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    Stone-coated Steel Roof Tiles vs. Longspan Tile Roof

    Hello! first time to post a thread... here goes..

    We're building a house, we initially wanted shingles, but i read in 1 of the threads that is not advisable for Philippine setting coz of our typhoons... so, we are opting for Stone-coated steel roof OR longspan tile roof...

    ok, which is better? please help.....

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    Eto ba yung may parang volcanic sand and asphalt like the ones from Ogamor? Price wise malaki ang difference also Long span tile roof are relatively thinner. Kase they cannot make it any thicker or else it cannot be stamped that way. Definitely the stone coated is better but more expensive.

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    yup! that's it! one concern though... just like shingles, it easily stains daw, like from bird poop.... but the seller is saying its 'coated'... hindi na mag stain?....

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    Since mostly dark colors and textured yan kita mo talaga ang mga white dropping ng birds. I guess it's a matter of cleaning periodically and avoid overhead tree branches as perch for the birds. Pero maganda yan asphalt roof din kase ok lang yung "weathered" look nya and syempre it differs from the rest.

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    we went through the same thing but we were choosing between long span and banawe roofing. long span is cheaper. we opted for banawe for a more modern look, my husband thinks long span is so 70s

    we also opted for white roofing since studies show that it considerably lessens the heat inside the house plus it reflects back radiation which will be good for the environment. with the heat these days i think we made a good decision

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    Wala pang commercially available na long span nung 70's. Corrugated roof pa siguro. May binabagayan naman ang lahat depende sa type ng house. Most modern contemporary houses have rib type long span roofs.

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    pwede ba na pinturahan ito kung maluma na yung kulay nya?

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    Modern ang design ng house namin so definitely long span ang preferred choice namin and one good thing about long span roofing is walang minimum angle pag ininstall sya, meaning regardless of kung maliit or malaki ang slope ng roofing ok lang sa long span

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    @manilamomof5: We are in the process of building a house. We came across Banawe roof which is fits our modern Asian house design. The pictures on Puyat Steel website show that it can be installed either vertically and horizontally. Ano ho ang installation ninyo? Are you satisfied with the Banawe roof and the color you chose?

    Marami pong salamat. It will help a lot.

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    Yesterday, we got an estimate from Puyat for Banawe roofing. The cost, including installation, was P593,740. I informed our contractor that it is much too expensive. The trusses and purlins will have to be changed as we switch to another roof type. What good quality roof, which is cheaper than Banawe roof, will you recommend? I will be grateful for suggestions from forum members.

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    cheap - rib type or ordinary gi.

    banawe is really expensive because the number of purlins/battens is similar to a roof tile installation.

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