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    Maganda ba sa DLSU-College of St. Benilde?

    maganda ba yung education dun?

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    Sa taas ng tuition fee dun.. tingin mo magiging hindi pa maganda yun? Hahaha.

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    it's like all other schools, depende sa faculty AND sa student.

    EDIT: woops. i didn't read the entire first post. GRABE. isang sentence nalang, di ko pa nabasa. )
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    Depends if you want to take a course that fits in CSB

    Always remember, it is ALWAYS about your preferred course that matters most. I mean if you're going to take medicine, I don't think naman DLSU will be the best for that (I'm being unbiased here )

    Also, post in the CSB forum nalang if you're asking about CSB Its above the DLSU forum

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    There's a DLS-CSB section, why are you posting in the DLSU section?

    Post here ->

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    whoaa newly created nick hmmmm. i hope dika alternicks ng mga trolls dito. sori paranoid ako.

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    ^ He was asking about the DLSUCET haha Can we give everyone the benefit of a doubt nalang and assume hindi alter-nicks lahat ng tao? XD

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    ahh yeah. sori.. back to the topic, ok naman feedback ko sa quality ng education doon according to my benildean friends. i think forte ng CSB ay HRIM

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    HAHA sorry kung dito ako nakapag post ok *** yn! prehas nmn la salle eh magkano ba tuition fee dun? parang dlsu din b?

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    Hahaha natawa naman ako doon. Nakaka-trauma naman kasi talaga 'yang mga trolls na 'yan, eh.

    Anyway, like they said, I think mas OK magpost sa DLS-CSB subforum mismo. Sila ang mas nakaka-alam sa sagot ng mga inquiries mo, TS.

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    It is no longer called DLSU-College of Saint Benilde. It was renamed to its present name, dropping the "University" and became known as the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde since 2004. Well with regards to your post, I can say that DLS-CSB has its own strengths and specialties. The school caters to individuals/students who are innovative, creative and dynamic and with that, the college offers pioneering degree programs different from what regular universities/colleges had such as Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM), Production Design (PRD), Technical Theater (THR), Dance (D), Export Management (EM), Digital Filmmaking (DFILM), Photography (PHOTO), Consular and Diplomatic Affairs (CDA), Information Technology with specialization in Game Design and Development (IT), Music Production (MP), among others.

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    thanks **** sa mga nagreply.. gsto ko lang makita yung mga different point of views and opinions ng mga tao lalo na sa mga hndi **** benilde kaya dto po ako nagpost

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    Smile help!..

    college undergrad ako... and i want to apply sa st. benilde kc andun un gusto kong course... magkno po ba tuition fee sa bachelor of arts in PHOTOGRAPHY and in DIGITAL FILM MAKING...

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    may architecture na ang CSB, the first board exam course in CSB.

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    around P55,000-P70,000 per term (Trimestral = 3 terms)
    No installment payment on your 1st year, so you need to pay in cash for 3 consecutive terms.
    Upperclassmen are already allowed to pay in installment

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    Ang alam ko maganda lang ang mga buildings nila haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclaz09 View Post
    maganda ba yung education dun?
    what course are you planning to take up anyway? DLSU students wouldn't really know, cos CSB's an entirely different and autonomous school.

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    I came across this article in conformity with this so called " Big 3 "

    Has your college culture changed?
    By Adrian Carlo Velasco The Philippine Star Updated June 25, 2010 12:00 AM

    MANILA, Philippines - While some alumni and students may not get it, unless they are closet fans, school pride has always been a source of entertainment even before the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) started in 1924. At times, school pride goes overboard and that’s when it becomes more amusing. Call it bashing and lambasting other campuses or call it being kicked out of Pinoy Exchange forums; it all starts when you belong to an alma mater and then imagine the intensity of facing your archenemy, your bitter rival, your fiercest counterpart.

    But has anything changed in Pinoy college culture besides the gradual switching of league champions each year? We’ve heard all the campus jokes about which group is dumber than the other and why students from a certain school piss on their hands. We’ve seen alumni on a bloody online battle proving which side came first in using the yell “Animo!” and which cheering squads are mere copycats. We know Chalk magazine, the only living campus magazine in the country, will be there to cover all things back-to-school, while Studio 23 will air the much-awaited University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) for the 11th consecutive year. (Sorry, GMA-7 and Solar Sports!)

    It’s hard to deny that this year’s anticipation for the collegiate sports season is more intense than ever with all the recent World Cup/NBA Finals hype. While we’re getting hooked on the three-dimensional UAAP 73 teaser on YouTube and loving the idea of an NCAA expansion (which accepts newly admitted schools like Arellano University, Emilio Aguinaldo College and Lyceum of the Philippines University), we’ve listed down how we see some of our favorite campuses today.

    Ateneo de Manila University

    Reputation: Arguably the country’s top private university, the home of the Blue Eagles is known for its liberal arts and law schools.

    Fallacy: Are Ateneans conceited, rich snobs?

    Icons: Heroes have walked the halls of Ateneo: Ninoy Aquino, Antonio Luna and Jose Rizal.

    New breed: Ateneo basketball alumni Chris Tiu is both dreamy and down-to-earth.

    De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

    Reputation: The ultra-modern Benilde has its own hotel, state-of-the-art theater and Apple computer center.

    Fallacy: You go to CSB if you don’t pass La Salle.

    Icons: Although Benilde is a fairly young institution, it is known for its working students such as graduates Lucky Manzano and Phoemela Baranda.

    New breed: We love CSB’s School of Design and Arts and its contemporary chic Ed Calma building on Pablo Ocampo Street in Malate, Manila.

    De La Salle University

    Reputation: Beyond those neo-classic pillars, De La Salle is recognized as the strongest business institution in the Philippines.

    Fallacy: Lasallians are airhead “coños.”

    Icons: Lasallian alumni like Don Enrique Zobel, Gilbert Teodoro and Mike Enriquez are visionaries and practical minds.

    New breed: The new Green Archer is as diverse as STAR columnist RJ Ledesma, artist Barbie Almalbis and author Vicente Groyon.

    University of the Philippines

    Reputation: The country’s state university is at the top of its game.

    Fallacy: UP students are only good at taking it to the streets.

    Icons: The late President Ferdinand Marcos is undeniably one of the strongest UP alumni.

    New breed: We love the distinct UP flavor — nationalistic and global. Eugene Domingo is our favorite taga-UP.

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    No Longer Called De La Salle University-college Of Saint Benilde (dlsu-csb), It's dls-csb, De La Salle-college Of Saint Benilde (without The University From Its Name) Since 2004 To Present.

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