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    At online, we can find the best information regarding the lawyers who are specialized in the visa regarding things. They can easily solve the problems.
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    hi everbody. I need some Advice for tourist visa application., My interview will be on Monday
    June 22, 2015. I don't have idea on what will happen on interview, What will be the possible questions to be ask?

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    Hi question po, im a PR in singapore but my children are studying in Phils.. na reject *** Us visa application nmn here in Sg kc the officer asked us why our children studying in Philippines while me and my husband works here in Singapore? Answer ko kc expensive and i applied pr for them but got rejected.. their holding ltvp in singapore. How do i answer this question next time na mag apply ako? Please help..

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    Guys, are there ways to immigrate to USA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonelela View Post
    Guys, are there ways to immigrate to USA?
    There are 3 main ways to immigrate:

    - Have a relative petition you (it will take a while though... average wait time is 5-10 years)
    - Marry a US citizen and have them petition you (1-2 years wait time)
    - Apply for investor immigrant visa (minimum capital $500,000)

    and the lesser know and FASTEST way:

    each US senator and congressman (and the president and VP, of course) are allotted a certain number of congressional citizenship grants per year. if you have connections, you can ask them to ask a US senator or congressman award you one of their allotment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osarta View Post
    Yes, these ways definitely have to work. But have you heard about Green Card Loottery? I think you should try, why not? By the way, thare are a lot of professional who can help successfully prepare all the documentation required
    The Philippines is not part of the list of eligible countries for green card lottery. The green card lottery are for countries who have the LOWEST number of immigrant applications/petitions. Obviously, maraming immigration applications/petitions for Filipino citizens, so hindi kasama ang Pilipnas sa lowest.

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