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    Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera:My Life...My World...My ENDLESS LOVE[DongYanatics#47]



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    in light of all the bashing, the trashing,
    the identity theft, the name-calling,
    the accusations against certain DYans,
    the horrendous attempts at breaking up this group
    and the non-stop attack on the character
    and the loveteam of Dong & YanYan ...

    i thought of looking for a song
    that would encourage us
    to be a better friend to one another

    because that is where the strength of this group comes from :

    not in how beautiful our banners & fanarts are
    but in the willingness of those who have the talent to share this gift.

    not in how quicly we are able to upload DY tv guestings
    but in our eagerness to share their links & transcripts.

    not in how moving & well-made our DYan-music videos are
    but in the excitement we generate in choosing the background song for it.

    not in how many members we can gather to watch SOP or any other DY guesting,
    but in our willingness to brave the "elements", manmade or natural...
    just so we can show our support to dong & yanyan.

    not in how expensive our gifts to dong and yan are,
    but in our joy at giving them whatever helps them to remember
    where they both started as solo artists and as a loveteam.

    not in how much dollars our members from overseas donate
    but in the humility with which we offer what little we may have
    in support of our local activities.

    not in how many professionals there are in our group
    but in our unabashed ability to use whatever connections we may have
    to make our "addiction" a little less uncomfortable.

    not in how reliable our sources are or how accurate our dreams & illusions are
    regarding the true status of the relationship of dong & yanyan,
    but in the fun we share in decoding these "bitaminas".

    not in how many members we already have
    or whose name gets greeted on air by dong or yan,
    but in knowing that though we may have our own little cliques & affiliations,
    we are still united in our love & kilig for dong & yanyan
    and our respect for each other's uniqueness.

    not in our ability to detect and ignore a pretender or a goat
    but in the grace & poise that we exhibit as we defend our "home" and our members ,
    and our collective effort at...

    keeping the faith...

    carrying on...

    and living the love..

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    ONE YEAR--

    a year of love, faith & support for dingdong & marian -

    a year of letting go of our inhibitions and releasing ourselves
    from a used-to-be-a-happy-lurker status
    to a true-blue DongYan addict

    a year of finding our kindred spirits--
    unrecalled usernames with unknown nicknames
    and even unglimpsed faces & unrevealed personal details.
    All that we knew of each other was the feel-good high that
    we get whenever a "comrade" validates our observations
    and affirms our kilig at even the quickest glance between the two,
    the quickest touch on the arm, the sweetest smile,
    the sparkle in their eyes...

    a year of late-evening conferences (or early AM , depending on where you are!),
    mostly held after that day's episode of the latest teleserye of our royal couple;

    a year of attending as many SOP guestings , movie premieres,
    mall tours, & other GMA show appearances of dd & mr--
    with most of us braving the heat of the sun
    or the enlarging leg muscles from the long hours of waiting outside the gma studio --
    yet only too happy to be finally in the company of the DYan family...

    a year of watching uploads , reading online journal articles,
    visiting other showbiz sites to catch any news on dd & mr

    a year of fighting bitter goats or other "beings"
    whose main purpose is to hurt the reputation of yanyan & dong
    and make the DYans let go of our love for them

    a year of the highest-of-highs: when dong finally announced
    the end of his relationship with K
    and the lowest-of-lows: when dong dropped that (in)famous
    "thank you K for the your love, understanding & support" line at Araneta last august;
    and riding all sorts of waves in-between;

    a year of making new friends, keeping them, discussing with them,
    losing them, winning them back, yet losing them again...
    in our quest for realigning only with those whom we know can help us in our DYan journey...

    a year of changed lives...
    changed daily routines...
    changed priorities...
    changed work mode...
    changed nightlife and weekend habits ...
    changed friendships...
    changed outlook ...
    changed impression of the local philippine showbiz scene...














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    Meant for Each Other

    The title of their latest movie together, GMA Films/Regal Films’ You To Me Are Everything, speaks eloquently of what Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera mean to each other. The big question is: Will they end up at the altar?

    Action speaks louder than words.

    Even if they were touching each other lovingly on national television and exchanging sticky affectionate glances, their body language saying it all, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera didn’t categorically admit that they were “on” until almost a year after they broke up with their respective steadies, Marian from her basketball-player boyfriend and Dingdong from yokie. It’s the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie “syndrome” — don’t admit, just do it! (In the US military, it’s called “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”) Has Hollywood’s Brangelina ever admitted that they are a couple even now that they have twins, plus a few adopted kids besides, and living happily ever after?

    Dingdong and Marian are such fun when Conversations plays the “Who, What, Where, When, How” game with them in connection with You To Me Are Everything, their latest movie together, the GMA Films/Regal Films joint project directed by Mark A. Reyes in which Marian plays an Igorot lass who falls in love with a rich boy from the lowlands.

    “Masarap mag-trabaho when you’re working with somebody you love,” says Marian.

    “Marian has brought out the real me, the best in me,” says Dingdong who adds that he used to be shy, lingering in a shell. “I’m myself now. I used to be very serious. Now, I have loosened up.”

    Asked if they are sure that they are meant for each other, for better or for worse, till death...

    Marian: “Siempre mahirap magsalita ng patapos. But if you ask me, yes, gusto ko siya.”

    Dingdong nods approvingly.

    Since they (together with another couple, Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid) are going on a month-long concert tour in the US and Canada from middle of May to middle of June, the wild guess is that they might pull a surprise on everybody and get married abroad. Will they? Read on. Read between the lines.



    Who is your role model?

    Marian: My Lola, Francisca Rivera, nanay ng Nanay ko. My character in (You To Me Are Everything) is named Francisca. She raised me. Siya ang nagturo sa akin kung ano ang mga dapat kong gawin sa buhay ko. She guides me and she believes in everything that I do.

    Dingdong: Ninoy Aquino. (He’s Kris’ choice to portray her father, Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, if and when Ninoy’s life story would be made into a movie. — RFL)

    Who is the Marian Rivera/Dingdong Dantes that the public doesn’t know?

    Marian: My life is an open book. There’s nothing about me that the public doesn’t know.

    Dingdong: What the public doesn’t know is the Marian who is good in asking for fried chicken. (Note: There must be a private joke about that. Marian blushes and pinches Dingdong, playfully screaming at him, “Ano ba!?!”) And the Dingdong that the public doesn’t know?

    (Marian answers for him) “Mas kalog siya sa akin.”

    Who would you rather be (if not yourself)?

    Marian: Mahirap ‘yan, a. (Addressing Dingdong) You first.

    Dingdong: I would like to be a rock star.

    Marian: I have seen him as a rakista (rocker). Ako, I’d rather be a doctor. I finished B.S. Psychology, preparatory to Medicine.

    Who is the one person you turn to when you have a problem?

    Marian: To be honest? Siya! (Pointing to Dingdong)

    Dingdong: Siya! (Pointing to Marian)

    Who was your first love?

    Marian: ‘Yung totoong pag-ibig? Siya! (Pointing to Dingdong)

    Dingdong: ‘Yung pinaka-matimbang at pinaka-mahalagang pag-ibig? Siya! (Pointing to Marian)


    What is your biggest fear?

    Marian (Teasing Dingdong): ‘Yung totoo!”

    Dingdong: That the world would end tomorrow.

    Marian: I used to react dedma to calamities like Ondoy and earthquakes in different parts of the world. Now, I’m afraid that it would happen again in the Philippines, especially after Ondoy last year.

    What are your pet peeves?

    Marian: A lot! One of them is being judged especially by those who don’t really know you. ‘Yung dakdak nang dakdak na wala namang ebidensya. Also, ‘yung nagtsitsismis pero sila pala ‘yon. (And then she laughs)

    Dingdong: When you are in the CR, especially a public one, and you find that the soap dispenser is empty. Nakakainis ‘yon, di ba? It happens even in big buildings. Dirty toilets, ugh!

    What do you like most about yourself?

    Marian: Masaya ako na naipakita ko kung sino ako na wala akong itinatago — you know, ito ako, ganito ako — at minahal nila ako bilang ako.

    Dingdong: My honesty. (Asked if he’s faithful, he whispers, “Of course!”)

    What do you like most about Marian/Dingdong?

    Marian: I like him for his charitable heart, his Yes! Foundation. I’m behind him on that project. He explained to me where the foundation is headed for.

    Dingdong: Her commitment to achieve even the smallest thing for her future.

    What is the most memorable gift you’ve given each other (aside from yourself, hehehehe!)?

    Marian: ‘Yung tapat niyang pagmamahal.

    Dingdong: It’s priceless! (Adding) She’s the most memorable gift I have ever received.


    Where do you want to live (if not in the Philippines)?

    Marian: Siempre sa Spain (Where her father is. — RFL). Or in Cavite (Where her lola is. — RFL)

    Dingdong: Sa Cubao lang ako.

    Where do you want to have your honeymoon?

    Marian: Wow, I haven’t thought of it. But if ever, I want it to be in a place where we can have total privacy, ‘yung tipong magkakaroon kami ng moments na kaming dalawa lang. You know, andyan lang ang dagat, ang ulap!

    Dingdong: Somewhere that is unreachable, ‘yung mahirap puntahan.

    Marian: Heaven ba ‘yon?

    Dingdong: Hindi naman, pero malapit-lapit d’un — sa buwan!

    Where do you go when you want to have privacy?

    Marian: Two places — in my house and in church when there are not many people around.

    Dingdong: There’s a small chapel near our place na parating walang tao. That’s my sanctuary.

    Where did you have your first date?

    Marian: Saan na nga ‘yon?

    Dingdong: Penguin.

    Where do you want to get married?

    Marian: In the Philippines. Why do it abroad?

    Dingdong: Oo nga naman. Bakit doon pa?

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    Endless Love Remake





    more pics

    Endless Love Full Version of Teaser Series
    by ging

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    GMA at 60 - The Heart of Television Anniversary Special

    credit to pau








    credit to emgee


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    Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera dance to "Endless Love"

    Real-life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera performed an interpretative dance number at the 60th anniversary special of GMA Network, titled GMA at 60: The Heart of Television, held last Friday, June 18, at the Araneta Coliseum.

    One of the highlights of GMA-7's 60th anniversary special is the dance number of Marian and Dingdong to the tune of "Endless Love," which is also the title of their upcoming primetime series.
    Photography: Noel Orsal

    Marian and Dingdong, who are both very good dancers, gracefully moved on the stage as if they were the only two people inside the Big Dome.

    The intimate dance number of this real-life couple caused wild shrieks from their fans. It was also one of the most-applauded numbers.
    Dingdong and Marian first teamed up in the Pinoy version of the hit Mexicanovela Marimar in 2007, which also catapulted them to become one of the top love teams in Philippine showbiz.

    Dingdong and Marian first teamed up in the Pinoy version of the hit Mexicanovela Marimar in 2007, which also catapulted them to become one of the top love teams in Philippine showbiz.

    ecause of Marimar's success, it was inevitable that they were given a follow-up project immediately after. This was the fantaserye Dyesebel, which also became a big hit among the Kapuso viewers.

    Their third team-up on TV was the TV adaptation of the '80s film Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang in 2009.

    Marian and Dingdong also did two movies together, One True Love in 2008 and You To Me Are Everything this year.

    After Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang, GMA-7 decided to give Dingdong and Marian separate proejcts with other love interests. Dingdong did Stairway To Heaven with chenes while Marian did Darna with Mark Anthony Fernandez and Dennis Trillo.

    But there's nothing like the chemistry of Dingdong and Marian, which their fans missed so much. That's why GMA-7 has decided to bring them back together via the Pinoy adaptation of the hit Koreanovela Endless Love.

    The dance number of Dingdong and Marian ended with a tender kiss up in the air. GMA at 60: The Heart of Television will be aired on June 27 at SNBO.

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    Heart 2 Heart Concert



    more pics


    more pics



    more pics


    more pics



    more pics

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    Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes in Tagaytay!
    credit to CSCA-DEPED





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    You To Me Are Everything



    more pics


    more pics


    more pics





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    c/o rose conde







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    Overt time, the initial spark that Dingdong felt with Marian was fanned by the opportunities that allowed them to get to know each other better. The instinctive attraction and the feelings that were kept at bay were making their presence felt.

    On Aug. 12, 2008, Marian celebrated her 24th birthday on the Dyesebel set. The stars and the production staff lined up to personally greet her. When it was Dingdong's turn to greet the birthday celebrant, something awkward happened.

    DD: "Dala ko 'yung cake. Maraming kumiss sa kanya, isa lang ako do'n. Mukha lang akong ta-nga kasi nadapa ako, natalisod ako."

    Dingdong's beso almost landed on Marian's lips.

    Marian: "Na-shock lang ako sa kanya kasi parang, 'Oops! kiniss niya ako.' Pero after no'n, wala na. Back to normal ako."

    But it wasn't the kiss that made the situation awkward for Dingdong. It was what happened next. Just "three seconds after" the talisod episode, Dingdong recalls, Marian got a call from her boyfriend and Dingdong distinctly heard her saying, on her cellphone: "I love you". It was a defining moment for the actor.

    DD: "The day that I wanted to feel that she was kind of nice was her birthday. And it was the same day that I heard her saying 'I love you' to someone else."

    Marian: "Na-bad trip siya no'n, e...

    Making light of the situation, Dingdong decided to create his own distraction.

    DD: "It was a choice of swallowing your saliva...or eating the gravy of the lechon in front of you, or simply laughing fake-ly...I just chose to take pictures of my gay make-up artist, just to see her laughing--and that made my day."

    After the incident, however, Dingdong made no conscious effort to stay away.

    DD: "Walang preno. Respeto lang. Nirespeto ko siya. Since day one, I respected her...as much as I respected people around me."

    credit to: LORI




    In April 2008, Dingdong and Marian started taping for Dyesebel, which was again directed by Joyce Bernal. Although the two stars had started to get to know each other little by little, Marian still found Dingdong irksome. She was still holding a grudge from their last rumble and was looking for an opportunity to settle the score.

    Marian: "Sobrang asar ko sa kanya. Nag-usap kami ni direk Joyce na aasarin ko siya."

    The actress and the director connived to play a practical joke on Dingdong--one that involved a regular household mouse!

    Marian: "Nandidiri kasi siya sa daga--dagang maitim. Siguro, kahit sino naman, mandidiri. Gano'n siya. Kahit kayo, I'm sure. Ako kasi, wala, e. Wala akong pinandidirihan. Kahit ipis, daga--kahit ahas. Wala."

    Direk Joyce ordered Dyesebel's art department to buy a real mouse. Since she wasn't afraid of the creature, Marian was assigned to put the prank into play. She kept the black mouse out of sight. During one of their scenes, Dingdong was supposed to be lying down. When the right moment came, Marian dangled the vermin in front of her co-star.

    Marian says Dingdong's immediate reaction was to shout: "Waaah!"

    Marian: "Tapos, binagsak ko pa iyong daga sa kung saan siya nakapuwesto. Pagkatapos no'n, hindi n'ya ako pinansin. Galit na galit siya sa 'kin. 'Huwag mo 'kong lalapitan.!"

    DD: "Sinabi ko iyon?"

    Marian: "Oo, no! Do'n lang ako natakot. Simula no'n, ayoko nang magalit siya. Takot ako.

    Although the silent treatment only went on for a couple of hours, Marian learned her lesson. She decided to cut the guy some slack.

    credit to: LORI

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    "Isa lang ang pangarap ko. Makahanap ako ng taong maniniwala sa akin at makakasama ko sa mga pangarap ko, at matutulungan ako sa gusto ko at magiging masaya kami." - Dingdong Dantes

    "Hindi man kami palaging the whole day magkasama, pero sa bawat
    pagmulat mo ng mata mo, ipaparamdam nya sayo kung gaano ka kahalaga at gaano ka kaespesyal sa buhay niya. Palagi. Sa lahat ng aspeto ginagawa niya." - Marian Rivera



    "A Queen will always be a queen....
    and she will be my Queen.."


    "Siya yung weakness ko, matapang ako, palaban ako, pero pagdating sa kanya mahina ako."


    What they have to say on having "tampuhan"


    "...Never kaming nagpatagal ng isang problema. Palagi kong sinasabi, siya 'yong weakness ko. Matapang ako, palaban ako, pero pagdating sa kanya, mahina ako."

    Dingdong: "The weakness of a man depends on the woman. As long as she is submissive, I will dive much deeper. Always."

    YES! Magazine. Feb '2010 issue.

    credit to: EMS



    We ask the actress why and how someone like Dingdong could elicit such an intense reaction from her. She backtracks and says that hate might be too strong a word.

    Marian: "Hindi ko lang siya gusto siguro...Ang panget no'ng term na hate, e. Kasi pag sinabi mong hate, sobra, e. May ginawa sa 'yo iyong isang tao. Siguro iyong tipong hindi lang talaga tayo gano'n ka-close. Iyon 'yong sinasabi ko."

    She turns to Dingdong.

    Marian: "Pero sinabi ko nga, no'ng kalagitnaan ng Dyesebel, wala na 'kong nararamdaman na naiinis ako sa 'yo, na hindi kita gusto. Kasi nagkakaro'n na tayo ng time makapag-usap no'ng time na iyon."

    Slowly but surely, Dingdong grew on Marian. The actress started noticing the good things about her leading man.

    Marian: "Nagbaligtad talaga. Na-appreciate ko siya. Na-appreciate ko siya kasi na-realize ko sa sarili ko na kung ano 'yong worst sa kanya, okey lang sa 'kin...Basta kahit anong gawin niyang kabuwisitan, basta na-appreciate ko na no'n."

    She also began noticing the little things that Dingdong was doing to make things easier for her on the set, especially since most of her scenes were done in the water with only a mermaid's tail as her costume.

    Marian: "Siyempre, naka-topless ako. "Tapos [quoting Dingdong], 'Ayusin mo nga iyan!' Wow! Grabe naman 'tong lalake na 'to. Parang hindi mapagsamantala talaga. 'Tapos, sabi ko, 'Giniginaw ako.' Iha-hug niya 'ko.

    The actress admits that even during the times when they still weren't on good terms, there were random acts of kindness from her onscreen partner.

    Marian: "Ever since, nagke-care na talaga siya sa 'kin. Ako lang iyon dedma."

    DD: "No, it's not a question of care, e. It's a question of the extent of what you'll do. Ang sa 'kin lang, lahat ng ginawa ko was really beyond my expectation. And even now that I think of it, hindi ko maisip na nagawa ko siya. So, iyon 'yon."

    And so began their friendship. On the set, the two bonded with the stars and staff over "tawanan and kuwentuhan", in Marian's words. They no longer confined themselves to their own separate worlds whenever the cameras stopped rolling.

    Marian: "May mga times na ako nag-o-open sa kanya. 'Tapos, siya rin gano'n. Pero walang tanungan. Kumbaga, respeto lang din na kung mag-share ako sa kanya, ise-share ko. Kung mag-share siya sa akin, iyon na iyon. Pero most of the time, masaya lang kami."

    DD: "During Dyesebel, we shared experiences. We shared many shining moments. We shared unforgettable turning points. Be we never did talk about personal things--not until the time that it was right."

    credit to: LORI



    Since they discovered these glowing feelings for each other, the couple have wasted no time in showering each other with acts of sweetness and kindness.

    Marian: "Pagmulat ng mata niya, ako ang una n'yang tatawagan. Ako, pagmulat ng mata ko, siya ang una kong tatawagan to say, 'Good morning, I love you!' Naks!"

    The actress admits that, more often than not, she would be the first to say those three magic words.

    Marian: "Ako kasi, never akong magsasabi sa isang tao ng 'I love you' nang hindi ko mini-mean. Once na sinabi ko sa 'yo 'I love you', ibig sabihin no'n, totoo. Kahit every day ko sabihin sa 'yo 'yan, mini-mean ko 'yan."

    And how often does she say it to him?

    Marian: "Not every day...Every minute!"

    Catching herself revealing more than she normally would in other interviews, the actress gives out a hearty laugh. Dingdong, who has been quiet and behaved, can't help but smile.

    Turning serious, Marian tells YES! that she doesn't need a special occasion or moment for her to say what she's feeling.

    Marian: "Kahit 'yong walang kuwenta na, 'Oy, kailangan daw i-pick-up 'yong gano'n...I love you.' 'Oy, ganito-gano'n, ha? I love you.' 'A, hindi-hindi. I love you.' Minsan nga nasa set lang ako, text na lang ako sa kanya: 'Miss you. Kiss.' Alam ko malambing ako talaga, showy talaga ako, pero pagdating sa kanya, makulitan ka man sa akin, bahala ka, ite-text kita. Iyong mga 'hug-hug, kiss-kiss.' Hahaha!"

    Dingdong may be one of the sexiest men on earth but inside that buffed bod lies a true romantic. Marian reveals that the hunk also has his own cheesy texts.

    Marian: "May version din siya, pero hindi ko na sasabihin. Hahaha!"

    With much prodding from us, Dingdong gives in.

    DD: "Hug tight!' 'Love mwah much!' Tama na! Hahaha!"

    Besides being vocal about their feelings, the couple also express their affection through actions.

    Marian: "Hindi kami papayag na kami magkita sa isang araw. Ke puyat siya, ke puyat ako, magkikita pa rin kami. Katulad niyan, kahapon, umaga na ako umuwi ng taping. Daan lang siya sa bahay, kakain, kuwentuhan...'Sige, rest ka na.' Pagpapahingahin na niya ako, uwi na siya."

    Their friendship may have started with constant "asaran" but now that they find each other "special", the couple hardly fight.

    Marian: "Bihirang-bihira lang siyang magalit, kasi mahaba ang pasensiya n'ya. Lalo't nakilala niya na makulit talaga ako, mahaba ang pasensiya niya. Pero once na naanting mo na ang pasensiya niya, unang step niyan, nanlalaki na 'yong mata niya...Pag gumano'n na siya, 'Tama na, enough,' tako na ako no'n. Gano'n lang, pero sobrang bihira."


    Every now and then, the two have their tampuhan, but this is quickly resolved.

    DD: "Si Marian pag magtatampo, you would know. From the first two seconds of her breath and tone, you would know."

    Marian: "May mga tampuhan, the usual, pero after one minute, 'Halika na.' May kasalanan ako: 'I'm sorry.' May kasalanan siya: 'Come on, let's go. I'm sorry.' Ganoon kami."

    DD: "What I appreciate about her is when she says what she feels. Direkta."

    The rare conflicts are often brought on by the stresses in their work, which cause miscommunications and misinterpretations.

    DD: "Kapag pagod na siya at pagod din ako na hindi ko siya naiintindihan... Because she's coming from something different, at ako, iba rin."

    Marian, who admits that she is the sensitive one between the two of them, is usually the first to make an issue out of something, but she is also the first to apologize.

    Marian: "May mga times lang na na-realize ko na bakit ganito ang reply nito? Kakainis naman. Magtatampo na ako. Pero na-realize ko [after] na siguro pagod rin naman ito. Ite-text ko siya, 'Uy, tama na, ha? Wala nang tampuhan.' 'Hmp, ikaw lang naman ang nagtatampo.' Maya-maya may sasabihin na siyang hinihintay kong salita sa text. Iyon na 'yon. Tapos na. Never kaming nagpatagal ng isang problema. Palagi kong sinasabi, siya 'yong weakness ko. Matapang ako, palaban ako, pero pagdating sa kanya, mahina ako."

    DD: "The weakness of a man depends on the woman. As long as she is submissive, I will dive much deeper. Always."

    credit to: LORI

  15. #15
    c/o PAU

    Marian: Gaano ko sya kamahal? Sabihin na lang natin na kung kaya ko ibigay sa kanya ang kamay ko--di ba ganoon ang kasabihn?--ibibigay ko na kamay yong kamay ko,Lahat ng parte na katawan ko, ibibigay ko sa kanya--para sa kanya

    DD: Pag binigay nya yung buong katawan nya, kamay nya--isosoli ko sa kanya.Ibibigay ko yong kaluluwa ko...

    YES! Magazine. Feb '2010 issue


    DONGYANATICS' 1st Xmas Party @ Fraser's Place - DongYan watching my MV

    Merry Christmas Dongyanatics!!!

    credit to: EMGEE

  16. #16


    There was one time when the asaran really pissed both of them off.

    Marian: "Nagulat lang ako, one time nag-text siya. Parang 'Anong oras call time mo? Saan ka?' Hindi ko matandaan, basta nag-text siya. Hindi ako nag-reply. Hindi ako sumagot. As in, dedma talaga!"

    The text message was one of the very few times that Dingdong ever contacted Marian for anything.

    DD: "Hindi ako 'yong tipong parang, 'Kamusta ka diyan?' Hindi gano'n, e. I would never do that. So, kaya ako napikon, kasi hindi siya sumagot. Inisip ko, 'Ano'ng akala mo, nagpapa-cute ako sa 'yo?' Ang simple-simple lang ng tanong ko sa kanya, work-related, ha! I would not do something that is not work-related. So, pagdating niya sa set, 'O, bakit hindi ka nag-reply? Wala ka bang load?"

    Marian says she had just woken from a nap when he asked her that question, and she came up with an even louder and testier comeback.

    Marian: "Nilakasan ko talaga: 'E, ano'ng pakialam mo kung hindi ako nagrereply? Boyfriend ba kita?! Ginano'n ko s'ya. Napikon ako no'ng sinabi niya na wala akong load. Nainsulto ako. 'Walanghiya ka! Prepaid lang ako, a. Hindi naman ako postpaid line, a.' Parang gano'n. E, sensitive din ako,e."

    DD: "Pahiya ako...pero alam ko nang 'yon ang sasabihin sa akin. My friends and I, nang-aasar hanggang sa kadulu-duluhan, hanggang sa kadulu-duluhan ng pasensiya mo. So, sanay ako sa gano'n."

    Marian: "Ang lakas talaga ng boses ko! Asar na asar talaga 'ko sa kanya. In fairness sa kanya, ang galing niya noong araw na 'yon. Naasar talaga 'ko.

    Ironically, that day, the two stars were shooting one of the most romantic scenes in the series--the wedding of Marimar and Sergio. Since they had just come from a heated encounter, it took them some time to get their groove back, especially when the scene called for an amorous kiss.

    Marian: "Hindi namin magawa. Sabi ni Direk [Joyce Bernal], 'Ayusin n'yo pa.' Nagawa din naman namin."

    Then once again, Dingdong says something highly complimentary about Marian, and he says it very matter-of-factly

    DD: "Gano'n siya [Marian] kagaling."

    credit to: LORI

  17. #17


    Marian: "Kung may salita pa na mas espesyal sa espesyal, 'yon na 'yon!"

    With Marian, Dingdong says, he found a reason to enjoy the lighter side of life.

    DD: "She brought out the youth in me... She heightened my senses. She gave me inspiration. She made me want to think more and aspire more. I just think that she brought out the best in me.

    Slowly, Marian's bubbly personality started to rub off on him.

    Marian: "Before, ang tingin ng lahat ng tao sa kanya, seryoso siya. Never mo siyang makikitang kalog. Ayoko namang sabihin na ako ang naglabas--bilang kalog ako--pero do'n lumabas 'yong personality n'ya na hindi masyadong...hindi seryoso.

    "Kung seryoso 'yung topic, sige. Pero si Dong talaga 'yong tipo na, hindi, e. Kalog siya. Masayahin talaga siyang tao, hindi 'yong parang boss, 'yong talagang seryoso. Hindi s'ya gano'n...At lumalabas na ngayon. Kahit sa Family Feud medyo sumasayaw-sayaw na siya, nakikipagbiruan na siya. So 'yon siya. Kalog siya sa totoong buhay."

    Likewise, Dingdong's positive outlook on life was also influencing Marian to see the good in people.

    Marian: "Kung baga sa tao, siya iyong huwisyo (sense) ko. Ang laki ng in-improve ko no'ng naging [onscreen] partner ko s'ya. Example, parati niyang 'pinapakita sa 'kin na lahat ng tao mabait. Siyempre, nasa showbiz ako, di ba? Bakit ganito? Bakit may intriga na naman? Siya iyong nagba-brainwash sa 'kin na hindi lahat ng tao masama. Hindi lahat ng tao kaaway mo. Mas maraming mas mahal ka, at isa na 'ko do'n. At never na mangyayari na pababayaan kita."

    "Gano'n siya, e. Totoo naman. Hanggang sa kahuli-hulihan naman, hindi naman niya ako pinababayaan.

    credit to: LORI




    A vehement "Ayoko sa kanya!" was what Marian would often tell her talent manager, Popoy Caritativo, who for some reason liked teasing her about Dingdong. So when it came to the point where Marian was already starting to feel differently about her love-team partner, Popoy was floored.

    As Marian tells us, she admitted to her manager: 'May sasabihin ako sa 'yo. Ang cute ni Dong, no?" And Popoy's reaction was "Ano?! Gusto mo na? Hahaha!"

    Marian: "Parang gano'n. Natawa lang s'ya kasi hindi niya ine-expect."

    As gradual as the process have been, it was clear that any feelings for each other that they had kept under wraps couldn't be hidden any more. Although no formal courtship ever occurred, things just fell into place in their right time.

    For Dingdong, it was a trip to New York with Marian and two other friends that served as epiphany.

    DD: "Nag-dinner kami. Wala lang. Saya-saya lang. We took some pictures and then, when we went home, na-realize ko lang..."

    It was as simple as that.
    He was in love.
    Marian too had a similar epiphany on one of their trips to Los Angeles.

    Marian: "Do'n ko na-realize na love ko siya."

    The development of their relationship was unexplainable, but seemed natural.

    Marian: "Para kaming--alam mo 'yon?--best friend talaga...Kasi nagsimula kami sa kung makikita n'yo worst talaga, na magkagalit kami, hanggang nabuo nang nabuo na ito na 'yon...Kaya happy kami na ganito kami. Kung anuman mayroon kami. So masasabi ko talaga na sobrang espesyal talaga."

    We ask them to define what they are to each other.

    Marian: "Very, very, very special."
    DD: "Narinig ko na 'yan,e! Yiiii!"

    Marian gives Dingdong a slight nudge.

    credit to: LORI

  18. #18
    SLAMBOOK [Marian Rivera]
    April 4,2009


    PEP: Describe Dingdong.
    Marian: He's lovable! Oo naman, very lovable.

    PEP: Kung dessert si Dingdong, ano siya at bakit?
    Marian: Chocolate, dahil favorite ko ang chocolate at never akong magsasawa. Kahit anong brand, basta chocolate, favorite ko. Parang si Dingdong, hindi ako magsasawa.

    PEP: Kung gamit sa bahay si Dingdong, ano siya at bakit?
    Marian: Kaldero dahil mahilig akong magluto. Never magiging complete ang pagluluto kung walang kaldero. Ganun si Dingdong sa akin, hindi makukumpleto ang buhay ko kung wala siya.

    PEP: Kung ulam si Dingdong, ano siya at bakit?
    Marian: Sinigang dahil favorite ko yun, lalo na kung sinigang na hipon. Favorite naming dalawa ang hipon. Pareho kaming excited pag yun ang ulam sa taping. Siyempre, pinaghihimay niya ako.

    PEP: Kung color si Dingdong, anong kulay siya?
    Marian: White dahil totoong tao siya at sobrang bait. Mabait si Dingdong hindi lang sa mga kakilala niya, pati sa mga taong lumalapit sa kanya.

    PEP: Kung flower si Dingdong, ano siya?
    Marian: Sampaguita dahil kahit malayo siya, maaamoy mo na at magandang amoy ang dala niya. Ang sampaguita ay isinasabit sa mga santo, pero hindi ko sinasabing santo si Dingdong. Mabango talaga siya at madaling maamoy... Hindi naman ako mukhang in-love sa mga sagot ko, ano?

    PEP: Kung song si Dingdong, ano kanta siya?
    Marian: "So Sexy!" from my dance album dahil sexy siya para sa akin.

    PEP: Kung sangkap ng halo-halo si Dingdong, ano siya?
    Marian: Milk, of course! Dahil kahit maraming ingredients ang halu-halo, hindi kumpleto at hindi masarap kung walang gatas. Ang milk ang nagpapasarap sa halu-halo, aminin mo!

    PEP: Kung cologne si Dingdong, ano siya?
    Marian: Denenes. Cologne lang siya, amoy baby at hindi nakakasawa ang amoy. Ito ang ginagamit ko dahil amoy baby. Ganun si Dingdong, amoy baby.

    PEP: Anong feature ni Dingdong na gustung-gusto mo sa kanya?
    Marian: (Nilingon si Dingdong na nakaupo sa kanyang likod). Hindi feature, kundi smile niya. Dahil gusto ko 'pag nag-i-smile siya, ang ganda ng aura ng smile niya.

    PEP: Ano ang una ninyong pinag-awayan ni Dingdong?
    Marian: Wala! Hindi pa kami nag-away. Asaran lang. Pero one minute lang yun at nawawala agad.

    PEP: Gaano ka-special si Dingdong sa kanya?
    Marian: Sabihin na lang natin na malungkot ako 'pag wala siya at masaya ako 'pag nakikita ko siya.

    PEP: Nagagawa ba siyang real woman ni Dingdong?
    Marian: Hindi. Ang isang babae, ang tingin ko, nagiging buo ang isang babae 'pag may pamilya, may asawa, at may anak. Hindi lang love, boyfriend, at material things ang nagpapabuo sa isang babae. Bilib ako sa babaeng may anak at nag-aalaga ng anak. Magiging kumpleto ako 'pag nagkaanak na ako, may family, at may partner na sa buhay.

    PEP: What is love with Dingdong as your screen partner?
    Marian: Para sa akin, love is happiness and love is inspiration. Kapag may love sa buhay mo, lahat masaya at lahat magagawa mo.


  19. #19
    March 17, 2009


    Pinalagyan namin kay Dingdong ng maiisip niyang adjective ang pangalan ng leading lady niya na si Marian Rivera. "Bubbly" ang mabilis na sagot ni Dingdong sa Marian is...

    PEP: Something romantic
    Dingdong: Gorgeous.

    PEP: Song that best describes Marian?
    Dingdong: "Pretty Woman"(kinanta pa nito ang ilang lines at sumabay rin sa kanya ang ilang entertainment press)

    PEP: Physically, ano ang attraction ni Marian?
    Dingdong: Nose at shape ng kanyang mukha.

    PEP: What flower symbolizes Marian?
    Dingdong: Santan dahil 'pag hinugot mo sa ilalim ay may matamis.

    PEP: Kung isang bagay sa bahay si Marian, ano siya at bakit?
    Dingdong: Electric fan kasi presko ang pakiramdam. Very fresh, ang lamig-lamig ng dalang hangin, at hindi mabigat dalhin.

    PEP: Kung junk food si Marian, ano siya?
    Dingdong: Boy Bawang dahil kahit konti ang kainin, ang lakas ng lasa!

    PEP: Kung ulam si Marian, ano siya?
    Dingdong: Paksiw na lechon dahil bukod sa mahilig ako sa lechon, mas masarap ang lechon 'pag pina-paksiw.

    PEP: Kung sangkap ng halo-halo si Marian, ano siya?
    Dingdong: Ube dahil hindi kumpleto ang halo-halo 'pag wala yun.

    PEP: Before Marian, ano ang tingin mo sa love?
    Dingdong: Love is just right.

    PEP: After Marian, ano na ang love sa 'yo?
    Dingdong: It's right.

    PEP: Ano ang terms of endearment ninyo ni Marian?
    Dingdong: Marami. Nag-iiba araw-araw. Minsan, Yummy at DD; minsan tawag ko sa kanya ay Baby Girl. 'Pag galit ako, tinatawag ko siyang Proserfina at 'pag siya naman ang galit, ang tawag niya sa akin ay Dingdong.

    PEP: Are you a boobs or a butt person?
    Dingdong: I am a butt person, lahat sa baba.

    Si Dingdong din pala ang nag-assure kay Marian na bagay sa kanya ang mag-shorts dahil maganda ang kanyang legs. Kaya kumportable na ngayong mag-shorts ang young actress. Saka kailangan din sa character niyang si Proserfina ang naka-shorts, kaya no choice si Marian kundi ang magsuot nito.


  20. #20

    "With all the temptations and the possibilities dangled before him,
    does Dingdong think that he is vulnerable to changes of the heart?

    DINGDONG : "I don't think I am".

    "He proceeds to talk about how, in the past, he became conflicted when a commitment he had made began to clash with how truthful he wanted to be to his changing emotions. When asked how sure he is that the emotions of today will not change by tomorrow, he throws the question back to us."

    DINGDONG: "Did you ever speak to me about this two years ago? I would not have said the same thing. But it does not mean that I am putting down the person. It just means that this is something that works for us (him and Marian). So ganun lang yun. We learn from every step we take. And I just want everyone to be happy."

    "And as Marian has done so many times during the interview, she again sums things up neatly."

    MARIAN: "Sa madaling salita, kung ano ang feelings meron siya ngayon, totoo at buo sya... At kung anong naramdaman nya ngayon, first time !"

    "Once again, the room bursts into laughter".


    c/o ems

    Marian reasons that she naturally knew him, since Dingdong had been inshowbiz for some time. Dingdong insists that it was he who noticed herfirst.

    DINGDONG: "I was hosting that time, introducing Gigsters.
    Kasi we would often turnover SOP to SOP Gigsters - 'yon ang kosepto ng
    show. Kausap ko kasi si Gabby Eigenmann noong time na 'yon. So,Gabby,being my brother..."

    Dingdong reenacts his best friend Gabby's meaningful look, which we
    assume to mean Gabby was pointing out then - newbie Marian to him.

    DINGDONG: "We had an understanding. Parang anghel lang na biglang bumama! Parang gano'n [Chukles.] Because she really stood out...."

    credit to: DOC GAIL

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