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    Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga get their ‘Wish Come True’ on GMA Pinoy TV’s Lovebug
    June 23, 2010

    After embarking on a romantic cruise in Hong Kong, Lovebug takes us to the Lion City to witness the story of two people from different cultures brought together by love. Give in to sweetness as Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga discover that happily ever after is theirs in “Wish Come True.”

    This four-part episode rings with humor and romance spiced up with Kris and Daniel’s interesting characters and exciting plotlines that explore the boundaries of the many ways that love can break our hearts... and heal them.

    Gella (Kris) is a simple woman with a big heart and big dreams. She fulfills her longtime wish to pursue a career in Singapore and meet her ultimate crush, Brazilian model Raoul del Rosario (Daniel).

    She lands a job as a photographer’s assistant. Much to her delight, a very pleasant surprise comes along when she learns that Raoul will be present in one of their photo shoots.

    So, she does all sorts of crazy things just to make a knockout impression on her crush. But sadly, Raoul is in love with another Filipina supermodel, Isabel (Rich Asuncion).

    One day while she is on her way home, she bumps into Raoul who is drunk chasing Isabel. Intoxicated, Raoul thinks Gella was Isabel and instantly, they share a magical and accidental kiss.

    Raoul is bent on wooing the supermodel so he hires Gella as his Filipino teacher. Gella agrees to his plan so she can bond with Raoul and secretly tries to sabotage all of his courtship and dating plans with Isabel.

    But her efforts didn’t pay off. Raoul and Isabel end up together.

    Gella warns Raoul of Isabel’s illicit affair with a Singaporean model, Henrique Soriano, but he doesn’t believe her. Instead, she gets fired from her job for spreading rumors about Isabel. Gella leaves Singapore, jobless and nursing a broken heart.

    Will Raoul ever realize that it is Gella he should be offering his heart to before it’s too late? Will he chase a love that could be in Manila? Will Gella find true happiness in the arms of a mesmerizing Brazilian model?

    Lovebug’s new season is directed by Mark A. Reyes together with Jun Lana as creative director, Jake Tordesillas as creative consultant, and Kit Langit as episode writer. Rounding up the cast are Chariz Solomon, Kiel Rodriguez, Jesi Corcuera, Cris Bolado, and Vivo Ouano.

    Lovebug’s second offering was shot in Singapore’s popular tourist attractions including SKA Clark Quay, Helix Bridge and Sentosa Hawkers.

    Catch Lovebug “Wish Come True” only on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now to subscribe.

    Date : Jun 23, 2010

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    Masipag yan talaga si Joseph Francia hindi tumitigil sa kasipagan
    “Now in L.A.” hosts Patricia Javier, Jason Dallas, Atty. Jemela Nettles, and Rogel Aragon.
    Immigration lawyer and “Now in L.A.” host Atty. Jemela Nettles flanked by GMA North America rep Josh Andowitt (left) and GMA Vice President and Head of Operations Joseph Francia. At right is “Now in L.A.” host Rogel Aragon. Second row: James Saspa of the Nettles law office, GMA
    VP for Investor Relations Ari Chio, and “Now in L.A.” host Jason Dallas and director David Marquez.

    GMA’s North America rep Josh Andowitt, “Now in L.A.” host Atty. Jemela Nettles, GMA’s VP and Head of Operations Joseph Francia, and “Now in L.A.” hosts Rogel Aragon and Jason Dallas

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    Sorry pero hindi ko kasi inaalam ang period ng kontrata ng bawat artista eh. So yung article na yan hindi totoo kasi sabi dun sa article tapos na kontrata ni Sarah.

    Ok lang naman po kahit wala si Sarah G. sa GMA eh lalo pa't naglabas na si Gozon ng memo na unahin ang homegrown talents (artists, singers, etc.).

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    Exceptional First Half of 2010 for GMA News and Public Affairs
    Date : Jun 23, 2010

    GMA News and Public Affairs celebrates GMA Network’s 60th anniversary with an exceptional first half of 2010.

    It’s a memorable period, indeed, as the Kapuso Network was again recognized by the George Foster Peabody Awards ��“ one the most prestigious awards in electronic media ��“ for the I-WITNESS episode “Ambulansiyang de Paa.” Living up to its description as Philippine television’s finest hour, the multi-awarded documentary program is among the 36 critically-acclaimed programs all over the world that were chosen to receive the honor.

    The Peabody Awards site says of I-WITNESS’ “Ambulansiyang de Paa,” which documented the harrowing journey of the sick and injured from a poor Mangyan town in Oriental Mindoro to medical care, “Condemning deplorable conditions while celebrating neighborly valor and ingenuity, the report shows how people in a poor village carry their sick and injured over dangerous terrain to distant medical care using ‘ambulances on foot.”

    I-WITNESS host Kara David says, “Malaking karangalan ang manalo ng Peabody Award pero lagi kong sinasabi na the greatest honor any journalist can ever get ay yung magkaroon ng pagbabago sa komunidad na iyong na-feature. Kaya naman hanggang ngayon we are still in touch with the Mangyans of Mindoro and working on projects to help the community. Yun sa palagay ko ang tunay na journalism. When you go beyond just reporting and become an instrument for change. In GMA, we call it Serbisyong Totoo.”

    This is the second time that the Kapuso Network ��“ the only news and public affairs organization in the country to win the prestigious award ��“ was recognized by the Peabody Awards, which is now on its 69th year. In 1999, the documentaries “Kidneys for Sale” and "Kamao" by Jessica Soho and her I-WITNESS team and Jay Taruc’s child labor story on “BRIGADA SIETE” brought home the country’s first ever Peabody.

    GMA Network also recently won another international honor when its documentary, “PLANET PHILIPPINES,” clinched the Bronze World Medal for Environment and Ecology at the 2010 New York Festivals Television and Film Awards.

    “Our film was not about poverty or armed conflict or calamity. Instead it highlighted the uniqueness and the wealth of our natural resources,” says Program Manager Ella Evangelista-Martelino. “We are grateful we got to show the world another side of the Philippines; this recognition from peers from across the globe is but a sweet bonus.”

    “CASE UNCLOSED” and “NEWS ON Q,” also from GMA News and Public Affairs, were also given Finalist Certificates in this year’s New York Festivals.

    Further affirming GMA News and Public Affairs’ position as the country’s undisputed authority in broadcast news and public affairs is the Kapuso Network’s ELEKSYON 2010, which was undoubtedly the leading source of information during the country’s first-ever automated polls last May.

    Highly regarded as fair and unbiased, GMA’s ELEKSYON 2010 was clearly the viewers’ preferred election coverage mainly due to its comprehensive coverage from all over the country and the most reliable and up to the minute tally.

    GMA News and Public Affairs also presented several election programs and specials to further help the voting public come Election Day: “TATAKBO KA BA?,” the Presidential and Vice-Presidential editions of “ISANG TANONG,” “KANDIDATO,” “BIYAHENG TOTOO,” “VOTEBOOK” series, “MAY MAGAGAWA TAYO” vignettes, “LEKSYON SA ELEKSYON” infomercials, and the highly successful voters’ education campaign jingle “BILOG NA HUGIS ITLOG.”

    Showing the world that Filipinos are truly world class, staying true to SERBISYONG TOTOO, and enriching the lives of Filipinos everywhere ��“ these are the true joys of being one in heart with every Filipino. Indeed, “kay sarap maging Kapuso, kay sarap maging Pilipino.”

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    now on gma pinoy tv

    I-Witness: AMAZON by Kara David

    ibang klase talaga itong si Kara pag gumawa ng storya.

    sa mga taga I-witness sige halughugin nyo ang buong mundo at gumawa ng dokumentaryo. ayos yan

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    source: euronews

    am sure hindi ito ipapalaabs sa mga balita sa atin, takot silang mawalan ng advertiser


    McDonald’s marketing to children is under attack from a US consumer group.

    The world’s biggest burger chain has been warned it faces a law suit unless it stops promoting its fast food with toys.

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest said tempting kids with the toys that are included with so-called Happy Meals is unfair and deceptive.

    The group said it had asked McDonald’s to only include toys with its healthier meals but with no success.

    CSPI’s executive director Michael Jacobson said: “McDonald’s Happy Meals website says, quote: ‘You want the very best for your kids and so do we.’ That’s McNonesense. McDonald’s wants your money. And they’re going to go around your back, try to use your kids to manipulate you to go into the restaurant, to get your money.”

    McDonald’s called the group’s charges a “misrepresentation” of its effort to sell healthier food and safe toys.

    But with obesity levels rising fast in the US, one area of California, Santa Clara, recently passed a law banning restaurants from giving away free toys and other incentives with unhealthy kids’ meals.

    The legislation, which goes into effect in August, sets basic nutritional standards for children’s meals and allows restaurants to give away toys only with meals that meet national nutritional criteria for youngsters.

    Copyright © 2010 euronews

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    Time checked: 1:50AM saudit time (June 24,2010)

    UH naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    baka nandyan na naman si winnie de p u n yeta

    wow wala si arnold

    sina Jiggy at Ivan isama pa dyan sina PIA, RHEA, saayng wala si Conie ang nakikita ko sa screen.

    maaliwalas talaga ang UH dahil wala yong mga sarcastic dyan sa show

    sulit ang pagpupuyat.

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    IVAN MAYRINA: kinilala sa "Men who matter"

  9. #1989

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    Quote Originally Posted by enael View Post
    matutokan nga ito.

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    sinasabi ko na nga ba nandyan si winnie de p u n yeta


    nakakasira sya sa panonood ng morning show sa GMA7.

    umpisa pa lang ng umaga eh bwsist na ang nakakapanood ng show kaya tuloy tuloy yan til primetime..,

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    gandang umaga mga ka

    kahapon lang ako nagkaroon ng time na manuod ng movie. I watched Karate Kid. Ang dami pa ring nakapila. Sa Toy Story 3 pinakamahaba ang pila. Ang daming may gusto talaga manuod, majority pa teens.

    yung sa movie ni KC and Gabby, ni wala man lang nakapila, isang theatre lang.

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    good afternoon, mga Kapuso!


    Quote Originally Posted by happyjam View Post
    ang laki daw ng offer ng GMA para makuha si Sarah Geronimo at pinag-iisipan daw ni Boss Vic kung kakagatin nila ang alok ng GMA.totoo kaya? pero mukhang malabo naman yun at tiyak pipgilan yan ng kabila for sure. nabalita na nga yung 3rd installment ng movie nila ni JLC at may musical serye daw na gagawin sa kabila.
    the reality of TV network life: only network executives and artistas get all the moolah while rank-and-file employees, especially the contractual ones, the same people who are the reason why the network earns billions per year, are not being paid that much.

    what's more unfortunate is that some rank-and-file employees are much more capable than some network executives in terms of management and marketing skills. kung sino pa ang mas magaling at mas capable, siya pa ang nasa ibaba at BARYA ang pa-sweldo.

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    TV 5's talentadong pinoy, NILAMPASO ang katapat na ABS CBN show

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    happy fiesta sa mga taga san juan (MM,) at sa Balayan batangas

    happy weekend Middle East


    ang ganda ni IWA (fresh)

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    off topic

    sa mga interesado na magwrk dito

    Government to recruit hundreds of medical staff

    Published: Jun 23, 2010 00:33 Updated: Jun 23, 2010 00:33

    JEDDAH: The Health Ministry on Tuesday announced its plan to recruit a large number of medical staff, especially highly qualified consultants, to work in hospitals across the Kingdom. Some of these medical personnel would be hired to work for a few months as per requirements, it said.

    “The recruitment is planned as part of the ministry’s strategy to improve the health services provided to citizens in different parts of the country and reduce the difficulties faced by patients while visiting central hospitals,” the announcement said.

    The ministry did not say how many consultants and other medical experts it was looking for. But an advertisement on its website showed that it would require hundreds of specialists and other medical staff to run various departments in some hospitals.

    Dr. Yassir Bahadur, consultant oncologist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Jeddah, said the ministry’s new recruitment drive would help newly opened hospitals in various parts of the Kingdom get experienced and qualified medical staff.

    “There is a huge shortage of highly qualified consultants in the Kingdom’s hospitals, especially after the opening of new hospitals and medical colleges in different parts of the country,” Bahadur told Arab News.

    He said the new recruitment plan would allow consultants on leave in the Kingdom to work for other hospitals. “This is a quick solution to the shortage of highly qualified consultants, which has become an international phenomenon,” Bahadur said.

    The hospitals that required medical staff include Dammam Medical Center, Qatif Central Hospital, King Khaled Hospital in Hafr Al-Baten, King Fahd Hospital in Hufouf, King Khaled Hospital in Najran, King Fahd Hospital in Baha, King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital in Taif, King Khaled Hospital in Tabuk, Arar Central Hospital, King Fahd Central Hospital in Jazan, King Khaled Hospital in Hail, King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Buraidah, King Fahd Hospital in Madinah, Asir Central Hospital, King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha, King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Tumor Center in Jeddah.

    The medical vacancies announced by the ministry include intensive care staff, cardiologists, surgeons, neurologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, experts in plastic surgery, rheumatologists, dentists, pediatricians, psychologists, internists, ENT specialists, experts in blood diseases, gynecologists, experts in renal diseases, radiologists and laboratory technicians.

    The ministry said applicants should be consultants in their field of specialization, adding that the contract period is one to three months. Selected candidates have to work 48 hours a week. Interested candidates may send their CVs to [email protected].

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyjam View Post
    eto pala yung sitcom na sinasabi sa tweets nina Enzo at Rocco. aba at kasama pala si Trudis Liit. hehehe.

    Hindi pa man nag-uumpisa ang bagong teleserye nila ni Aljur Abrenica ay dumalo kamakailan si Rhian sa isang story conference ng bagong sitcom kung saan makakasama niya sina Rufa Mae Quinto, Jaya, Joey Marquez, Bearwin Meily, Sheena Halili, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nacino at ang bagong child star na si Jilliann Ward.
    Nakakatuwa at nagbabalik ang mga sitcom na nakakaaliw panoorin ng mga Pinoy, lalo na ng mga nag-oopisina na naghahanap ng aliw at kasiyahan sa pamamahinga nila tuwing gabi after a hard day’s work.
    Isang makabagong sitcom ang bagong ipapalabas ng Siyete at kung hindi kami nagkakamali ay sa Hulyo ito mag-uumpisa sa ere.
    Bago ito magsimula ng taping ay magiging pa*nauhin din sa mga darating na araw si Rhian Ramos kasama si Carla Abellana sa Take Me Out.

    nice! HIT naman lagi mga sitcom ng syete eh, kaya nga wala nang sitcom ang abs at ngayon lang sila ulit nag uumpisa!

    magaling si jaya mag comedy ok ang timing, buti may show na naman siya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shimmer23 View Post
    nice! HIT naman lagi mga sitcom ng syete eh, kaya nga wala nang sitcom ang abs at ngayon lang sila ulit nag uumpisa!

    magaling si jaya mag comedy ok ang timing, buti may show na naman siya!
    yeah. Isa yan sa forte ng GMA. I can still na may long-running sitcom si aga, ang nakatalo sa kanila bigla yung Bahay Mo Ba To thanks to the tandem of Keempee as Harold bading and Francine Prieto as the uber t*anga na may gusto sa kanya.

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    malapit na.(sariling broadcast feed)

    swak na swak na ang panonood sa GMA PINOY TV

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    DIZ IZ IT Kantahan

    ang walang kamatayang "I DON'T WANNA MISS A THING" (Regine's version)

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