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    Difference between a TSR and a CSR

    I am looking for a job as a call center agent and because this is my first time to venture on this kind of field, i would really like to know and be enlightened with it. To start things over...I have been reading alot of job opportunities in the internet but the information they give is very minimal, like what is the meaning of TSR or CSR? what does the job entail and what is the difference of the two when it comes to work in general? What does "inbound" or "outbound" mean? and all the other basic stuff that you think "we" should know prior to applying for such jobs.

    I know that this side of the forum is dedicated to the people behind the call center industry and it would be very much appreciated if you guys would take at least a little of your time sharing your thoughts to this cause your entries would really help us "newbies" in finding a career path in the said industry. Kindly share your thoughts regarding this, may it be a negative remark or a positive one, it would be certainly welcomed!

    Thanks for helping!

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    tsr = tech support rep -- > this job mostly does troubleshooting of internet connections, the usual techie stuff.

    csr = customer service rep -- > very broad to define but basically you just provide support over the phone to your customers.

    inbound --> papasok ang tawag at sasagutin mo yung tawag. they will call for help/assistance and you assist them. that's about it.

    outbound --> ikaw ang magtatawag sa customer. usually para bentahan sila. common to sa mga financial/credit card accounts.

    .... what you need to know is that tsr & csr has the same sh!t. And if you can avoid this type of work the better....

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    TSR - they fix technical issues like problems with computers, internet connection, software installation, even cable television, telephones and remote controls... anything electronic ...

    CSR - they handle the customer's account information, billing (money), sometimes up-selling and customer-retention.

    SALES - from the word itself. they sell stuff.

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    well if you are a graduated computer IT related course, specially for IT-hardware pina sosi na pangalan (computer technician)you can get easy hire as a TS, but who knows,

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    and then meron certain company na ang tawag sa agents nila ay universal agent or super split. you'll handle CS, TS and sales.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback and thanks grayfox17 for the vote...

    So that makes 1 vote for the "No! dont apply" hehehe! although i just wanted to know the reasons why better to avoid it.

    Also, may i ask if this is right....it would be obvious that the CSR would have conversations on the phone while the TSR would be chat or email am i right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jehuty View Post
    Thanks guys for the feedback and thanks grayfox17 for the vote...

    So that makes 1 vote for the "No! dont apply" hehehe! although i just wanted to know the reasons why better to avoid it.

    Also, may i ask if this is right....it would be obvious that the CSR would have conversations on the phone while the TSR would be chat or email am i right?

    Nope, not necessarily. I've been to Tech, Sales and Customer Service. Tech doesn't necessarily have to be via chat/e-mail. I used to be an inbound Tech agent.

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    I applied to TeleTech last Wednesday January 12, Im an undergrad student I just tried to apply I think I pass the initial and some other assestment and had an rescheduled final interview this thursday Jan 13. I didnt know if I passed the final interview cos i was so mental block so i did not pull back some questions. They just told me im going to take a Berlitz exam, I dont what that is? i hope can someone help me with this? just an idea? please!!! and what if i fail this? what will happen? and they told me they will just call me for a notification to my Berlitz exam. Are they really gonna call? thanks in advance! I hope someone can answer this Im very new to Call center world.

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    Berlitz has to do with I guess knowledge of foreign language, Berlitz is the name of an institution teaching foreign languages: they teach Filipino or Philipino if you are German and don't know the F(P)ilipino language, see?

    When you are trying to get a job or apply for inclusion in a social group like a corporation a school, a fraternity, etc., when you are told that they will call back, that is for all practical purposes, they find you not useful for the purposes they have in mind in accepting you.

    So, you'd better start looking for other openings.

    Of course if you are smart you have a lot of openings that you are into while getting a job, etc.

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    good luck sa berlitz.

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    For those ads saying no experience required, free training provided, are they still strict regarding excellent English skills or if they see that you have potential they will accept you? ACQUIRE just recently rejected me. There online exam is all about subject verb agreement. Im average in oral english, but i always get compliments by my teacher/professors with my compositions in all the school i attended. taglish pwede pa. Besides commerce ako, anu nalang mga cc companies na may local account? Dun nalang. Haha

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    Hi may i know what CSE stands for. I've been assigned in At&T CSE account.

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