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    Quote Originally Posted by PG14 View Post

    Venus, Nicolette both train for Miss Universe pageant

    Bb. Pilipinas Universe Venus Raj and 2nd runner up Nicolette Henson are training simultaneously for the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

    Recall that Raj was dethroned as Bb. Pilipinas Universe because of inconsistencies on her birth certificate. Henson was chosen to replace her.

    However, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) said it will give back the crown to Raj if she can secure a valid Philippine passport.

    In an interview with "24 Oras," Henson said that she and Raj remain good friends and that they see each other often. She related, "Happy kami kasi magkaibigan kami. Yung tao lang ang pilit na sinisiraan yung friendship namin."

    BPCI said they will send Raj to the Miss U pageant if she can secure her passport.

    Henson appealed to the public, "Focused kami sa training namin. Kung ano man ang mag-transpire in the coming weeks, sana suportahan na lang nila [kung sino sa amin ang ipapadala sa Miss Universe]."

    Source: Yahoo News Philippines
    Watch the news clip on this issue here.

    Some notable items on the clip:
    • Venus and Helen Nicolette see each other often as they are both training for Miss Universe® 2010.
    • They just brush off the whole issue aside because they are friends.
    • Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. assures everyone that the Philippines will have a delegate for the Miss Universe® 2010 pageant.

    Some vid caps.

    Venus Raj

    Bb. Pilipinas 2010 2nd RU Helen Nicolette Henson

    Video credit: Chika Minute/24 Oras/GMA 7

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    More photos of Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe.

    In Brazil.

    Courtesy of Miss Brasil

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    The road to Miss Universe 2010, Miss World 2010 and Miss International 2010

    Here are the names of the 18 finalists for Miss Universo Paraguay 2010.

    Jisela Maria Amaro Vera, 20, 1.70
    Andrea Arevalos Arriola, 18, 1.72
    Sara Lorena Caceres Marecos, 22, 1.73
    Aida Gonzalez Viale, 22, 1.73
    Mirna Suarez Riera, 23, 1.73
    Karen Bottrell Lomaquis, 19, 1.75
    Maria Jose Paredes Gonzalez, 19, 1.75
    Larissa Villalba Valdez, 20, 1.75
    Johana Benitez Olmedo, 23, 1.75
    Diana Benitez Ojeda, 24, 1.76
    Ma. Soledad Bernal Somonelli, 20, 1.76
    Evelyn Gomez Villegas, 21, 179
    Magdalena Estigarribia Ferreina, 18, 1.80
    Gabriela Arias Amarilla, 24, 1.80
    Stephanie Alfonso Schinini, 21, 1.80
    Alicia Tillera, 19, 1.81
    Rosa Ayala Samper, 18, 1.81
    Egni Eckert, 22, 1.83

    Finals is in July. Representatives for Miss Universe/ Miss World/ Miss International will be chosen.

    Courtesy of Miss Paraguay

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    The road to Miss World 2010.

    Last night, Miss World Canada 2010 was held at Chandos Pattison Theatre.

    WINNER was 23-year-old Denise Garrido.

    Denise with 1st RU, Lacey Budge (L.) and Roonam Punni (2nd RU).

    Denise stands 5'9'' and will represent Canada in Miss World Canada 2010 pageant.

    Courtesy of Andrew Chin Photography

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    The road to Miss World 2010.

    Meet the newly crowned Miss World Canada 2010, Denise Garrido.

    She was Miss Earth Canada 2008.

    Also, Denise competed in Miss World Canada 2008.

    She will now represent Canada in Miss World 2010 pageant.

    Photos: Miss Earth Canada

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    Great results for World Canada.

    No surprises there!

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    The road to Miss Universe 2010 and Miss World 2010.

    Česká Miss 2010, Jitka Válková.

    Česká Miss World 2010, Veronika Machová.


    Photos: Super CZ

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    The road to Miss Universe 2010.

    Photocall with our sponsors
    3rd May 2010
    Tara meets competition sponsors David Douglass of Front and Steven Woodhouse of Malmaison in Birmingham the morning after her win. David is organising a full photo shoot for Tara while Malmaison have kindly offered our new Miss Universe GB a stay at the hotel as part of her prize package on becoming Miss Universe GB 2010.

    Courtesy of Miss Universe GB

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    Juankbb´s PREDICTIONS

    Miss Brazil Universe 2010

    Winner: Minas Gerais - Débora Lyra
    1st ru: Paraná - Marylia Bernardt
    2nd ru: Rio Grande do Sul - Bruna Jaroceski
    3rd ru: Ceará - Eugęnia Barbosa
    4th ru: Distrito Federal - Lidiane Matos

    Miss Bahamas 2010

    Winner: Braneka Bassett
    1st ru: Sharie Delva
    2nd ru: Carol Stubbs
    3rd ru: Anastagia Pierre
    4th ru: Lathyra Tinker
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    ^ The winner of Miss Bahamas will compete in BOTH Miss Universe & Miss World.

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    My predictions for Miss Bahamas
    WINNER - Braneka Bassett
    1RU - Anastagia Pierre
    2RU - Sharie Delva
    3RU - Kendra Beneby
    4RU - Lataj Henfield

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    PG14's Predictions

    Miss Bahamas 2010

    WINNER - Braneka Bassett
    1RU - Anastagia Pierre
    2RU - Kendra Beneby
    3RU - Sharie Delva
    4RU - Lataj Henfield

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    Miss Nebraska was withdraw from Miss USA 2010 due to the death of his father in a traffic accident.


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    Miss Brazil Universe 2010

    Winner: Minas Gerais - Débora Lyra
    1st ru: Paraiba - Natália Taveira
    2nd ru: Rio de Janeiro - Thamires Ribeiro
    3rd ru: Distrito Federal - Lidiane Matos
    4th ru: Ceará - Eugęnia Barbosa

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    The Road to Miss Universe & Miss World 2010

    New pic of Miss Russia 2010, Irina Antonenko.

    18- year old Irina will representing in both Miss Universe & Miss World 2010.

    Courtesy of Odnoklassniki.

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    Miss Brazil 2010 -UPDATES

    Miss Congeniality - Sergipe

    TOP 15:

    Espirito Santo
    Rio De Janeiro
    Sao Paulo
    Mato Grosso Du Sul
    Mato Grosso
    Rio Grande Du Sul
    Distrito Federal
    Minas Gerais

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    Miss Brazil 2010 - Updates.

    TOP 10

    Rio de Janeiro
    Minas Gerais
    Distrito Federal
    Rio Grande do Sul
    Mato Grosso

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    Buca Di Beppo Hosts Dinner For Miss USA 2010 Contestants At Buca Di Beppo 62DBD44A72C1A65 BC7E185DDAE71C0 26F802AE7CE25E5

    Courtesy of Wire Image

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    Miss Brazil 2010 - TOP 5

    Minas Gerais
    Distrito Federal

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    Dad of Miss Nebraska USA killed in farm accident
    Associated Press - May 8, 2010 7:55 PM ET

    SCOTIA, Neb. (AP) - The father of Miss Nebraska USA has been killed in a farm accident about a week before her appearance in the national pageant.

    Greeley County sheriff David Weeks says 55-year-old Harry Wright died Friday night when his skid steer ran into him, pinning him. Wright had been fixing fences on his land in Scotia when the accident happened.

    Wright's daughter, Belinda Wright, was in Las Vegas in anticipation of the Miss USA pageant on May 16.

    Her grandmother, Darlene Jensen, says she came back to Nebraska Saturday afternoon. She didn't know whether her granddaughter would still compete, although her family is encouraging her to do so.

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