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    This is for all the PEX chasters!

    This thread is for all the fans of Filipina international star Charice!

    She will be portraying the role of Sunshine Corazon on the up and coming second season of GLEE!

    She will be singing "Telephone" with Lea Michele

    and is rumored to be singing her rendition of "Burn" by Tina Arena

    She is the first Asian artist to land on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 200 Albums and has had 2 singles that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song "Note to God" and "Pyramid"

    Her single "Note To God" peaked at Number 44 on the Hot 100 and her current single "Pyramid" peaked at number 56.

    Her videos for Pyramid has garned 30 million views on youtube alone.

    This is the preview of GLEE Season 2

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    Here is the new promotional video of Glee! And whew...charice is already included in the promo!

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    Congrats to Sunshine Corazon

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    Charice is going to release her album in UK this Sep. 23 so she guested in one of UK's biggest shows, Loose Women.


    Performance with Iyaz:!

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    She's now making waves internationally!

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    Read this blog, it's interesting it talks about How Charice became famous?

    Charice Road to Stardom

    post and share it. Lets be proud of her.

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    Read some spoilers about Charice on Glee!

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    Wow…do they need to stop rapping or WHAT?!

    Take a listen to some of the epic music that is coming your way on the season premiere of Glee! (above)

    There's GaGaloo and Chorus Line and Charice's version of Listen that is just going to TEAR the house down!



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    Tomorrow na po ang "GLEE"

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    Top 100 Pop

    #7 Empire State of Mind
    #8 Telephone
    #11 What I Did For Love
    #12 Listen
    #16 Billionaire

    #15 Empire State of Mind
    #16 Telephone
    #26 What I Did For Love
    #27 Listen
    #32 Billionaire

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    Links c/o sickmaggot

    2x1 - Audition
    After a tough loss at regionals, the glee club returns as the underdogs of McKinley High; Mr. Schuester pushes the students to recruit new members; Rachel and Finn disagree on new recruits.

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    itunes update

    Telephone #2
    Listen #7

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    Go Charice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I wonder what Beyonce thinks of Charice's version of Listen? Hmmm

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    I think she loves it, Beyonce is a very nice and loving person and I think she really feels honored that Charice sang her song and gave it her very best!

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