modeling and decided to focus on more artistic endeavors. And there are many. In one short work week she wears different hats. Twice a week she is a designer for the homegrown knit wear label Lulu Tan Gan; otherwise, she’s doing make up projects for Make Up For Ever Paris. And, in whatever free time is available, she dabbles at her own little pet projects, like shoe design, the first collection of which the public will see very soon.

    The half-French Solenn has been exposed to the arts since the age of three. Spending a lot of her time in culture-rich European countries, most notably Paris, has influenced her much. But more than that, creativity is really just in her blood, as practically everyone on her father’s side of the family is a painter and on her mother’s side, all are sculptors. This year she has taken her love of art and applied it to another medium: make up.

    Earlier this year Solenn took a six-month course at the Fleurimont School in Paris, where she took up basic beauty and fashion make up. After finishing, she pursued further studies at the Make Up For Ever Academy, informally known as the Harvard of make up in the industry. Solenn will be going back to Paris to take up Prosthetics at the Academy.

    “I like being creative and having no restrictions, beauty make up will always just be beauty make up,” she explains. “When you get into artistic make up you are free to do anything you want. You can bring imaginary characters to life. It really is like painting on a canvas, although it is more difficult since a canvas is flat, and working with a human canvas has obviously more dimension. You have to work with volumes.”

    This course will prepare Solenn for her upcoming role as the instructor for the Artistic course in Maquillage Professionnel, the new make up academy under Make Up For Ever Philippines located in a studio behind the Make Up For Ever Boutique in Bonifacio High St. Here, she teaches alongside Make Up For Ever Philippines’ creative director, the Paris-trained Bobby Carlos. As the instructor for the Artistic course, she hopes to raise the bar in make up for the Philippines: to help Filipinas/Filipinos who are passionate about make up become global players.

    “I want my students to understand the difference between make up as an aesthetic everyday indulgence and make up as an art that can be mastered as a professional,” she concludes. “I would like the students to expand their views on make up and be free of the rules of beauty. Beauty is seen differently by everyone and we all need to express to others what beauty is for us.” - Celine Gabriel



    Solenn Heusaff. The name doesn’t ring bells among the masa just yet but in the “sosyal” and showbiz circles it is synonymous to Derek Ramsay. I mean, everytime people talk about Derek’s colorful (not many people know how much it is!) love life, currently with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban (the two are in South Africa for the World Cup, Derek being a soccer fan and player), the name Solenn Heusaff always crops up. Yes, Solenn is the girl Derek has left behind.

    “Yes, I’m the one,” confirmed Solenn to movie writers over lunch yesterday at Via Mare (Tomas Morato).

    She’s half-French and half-Filipina, a cover girl, a supermodel (who graces those huge Penshoppe billboards along EDSA) and now a singer who will take a bow in this Sunday’s edition of the GMA noontime show Party Pilipinas. She’s a stunning beauty (5’6” tall) — “Pang Bb. Pilipinas,” observed Lolit Solis.

    In contrast to Angelica who can be cold when around press people, casting them with a suspicious eye and seldom smiling, Solenn is warm and friendly and a delightful conversationalist, instantly lovable. She could have been the perfect partner for Derek who, like Solenn, comes from almost the same socio-economic-cultural background, both of them having spent several years abroad (he in England and she in Paris).

    “It was Derek who broke up with me,” admitted Solenn who added that she and Derek went steady for four years, three years of which they spent as long-distance lovers while she was pursuing a degree in Fashion Designing in Paris and Derek was home busy with sports and commercial/fashion modeling which became his launching pad to showbiz.

    Asked if she’s possessive, Solenn said no. Neither is she the jealous type, and that makes her the exact opposite of Angelica who sometimes irritates Derek when she gets jealous even of Derek’s fans, once exchanging harsh words (curses?) with some of them in the Internet. Derek is well-mannered, very proper, and he, like Solenn, easily connects to people even those he’s meeting for the first time. He’s not snooty unlike most of those who come from “sosyal” backgrounds.

    Has Angelica anything to do with her and Derek’s break-up?

    “No,” Solenn said. “I think she came into the picture after our break-up.”

    Maybe their having been apart for three years made them outgrow each other. In showbiz as in romance, absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder; it makes the heart wander.

    Up to now, Solenn has maintained a good, friendly relationship with Derek and his family (especially his mom) with whom Solenn said she’s very close to, closer in fact than Angelica is.

    Asked if she still feels for Derek, the brutally-frank Solenn shrugged, “No more,” gesturing that he’s totally out of her heart that now beats for somebody else, “although not in a ‘committed’ way, just dating.” The last time she saw Derek was before he and Angelica flew to South Africa.

    Yes, she has met Angelica (by chance) and they made beso-beso. A “plastic” gesture? “Not really,” said Solenn, “We were very polite to each other.”

    It was Leo V. Dominguez who introduced Solenn to the press. Solenn is the newest addition to Leo’s growing stable of talents (including Ogie Alcasid, Lovi Poe, Emilio Garcia and Chris Cayzer) under his own LVD Management Consultancy and Services.

    “It was Rey (Lañada, LVD handler) who discovered Solenn’s singing talent.”

    “I saw Solenn at Georgina Wilson’s birthday bash,” recalled Rey. “She was singing. I wondered, ‘Is it really Solenn singing?’”

    Now that she has one foot in showbiz, will Solenn go deeper into it and try acting?

    “I’m not a good actress,” she said.

    Told that she can learn on the job, she reconsidered. “Why not?”

    If she did, it would be a good idea to cast her together with Derek and Angelica in a soap, with Solenn as the bida and Angelica as the kontrabida (after all, she’s good in playing anti-heroine roles such as in her current ABS-CBN soap Rubi).

    Somebody asked Solenn about the possibility of her and Derek getting back together again if ever Derek and Angelica broke up.

    “No,” was Solenn’s quick answer, shaking her pretty head. “We are better off as friends.”
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    The 18-year-old stunner stands 5-foot-6 and 1/2, a height she considers to be just average. "Parang I'm tall, pero 'pag kasama ko mga pinsan ko, hindi masyado," she says.

    One of those cousins is Georgina Wilson, Kashieca model, more popularly known as the girlfriend of Richard Gutierrez. "'Yong kapatid ni Georgina, si Jessica, she's only 16, 'tapos, mas matangkad na sa akin. Si Georgina din is tall. 'Tapos, my younger sister, si Ava, she's also growing."

    Would you believe that Isabelle, unlike many figure-conscious teens, does not adhere to any diet schemes? For a certified rice-eater, Isabelle sure looks trim.

    "I tried to, pero hindi talaga, e, hindi ko kayang mag-diet," she says. "Yaya ko na ang nagagalit minsan. ‘Okay, magda-diet na ako,' I'd tell myself. ‘Okay, stop na ang rice.' 'Tapos, 'pag nandiyan na ang pagkain, hihingi na naman ako ng kanin. Pero nage-exercise naman ako, kaya bina-burn ko naman. Siyempre, I try to eat healthy also.

    Kunwari, kakain ako ng cheeseburger for lunch. Siyempre, 'pag dinner, gusto ko, like, fish na or something healthy. Not naman puro junk food."

    (YES! October 2006 issue)

    The difference between being single and not is... You learn more about yourself and you have more time to be with the other people you love.
    I prefer being... In the gym than in a club, to drink water over soda, and to love rather than hate.
    To all the single ladies, I say... Be independent! 2009 is the year to be single. Strive to be happy.
    To all the non-single ladies, I say... “He’s just not that into you.” Haha! No, learn to be happy by yourself; don’t just depend on him alone for your happiness. Compartmentalize your life.
    To all the men out there, we say... Be sincere.
    The things that are hot in my list are... Coachella Music Festival, pink lipstick, Charisse Pempengco, messy ponytails, low-fat milk, and being recession chic!
    What’s not... Chris Brown.
    I will commit to someone if and when... I’m ready to be in a relationship. Right now, I want to focus on my school and work and my thesis paper. (Laughs.)

    BELLE: Nature or nurture?” This was the debate I overheard while on the other side of the fence, before the idea continued, wafting into the contemplative air: “If Mowgli in The Jungle Book
    was born with wolves, then what is he, more human or more wolf?”
    “Gloria, by meddling with the holidays’ days just to add “long” in front of ‘weekend,’ eradicates the point of such meaningful dates. It compromises significance just to make it convenient — whereas other people from other nations are so patriotic about their national red-letter days.”
    And yet another thought was tossed into the circle. It was about the “divine bipolarity and transcendence of God.” What?
    “God is a supreme being, being the most powerful; he is not affected by anything — that is the classical way of thinking.” And then the other lady interjected with another idea to further illustrate the bipolarity of it all: “We won’t be happy if we don’t experience loneliness — it’s all a consequence of our freedom.”
    The above-mentioned discussion culminated not at an ampitheater but at our Supreme photo shoot, while these three lovely intellectuals were being made up by the Makeup Forum, with Beyonce hollering for all singles to “put your hands up” from laptop speakers.
    Our scene’s loveliest and liveliest muses, Belle Daza and Bea Soriano, both model students from rival universities — Belle from Ateneo, Bea from La Salle — were making the most out of their makeup time to review for their Philosophy orals the next day. Solenn Heussaff, however, was quietly contemplating life while her hair was being tousled.
    The three are no strangers to perfection, each one of them being a source of “divine” inspiration. All three are part of an exclusive endorser’s club, an elite circle of women whose influence matters —and who undoubtedly win at life.
    Belle Daza, born into “it”-dom, works hard at her sports and fights for her healthy lifestyle while still making rare and ravishing rounds on the scene. Bea Soriano, the general’s daughter
    , is certainly no general beauty, since she possesses not just reel-you-in looks but a mystique that captivated even Randy Ortiz, especially when she opened (with a Marc Nicdao-directed short film with her as lead femme) and closed his fashion gala last year. Solenn Heussaff is an enigma nonpareil — a silent killer with every glance and ultra-sensual hip thrust. With her plethora of talents, from mannequin to makeup artist to shoe designer, she infuses that quiet confidence that belies her youth. It’s undeniable, we can’t get enough of Heussaff.
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    Raison d’Etre: To inspire
    Job: Fashion Editor of Preview Magazine (Stylebible.ph)
    Live: Ortigas Center, Philippines
    Happiness: Travelling with friends
    Brunch: Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok
    Drink: Gimlet in Barca
    Eat: Cantinetta, Rockwell (Manila)
    Escape: El Nido, Palawan
    Read: Preview Magazine
    Listen: I’m very mainstream … So whatever’s on
    Watch: Gossip Girl
    Indulge: I eat FroYo everyday topped with huge mallows!
    Shop: Colette, Dover Street Market, The Mall (Florence), and On pedder (HongKong). I like one-stop shopping! Saves time and energy.
    Splurge: A fashionable pad
    Aspire: To be a Kate. (Moss, though probably everyone aspires to be her; Bosworth for her easy, nonchalant dressing; and Lanphear, whose style is ferosh!)
    Charity: Kythe Foundation
    Dream: Big!!!
    Accessory: I love Rafe bags because they’re functional and fashion-forward!

    Woman of Style: Ferosh fashion by Liz Uy
    Before anything else, let it be said that Liz Uy will not talk about her past relationship to actor John Lloyd Cruz to the media. After having had to field off questions when the news of their three-year relationship leaked out, and after being ambushed in fashion events where she attended as media, Preview’s fashion editor has already formed an automatic reply ready: “Wala po talaga akong comment. Pasensya na po.” Polite to the point of being apologetic, and in a language that most showbiz people understand. And it’s non-negotiable.

    But it’s not necessarily her Facebook status that has had people sitting up and taking notice of Liz Uy. Particularly in the fashion industry, she is known for her fashion savvy both as an individual and as a fashion stylist. Along with her brother and Preview creative director Vince Uy, the sibling tandem is responsible for some of the most arresting fashion editorials in local publishing.

    Retail brands and the celebrity world caught on to her talent and have since pinpointed her as a preferred stylist. Liz has styled Kris Aquino, Lucy Torres Gomez, and Bea Alonzo for Kashieca, Gretchen Baretto and Paula Taylor for Plains & Prints, Maja Salvador for Jelly Bean, Marian Rivera for Natasha, among others. It probably also helps that she is as comfortable mixing with showbiz denizens as she is teetering around in her signature stiletto heels. Aside from her past association with local showbiz’s most in-demand leading man, Liz counts Anne Curtis and Isabelle Daza (who she styled for Swatch and Human, respectively) and Raymond Gutierrez as her BFFs, all of who are, in their own right, followers of fashion.

    Liz may insist on her romantic affiliations remaining taboo but she at least let go of a personal rule this time: coming out in features such as this one. In the last few years, and coinciding with her relationship with John Lloyd, Liz has declined to be featured or come out in any shoots. “Bakit pa?” she asserts, denying the claims that she has also become some sort of celebrity because of her skills. Also, she’s camera-shy, as most people who work behind-the-scenes are most likely to profess. It took the bringing together of her dream team — photographer Mark Nicdao, makeup artist
    Gela-Laurel Stehmeiher, hairstylist Raymond Santiago and brother Vince to do final artwork — and a lot of cajoling to get her consent. And if pictures are worth anything — in the fashion world, they’re everything — then Liz Uy, both behind and in front of the camera, is, in one of her favorite words, ferosh.

    Describe your personal style.

    *Sometimes polished, sometimes undone. I’m a mood dresser.

    Personal shopping haven?

    *Colette, Dover Street Market, Lane Crawford and On Pedder. I like one-stop shopping — saves time and energy.

    How often do you shop for yourself?

    *Every time I have a shoot, which is about thrice a week. I shop from my own pull-outs — can’t resist!

    Who are your prefered designers?

    *Right now, I’m into Balmain, Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, Altuzarra, and Givenchy. I also like Slim’s. Very ingenious and indigenous.

    How did you discover your love for fashion?

    *I guess it was just there ever since…

    And when did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?

    *After graduation. I was in the hotel and restaurant industry and it just didn’t work out for me. When I entered the fashion industry, it made me happy to be where I was.

    What can’t you get enough of?

    I used to be obsessed with “it” bags and I’ve since shifted to stilts. You never know with fashion, tomorrow I might be hooked on jewelry.

    What would be your ultimate buy?

    Jewelry. I’m getting there.

    Most extravagant buy?

    A fashionable pad

    Do you always need to buy designer?

    Not really, but you can always rely on them for quality and cost per wear. It’s good to have investment pieces that will last for years. I only invest in shoes and bags…I love H&M.

    Whose style do you absolutely adore?

    I love all Kates! Moss, though she’s probably everyone else’s; Bosworth for her easy, nonchalant dressing; and Lan-phear, whose style is ferosh!

    And whose do you think is overrated?

    Lindsay Lohan — she’s always in leggings, for crying out loud. And Nicole Richie. People forget that it’s her former stylist Rachel Zoe’s style and not hers.

    Do you follow any particular style websites?

    Karlascloset, Seaofshoes, 4thandbleekeragency, Jakandjil and Chuvaness.

    Do you have a signature item?

    Gravity-defying high heels.

    What’s the one thing you will never wear?

    Clogs, especially rubber clogs.

    Ever had an embarrassing fashion moment?

    My whole grade school life… and I thought I was cool!

    What’s the oldest thing in your closet?

    My mother’s Dior shoulder bag.

    Who will you wear to your wedding?

    Monique Lhuillier. Pinoy pride!

    What would you tell a lot of the youth aspiring to be stylists about your work?

    It only seems glamorous during events. But 90 percent of a stylist’s life is pure, hard work. A typical day will see me pulling out in my stilettos, booking different teams nonstop, dealing with difficult clients, attending pre-production meetings, location hunting, steaming clothes
    , sewing — the works. You name it, I’ve probably done it. You have to be focused, organized, and talented, of course.

    What do you think of your celebrity status as a stylist to the stars?

    I don’t consider myself as a celebrity. I am only of service to them.

    A fashion tip you want to share.

    I feel naked without nail polish. I believe it completes the look

    What’s your favorite city?

    I like Paris because everyone is such a snob, I love it. So chic. I also like London. Super saya ang nightlife sa London. Nabuhayan talaga ako ‘don. And Manila, of course. Everyone is still here and I’m just happy here.

    Do you need to date a fashionable guy?

    Not necessarily, though it will definitely be easier for him to woo me if we speak the same language.

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    Weight :112 lbs.
    Bust :32"
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Shoes :7

    About Me

    I am Patricia Bianca S. Soriano from the Philippines. My friends call me “Bea”, or sometimes “Patis”. This domain is my official site and blog in cyberspace. I am particularly interested in visual arts and communications. And I am looking forward to my college years as I graduate from high school this school-year. Ciao!

    The difference between being single and not is... Only noticeable on Valentine’s Day. Single ladies receive more flowers; otherwise, we all have the same degree of happiness which radiates from our inner contentment.

    I prefer being ... Alone but not lonely.

    To all the single ladies
    , I say... Independent women are attractive.

    To all the non-single ladies, I say... Cherish your man and treat him right.

    To all the men out there, we say... Bring chivalry back to life! Women love real gentlemen. Fidelity is sexy!

    The things that are hot in my list are... Good humor, witty conversations, sexy smile — those are all the accessories I need.

    What’s not... Cheaters, rumors, nasty remarks, and drugs.

    I will commit to someone if and when... He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he doesn’t lie, and when he gets the approval of my friends and family.
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    The Prom Queen GEORGINA WILSON
    Most likely to: Live all over the world and make the Philippines proud.


    Georgina Wilson : http://twitter.com/ilovegeorgina

    Name Georgina Wilson
    Age 24
    Date of Birth February 12, 1986
    Star Sign Aquarius
    Ethnicity Asian
    University Ateneo de Manila University
    Occupation Model
    Celebrity Index Ge
    Claim to Fame A print ad model (Pond`s Commercial) and niece of 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz
    Favourite Links georginawilson.multi

    Last week, during Singapore’s Sing-Fest music festival, headliner Kanye West couldn’t help but become smitten with the lovely VJ interviewing him. Supermodel and magazine fixture Georgina Wilson has a certain magnetism and charisma so that, even after a full set under the humid air, Kanye still managed to ask for her e-mail address — a moment that Georgina and her friends can have a good laugh about.

    Attention, however, is not a new concept for this stunner. Gracing almost every important cover, and taking charge of ads and billboards for several years now, she was able to transcend her name to mass media appeal, with fans tracing her every move.

    As you may know, models aren’t usually hired for their intelligence but that’s exactly what separates her from the typical. Much has been written about her love affair with numbers and her self-professed geeky side, but its her candor and wit that got the attention of international producers of music channel, Channel [V]. Aside from doing the chart shows locally, she’s slowly garnering attention internationally, with hosting stints in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Korea (where she landed a cameo for K-Pop group, 2PM’s new music video).

    Lately though, it’s not all these accolades that got people’s tongues wagging, but her constant red carpet date and their status as a duo. Read up as Georgina finally reveals the state of her heart and opens up about her plans for the future.

    To that, all I have to say is… sorry, Kanye.

    THE DIALOGUE: You’ve been spotted in several events with Borgy Manotoc by your side, is it time we labeled you BorGina?

    GEORGINA WILSON: I don’t think that name sounds too good (Laughs). But yes, I think I’m ready to say that we are dating.

    I can already feel the envy from guys all over, what is it about Borgy you like?

    He reaches me on every level — when I’m weird, he can be weirder; when I feel like being intellectual, he teaches me new things. But the most important thing is we can spend the whole day just laughing. And he’s one of the people that can make me laugh the hardest. His laughter is contagious.

    Borgy seems to move within the indie scene, while everyone knows you live it up in style. Do opposites really attract?

    I think everyone has a preconceived image of what I am or what the media perceives me to be. I can hang out anywhere, and both of us know how to make any situation fun for ourselves no matter where we are.

    What is a normal day like for a high-profile pair like you?

    We work out together, we like doing groceries and cooking. Checking out exhibits and exploring new places together is really fun, too.

    You graduated in Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a double major in accounting and finance. Why move back to Manila?

    I guess there’s something that pulls you back when it’s a place that you feel is home. I never intended to stay in Sydney and when I went back last Christmas I just wanted give myself the chance to live in Manila again. It just felt right being here.

    You had a job with a firm waiting in London; do you have any regrets about staying in Asia?

    I really worked hard to get that job, but once I got it I realized I didn’t have it in me to work in London at that time. I just wanted to be in Asia and I know the next wave of growth, in terms of finance, fashion, arts, and possibilities is here. Even in the Philippines you see new pockets of creativity and there’s all these hubs of new talent. I’ve always been intrigued with this side of the world so I don’t regret it. And the job is still waiting for me if in the future I’d like to go back.

    How do you deal with all the showbiz offers?

    I take each offer in isolation and see if I’m capable of doing it. I also check what image they want to portray of me. But I think it all boils down to my capabilities, if I can do the job well, and so far I haven’t found it. Maybe in the future I can find something I’m comfortable with.

    You’re the face of Channel [V], how did that come about?

    Being a VJ was something I’d always wanted to be. Growing up it always amazed me to see those girls interview all types of artists and I really love music. Channel [V] was the natural thing for me to do next and it’s a stepping stone for me to be comfortable in front of the camera. It was hard at first but I’m getting the hang of it — although I still don’t want to see my tapes from January. (Laughs)

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Honestly I hope to be settled down. I want to be able to look back and be happy with the career I’ve chosen. I want to be able to combine the two industries that I love — fashion and finance. Hopefully in 10 years I’ll be able to look at myself and say I’ve made the most of my skills.

    With your giant billboards for Bench Body and a commercial for a beer brand, was there a plan to shift your image into a more mature one?

    Nothing was definitely planned and I think the advertisers and magazines wanted to portray me in a different light. I’ve done everything in terms of my adolescent image. When I came back after graduating, I had a different sense of maturity and I was willing to take on these offers.

    Which fictional character do you most identify with?

    Monica from Friends. I’m obsessively-compulsively clean; it drives me nuts. And I was a fat kid that’s still teased up to now.

    Who do you follow on Twitter?

    I follow author Paolo Coelho but I’m thinking of unfollowing because @annecurtissmith re-tweets everything he says anyway. (Laughs)

    What’s one skill that people might be surprised you can do?

    I can cook a five-course meal and speak Tagalog fluently.

    Who has the sexiest brain for you?

    Any author in The Economist. It’s my favorite magazine and the only one I read religiously.

    What’s your current obsession?

    Listening to the Glitch Mob and The XX. As for my constant obsession, it has to be Trollie Gummies, I can eat bags and bags of those but I just stop myself.

    Who’s the most overrated person for you?

    Justin Bieber. I feel like the hype should be about the great musicians out there. When Michael Jackson had that hype before, it was so warranted. When I watch Bieber perform, I have a puzzled expression on my face — or maybe I’m just too old to understand.

    Many look up to you as a fashion darling, when did you realize your fashion identity?

    I don’t think it’s a finished process. Every time I live in a new country or visit a new place, or hang out with a new group of people, I get inspired to dress in a way influenced by my surroundings. Style shouldn’t be boxed up.

    What should men never do?

    Talk extensively about ex-girlfriends.

    What should women never do?

    Women should never over-share their relationship problems, because only the two people involved will really understand.


    MAKEUP BY Junie Senia of Jing Monis Salon

    HAIR BY Raymond Santiago

    Props from Skitzo, The Collective


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    They drapes Fall's essential pieces-exemplifyng hictoric CHIC and modern splendor




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    http://<a href="http://shared.pho.to/71ouCF"><img src="http://stock2.pho.to/data3/8/4/7/8474ad6c-a4b7-6aa4-b513-f05a56a94111_thumb.jpg"/></a>


    http://<a href="http://shared.pho.to/R77OH6"><img src="http://stock2.pho.to/data2/6/5/f/65f0e0c2-3d05-06e4-85ce-723b0d761bd7_thumb.jpg"/></a>

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    credit to the owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhenarkey View Post


    credit to the owner

    hinahanap ko kasi yan kagabi pa hahaha
    di ko nga lang makita...
    t.y again

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