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    good morning green peas sa wakas meron ng thread ang ss501 dito sa pex thanks to savvy, meteor, tita lina, jharules
    tiger visit na rin dito and to those ngayon ko lang nakita dito
    wow meron na agad nakakita ng thread hope you'll be active for the
    boys please suppport them tayo lang ang pwedeng magpromote sa kanila.......

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    [News] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and U-Kiss Kim Ki Bum Challenge Lyrics and song Composition
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: SS601+穎穎@withjun
    English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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    Of course, as well as supporting SS501, we would also give love to this brother group HB in composing area ^^

    HB… fighting… !!!!!!!!!


    Popular boy bands ss501′s Kim Hyung Jun and U-kiss Kim Ki Bum are blood brothers. After activities in different group, they finally joined together. They challenge Lyrics and song Composition using the name “HB”.

    “HB” composed and published the song lyric of “Want it” in ss501′s special album of Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng for the first time.

    In SS501 full album which will released in May also included their song. Although there are many singer work as composers in order to broaden the areas of activity. However, members of idol boy bands and brother as a combination of composer activities is very rarely.

    Kim Hyung Jun said “Among recent popularity of high composers like brave brothers HB can also recognized by everybody as composers will be good. Although not very mature, but will continue to ask for your expectation.”

    Kim Hyung Jun has already shown his own composing for the first time in a radio show running last year, give people a different feelings from other music. While Kim Kyu Jong said the song may be sung by other singers, but on the other side was very meaningfully concerned about if he can appear as a composer.

    In one hand, Kim Hyung Jun said: ” SS501 schedule is very tight lately, however, hyung should be carefully monitoring and give assistance with U-kiss activities. Of course, will also take care of U-kiss other members one by one” showing their brotherly love.

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    [News] SS501 Park Jung Min, 0 visitors humiliation end! … Full-fledged shopping mall
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: 슬픈꿈@SS601
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    English Translation: Ode
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    Just find this news at SS601… want to translate… then, find out Ode got it already once again…

    So save my time a little… 고마워 ^0^

    Anyway, we all know Jung Min’s Royal Avenue is now fully restored and opening on 501 Day (What a special day for SS501 members ^^)

    This is a news about Jung Min’s successful story…keke

    He talked about his Asian wide plan… so hopefully oversea shipping will be soon…

    But only Asian wide … how about Europe and US… keke


    Male group SS501 member Park JungMin (23) has officially launched his genuine fashion shopping business.

    For this shopping mall business, Park JungMin who has been preparing for a long time carried out his ‘Royal Avenue’ launching party on the 1st at Seoul Nonhyun-dong, which signified the beginning of his real serious fashion business.

    ‘Royal Avenue’ is a site where it targets the ladies as their main core of attention, catering to total care for women, as well as to provide a shopping mall for life styling.

    They don’t just sell apparels, but also tickets to salons, items relating to fashion etc.

    Park JungMin was selling boots on his shopping mall ‘Royal Straight Flush’ prior to this. SS501 member KimHyunJoong has disclosed on MBC ‘Golden Fishery’ — ‘Radio Star’ corner that “generally the number of visitors to Park JungMin’s shopping mall was 0″ such comments, which brought about a heated discussion to that site of his — which was ‘Royal Straight Flush’.

    Park JungMin expressed back then, “through Radio Star I will let people know that I will be opening a new fashion site targeting towards females in a while’s time soon”, and ”I usually have a huge interest for fashion, I am currently in midst of preparing to fulfil my dream of a fashion business step by step”.

    Park JungMin’s shopping mall is different from those other shopping malls where he is the businessman directly by himself, ending up playing the role of ‘Eolgul Madame’, his site is different like this. The representative is indeed ‘(co) Park JungMin’ ‘s Park JungMin ne. Park JungMin’s 10 friends or around have been running the business together with him. Currently, he’s recruiting a web designer on the go.

    ‘Royal Avenue’ is now managing an offline store apart from an online store. A part of Nonhyun-dong’s ‘Royal Avenue’ office has been exploited for the set up of offline store.

    Park JungMin said, “If I open up an online market, it won’t be categoring to just Korea, but also asian-wide, I’m targeting my business towards the entire asian region. That is the charm of online markets”, as well as divulging his aspiration with “If I want to do well in my business, I have to expand my markets asian-wide”.

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    [Info] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun honor as professional gamer @ StarCraft
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: 허찹쌀@SS601+뉴쭉빵
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    Hehe… we all know Hyung Jun is good at video game and love to play “StarCraft”

    So as Hyun Joong…

    But baby is more obsessed… keke… so his skills is super good…

    I find this info at SS601 that baby is listed and honored as “Professional Gamer” in the game

    AS you can see in the image above:

    The player list had Hyung Jun as 명예프로 (Professional Gamer)

    His Race/Position is Zerg

    If you are not familiar with StarCraft, this is some brief info of Zerg from wiki: For more info, click HERE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Species_of_StarCraft#Zerg

    The Zerg Swarm is a race of fictional insectoids and the overriding antagonists of the StarCraft series.: The Zerg are a collective consciousness of a variety of different races assimilated into the Zerg genome. The backstory for the series describes the original Zerg as small larvae, the “most insignificant lifeform” on their homeworld Zerus. In StarCraft, the Zerg are obsessed with the pursuit of genetic purity, and are the focus of the game’s second episode.

    The appearance is like this:


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    [Video+Info][Fancam] SS501 Day ~ Chinese Fans organized Events (Flash mob)
    Posted on May 1, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=761528378+youku.com
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    This is a flash mob event organized by Chinese TS fans in Qingdao, China.

    Actually, I knew about this information this morning

    but since no clear fancams had been released yet

    So I didn’t post it before.

    The event is to celebrate our boys’ comeback on 501 day across China in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fujian, and almost all major cities.

    I really appreciate their effort to put on such a great event…

    I hope our boys can know about this event…

    There are really lots of oversea TS supporting our boys with full heart ^0^

    A fancam showing one of the event in Qingdao, China.


    more about “[Video][Fancam] SS501 comeback China …“, posted with vodpod

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    [Photo] SS501 Japan official website phone wallpaper 5p + computer desktop wallpaper (800/1024/1280)
    Posted on May 1, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.jp/+Pentacle
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    No need to say more… just simply want to share this beautiful boys ^^


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    [DIY] SS501 new album jacket photo wallpaper and twitter background shared by Triple S Thailand
    Posted on May 1, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: Wewin Vizddesign – Triple S Thailand @pantip.com
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    I just checked my mailbox and find this set of wallpaper and twitter bg in it

    These are design by Wewin Vizddesign – Triple S Thailand @pantip.com

    I love the color … five color five men again … keke

    Once again thanks for all the TS’s effort for making all these wonderful DIY for us ^0^



    ang gaganda......download nyo na kung gusto nyo

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    [Video][Fanvid] SS501 Comeback 2010. 05 ~ celebration
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: [email protected]
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    Another super fanvid to celebrate SS501 Comeback again in May ^0^

    No need to say more but enjoy, right?

    Can’t wait to see the new album released ^^


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    [DIY] SS501 new album jacket photo cellphone wallpaper (240*300/240*400/480*800)
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: 오공일크로버@SS601
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    Another set of cellphone wallpaper ^0^


    interesting dark and creepy ang dating ng new album concept nila

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    [Video][Fanvid] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong – Confession MV (김규종 – 서툰 고백)(Korean/Chinese/Eng Sub)
    Posted on April 13, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: [email protected]
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    I love this fanvid ^_^

    Thanks for this great job to promote for KYU..keke

    Description of the video:

    Kyu Jong just released his personal digital single on 4/12.

    This short-version fanmade MV is for promoting only.

    Korean Sub:

    English Sub:

    Chinese Sub:

    For full version download, please go to any of the following site:

    Bugs: http://music.bugs.co.kr/info/album/?album_id=220635

    Mnet: http://music.mnet.com/ArtistAlbum/Al...AlbumID=193791

    Cyworld: http://music.cyworld.com/album.asp?aid=15077028

    dosirak: http://www.dosirak.com/ArtistDetail/...st_id=80039372

    soribada: http://www.soribada.com/#/Music/Album/?TID=KS0006847

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    [Photo][2010/04/29] SS501 Young Saeng @ Japan KNTV “Will it Snow on Christmas?” Event + gift from fans (best friend)
    Posted on April 30, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: Bestys.net
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    kekeke… still some more of our lovely Prince Young Saengie from Japan

    So after seeing our boys’ new image…with masked faces

    Are you somewhat missing this handsome prince?

    hehe… here you go:


    Gift from Best Friend Young Saeng’s fansite ^^ to celebrate YS’s solo Japan Event


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    thanks hyunren....

    ayan, meron na tayong ibang ia-update... hindi nalang puro kay leader...

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    Quote Originally Posted by savvydude View Post
    thanks hyunren....

    ayan, meron na tayong ibang ia-update... hindi nalang puro kay leader...

    hello savvy yes todo na eto he he he...........

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    nagkakaproblema na naman ako ngayon sa pagpoposting ng bagong news savvy

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    [Announcement] To All TripleS and Leader's Fans all around the world
    Posted by liezle
    I am posting this on behalf of Bloomlion @ hyuniversal0606.

    Hyuniversal is coming up with wonderful project not only for Kim Hyun Joong but also for SS501, I'm shoving here the details for everyone to know about it. And if you are interested to be part of this big and exciting projects [foreign fans are welcome], do not hesitate to drop a note to Mel a.k.a. Bloomlion HERE.

    Honestly, while reading, I cannot help but get excited with the wonderful ideas/projects of Hyuniversal0606. I told Mel that I am amazed. With this , I wish everyone in Hyuniversal0606 a HUGE success on their projects.


    To All TripleS and Leader's Fans all around the world

    It's 2nd of May and on 501 Day we all have seen the New Released photos of all 5 Snow Princes who have turned themselves into an Anime-like characters (with their masks, it really fits the situation in Thailand at the moment ke ke). DSP has released this photos through DSPEnter, DSPJapan, and DSPThailand (Thank you for including us) at the exact same time on the very first second of 501. It stirred lots of attention from Thai fans as well as receiving both positive and negative comments (from those that feel agitated and unfamiliarized with their looks). However, what they've been waiting for the most is their Title Song, the beautiful melody as well as the charming choreography from the boys.

    Now, let me turn your attention to Hyuniversal0606's. Yesterday I've held a little gathering in a Korean Restaurant with about 20 members.

    Hyuniversal0606 has opened the forum at Pantip website (The biggest online forum in Thailand www.pantip.com) in Korean Club section for 2 months. With the similar philosophy from all admin staffs who love Kim Hyun Joong dearly and who've been dedicated fans since SS501 had debuted, we've started a new place, a new craft for the members to board. Though Pantip is a Mainly Thai-user-based, I would like to invite overseas TripleS to join our forum in Pantip and spread the love to Kim Hyun Joong as well as SS501. I've been working to manage the HOW TO for overseas Triple S who would like to sign up an account in Pantip. Once I am done, I'll sure let you all know.

    As Hyuniversal0606, we've released 3 short clips via my youtube channel; 'bloomlion', as an introduction. Princesses from LKHJ have been so kind to share these clips and open a thread for us. (Kamsahamnida Unnie and Princesses). There are total 8 introductory clips based on the theme of Planet. Each clip is named after, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranas, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. Those are our administration staffs (all 8 supporters) and 8 weeks altogether. And on the 6th of June, we're going to release our Official Hyuniversal0606 website for fans all around the world to join us. Though we're Thai fans but we're hoping to welcome as many overseas fans as possible and we'll keep our contents in English for your convenience. Tonight, we're releasing our 4th clips, Pluto.

    Now, I would like to announce our official Triple Projects for Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.

    SS501 Come Back Album

    Hyuniversal0606 will be doing an Asian-Wide support for SS501 Come Back Album.

    We will be sending out “SS501 Come Back Album Promotional Poster” to SS501 and Kim Hyun Joong's Fansites around Asia (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong etc. ) We would like to help the boys with their selling in this Come Back Album and to help them Promote the Korean album too.

    The poster is going to be in “A3-size”.

    We're making altogether 501 POSTERS (may be some more).

    Right now, we're waiting to see and understand the whole concept of the new album so to help us make a nice design. And of course, we're also going to promote the boys in Thailand too. We'll be giving out posters to those Idol shops and CD stores all around Bangkok area.

    If any TripleS overseas who is running a website and would like us to send you the posters, please feel free to contact me via my email [email protected] . I'll also be contacting many websites for this project and I hope with this little support from us Hyuniversal0606, we'll helping the boys for the success of this album.

    SS501 5th Anniversary

    Hyuniversal0606 was in a meeting about 2 months for the concept to celebrate the boy's 5th anniversary.

    We've decided to do

    “SS501 Domino Project”

    We've reserved an indoor gymnasium for a whole day to film this event on May 16th,2010.

    We'll be releasing the Clip of this Project on June 6th , 2010.

    Right now, we're working on the content and collecting of dominos as many as possible. If there is any TripleS who wants to be a part of our project, you are more than welcome to contact me. The collecting of dominos will be on May 9th, 2010. Those who have some old CD cases, cassettes, boxes, or anything that you think will be a good domino, please feel free to contact me and let me know the address to pick them up. We'll be driving to you.

    On the filming date, if you would like to help us with the set up and create this wonderful project, I'll be updating about the DATE, TIME and PLACE again.

    Hyuniversal0606 would like to make it memorable for SS501 and we would like to make it memorable for us as Kim Hyun Joong's fans and as TripleS.

    25th Birthday Gift for Kim Hyun Joong

    Our 3rd project is a Gift for Kim Hyun Joong 25th birthday. Many fansites and clubs are initiating their own missions and projects for him. Hyuniversal0606 is also going to give a small but big present for Kim Hyun Joong.

    Our gift is “A Pop Up Birthday Book”.

    It is going to be a 4 pages with 3D pictures filled with our activities, our supports and our dedication as Fans. We'd like to show Kim Hyun Joong what we've done as his overseas fans, what we've been doing, and what he's meant to us. We believe that through 3D Pop Up Book, he will receive our love and understand the meaning behind.

    Kim Hyun Joong is Universal and he sure will be receiving lots of birthday presents from fans all around the world. The best gift to give him is to show our SUPPORT and we hope from the depth of our hearts that this Little but Big Gift will bring him happiness, just like us who've been receiving Happiness from him.

    Any more detail or any change of date, I'll be updating with everyone. Thank you everyone for Loving SS501 and Kim Hyun Joong as much as we do ^^.

    [email protected]

    lets support this guys mel is a thailander and hyunniversal is a new fansite of leader in thailand created by mel i think this is a great idea guys to help ss501 be known more around the world.

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    [Video][Fancam] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong focus @ 080419 MBC TV live broadcast of the Disabled Special Day ~ Deja Vu
    Posted on May 2, 2010 by ss501fighting

    Credit: pentacle501.com
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    Never expect a fancam in such a longtime be uploaded at this time…keke

    But Pentacle always have great fancams …

    they also uploaded old fancam occasionally…

    Don’t know if you see this before but since I really love the song “Deja Vu”

    Just want to share with you ^0^


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    Sunday, May 2, 2010
    [01/05] Royal Avenue site gets a revamp
    Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting. Do not re-edit or hotlink the graphics.

    In line with the official opening of Royal Avenue's office on 501Day, the website also got a revamp. If you haven't dropped by, do take a look around as there are new cute items. The font and logo have changed and it suddenly become injected with testosterone (kekeke). What I meant was it wasn't girly anymore (see the bottom pic).

    Credits to Royal Avenue


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