I have been seeing a lot of public utility vehicles with this kind of franchise, now my question is... what is the difference between the GT Express franchise and the UV Express franchise. i saw this post in a certain site containing information on how to get a UV Express franchise. What do you guys think about this deal? is it over priced or what? Thanks

All in- P180,000 (UV EXPRESS)
it include:
1. Filing fees
2. Documentations
3. Processing from WHITE PLATE to YELLOW PLATE
4. Court Hearing (P.S. You dont need to attend we are the one who will handle everything, Hearing is for legal documents that proves that the Taxiline is already yours and you sold it to old operator: we called it dropping subtitution)
5. Decision files
6. Publication to news paper,
7. Attorney
9. Inspection
10. Resealing
11. body lettering
12. Endorsements and etc..

And if your asking if your going to pay this full, yes it is because there's a lot of payments and requirements if your applying a gt express line, but we do the rest with that payment you don't need to go to the LTFRB just to process everything we do the works...
You got Deed of sale and MEMORAMDUM And CASE NUMBER That you will have proof that you file your applications...