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    Try Cebu's New Favorite Today! The Balamban Liempo! "Tastier Than Lechon"

    Try Cebu's New Favorite Today! The Balamban Liempo!

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    Do you deliver here in my Place?

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    Where's ur place sir? we are cebu based but we are planning to go nationwide thru franchising, as of now we are open for franchise for the Cebu Area only...we are not yet ready to go nationwide...

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    Market Manila gives it the thumb down... i respect market manila....

    well, im still interested about the franchise idea, sir. please let us know about franchise options here in metro manila.

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    Looks interesting

    Please pm me franchise details for Metro Manila

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    Try one for yourself and reverse-engineer it and create your own.

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    it sure looks really good. hope you could start here in manila as well. i gotta have my cebuano friend try it first to see if its worth a plane ride. =D

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    To read more about Balamban Liempo kindly click on the the link below! Thanks!

    To Know what's the Best Liempo in Cebu kindly click on the the link below! Thanks!

    You can actually Google "Balamban Liempo" if you really want to know about it more...

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    ^ i can't read half of what is written there.

    it's bad enough they toking in bisaya, they toking in text speak as well.

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    I'll be in Cebu end of the month, where can I try this? any outlet in the Ayala area?

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    how much naman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonefishing View Post
    I'll be in Cebu end of the month, where can I try this? any outlet in the Ayala area?
    you can view the location maps here sir

    my suggestion is that u print the location map and give it to the taxi driver or just ask the taxi driver totake you to AA's Restaurant (A Popular Restaurant in Cebu) it's in Salinas Drive, Lahug. Balamban Liempo is just near...It's just beside JCA Pizza and Xtreme Print Ads.

    Just Contact 0933-6329889 or 583-7717

    @sinnerorsaint 175PhP Only Ma'am (500g)

    @BeerhandBop is the biggest forum in the VisMin Area hence majority of the forumers there post in bisaya, no different from PEX actually except that they post in bisaya and of course in english as well...

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    Lechon lover here, that really looks yummy. Hope there is a franchise here in Manila soon!

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    "@BeerhandBop is the biggest forum in the VisMin Area hence majority of the forumers there post in bisaya, no different from PEX actually except that they post in bisaya and of course in english as well..."

    I figured that out after reading 3 lines. you asked us to read more about the lechon. so we clicked the link, and what pops out is jibberish (to us anyway), so you can understand my position.

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    I also posted this one actually...

    "You can actually Google "Balamban Liempo" if you really want to know about it more..."

    and besides reading the posts in english will help you know more about the liempo...about how popular it is now in cebu...the number of pages and the number of views as well as the number of posts of the Balamban Liempo Thread will give you an idea that it is really something special...just ignore the posts in bisaya...coz there's a number of posts in english as well...Thanks!

    but then again i'm sorry i didn't warn you about that majority of the forumers of are using bisaya as their main language in posting messages...text speak? not's just like in PEX...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFool View Post

    This is the liempo that Marketman from reviewed at
    I also respect MM but his keen interest on Balamban Liempo just makes me wonder what is driving him to give special interest on Balamban Liempo LOL, blogging about foods is OK the only problem with this is that when someone who has a business that is closely related to our product and has the same target market as ours,The PORK Lovers that is, then that someone should refrain from posting derogatory remarks or insinuations on our "this one contains probably this or that", even if you retract a bit like saying "I'm not sure though" this is still unacceptable, you are just playing safe, but u already insinuated something, without even clarifying with or asking someone from balamban liempo, because he/she will not be credible enough to say those will not sound or look good for the owner of let's say Lydia's Lechon or Mila's Lechon to insinuate something about Balamban Liempo coz their product is closely related to Balamban Liempo, and in a way they can be considered as's not easy building up a brand and someone just destroys it just like that,by posting insinuations like the one i've mention...if u suspect something is serious then u can always go directly to us and call our attention, clarify things first please b4 posting any insinuations because if u are a businessman/woman urself then u will surely know the repercussions if u insinuate something that is very serious especially in the food business...the most ethical thing to do (Especially when u have high ethical standards) when a very serious problem suddenly crops up is to talk to us directly so that we can take appropriate actions immediately thanks! but then again i have nothing against blogs as long as u will not go overboard...personally if i have a food blog i'd rather promote the Best Foods of Cebu as a Cebuano! In this way I can help promote Cebu as a Dining Destination...I will not waste my time talking about negative things, there's more than enough negativities's about time that we will focus on the positive side of life... and please if ur claiming to be a food critic please do some research on why grilled meats sometimes has a pink color...just a simple search on google will do...just key in "Pink Meat" LOL you should know this one...especially if ur blogging about food for over six years already...and please blog about the best foods that the Philippines can offer coz Filipino Foods needs a lot of Marketing...

    MM by the way is the owner of ZUBUCHON, deemed by Anthony Bourdain as the Best PIG Ever...

    Here's his latest blog starring Balamban Liempo again LOL...

    Kindly compare it with the reactions of the pipz the way the forumers here uses bisaya more often but there are posts in english as well...just backread please if u like tnx!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azulbanirpal View Post
    Lechon lover here, that really looks yummy. Hope there is a franchise here in Manila soon!
    We will be there soon sir...

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    "MM by the way is the owner of ZUBUCHON, deemed by Anthony Bourdain as the Best PIG Ever..."

    correct me if im wrong. but i believe the lechon fed to bourdain is different from the zubuchon he sells.

    he hired a lechnonero just for the occasion. Forgive me, i'm a bourdain fan myself.

    as for the biasness of his write up.. well the pics dont like. pork is supposed to be cooked ALL THE WAY THROUGH. that's basic cooking 101. (unless you're using high quality organic pork, and that's highly doubtful) that's pink inside. you wanna kill the customers ba?

    Maybe you should boil the liempo for a few minutes then drying them for a few hours before throwing them to the grill, eh? just a suggestion is all.

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    @BeerhandBop yes wou are dead wrong...zubuchon was the same pig that bourdain dubbed as the the best PIG can check the newspaper/magazine clippings @ the zubuchon outlets here in cebu...if u happen to be here and besides it would be very illogical for MM not to sell the one described by bourdain as the best PIG ever...I'm wondering whether the zubuchon will be as popular now if bourdain never endorsed it, why did he wait for bourdain to endorsed it before commercializing the zubuchon? is he not that confident of his product? can he priced it as expensive as it is now? what made it expensive was the endorsement by bourdain!LOL

    Hi Everyone if you notice the liempo has a pinkish color, The pink color can be due to a reaction between the heat of the grill, nitrates in the herbs/vegetables/spices and myoglobin, which caused the pinkish color of the liempo. It can also occur when vegetables containing nitrites are cooked along with the meat. it is totally safe and natural.

    Does Vegetables Contain Nitrates/Nitrites? Yes.

    Here's an excerpt from => EFSA ::. Nitrate in vegetables - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Contaminants in the Food chain

    "Nitrate is a naturally occurring compound that is part of the nitrogen cycle, as well as an approved food additive. It plays an important role in the nutrition and function of plants. Nitrate is an important component of vegetables due to its potential for accumulation; this can be affected by a number of biotic and abiotic factors. Higher levels of nitrate tend to be found in leaves whereas lower levels occur in seeds or tubers. Thus leaf crops such as lettuce and spinach generally have higher nitrate concentrations. Human exposure to nitrate is mainly exogenous through the consumption of vegetables, and to a lesser extent water and other foods. Nitrate is also formed endogenously. In contrast exposure to its metabolite nitrite is mainly from endogenous nitrate conversion."

    Here's an excerpt from "

    "Myoglobin forms pigments responsible for making meat red. The color that meat takes is partly determined by the charge of the iron atom in myoglobin and the oxygen attached to it. When meat is in its raw state, the iron atom is in the +2 oxidation state, and is bound to a dioxygen molecule (O2). Meat cooked well done is brown because the iron atom is now in the +3 oxidation state, having lost an electron, and is now coordinated by a water molecule. Under some conditions, meat can also remain pink all through cooking, despite being heated to high temperatures. If meat has been exposed to nitrites it will remain pink because the iron atom is bound to NO, (true of, e.g., corned beef or cured hams. Grilled meats can also take on a pink smoke ring that comes from the iron binding a molecule of carbon monoxide to give Raw meat packed in a carbon monoxide atmosphere also shows this same pink "smoke ring" due to the same coordination chemistry.Notably, the surface of the raw meat also displays the pink color,which is usually associated in consumers' minds with fresh meat. This artificially-induced pink color can persist in the meat for a very long time, reportedly up to one year. Hormel and Cargill are both reported to use this meat-packing process, and meat treated this way has been in the consumer market since 2003.Myoglobin is found in Type I muscle, Type II A and Type II B, but most texts consider myoglobin not to be found in smooth muscle."

    Rest assured that we are not using nitrates as preservatives (Actually we don't use any preservatives, we only use the freshest ingredients), if u noticed our liempo has a lot of herbs and spices, we cannot discount the possibility that those herbs and spices naturally contains nitrates/nitrites. What are those Herbs and Spices? that i can't tell LOL

    More about nitrates/nitrites in vegetables here => Leafy Vegetables and Nitrates

    you can actually do ur own research about nitrates or nitrites in vegetables/meat if you are not satisfied with my "little" research...

    I am sure people loves Hams, Bacons, Corned Beef, etc. (You guyz love Pizza Right? So many toppings! Yummy! There's pepperoni, sausages, hams, hotdogs, etc.) and these delicious foods for sure contains nitrates, a common preservative...and let's not forget the Tocino? don't you just love this piece of meat?hehe Hams, Bacons, Corned Beef, etc. are pinkish but no one seems to be complaining...
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