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    Talking Neri Naig is BACK!


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    Neri Naig's Official Website [Alternate Address][/quote]

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    All you HERO ANGELES fans here...please join our FB fan page named Certified Hero Angeles Fanatics. Just click the link below:!/...451645374&ref=

    Let's bring back the SCQ time!!!!!

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    Thanks ilovenerinaig for sharing this thread with me. ^_^

    I just wanna ask for your real name... if you don't mind. Hope we could be good friends... Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bravejenn View Post
    Thanks ilovenerinaig for sharing this thread with me. ^_^

    I just wanna ask for your real name... if you don't mind. Hope we could be good friends... Thanks!
    hi, my name is Sam... how about you?

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    well Neri is really beautiful and i see her in her own t.v. series... we all know santino( sorry if you dont) well this one she would be an angel given the chance to be human, to help people with their problem, after doing her job,leaving an impression she's extraordinary then she leaves, she travels to another place help another person and it keeps going on... i got the whole idea in my head and im not giving it all out, just to make it FOR NERI ONLY after all im a fan ^_^

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    Hi Hades Spark! Are you part of the Neri Naig Fan Group in Facebook?

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    here's the problem... with all the sites that is posted directing to neri... WHERE IS NERI? that's the problem not only she is not felt, she is a ghost (no disrespect) fans are fans show them atleast a video comment made by HER. no wonder you got not much fans... think about it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeriFORabscbn View Post
    Hi Hades Spark! Are you part of the Neri Naig Fan Group in Facebook?
    uh why'd you ask po?

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    now after neri doing a video comment to her fans... she should pick one comment from her fans and answer a certain question or topic and make it clear to the fans that she will answer once a day ONLY ( it has to be) the video dedicates to all her fans maybe made once a week or a month this will make known that she is connected to whatever network sites that holds her name... kapish!

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    hey neri dance for us ^_^ or sing in you next video ha im sure everyone wants to hear you or see you swing in awhile ~_^

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    @Hades_Spark hello

    i dont think neri will dance maybe sing

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    Well that can't be... when acting calls for it she will... and i will be waiting... nye hee hee hee hee... Mwa hahahahahahahahaha... BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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    i just realize ... this is where all fanatics should be strange thing is facebook is the only page they like to show up... hmmm what to do, what to do, what to do...

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    neri is an angel looking down on earth from heaven, sadly she knows that people are not all capable of doing good (what if santino was there beside her) if only she were allowed to intervene... then GOD knows what she was thinking, and so she is spoken to. she was hesitant at first because to admit means she is asking for a mission but GOD said i am giving you this chance and i want you to think about it because if you do it will be a very long time for you to get back to heaven but your rewards will be the answers... that you are asking yourself. and so she thinks about it... (to be Continued.)

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    i dont believe it... i was waiting to see her dance, i even posted it @ pex... and im watching it with my head left face down at the table... O_O... im soo happy ^_^

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    hi just drop by love you neri

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    ... Neri consults with her angel friends and they clear her mind if this is what she likes... and if not this offer to her is soo rarely given will she turn around to this offer for it might not happen again... she was silenced by the thought of it... but deep inside her heart she is bursting with happiness and right away she smiles at her friends and turns around and ran to accept God's offer, her friends look at each other with an obvious look and went after her... altogether they were at the presence of God but Neri and God only alone can communicate Neri's angel friends cant hear what is being talked about so they can only watch on what is going to happen...(to be Continued.)

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